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  1. Somewhere around the beginning of this thread I think there was a 944, not a Turbo, S2 or even an S, for $50k at CTS. I’m pretty sure I went to look at it just to see what a $50k 944 looked like. So this latest ad could be a bargain!
  2. Impact was from behind and then pushed into stationary car in front. Photos don’t really show it, as the rear panel deformed then popped back out, albeit with creasing. I’ve not had the opportunity to look properly yet but as both rear wings were creased and the door wouldn’t shut properly I’d bet on some interesting alignment underneath. Immediately obvious shopping list included both rear light clusters, rear panel, two rear wings, nose cone plus all six lights in the cone, plus whatever else I couldn’t see. The Lexus IS250 that hit it at, I guess, 50-60 kmh shows a proper bashing - completely stuffed front end. 928 seats were excellent as I had a slightly stiff neck but no proper whiplash - and I know what that feels like! Towie who took it away commented how strong it seemed - started OK and drove onto the tow ramp. First copper on the scene wanted to know why I hadn’t moved it off the road - until I pointed to the Lexus…
  3. As with most things, it’s more nuanced than that. General overall condition and being able to get underneath the car and make proper use of a screwdriver as an MOT tester would is much more important than writing off anything more than an arbitrary time period post-manufacturing. 924/28/44/68 are prone to rusting from the inside out - they can look lovely, and the sills sound fine, but if the Waxoyl has been cracked and water got behind, then it’s a slow dissolving. Crash repairs are as likely to lead to this as being driven on gritted roads. Mine was in pretty good shape underneath, with few indications as to its initial home. Buy on condition should remain the mantra.
  4. Mine was an import from UK, about 12 or so years ago, so I’m not averse to imports. As for the wreck, TBC. And happy to receive any PM with details of cars that might be available - cheers!
  5. Well, its been a while since I've posted in here, but I reckon this market watching might help me out... My 928 S4 got rear-ended and is beyond economic repair. Which is a shame, as there aren't many manual S4s in Australia. Anyway, I'm now looking for a replacement and another S4, or 944S2/T are on the (very) short shortlist. Manual only, obvs. All pointers appreciated!
  6. Well, that didn’t go very well at all. Apart from the dreamers and the Best-Price-Innit-Bruvs who between them were disappointed it wasn’t showroom fresh or available for half the asking price, I couldn’t see what I was going to replace it with. So, for now, I’m keeping it. I’m sure we all agree it’s for the best...!!
  7. And as, almost, expected - he’s pulled out. Tried to renegotiate the price and then claimed he needed to sell his car first. I don’t have any nice words for this approach to life, as a seller you have to follow each lead to its logical conclusion... Time wasted, expectations raised, but car still with me...😁 Had a lovely drive in it this morning too, out and back before the rain
  8. Well, it looks like I might have done a deal on this - though it all feels a bit provisional, price agreed but still awaiting deposit. A generally very enthusiastic chap who seemed reasonably clued up. I’m expecting the deposit to now be subject to some sort of PPI, but we’ll see what happens. Had a good response considering the lack of movement of the population, albeit lots of dreamers rather than keeners. I’ll be happy if the sale goes through, but no overly sad if it doesn’t...!!
  9. Car now advertised on Carsales, though if anyone wants to buy a flat in Manly, I might yet get to keep the 928...!!!
  10. Thanks for the comments - and if anyone’s got any queries, just drop me a note
  11. It’s a sad day, but it’s time to look to move my S4 on. I’ve had it coming up to 4 years, have thoroughly enjoyed it, and have had a reasonable bit of work done. Its a UK car that was imported about 10 years ago, and is a proper everyday car - not a garage queen or track car but a reliable, easy-to-drive fun car. White body with full black leather interior. Lots of receipts and records of work done, all of it by Bruce and Sean at Buchanans, which is local to me. Most significant of the work done is an engine-out, under bonnet refurb. Heads off and cleaned, bores checked, valves spruced, new gaskets. Also replaced all rubber/plastic items under the bonnet, new radiator, and custom header tank. It’s all shiny in there! Fitted with new clutch, specific for 87 S4 from Porsche Germany at the time of refitting the engine. Gearbox has been removed, checked, leaks fixed, and refitted. Steering rack, sunroof, rear hatch, seat electrics, dash lights have all been refurbed. There are a handful of things to be done, though nothing that stops this from being a great fun, daily driver. Top of the list would be to fix the AC, and it’ll probably need the rear half exhaust in the next year or so. Paintwork is only fair, though the interior is pretty good with the seats being supportive and unmarked. Last serviced Oct 2019, rego to September 2020 and its on full NSW rego, not Historic. I’ve not yet put it on Carsales and would prob put it on for a price somewhere around $58/59k. If anyone on here is interested, feel free to call me on 0439 569 506 - cheers Lee
  12. Nothing wrong with a UK car, approach is the same as for a local car - full inspection and make a decision based on condition, rather than delivery location. As for room, I'm 6'2" (about 188/9cm) and have no probs in an S4. I can also fit all three of my kids in with me - all under 10, 2 in booster seats. It is a bit tight behind the driver seat though...
  13. I quite like that, even with that interior and being white. If I was still in the market, I'd have it.

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