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  1. I’ve got a set of 17” twists currently on a 944 S2 plus a set of 18” 996.2 rims used for track work in the same car. PM me if any interest 👍 Cheers, Matt
  2. Thanks for posting the video, 993's are awesome !!! I took mine for an early morning blast to Kinglake last weekend.....even after 15+ years & 100,000km I never get tired of driving it & taking photo's. They are reliable, comfortable, great on long drives, perfect for short drives & not expensive to maintain.....it's all you need
  3. For a company called "Italiansteelart" they don't seem to do much with actual steel....ha ha...look at the gap between the flared arch & the bumper panel. Perhaps part of the "Safari Look" ? I've seen tighter panel gaps on home built billy carts.....
  4. I can certainly see where the designer got their inspiration !!!
  5. I'm not precious on originality but this is an answer to a question no one asked...it's a horror show of automotive misery that hurts my eye's & breaks my heart. Magnus Walker should hang his head in shame having his name associated with this abomination. It's early in the morning & I need a drink to calm myself.....
  6. Porsche's really are versatile !! My wife has a kids clothing business in Singapore & I've been making deliveries to the big department stores before Chinese New Year. With seats down the Panamera can easily fit a couple of hundred dresses. The other delivery drivers are very intrigued by the Ang Mo in the loading dock....ha ha
  7. Don't discount the beige....I avoided it like the plague until one came up at a price too good to refuse. After living with beige you realise it's a very pleasant place to be especially in hot weather. I've now owned three P cars with beige interior & actually went out of my way to find one for my last purchase. I'm still heavy with guilt & shame for owning a conda green / beige interior early 911 & allowing it to be sprayed retail red / black interior....ha ha....I don't what happened in the 90's 😳 !!!
  8. I was ready to buy a GT3 when I got the same advice about 15 years ago...honestly it was the best racing advice I ever got. I bought a 911SC that was fully track prepared but had a standard engine & rallied it for almost 10 years. It took a decade to get down to 11 minutes at Mt Buller.....within my skill limits & risk tolerance I knew we wouldn't be able to go much faster so changed to a 996 GT3. After 5 years in the GT3 the best time is 10:42.....I've gone from driving a slow car fast to a fast car slow....ha ha....the GT3 can comfortably do sub 10 minutes in the right hands however I seem to have found the limits not only of my skills / risk tolerance but also my finances !! With escalating prices I can't afford to bin it, it's faster than my risk tolerance will extend & I'll need a lifetime of practice to drive it "well". I understand & appreciate that for many people faster is always better however for me personally I enjoyed racing more when I was driving a relatively inexpensive slow car fast. Don't underestimate how much fun you can have with a Boxster or MX5 !!! With the money you save you can buy something awesome for those weekend drives around the hills....
  9. Having sold two very good cars during Covid I suspect most real world selling prices are nowhere near the asking prices on the internet. I started my 71T & Aussie delivered 3.2 at around 125k. Both excellent registered cars with history / no rust / RWC & both took a couple of months to move. Lot's of people will say "wow, that's cheap, I would have paid that in a heartbeat" BUT when it comes to actually transferring the funds the crowd thins very quickly !! I'm bemused to see numerous cars that were on Carsales at around 125k when I sold mine that are still listed BUT now 150k+.......I don't even look at Porsche's for sale anymore as I find the combination of asking price, quality & attitude of sellers delusional. But then I don't understand the value of crypto, NFT's or pork belly futures either so maybe it's me....ha ha
  10. I paid approximately 5-10% premium (over similar cars) for a one owner Panamera with existing warrantee. The car had a couple of issues, I took it in & Porsche covered the full 13k in repairs.....I will definitely extend until the 15th year. If they still built cars like the 993 you may not bother but these days the cars are so complex it's not a matter of if but when. The $1,000 per year will pay for itself at some stage !!
  11. Still taking up space.....ha ha....will sell them off separately as bespoke hose reels soon !!!

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