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  1. I fixed my drivers seat in my 3.2 by squirting some Contact cleaner spray into the switch a few times and then giving it a burst of compressed air. It's worked the last five years now without a problem. Not sure with a 996 but could be dirty or arced contacts with a bit of carbon on them which just need a clean. Contact cleaner cans are not expensive so give it a try. I did unbolt the seat and push the switch out to get some access to its interior.
  2. We usually use E10 95 RON in Formula Vee as it offers a little bit more power than 98 RON if tuned correctly (need to richen it up quite a bit). You can check the ethanol content of fuel quite easily and simply using something like this https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sierra-Ethanol-Fuel-Tester-18-79816/232900832526?epid=1158847427&hash=item3639f8ad0e:g:MboAAOSwk1BcmrUk&frcectupt=true Basically the ethanol will mix with water and separate from the petroleum and you can read it off on a scale. In my limited personal experience fuel labelled E10 has always measured as 10% ethanol using the tester. I have once tested some BP Ultimate 98 and did not detect the presence of ethanol. This is just my experience and not conclusive evidence though. I have seen people run into problems over the off season with E10 fuel causing some white powdery type residue in carby's after many months of inactivity. StaBil Storage works well to stop this or simply running the car on 98 RON for a few minutes before storage seems to be the ticket. I run my 3.2 on BP Ultimate 98 RON but I wouldn't be too concerned if I had to run some E10 in it for one reason or another. However I have a working O2 sensor and fuel injection which will richen the mixture accordingly. If your P car has no O2 sensor or running carbs you'd need to be careful with E10 as the mixtures will be a fair bit leaner without adjustment.
  3. I haven't driven it in many years but Skenes Creek to Forrest was a cracker of a road that I remember well.
  4. Holden Crewman for me 🙋‍♂️ Can't beat those leaf springs at the rear!
  5. I still have the the original Eurovox radio cassette in mine and this thing works a treat to stream music and do handsfree calls through the stereo speakers. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Wireless-Bluetooth-Car-Kit-FM-Transmitter-Handsfree-Car-Charger-MP3-Player-USB/322325672767?hash=item4b0c1b733f:g:VGIAAOSwKOJYKuBm:rk:10:pf:0
  6. I'm biased....... but after 16 years in a Formula Vee I couldn't fault it. Very close racing wheel to wheel right throughout the field no matter your ability. Cost to buy a car can be anywhere from $12K to $30K or you can usually lease a car for $2K per round and up. They're light and easy to tow with the family car and don't take up much room in your shed. This year I have done 6 Vic State rounds and National Champs at Eastern Creek and my total cost for the year all up including an engine freshen up, entry costs, tyres, fuel, etc etc is less than $10K. Basic maintenance and prep is straightforward and it takes a few hours to get them ready between meetings. Nothing against super sprints and regularity but there is something to be said for getting out there and going nose to tail and wheel to wheel with 25 other cars and trying to do what the F1 or V8 Supercar guys do. The Formula Vee fraternity in both WA and NSW are a nice bunch of guys and girls too! Here's some of my video from Phillip Island about 6 weeks ago in a field of 23 cars. My car is an old one and something similar would be in the $12K range to buy.
  7. I've no experience with them myself but there is this place in Melbourne for repair and fault diagnosis http://www.injectronics.com.au/catalogue/view/electronic-control-module/658
  8. From Skenes Creek on the GOR (just prior to Apollo Bay) head inland to the town of Forrest. It's an awesome bit of road with fast flowing bends and some tight turns through the Otways with no tourists to worry about.
  9. Big Dav

    Project Cars 2

    2:10:240 for me ...... a few setup tweaks and a bit of practice helped
  10. That's USD too I presume so $100 in Pacific Pesos!!
  11. Try www.car-bone.pl who are based in Poland but seem to have every decal for Porsche and can make custom ones as needed. Postage is cheap! ie http://car-bone.pl/shop/underhood-stickers-964/
  12. Big Dav

    Project Cars 2

    I used the GT3 R as I couldn’t find a plain old 911 R [emoji6] I had a crack for 10 laps and got down to a 2.14.9 which is crap I know but it’s early days! I used the stock “loose” setup but really struggled getting out of the left hander after braking hard for The Chase. Some tweaks should improve it a bit.
  13. I'll take them if they're still for sale. PM sent with details. Tried to send you a private message but it says; privatepang cannot receive messages.
  14. I used CEVA for a transfer from Adelaide to my home and had no problems.
  15. Double check you don't have a mysterious property nearby with the curtains always drawn stealing your power to grow some green stuff 24/7

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