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  1. Look at the connection ends of the new part and figure out how it connects, it’s not brain surgery just a little confidence. You will wonder why you paid somebody $300 to fit the AOS. Warren
  2. Its part no 98710724601,, around A$80 plus shipping from design 911 in the UK, usually takes 3 days to arrive. Ask me how I know ? Well I am rebuilding my engine after I spun a big end bearing at the track, 1 little $10 bearing and $5k bill including a new internal IMS bearing, AOS etc If you google Auto Atlanta and scroll through to Boxster 2005>2008, browse factory parts manual, you will find the AOS standing upright in its correct orientation. its a simple job to replace it. Warren
  3. You will notice that there is a black corrugated flexible tube connected to the AOS, these become brittle and usually break when replacing the AOS and should also be replaced. In the mean time you could wrap the break in duct tape.
  4. Is it anything special? I have a Boxster disk if that’s of any help. Located in Sydney, Warren
  5. More trivia from my 67 year old brain.. Google Daley's Upholstry supplies, Villawood. biggest in the business, if they dont have it they could probably send you in the right direction. Warren
  6. 15k over 8 years! I would buy it in a heart beat. Think what a dealer actually does when a car is serviced. 1) change the oil, 2) check the brakes, 3) check water levels etc. if you owned it and only did a K or two that year and there was no oil or water on the floor why would you service it
  7. I tow my Boxster & tandem trailer with my Audi Q5 3lt TD, all up weight 1850 kg, rated capacity 2000kg, tows so well that you wouldn’t know it was there. Frightens the crap out of me when I loose concentration and look in the mirror see somebody tailgating me.
  8. Mike, you will probably find that the speaker cones have started to disintegrate. I would remove a door trim before going any further looking for an amp, that’s if it has one fitted. There was talk that speaker spacers were required when upgrading, but I found Pioneers that directly into the existing housing, my Boxster is a 2006. cheers
  9. Yes you are right, I thought I proof read the heading, I am dumb. Yeh one rod, I need to find somebody that has pulled down an engine that has a few good parts.
  10. Yes I know that I should buy 6 but I only need 1, if any body can help me out it would be appreciated. I am not expecting for nothing just name your price.. 2005-06 3.2lt Warren 0418-229931
  11. Smokey if you forward your email address by PM I'll send you the Porsche Nth America air bag / sensor test procedure,,, the air bag control module is located under the PCM / A/C controls. Warren
  12. Porsche style engine stand adaptor, complete stand or any ideas that the brains trust have devised. Sydney preferably, thank you in anticipation. Warren
  13. Look up Seat Belt Restore in the US, I have heard they are great to deal with.
  14. Have you tried Demon Tweeks in the UK. When I was saucing 305 wide Michelin’s tyres for my 997 a year ago, and some Yoko AO52 for my Boxster, Demon had them here (Sydney) in 6 days from the time I ordered them, they will also give you the manufacturing dates. The tyre prices are similar if not a little cheaper.
  15. If the charger is very warm to hot it indicates that the charger is pumping a lot of charge into the battery. If you have recently driven the car say last day or do and you have just connected the charger its an indication that the battery is struggling to keep a charge and is on its way out. Looking at the date marked onto the side of the battery it is now approaching 4yrs old and is rapidly approaching the end of its life. Personally I would replace the battery and leave the new one on the trickle charger while you are away and enjoy the holiday. Warren

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