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  1. I'm 100% on the same page. I've had two 912's & found the combination of modest HP & 165 tires is a great recipe for enjoying spirited drives well within the speed limit. IMHO any modern car more sporty than a Kia Carnival is too fast to be enjoyed on Victorian Roads. The track or targa events is the best bet....
  2. I bought my daily driver 911 from Singapore to Melbourne as a personal import. Lots of paperwork at both ends & small items that add up but overall would be happy to do it again......I knew I would get hit with the import deduction upon sale in Oz but had the pleasure of owning it for a bit longer & got all my money back. I wouldn't bother if you're trying to make money but if you find a car you love at a suitable UK discount I don't see too many downsides.....good luck with it !! Cheers, Matt
  3. Nikos, Agree with your comment re "good buying"....having recently sold an excellent original Aussie delivered 3.2 I can confirm that the market for cars that actually sell is significantly lower than current advertised prices. I'm constantly surprised at cars sitting for months (sometimes years) at ridiculously high prices.....it's a waste of everyones time !! I have no doubt the occasional car transacts at a high price due to good luck or being a pristine example but it's rare. 80% is the market is nonsense & waffle....ha ha Cheers
  4. Sabine was a legend & I suspect would have made light work of the V8 supercar series. The only other female driver I can think of who would be close to Sabine is Michele Mouton.....hopefully the efforts to attract more female talent to racing is successful & the next Sabine is just around the corner. Her enthusiasm, humour & awesome skills will be missed !!
  5. I've also got a CAE shifter.....I love it & would go out of my way to buy another if I changed cars.... Wow !!! That's looks sensational....I'm jealous.....
  6. Mine has only done 21,000km albeit 100% racing km's.....happy to sell for 220-240k !!! I suspect however that racing km's are like dog years at a 1:7 ratio....ha ha
  7. If it makes you feel better I sold a 911E for $12,750, a 912 for $21,000 & a 76 Carrera for $49,000. I also turned down a mint 3.0 Turbo for $45,000 & an Australian delivered 73 2.7 RS for $280,000 because I thought it was a stupid amount of money & no Porsche would ever be worth that 😳 I think we all have lots of these stories....ha ha....love, money & cars never run on time !!!
  8. It's a 1994 C2 manual & had approx 140km when I bought it....that was high KM at the time but it was a locally delivered car, great colour (special order metallic black on black) & had full service history. I looked for about 12 months to find it & at the time felt the price was about right (market was 60-80 pending condition & configuration). Hope that helps.... Cheers, Matt
  9. Thanks, I sent an email & got a response almost immediately....will send mine to him next week. Appreciate the tip.....PFA to the rescue !!
  10. I paid 71k for mine in 2006 & at the time recall looking at a mint Turbo priced at 120k but couldn't afford it....
  11. That's awesome news, thanks.....do you have a contact or just go direct to their site ? Cheers
  12. The HVAC unit in my 993 works perfectly however missing one button (see photo's). I would be interested to know if anyone has either a broken unit with the all buttons OR a working second hand unit they want to sell. I believe the 964 & 993 unit are the same. If you have anything please PM or send an email to mattread993@gmail.com Thanks
  13. Good luck with the sale....for someone not bothered by originality this car is great value. I wish I was smarter so I could earn more money & buy more cars.....ha ha.....I would love to have this in a fancy garage with a stacker, a fridge & a sofa. I'd spend the afternoons happily drinking beers & admiring my collection

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