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  1. If it makes you feel better I sold a 911E for $12,750, a 912 for $21,000 & a 76 Carrera for $49,000. I also turned down a mint 3.0 Turbo for $45,000 & an Australian delivered 73 2.7 RS for $280,000 because I thought it was a stupid amount of money & no Porsche would ever be worth that 😳 I think we all have lots of these stories....ha ha....love, money & cars never run on time !!!
  2. It's a 1994 C2 manual & had approx 140km when I bought it....that was high KM at the time but it was a locally delivered car, great colour (special order metallic black on black) & had full service history. I looked for about 12 months to find it & at the time felt the price was about right (market was 60-80 pending condition & configuration). Hope that helps.... Cheers, Matt
  3. Thanks, I sent an email & got a response almost immediately....will send mine to him next week. Appreciate the tip.....PFA to the rescue !!
  4. I paid 71k for mine in 2006 & at the time recall looking at a mint Turbo priced at 120k but couldn't afford it....
  5. That's awesome news, thanks.....do you have a contact or just go direct to their site ? Cheers
  6. The HVAC unit in my 993 works perfectly however missing one button (see photo's). I would be interested to know if anyone has either a broken unit with the all buttons OR a working second hand unit they want to sell. I believe the 964 & 993 unit are the same. If you have anything please PM or send an email to mattread993@gmail.com Thanks
  7. Good luck with the sale....for someone not bothered by originality this car is great value. I wish I was smarter so I could earn more money & buy more cars.....ha ha.....I would love to have this in a fancy garage with a stacker, a fridge & a sofa. I'd spend the afternoons happily drinking beers & admiring my collection
  8. I've had my 993 for over 15 years & It's done well over 200,000km. In 100,000+ km of ownership I've done the clutch, brakes, suspension refresh & regular servicing. Besides standard maintenance & perishable items the only other area's that required some work was the AirCond condenser & the HVAC unit. Overall it's been a pleasure to own & not an expensive car. I had a GTI Golf as a daily for a while & realised it was false economy because it cost me twice as much as the 993 to keep on the road...ha ha....good luck !!
  9. That's awesome, I want it !!!! ha ha.....
  10. I recently sold my 911T & have a couple of residual parts....Nardi Steering Wheel (dated Jan 1978), was used until recently, good condition but has some "patina" - $250Cookie Cutters x 2 (15 x 6) - $250 the pairSunroof panel from G-series in very good condition - $50Parts are located at Classic & Modern Porsche in Hallam if you want to have a look (ask Toby).Email me at mattread993@gmail.comCheers,Matt
  11. I've been on both sides of this fence. I sold a 911T to buy a 996 & then sold the 996 to buy a 912 which was subsequently sold to fund a GT3. I also had a much loved 911SC rally car that we used for over ten years. The car was engaging, bullet proof & I loved it !! I decided a change would be nice & bought a 996 mk1 GT3 rally car (funded by the sale of the 912). It took me another 3 years to sell the SC as I couldn't bring myself to part with it......I love my GT3 which IMHO is the perfect blend of old & new.....it's easily the best Porsche i've driven BUT I desperately miss my SC & would buy it back in a heartbeat if I could afford it. The difficulty with Porsches is that they are all great & each car has it's own unique personality. Whatever you decide it's a great choice !! You just need to find the one that feels right for you, suits your lifestyle & will start / go every time you need it......honestly I regret every Porsche I ever sold !!! Cheers

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