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  1. WB997.2GTS

    WTB 997 GT3 CS

    Autohaus Hamilton have one, 239k white with Klms
  2. I have been trying to identify the wheel as per the attached photo, and if luck is on my side would anyone know where I can locate 2 x 18inch with 43mm offset. Warren
  3. Are you having problems? My 997.2 PDK is 10yrs old with 34K reverted to limp mode on two occasions, I quickly replaced the pan & filter, and flushed/purged the system twice and it is now better than ever.
  4. I have a Covercraft indoor cover that is custom made for each specific car/ model and fits like a condom. They were made under license in Seven Hills, Sydney but are now imported from the US by the same supplier. Google Car Accessory World.
  5. A day trip to the Mogo Zoo, flying the German colours
  6. This is the third old Porsche that has come up for auction at Tullochs in Tasi.
  7. I have been watching the US car wreck auctions over the past 6mths after i was quoted $US20k for a manual gearbox conversion kit. 993 wrecks have been selling between $US25k > $US35k. The one in the above photo would pull $35K easily if kit more.
  8. Hi Adam, I think i have a spare, if you can send me your mobile no, i’ll ring you tomorrow afternoon when I get back from Newcastle. It might be a good time to check out my rebuild, 993, warren 0418228831
  9. I require an original 993 interior rear vision mirror to suit my new OEM windscreen. After market mirrors use a different mount and I am not going to risk replacing the OEM mount. Warren 0418-229931
  10. You might need to contact them as they are new items and the website has not been updated, the stickers etc are available under spare parts. BergvillFX
  11. Good timing, I received an email this evening from BervilleFX that they now stock all of the buttons, knobs and labels for the CCU units.
  12. Turnaround time Sydney>Miami>Sydney was 1 month, considering the amount of corrosion that had to be removed from ECU & alarm, central locking modules. They also removed the drive/block function from the ECU, programmed a new key and supplied a modified DME relay. I recently saw one of their videos where they displayed a new modern PCB that they use in the CCU units upgrading a 30yr design. Torv at Bergvill is also very good and will answer questions promptly although I understand he only repairs CCU units. I recently purchased his LED kit, HID lightning kit & basket handle LED upgrade, they arrived in 6 days.
  13. ECUdoctor in Miami USA repaired my ECU & alarm modules and they also repair the AC controller. What problems are you experiencing? Warren
  14. A little off topic, but when considering a solar system you should look into the quality of the components and its location. If you are only saving $2>4k per year and the cheap inverter fails, the roof is rusty and the equipment needs to be removed for repairs there goes your savings. Do you buy a string inverter or individual micro inverters. Do you buy cheap panels or more expensive high wattage panels. Does your load vary and the majority of it is early evening when the sun has gone down, you do not have a battery and you are buying energy at a high rate.

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