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  1. Look up Seat Belt Restore in the US, I have heard they are great to deal with.
  2. Have you tried Demon Tweeks in the UK. When I was saucing 305 wide Michelin’s tyres for my 997 a year ago, and some Yoko AO52 for my Boxster, Demon had them here (Sydney) in 6 days from the time I ordered them, they will also give you the manufacturing dates. The tyre prices are similar if not a little cheaper.
  3. If the charger is very warm to hot it indicates that the charger is pumping a lot of charge into the battery. If you have recently driven the car say last day or do and you have just connected the charger its an indication that the battery is struggling to keep a charge and is on its way out. Looking at the date marked onto the side of the battery it is now approaching 4yrs old and is rapidly approaching the end of its life. Personally I would replace the battery and leave the new one on the trickle charger while you are away and enjoy the holiday. Warren
  4. Question, why do you need to replace the air bag,? Curious
  5. Or buy the Ctec battery cable that has ring lugs and permanently connect that cable to the battery.
  6. My 997 needs a little extra noise, has anybody added bypass valves into the Gundo hack to isolate the bypass when not required ? Maybe that’s a dumb question we all need noise. Warren
  7. All of those designs look clean and modern “cool” and as Lee suggested subby it out it’s not brain surgery if you think it through. Another suggestion is ask the chippy etc, does he have any Concreter, Gyprock, Sparky contacts, most do and will work together. You will find that the quality of the work improves as they all take pride in their workmanship.
  8. If you are looking for period radios, try Soundlabs right here in Aus,
  9. Wow! Great write up Simon. I personally can’t wait to run my Boxster around Phillip Island in March. Warren
  10. Try these guys in Melbourne. Injectronics.com.au Warren
  11. Hi Guys, If the car is what the Ad say's it's a no brainer and will probably be gone by the weekend. Even allowing 10k for transfer, rego, service and new digital radio upgrade you are still in front when comparing it to any 986. I bought a similar one last year for $38k with full 12mths rego, major service had been done and 40k on the clock and it's been one of the best fun cars I have owned, so much so that my wife asks why I don't drive my 911 GTS. Sometimes an impulse buy is a good thing.
  12. Taffy, ring Aporshcapart in Melbourne
  13. Wahoo, Another GTS in Sydney welcome to the club, watch the front skirt its lower than you think. Why not drive the alpine loop twice. Warren
  14. Hi Dan, Couldyou advise where you bought the PIWIS and the approximate cost. cheers Warren

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