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  1. This has me intrigued, what are you joining with the posi-taps ?
  2. Google Proquip international, Bayswater Melbourne
  3. Change the radio, get streaming, digital radio and phone. If you are concerned that changing the radio is not in keeping with originality then keep the radio for the next buyer to swap back, If I was buying another car that has not been upgraded I would be disappointed.
  4. Looks like you are building up a good track car, you might also like to consider adding a Mantis Racing extended 2ltr sump and If you a removing the gear box to fit a LSD, you could also fit a static crankshaft bearing that fits behind the rear main oil seal.
  5. “the dealer trying to sell this car wants me to (1) buy it without test driving, as due to covid they arent doing test drives, (2) is discouraging me from doing a prepurchase inspection with a p specialist because of the recent OPC 111-point check (but I want to be 100% sure, and these checks seem to be highly dependent on the technician doing it) and (3) has told me I wont be able to talk to the OPC about the prepurchase inspection that was done due to data protection laws.” Reminds me of that TV show with the dodgy car dealer Arthur Dailey & Terry (Dennis Waternan) I”d take a couple of deep breaths, think about and WALK
  6. If you are in NSW try Hitech parts in Cardiff, SGS Thornleigh these are both dismantlers and good to deal with, try Tooley Imports at Frenchs Forest they import new parts for all VAG cars. If neither has what you want ask for a recommendation of who might have it as there a few aftermarket parts suppliers in Sydney. If it’s a 3.0lt then the same engine was used in the Touareg and Q5/7 Audi’s. Let us know the results.
  7. “Do you think buying a manual GTS 997 is risky? Given there are none (maybe 1 imported already) in Australia, so the parts for servicing might not be common? Or are all the parts shared with other models available in Aus?” The GTS has a slightly more powerfull engine/tune, along with some trim features as standard that were optional on an “S” otherwise it’s the same car, except for the GTS badges. If for any reason there is an oddball part they can usually be sauced out of Germany in a week.
  8. My 2011GTS. Has standard wheel bolts, they were a factory option and my opinion easier to live with than centre locks, From memory there were only 23 GTS cars imported into Aus, although I stand to be corrected. The faults you listed are minimal and can be easily rectified, Price??? $150k
  9. Rino, try this number 999917546, cross check it on the Autoatlanta site
  10. Read my previous post re Oil. I have just crossed the PDK & Tiptronic oils on the Auto-atlanta site and the same part no is used for both oils. Ring Dave or Rick at Porsche Willoughby as they have 1ltr bottles in stock or get it overnight.
  11. My 997 was imported when it was 2yrs old and the previous owner had it on Porsche extended warranty.
  12. I recently serviced the PDK transmission in the 997 and bought Porsche branded the oil in 1ltr bottles from Porsche Willoughby. If your dealer does not have it in stock they should be able to obtain it overnight from head office in Melbourne.
  13. Oil leaks, silicone to seal the roof, swimming experience, interior that needs attention, maybe over priced and it wont start. Yippie !! it is just what I was looking for and its 30K cheaper than anything else I can see on Carsales, which allows me spend quite a few $ to bring it back to life. It will be on a transporter on its way to Sydney in the next few days where the main concern is to get it running, registered and then restoration, Interior colour change and maybe a manual conversion. So if you have any ideas on what you would do with it or have a manual gearbox and clutch peddle assembly please contact me. Peter M if you have any ideas on the Drive Block Immobiliser they would be greatly appreciated. Oh and I need to update my member profile. Warren
  14. "What"!!! transport $1100, buy a cheap air ticket and drive it home, you will be smiling all the way. Don't much about the 2.7 but the 2005, 3.2s engine needs to be split to replace the IMS, I did mine last year as insurance after I spun a big end bearing.

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