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  1. I paid approximately 5-10% premium (over similar cars) for a one owner Panamera with existing warrantee. The car had a couple of issues, I took it in & Porsche covered the full 13k in repairs.....I will definitely extend until the 15th year. If they still built cars like the 993 you may not bother but these days the cars are so complex it's not a matter of if but when. The $1,000 per year will pay for itself at some stage !!
  2. Still taking up space.....ha ha....will sell them off separately as bespoke hose reels soon !!!
  3. Unfortunately not.....I have race history & photo's of most cars but owner details for about 20% of cars only. Any information / leads from PFA'ers would be most appreciated......
  4. Thanks mate, you're a legend !! Register is slowly coming together.....
  5. Anyone who saw my "cars you regret selling" post will know that I have a weakness for American Muscle. I LOVE these cars & think they are fantastic value compared to anything built by Ford or Holden. Can someone please buy it !!!
  6. MR901

    Barn find

    Wouldn't it be great if someone bought it & drove it with it's barn find patina !!
  7. It's so long ago that those wheels have gone out of fashion & now back in fashion.....ha ha....they probably got taken off the car in the 90's, sat worthless in a shed for 20+ years then sold for solid money to find there way onto a "period correct" restoration
  8. Me circa 1987 with my 71' Pontiac Firebird. Besides the 455 engine swap I was especially proud of my paint matching Simmons wheels & drop pipes. I suspect my regret is more nostalgia than the car....ha ha....I sold it to fund my first Porsche (a 71' 911E) which I also regret selling !!!
  9. Thanks James, have picked up on the idea of a register & started to piece together a document with key details & photo's of each car. Have sent a PM to each listed above... If anyone has any leads on current ownership please PM me. Cheers, Matt
  10. I rallied a 911SC with a 915 for about 10 years. Toby from Classic Modern Porsche in Hallam refreshed it twice during that time, did a great job & we never had any issues besides my bad driving....ha ha. Cheers Matt
  11. Mine goes on a tandem trailer forwards & no issues....I do however have a metal wind deflector that probably add's 50-100kg over the front that compensates a bit ?
  12. Thanks James, I'm surprised there are 42 of them considering only 308 RHD cars !! Does anyone know how many are accounted for ? Perhaps we need to collectively build a table....number driving / registered, number in restoration, number still racing, number binned in action to see how many we can find. Would be very interesting.....

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