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  1. You're not wrong there Adam How's your one coming along?
  2. I have decided to get back on the bike/horse and enter PCNSW super sprint on 27th April at Wakefield park raceway, I have done nearly 1000K's since the rebuild and everything seems to be good (touch wood), this time I plan to go a bit easy on the engine but 100% through the corners, So if you all could say a little prayer to the Porsche gods on the 27th (can't hurt) I'd really appreciate it I have recently been getting clutch issues, what it was doing was quite randomly with a little pressure from your foot the pedal would go to the floor, I'd havre to get my foot under the pedal and pull up, then it was fine for days or hours or minutes, so yesterday I removed the master and slave cylinder and rebuilt them with new seals, refitted them today and bled the system.
  3. After trying to find the O ring size for late one piece OPRV, (part no. 999 707 144 40) I bought a couple and took some measurements, so here for anyone looking for the info, here are the dimensions, OD 16mm ID 12.4mm Thickness 1.8mm after checking, there are two O ring sizes one which is correct, the other should be OK 1.78x12.42mm and 1.8x12.5mm
  4. The chip on the speedo/odometer blew again, so I replaced it (again) but fitted some PTC resistors on the outputs to the stepper motor, this should protect the chip, Also replaced the caps (30 years is past their prime) Tackling a slight oil leak to the oil filter housing, ordered a new gasket, great packing eh!!! new seals and pintel caps on stock injectors, I'm going to play and document how the different injectors and FQS relate to AFR's. I made new 5mm spacers from an old sump gasket, not sure where the originals went to, I've never seen them I saw video demonstrating a light setup for your spray gun but it cost $350 sod that, I can do it for less, under $10 in fact.
  5. I bought these https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Fuel-Injector-Service-Kit-Ford-Falcon-XE-XF-4-1L-EA-EB-3-9L-ED-EF-EL-XG-XH-4-0L/112410089759?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 the pintel cap went on with a satisfying click, only reservation I've got is that the O ring were quite hard, Are you sure you pressed the caps on far enough?
  6. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/392533/Porsche-944-Volume-5-Electrical.html?page=158#manual
  7. "I will be investigating the idle control valve and a couple sensors mentioned earlier in this thread" How did you get on with the, TPS? have you tried running without it, if the TPS WOT switch (or it's wiring) was shorted it would bring in a different (richer) map, and ultimately I reckon that's what's causing your issues, over fuelling causing fouled plugs, check your (DME) coolant temp sender as well, with these tests it's best if you test at the DME plug, so you test the wiring as well. List of things which effect (over) fuelling Engine temp. AFM, inc. air temp TPS Fuel regulator injectors Have you checked you FQS on the DME? https://www.google.com/search?q=PORSCHE+968+FQS&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwis_4y-x5LhAhXCAnIKHWcaAKsQ_AUIDigB&biw=1215&bih=666#imgrc=TIi78SqLe-SnFM: I know how frustrating and demoralising it can be when you have engine issues but you'll get there
  8. Great info Bruce, Any chance of scanning the doc. I'm especially interested in the number of imports per year. Steve
  9. Some great racing from 1991, loved the way they weren't totally stripped out , even had full interiors, looked like attainable racing
  10. I got these, https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2x-H4-CREE-LED-Headlight-Car-9003-HB2-180W-6500K-Replace-Hi-Lo-Beam-Bulb-Lamp-t/192760842518?hash=item2ce1710916:g:rFoAAOSwfgRb2Qr6, a lot better than stock, a bit blotchy on solid verticle surfaces (like a wall) up close, although probably too blue for your (and my) liking, if the shifter play is side to side, there is a mod with thrust washers and a nut and bolt, https://rennlist.com/forums/924-931-944-951-968-forum/698280-mini-project-tightening-up-shift-linkage.html, I found that the bolt/nut hit the side of the tunnel so had to clearance it,
  11. Well done, What's next on the list?
  12. 944s2cab

    My Porsche 928

    Have you CC'd the chambers, easy to do, just time consuming, but the way your build is going, might be something to keep you occupied
  13. I see Suercheap has this Nulon High Zinc Mineral Street And Track Oil 5L 3 pack for $108, tempted to give it a go on my rebuilt motor once run in, I will be doing regular (prob 6 monthly) oil changes opinions https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/nulon-3-x-street-and-track-engine-oil/SPO6456391.html?cgid=SCA01070404#srule=Price+Ascending&sz=53&start=22
  14. What's been happening, Well, Last Wednesday took the car to Heasman steering and suspension in Sydenham, they got stuck on a seized caster nut so they only did the rears, nut removed and I'm back there tomorrow, After ditchingVEMS (for a while at least) I decided I should take advantage of the wideband sensor in the exhaust by fitting an AFR gauge, after a bit of research I came across this company in the states http://www.wide-band.com/, as you can see prices are cheap so should be able to do this on the cheap, RIGHT?? not the way I did it, i decided to get the digital display kit for $40US but ordered the the ($35) one without the display so I had to pay another $15US + postage for the display, Then I obviously had a brain snap and wired it incorrectly and found out the control module didn't like that, I should point out that I deal with electrics and electronics in my job, I count myself fortunate that I blew up a $20 module not a $10,000 controller, So I've ordered another module for $20US + postage, so all in it has cost me $110US instead of $55US, While I had the gauge cluster out I decided to investigate why my odometer had packed up a few days earlier, I found the IC on the board burnt, so I desoldered the one on my old MPH speedo and fitted it to my KPH board before calibration after calibration, the gauge was not quite linear so I found a compromise between 12v - 14v speedo IC (burnt) Got so hot it melted the solder What's going on here??? with a bit of fettling, the display fits in very neatly Scraped away the black background off the gauge panel Diffuser put back on minus the panel for the LED display Not perfect but not bad for a first attempt After fitting a clip on rear view mirror with built in screen and knocking it every time I use the sunvisors, I dismantled my old rear view mirror and robbed the socket off of it and bonded it to the one with the screen, result is pretty good and does not gethit by the sunvisors Not sure about the size of the camera but better than the round black one I had on before
  15. can you clarify, is it misssing on one cylinder or all four, pulling individual leads off their plug and seeing if rpm drops on every cylinder, You say the plugs were black, are any of them wet with unburnt fuel? KISS principle, these engines are rather simple, all you need to run is, compression, (metered) fuel and spark at the right time Have you looked at your injectors, one or more could be leaking, Wrong injectors fitted here are some way out there possibilities, Wrong DME (maybe someones fitted a 944S2 one, Right DME but with an aftermarket chip if I was a betting man, I'd bet on injectors

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