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    When you bought my grand prix white deck lid and whale tail I thought you said you were going to paint your car to match the decklid color?......what changed your mind?
  2. I feel the main reason the locally delivered cars are able to obtain a higher price than imports is because of the good marketing skills of the car dealers and how it has now transferred to the private second hand market . I saw many local Aussie delivered Porsche 911sc cars before I settled on my UK car ...many of these cars showed sun damaged interiors,worn seats and carpets ,damaged paint work, cracking rubber seals and just general wear and tear associated with a car of its vintage and lack of maintenance.Also the mileage was always around the 200k Mark. These well worn cars were always priced higher than my superior condition UK sc and the mileage was in many cases more than three times mine. I saw many Porsche 911s at the hangar meet and noticed a huge difference in quality, wear and tear and mileage. I thought to myself will this poor condition sc really be worth more than my UK car?..possibly if the buyer is hung up on this Aussie delivered aspect over quality and value. The Porsche 959 on car sales is for sale for $2,500,000 and was originally sold in Spain and imported to Australia in the late 2000s..Is this car worth less because it's not Aussie delivered ? I think the problem is as our past illustrious leader once said " Australia is at the arse end of the world" and we are such a small closed market place giving the retailers free reign to say and ask the prices that want ...
  3. Just an expression of my thoughts and my experience. For many years I dreamed of owning an aircooled Porsche 911 always favouring the whale tailed coupe. As time went by I grew fond of the uniqueness of the targa model and pursued that model for while. Fast forward to 2015 after much searching and deliberation I saw a lovely UK delivered 1983 Porsche 911sc cabriolet in grand prix white with only 51,000miles from new and a complete service history and file detailing all previous owners and services performed.Quite seriously the file read like a great English novel.. The Porsche was in immaculate condition,never saw any sun being from the UK and who drives a convertible in the rain and snow and freezing cold ....no one ! Hence the low mileage. Now ..I never liked the look of the cabriolet 911 , I never imagined owning one for that matter but you know I do own it now and love it... It's a true Porsche in every way and when I drive it I don't see the out side of the car which I have now grown to love ....it's a Porsche 911sc. it's low mileage ,it's in immaculate condition inside and out . After all whether it's a coupe or a targa or even a cabriolet it's still a Porsche 911 and the fact that it's UK imported is irrelevant to me .it just means my Porsche had an escape to the country and now it's here thanks to it's last British owner who immigrated to Australia for the mining boom . The last and best part of this whole equation is my Porsche has a split personality where on a nice day the roof comes down and I enjoy open air driving which again I never thought I would enjoy but now absolutely love it especially now that I have a new Monty muffler fitted and the throbbing exhaust/engine sound its even more amplified . All this man pleasure is unbearable to contain and all for the princely sum $37,750 in May 2015...... How much is my car worth now ? To me.....Priceless
  4. Thank you guys for welcoming me to the PFA. Quite ironically I have been a member for quite some time but due to work and family commitments I have not really had a chance to post on the forum or involve myself with other members. I hope to find more time now that the weather is more conducive to my 911sc cab. Considering my car has only covered a mere 91,000klm it is a sad indication of my combined work load and Melbourne's inclement weather .... I look forward to joining you guys for the next smt cruise .....as long as the weather is not too hot ....not too cold.....but just right ...lol Now you know why the mileage is so low ...lol Cheers Rob
  5. I must admit the camaraderie between air cooled 911 drivers is well and truly alive even more so now days as these treasured cars become rare classics seldom seen on our roads. The acknowledgment received from a fellow 911 enthusiast driver only cements that special relationship one has with their air cooled treasure. Case in point (lol) I saw a lovely green 964 coupe drive behind me on Kellets Road on Saturday. My teenage son and I acknowledged the driver and greeted each other with a wave of the hand followed by a spirited drive down Stud Road ...... Last night my wife Kathy and I were out for a walk around our neighbourhood when all of a sudden my ears detected the sweet sound of the very same green 964 I had engaged with on Saturday whilst driving with my teenage son. Of course my eyes followed the 964 all the way to its home followed closely by me dragging my wife in my wake. To add to my please of seeing the pristine 964 in the open garage I also had the pleasure of meeting Andy73 and having a very pleasant chat and hopefully the start of a new friendship...what a small world indeed......Hello Andy

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