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  1. 944s2cab

    My 944 Cabriolet

    Drove over 250Km's this weekend, only (small) issues are speedo packed up, then started working but left the odometer inop, I guess I'll be ordering ANOTHER gear, on two occasions the revs dropped to 1400 rpm (instead of idle) and then slowly lowered, I suspect dodgy TPS idle circuit, also the oil pressure gauge flutters at idle, I'm hoping it either a ground or the OPRV, Had my mechanic mate do a leak down test, they were PERFECT (I'm very happy, I Have booked it in for a 4 wheel alignment a week Wednesday, Hopefully the 968 caster block will have arrived by then, as it is it rides nice, no harshness Got to say I'm loving the stock DME, it does what it says on the tin, I have a new found appreciation of how well sorted the engine management is, so I think I'll be keeping it and if I want more power then supercharging may be the way to go. Plan on getting another 800Kms or s, then have it dyno'd Plugs looked good when pulled, means that I'm not drastically over fuelling with the gen3 Bosch inj. despite 14% more flow, I have ordered a wideband controller and display to plug into the O2 sensor so I can keep an eye on the AFR's
  2. 944s2cab

    My 944 Cabriolet

    Today was a good day, got off work early, Fitted wheels, got a blue slip done, sorted out insurance (NRMA's Veteran and Vintage has gone up over 100% since November 2017, so the card got a hammering today, went to Service NSW in Burwood to register, pick up my gift to myself (can you see it?) Tomorrow, I'm going to re-gas the AC, and put some K's on the engine $20 for a wash, Be rude not to
  3. 944s2cab

    My 944 Cabriolet

    On course for rego on Wednesday
  4. 944s2cab

    My 944 Cabriolet

    Quick update, Picked up 20L of Penrite running in oil on Friday, Thought I could possibly get it on the road on Saturday but have had a weekend of dramas, First No oil pressure when cranking with plugs removed, DME relay removed, and wondering if the engine needed to come out AGAIN, After looking online I primed the oil pump via the oil filter housing, got good oil pressure, Then no start, Computer couldn't connect to VEMS ECU, Took the case apart and the PTC ( resetable fuse) was tripping, fault diagnosed Ignition coils (COP) output IC was dead short to GND, Luckily Jaycar had some, Picked up 2 and 2 IC sockets and spent the rest of Saturday and into the early hours of Sunday, repairing the ECU, This morning I had issues connecting to via bluetooth and funny symptoms (Fuel pump running continuously and Injectors pulsing) at this stage I was getting a bit peeved, and then I thought I'd convert back to Motronic system, 4 hours later it started first time, she was a bit tappety but cleared up after 10mins, Just got to correct a pinched oil o ring on the oil/air seperator, then Wednesday, it'll be Blue slipped, and registered, P.s The engine sounds sooooo smooth, Hope everyone had a good weekend The next few photos show how I indexed the rear spring plates, As I've had many Vee dubs, All of them lowered, I am familiar with the rear setup A brief explanation is make a bracket mounted to the spring plate caps, mark on bracket the position of spring plate when on the ground, remove lower rearest spring plate cap bolt (to allow spring plate to fully drop) Jack up rear of car until the wheel leaves the ground, Mark on bracket, The difference between these two marks is the amount the suspension compresses for the weight of the car and rate (size) of torsion bar, in my case the so=tock bar is 24mm (137Lbs effective rate) my new bars are 26mm (189Lbs effective) so you dived the old bar (137) by the new bar (189) =0.725, then multiply the distance between the two marks by this, this will give you the amount the new bar will allow the spring plates to compress, measure this new compression distance from the TOP mark (mark made while car was on the ground) this will give you the new (26mm bar) un-compressed location, place spring plates to this new mark whilst doing this I found out that there might be a better way to measure the height etc, it is from the top mounting hole of the torsion bar carrier to the spring plate, this will make re-indexing easier as uyou wont have to fit the spring plate caps to measure the distance, Mine with the new 26mm bars is 215mm Proper running in oil, $125 for 20L
  5. 944s2cab

    My 944 Cabriolet

    You shouldn't be, not as much fun 2nd time around, plus always that nagging feeling that it'll go pear shaped again, Just spent the last hour checking out running in oils, decided to go for 20L of Penrite running in oil (15W40) Repco have 30% off at the moment so it's only $105, should do fill up and 2 more oil changes, then will switch back to HPR30
  6. 944s2cab

    My 944 Cabriolet

    Slow start to the day but ended up getting quite a bit done, just a few odds and ends in the engine compartment then on to the rear suspension
  7. I'll guess your plate no. is "9one 1"
  8. 944s2cab

    My 944 Cabriolet

    Thanks, you learn a new thing every day, I'll definitely check out the grades She's in, maybe fire her up this weekend Forgot about the missing rear end
  9. 944s2cab

    My 944 Cabriolet

    Thanks, you learn a new thing every day, I'll definitely check out the grades
  10. 944s2cab

    My 944 Cabriolet

    Ready for refitting, Nice job for a Saturday morning. Got hardware for the rear suspension back from the platers.
  11. 944s2cab

    My 944 Cabriolet

    Getting there
  12. 944s2cab

    My 944 Cabriolet

    Also, repaired the bottom of the front right wing, Seemed to have lost the photos of the rust hole and plate welded in, Thix is just a quick paint job to drive around in until I respray (once the engine is done) While I had the 2K clear I gunned some on the valve cover Front struts fitted,
  13. 944s2cab

    My 944 Cabriolet

    Thanks Adam, I'm doing my upmost to not rely on luck, How's yours coming along
  14. 944s2cab

    My 944 Cabriolet

    Hi all, Well I've started on engine rebuild #2, Was going to have Nikasil coated Aluminium liner fitted until the machine shop in Melbourne decided to double the quote once I sent them my block, so I sent it to the same machine shop who did the original machine work to get some Iron liners fitted, Not sure where I got to but Wossner did not accept responsibility (no surprise there) but gave me a full refund, Karl at Racer's edge felt bad for me and sold me a set of 104mm at a heavily discounted price, once they were at the machinist and after checking, double checking, triple checking the clearances with emails to Wossner in Germany, the block was finished, started on re assembly on Saturday morning, carried on this morning and have fitted the crank, rods, pistons and head, oil pump, hoping to getting it back on the road in a couple of weeks, just in time for a special treat i bought for my self, $30 sheet of Form ply makes a better table for engine assembly 2x 450mm AC fans blowing air into the garage above the bench Nice clean block and BS covers The Iron liners were opened out to expose the windage ports Recycling extreme, deckjing board, flyscreen door, and wadding from Spotlight Hylomar coated Cometic head gasket Oil pump fitted Tomorrow morning plan, fit balance shafts, water pump, pulleys and you never know maybe fit the engine, I'm fitting it differently this time, I'm going to fit with minimal ancillaries as last time it was a real pain getting to bolts etc when fully assembled
  15. 944s2cab

    944/968 Coilovers interchangeable?

    Same as rear dub suspension ( I've had mny Beetles and a type 3) except to adjust you have to lower the whole torsion bar assembly (at least partially) I also thought about the "budget coilover" but decided against it as I wanted to spend effort improving my driving and not tinkering around with the suspension settings I ended up getting 26mm torsion bars from CIP1 https://www2.cip1.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=C12-6569-26

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