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  1. Having recently been in the 968 market, I think you're clearly priced to sell, albeit perhaps not to a bloke on an army base... As for the CS at CTS - amazing what some stickers and enthusiastic journalism can do for the perceived value. I also thought there were more than 19 CS delivered to Australia.
  2. I'm sure others on here can advise, but a quick check of the Rose Passion website shows the same part number being used for the Konis for both S4 and S2 variants.
  3. Full set of Koni adjustable shock absorbers, and standard springs, that I ordered to fit to my 1987 S4. Bought these about a year ago, but my car was written off before I could get them fitted. They've been sat in the garage since, in boxes and packaging, and are completely unmarked. On PFA for $1,500 plus delivery if required. Otherwise collect from Northern Beaches, Sydney. Cost was around $2,000 to buy and ship from Rose Passion. Give me a call on 0439 569 506 or drop me a note if you want any more info Couple of pics coming up soon... Hopefully good enough resolution for markings to be readable - I know that matters to some And shocks come with nylon washer and top nut
  4. At 31yo a proper PPI from a specialist will largely negate the need for service books. There’s always wiggle room, esp if you’ve met in person and taken the car for a PPI For me, there’s just no need for the story in the ad
  5. I think I’d go for a 928 GTS if it had to be auto. Anyway, back on topic of pics…
  6. I made enquiries on that S2, thought it was prob OK for the money, but bought something else instead. Would be good to find out how you get on with it. Re your 968 Tip, I asked this a few years ago when I was looking… TL;DR - if you want a manual, buy a manual!
  7. Interestingly, the previous owner of my 968 sold it to buy a Cayman...
  8. Yep, my thoughts too, could be good if it all checks out. In fact, if this car has been wearing that plate for a number of years, I think I looked at it when it was last for sale 7 or so years ago. Which would mean that it was probably being offered for around $25k - that was my budget at the time. Can't remember much else about it though. I'm guessing having 220,000kms on the clock will put some off, but I have no probs with that sort of mileage - the 968 I bought a couple of months ago has a shade more than this, and the 928 I had before was up around 230-240Kkm. Condition above all else.
  9. That’s an exceptionally strong starting price for a non-CS Though if there’s anything more, maybe it needs to be said in the ad - suspension, under bonnet?
  10. I’ve said many times on this forum that, from experience, buy on condition not origin. I’ve also investigated in some detail, to the point of PPI and lining up resources, importing a transaxle from the UK. I’d agree with others that if you want a CS and agree a price with the vendor then there’s no reason to fear the one being advertised - usual caveats of getting it checked remain. If you want to import, there are numerous resources both here and in the UK to help, some better than others but the market there does have much more choice and many specialists that can right all sorts of wrongs to an astonishingly good end. Finally, the white regular car is, IMO, still a little over priced, based on a couple of recent sales, one of which was the black 968 that sold at Shannon’s last month for $55k, and the other is my own recent purchase of a pretty good example for a sum in the same ballpark. However I didn’t look at this one, and scarcity does odd things to the market!
  11. Many (many!) years ago I had a Datsun coupe that colour, with a black vinyl roof. I’d have no prob driving that - if fact I’ve just shown the ad to my kids and they want to know when we’re buying it! Besides, if the car is good and the price is right, a wrap is always available
  12. A regular 1995 968 in good condition went for $55k + 5% at Shannon’s Auction a few weeks ago. I’ve been watching them, there aren’t many out there, as the numbers above show, and it seems only the CS gets any love. Re the red CS in Vic, I’d always buy on condition not origin - from experience it’s not always as grim as you might think. Or even bad at all. Also from experience there are rubbish Aus-delivered cars out there too.
  13. VIN makes it a US car but it’s been in Australia since May 96, nearly 26 years. Photos I’ve been sent show a very clean underside. Re: UK 944 and transaxles, I’ve been looking to import my own, there are several specialists over there who know exactly where to look and those who know how to do the repair work. For me, a 944 with ample evidence of effective repair doesn’t pose a problem, but we’re all different. They’re all 30+ years old, and repair is inevitable at some stage.
  14. Re: 944T - like I said, from what I had found out, I felt $70k+ to be a strong price for that car Re: S2 - I have no problems with imported cars, and at 30+ years I'm buying on condition, not origin. From the photos I have seen that are not in the ad, that car is clean. From the conversation I've had with the owner, that car has been well-maintained. Its not perfect, but its on the East Coast, and is substantially cheaper than the next S2 on this side of the country. Its also a nice colour!

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