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  1. Check out Victron IP65 chargers, similar price to Cteck, but in my opinion far superior, they have onboard Bluetooth that lets you check the status and rate of charge of the battery. Warren
  2. Nine episodes down, one to go. This series has been building on the characters, so they will probably squeeze it out for another series or two.
  3. Lee, Supercheap Auto have infrared digital thermometers for $50m, you could also try any auto store, I am just thinking outside the square. There is no way I would be using a body contact thermometer. Cheers
  4. Something weird going on here. As you know some business’s have closed down so that people can self isolate. Traffic is quiet and it’s quite pleasant being out and about, Well self isolation and distancing yourself from others doesn’t seem to be working here, people are now either at the beach ( couple of warm days ) or sitting in coffee shops and in the parks. I live on the Sydney’s nth side, Seaforth and thought I’d be brave and drive down to my favourite coffee shop ( one of many ) to spread a few dollars to keep the economy moving, well the placed was packed and a little too crowded so I went to be second favourite, it was just as crowded. So much for isolation
  5. Have you tried an Audi Q5 3.0lt TDI, S Line. tows like a freight train. My current one, which is about to be replaced (6 yrs, 120k) has had 1 set of tyres at 60k, front rotors & pads and general servicing ( independent). Great car and would buy another but feel like a change. We have always had BMW ‘S in the family but moved away a couple of years ago, my wife has just taken delivery of a BMW M135i xdrive To replace her GTI, and what a fantastic car, its tempting me to a X3 M40i, X5 is too large l.
  6. Hi Au555, if the NSW.car has what you require and the price is within your budget then why not make an offer the NSW car, why bother bargaining down the SA car that does not fill your requirements. Get an inspection on the NSW car, fly over and drive it home. You will be smiling all the way home. Warren
  7. Where do these old wives tales originate, some of the stuff that’s written is absolute rubbish. Whitey, I have a 2006 Boxster S with 50,000k on the clock and to me it’s just another car with low K’s. Why would low K’s be detrimental. Warren
  8. Hi SJL, Have you tracked down the previous owner and enquired if the car has had any previous faults, if it has, then that will clear you of any wrong and will put the onus on the dealer. Warren
  9. Jono your PM is blocked, do you a another contact, Warren *418229931
  10. All the best Lee, another door will open. Also send a copy of the rant to the owner and see what response you receive, you have nothing to loose. Warren
  11. It does have a digital speedo, look at the tacho. It’s has also been set to read Km’s. That is why I was confused by the comment.
  12. Hi, might be a dumb suggestion, but have double checked that the connectors under the seat are connected and locked together. If it is possible to tilt the back of the seat forward you should be able to lift the front of the seat up to check the connectors, they usually clip onto the cross rail. Warren
  13. Ingenious, nothing better than a practical man. Looking at the AutoAtlanta site it looks likes a simple fix, as they have a cable listed at $30

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