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  1. This, I hope it was the correct product, no sludge issues
  2. My independent Porsche trained mechanic suggested that the same would happen when I said I was changing the coolant, he recommended Ravenol (Porsche Spec), i went with the recommendation and have not had a problem. Its not cheap
  3. As per the title, let me know if you have one available and if you also have the bench clamp all the better. I am in Sydney but lets see what pops up. Warren
  4. WTF,, 288k for a high mileage car. If I was offered $200k for my freshly rebuilt 993 Targa (113klm) I would consider selling.
  5. The covers two that I have are the stretch body fit, fleece lined fabric and comparing the Aussie to US made cover they are identical. The price comparison is probably double to that I paid 4yrs ago, but everything has increased in cost including freight. But hey its a Porsche so nothing is too expensive.
  6. The Covercraft covers are available from Car Accessory World ( same guy who made them under license). when you order he will confirm if you require RHD or LHD before the order is forwarded to the US. I ordered one a couple of months ago for my 993 and it arrived in 3 weeks direct from the factory, the price is comparable to the one I purchased for the 997 3 yrs ago. I found that it is easier to talk to him directly and discuss what you require. I would speak to him regarding the MR2 & Formula 2 as he once told me they have thousands CAD patterns for covers.
  7. Craig, could you advise what the colour or colour code the wheels are painted, very interesting colour.
  8. The ballast is used to add load to the brake lighting circuit if you swap out all of the brake globes to LED otherwise the cruise control will not engage. My understanding is that it is not required if only the centre brake light is upgraded. STBC
  9. I found it was a waste of time replacing the globes and changed over to full LED lighting in my 993 build. Check out the Bergvill FX site. The image shows a replacement PCB with LED’s easy as to replace. Tor also has heaps of other LED stuff and HID headlight kits.
  10. The 993 screen with tint & antennna was $1650 incl,, O'brian quoted $1375 incl but no screens were available, they import their own OEM screens. You might need to allow new internal and externals seals if going OEM.
  11. I had this problem last year with two aftermarket Chinese screens, they fit but do not have the plastic band that encapsulates the edge of the glass that holds the OEM rubber sealing strip. Not having this band means that the installer uses a wider than OEM aftermarket rubber which in my opinion looks out of place. Obrein glass have the aftermarket and the European made glass you just need to find a helpful sales guy who will track one down in their system. I purchased my glass from Porsche Willoughby who offer classic pricing and a little more on some occasions. If you use the OEM glass ensure that the installer removes 99% of the existing sealant otherwise he will install it over the existing sealant and you will never get a good seal or fit. If you know a panel beater ask if he will install it or do it yourself its not difficult. Warren
  12. Hi there, You could look up this Bergvill FX site, Tore explains the operation and testing procedure for the ventilation controls. https://www.bergvillfx.no/en/categories/diy-section
  13. Non-converted I get, but don't get me started on the stupid 'Aus delivered' premium,, add to that matching numbers,, you can rebuild an engine replace everything except the casing and its still classed as matching numbers, I just don't get it
  14. 12 months, a little heartache, sore fingers (no tears) and my little 993 Covid project is complete. I bought the car sight unseen from an auction in Tasmania last year (thanks for the tip-of Two-heads). Its a 1996, Varioram tiptronic Targa, (yeh! I know its a tipper, but after driving it for a week its starting to learn my driving technique and its getting better every day). The car looked good on arrival but on closer inspection it was very unloved and neglected, paint was faded & scratched, interior was stuffed and required replacing. 25 yrs of under-car oil, crud and that dreaded delivery wax needed to be removed. The car had a problem in that the central locking would not operate, the car would start but not run for more than a minute. The ECU, immobiliser and central locking controllers were sent to the US for servicing, on their return they were reinstalled, battery replaced and the car ran and purred like a kitten. I removed the engine, rebuilt the alternator, blower fan, replaced all visible oil seals & gaskets etc, the case was not leaking oil and as the car has only done 113,000Klm I decided not to split the engine, I rebuilt the steering rack, replaced all rotors, pads, sensors, dust caps etc etc, changed all lamps to Led & HID high beams. All of the vinyl interior was replaced with black Nappa leather, Nappa leather seat covers were purchased from Lakewell, Black carpet mats and door cards were made by Prostitch who also supplied the carpet that I trimmed and installed. The original interior was grey and in my opinion does not go with Adventurine green which was the original delivery colour. After much thought I decided to have the car painted Forrest Green Metalic. The interior colour was changed to black leather seats/trim, black & silver carpet and saddle door and rear side panel inserts and front knee bolsters. All work was carried out in my garage, (I am exhausted) except for the painting which was carried out by Mona Vale Smash whom removed every external panel and a complete external shell repaint. please enjoy the photos Things to do, labels, misc adjustments, paint detailing, the paint as shown is straight of the gun and needs final detailing and wax

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