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  1. Oscar

    My New Girl

    Congrats on the purchase. Beautiful car and a lot of fun to drive. Could you post a photo of this signature on the white trim?
  2. I was there for the first time as well and I have met a lot of people. Be open and if you want next time you can catch up with me. Great event and a lot of lovely cars. I was surprised how many rare cars are in Melb. A lot of 993s - happy to see that the interest in this amazing model is growing.
  3. Oscar

    My new GT4

    I love this wrap on GT4:
  4. Is there any company in Australia (ideally in Melbourne) selling sport exhausts for 993 (94 C2 model)?
  5. Does anyone know a good car detailer (with similar knowledge and passion as Larry) in Melbourne? For both paint, other exterior features and interior. Car is in a very good condition but needs to be brought to the showroom level.
  6. Can you show the outcome. Does it destroy any of the original parts or can it be easily turned back to full original/stock?
  7. Does anyone know if this book is still available somewhere locally? I have found the answer myself. Adrian is based in Adelaide so you can buy his books directly from his publishing house here: http://www.grimmensteinbooks.com/shop/#!/Adrians-books/c/8509142/offset=0&sort=normal
  8. AFAIK they do not have Australian maps for them, so they have full functionality (radio, bt etc.) but no sat nav. Does anyone know if there is an easy fix for that? Porsche has maps for their Australian delivered cars with sat nav so I do not understand why they cannot provide maps for their Classic collection nav radio. Does anyone know where can I buy an original Porsche CD player for 993?

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