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  1. 993 buyers tend to be very picky on km’s and originality compared to 901 or G series buyers (I have no idea why). I suspect that the combination of modifications, km’s (despite rebuild) & non various ram are dragging it down. All silly reasons in my view....go take a look !! BTW, my 993 is a manual non varioram & I never felt it’s lacking in anyway.... good luck....
  2. MR901

    996 GT3 Centre Console Delete

    It’s a CAE Ultra Shifter. The standard shifter always felt a bit delicate to me & I wanted something equivalent to a WEVO in the earlier cars. Took some searching & wasn’t cheap but I’m extremely happy with the end result !!
  3. MR901

    996 GT3 Centre Console Delete

    I went with the extreme delete option & works perfectly...ha ha
  4. I’ve sold a couple of race cars & find that you get (1) lots of interest from people who think it’s easy to convert back into a road car & (2) lots of people who think they want a race until they drive one &/or realise they need a trailer & something to pull it with. So while you get lots of calls in the first weeks the number of real buyers is very small & the race enthusiasts left are very aware of how competitive a car will be within the regulations they want to compete in. So your pool of buyers quickly turns from a torrent to a trickle to a rain drop. Race cars cost lots of money to build but are not easy to sell....I wish him luck !!
  5. MR901

    Cheap Cayennes

    I had the same issue with my Cayenne although not too difficult to fix...generally it was a reliable & not super expensive to service. I’ve also owned the ML which is a great 4WD but doesn’t feel as dynamic as the Cayenne to me. Having said that I’ve never driven the ML63 which I suspect could trump them both on everything but fuel consumption & towing capacity. Does anyone know why the Cayenne & ML300 both have a 3500kg towing capacity & some of the early ML63’s have only 2260kg ? Completely off topic....apologies in advance !!
  6. I sold my 912 about 3 years ago before prices went up for low 60’s so if it’s in restored condition it’s probably not far off the mark. 912’s are great & I miss mine....just remember that they cost the same to restore as a 911 & the engines are also expensive to rebuild so best to buy a good one at the outset....good luck with it !! Cheers
  7. The tires are a bargain. I sold the wheels to Jono....the tires were new for TT16. I don’t recall ever using the fronts and the rears were swapped for day 5 & 6. It rained, we drove even slower than normal & I sold the wheels shortly afterwards. I probably still have the receipt for them....from memory about $1400. So it’s a 90% discount.....bargain !!!! Cheers Matt
  8. MR901

    Nations Cup GT3's

    High is correct, the Nations Cup cars were RHD road cars converted into race cars. My TNT Nations Cup car is still fully road registered in Victoria....multiple people have told me it was the first GT3 bought into Australia ? I’ve never been able to verify so happy to hear from anyone with Porsche Australia import records ?
  9. MR901

    Nations Cup GT3's

    Another recent photo of the TNT car.....
  10. MR901

    Nations Cup GT3's

    I am the current owner of the TNT car you can see in the bottom RHS of the poster. It's done a very careful 21,000 race km's.....ha ha.....here it is at Targa High Country & will be running again this year. It's a wonderful car, I love it !! Here it is racing in period....lots of footage from about the 6 minute mark.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_m-PJpMynCs
  11. I ran the dilemma past my 18 year old Son & after looking at it he said “well is it f##d or not, no one seems to know ?”....while I would have put it differently I think he has a point. You need some professional advice / quotes on the body work. I’ve fixed cars that looked much worse than this....if you’re lucky & it’s only outer panels it’s probably worth keeping but if it needs to go on the rack for straightening etc then I’d part it out...get a decent panel beater to look it & then reassess....good luck with it !!
  12. 100% was 35k last night & now disappeared...
  13. Jason, I’m the owner of the TNT car that competed in the All Nations Cup (5th in 2000 & 8th in 2001), it’s done 21,000km & still on full Vic rego. I’m happy to report it’s still being used in anger & will be at Targa High Country in November ? We should see if we can get a bunch of them together for some photo’s one day....
  14. MR901

    25 cars that will kill you

    The Camry will kill you from boredom !!
  15. MR901

    Practical, not political

    Great idea Simon, then give the cyclists a 30min head start home. The drivers can smile & wave as they pass the cyclists in the appropriate manner....get a news camera there & will be a PR win for all involved...ha ha

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