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  1. Jono your PM is blocked, do you a another contact, Warren *418229931
  2. All the best Lee, another door will open. Also send a copy of the rant to the owner and see what response you receive, you have nothing to loose. Warren
  3. It does have a digital speedo, look at the tacho. It’s has also been set to read Km’s. That is why I was confused by the comment.
  4. Hi, might be a dumb suggestion, but have double checked that the connectors under the seat are connected and locked together. If it is possible to tilt the back of the seat forward you should be able to lift the front of the seat up to check the connectors, they usually clip onto the cross rail. Warren
  5. Ingenious, nothing better than a practical man. Looking at the AutoAtlanta site it looks likes a simple fix, as they have a cable listed at $30
  6. Hi Lee, not knowing exactly how the SA licensing operates, I would seek an interview with the licensing board or Fair Trading directly and see if there are any exemptions for Age, Experience and that you are currently a contractor and ATO registered. Warren
  7. Offering 9k under the asking price, sight unseen & by text, by my standards is an insult, no wonder you were given short shrift.
  8. Hi Mike, This the first I have seen this thread and you have said all the words that I was about to write. I have nearly finished rebuilding my M96 Boxster engine 987, after spinning a big end bearing and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Coming to grips with the assembly sequence and the tools was a little daunting but if you think and have a positive attitude it’s not brain surgery. So startup is next week and I am either going to report back or disappear into the wilderness. I anybody out there knows of a dead engine or car with dead engine (987 Box or Cay) I am in the market. cheers Warren
  9. I have just rebuilt my Boxster engine and sauced the majority of parts through design911, as soon as you enter your delivery address their billing system recalculates the tax from VAT to GST. I bought the IMS kit & the additional rear bearing kit through a supplier in Canada, they marked the package as $600CA (the $1500CA invoice was in the box) and it came Aust post in 3 days ( unbelievable) with no tax.
  10. If you are buying from Design911 then they drop the UK VAT, but automatically charge 10% AUS GST. Items sail through customs and are usually here in a couple of days.
  11. Look at the connection ends of the new part and figure out how it connects, it’s not brain surgery just a little confidence. You will wonder why you paid somebody $300 to fit the AOS. Warren
  12. Its part no 98710724601,, around A$80 plus shipping from design 911 in the UK, usually takes 3 days to arrive. Ask me how I know ? Well I am rebuilding my engine after I spun a big end bearing at the track, 1 little $10 bearing and $5k bill including a new internal IMS bearing, AOS etc If you google Auto Atlanta and scroll through to Boxster 2005>2008, browse factory parts manual, you will find the AOS standing upright in its correct orientation. its a simple job to replace it. Warren
  13. You will notice that there is a black corrugated flexible tube connected to the AOS, these become brittle and usually break when replacing the AOS and should also be replaced. In the mean time you could wrap the break in duct tape.
  14. Is it anything special? I have a Boxster disk if that’s of any help. Located in Sydney, Warren
  15. More trivia from my 67 year old brain.. Google Daley's Upholstry supplies, Villawood. biggest in the business, if they dont have it they could probably send you in the right direction. Warren

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