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  1. Haydn, I put KW V3 Coilovers in my 996 (roadcar) & it transformed the car. I would definitely buy again.....reasonable price, good quality & happy outcome. Good luck... Cheers, Matt
  2. Fantastic, always good to get some fresh paint. Once this lockdown is out of the way we should try to arrange a Nations Cup reunion. Would be great to see all the cars together again !!!
  3. Stop it Hugh, you’re killing me !!!! Can someone please buy these rims, I want them bad but my bank account says no....ha ha
  4. I love this topic, thanks !! My dream garage of almost affordable cars...... 911 T Coupe (an unstressed T in "Tangerine" would be great for rambling around the hills) 74 Carerra (2.7 MFI, G-series in Lime Green or Mexico Blue) 930 Turbo (metallic green, big wheels & tartan trim) 928 (an early model in any colour as long as it has pasha trim) 996 GT3 (a mezger engined track day beauty) Special mentions (356 or 912 for simplicity, SC RS or 993 for air cooled awesomeness, 944T or 968CS for front engined perfection)
  5. Buy this one & convert the body to your tastes....my guess is that this car would cost 200-250k to build so at current pricing PLUS some cosmetics you're still in front. https://www.pcv.com.au/PorscheClubs/pc_victoria/pc_main.nsf/web/4158039B3489D8ACC125851B00317109#pagetop Good luck with the project.... Cheers
  6. I used a 996 as a daily for many years & it was great. Porsches are great cars with small children & you will have no issue with the child seat. I used child seats in both my 993 & 996.....the 996 is slightly bigger so you should have no issue using the seats from your 77. Go for it !!!
  7. I lived in Singapore & exported my personal 996 C2 to Melbourne in 2014 when I was returning home. When I sold the going price for a similar Australian delivered car was $70-$75k & I sold mine for $55k. Based on my limited sample 20-25% discount seems correct. It should be noted however that the guy who purchased mine still owns it, loves it & it's been 100% reliable. Don't be put off by imports if the PPI is strong & the price is right !!
  8. FYI, the email bounced for me also.....great initiative !!
  9. Try Matt Coleman at Wheel Solutions in Richmond. Great guy & excellent work.....I've done at least 5 sets of wheels with him & always a good result. Good Luck !! http://www.wheelsolutions.com.au/
  10. Agree 100%, I’m amazed at the prices people are asking for some cars & after 6-12 months don’t adjust. I’m all for testing the market but IF you want to sell (a BIG IF for many I suspect) you need to be realistic.... I recently sold my 1971 911T within about 8 weeks very close to the asking price. I was happy, buyer was happy & we all get on with life....while the market isn’t “hot” I think there are plenty of buyers for appropriately priced cars sold by honest, available & enthusiastic sellers !!
  11. Made my day Lee, I thought I was the only one....I haven’t been shopping since about 1998 I’m so traumatised 😆
  12. Unless you're Jim Richards I doubt you have the skills to extract the Manthey Racing premium from what is already a sensational & extremely fast car. I don't begrudge the wealthy few spending their hard earned on $128,000 worth of upgrades but can't help but feel it's an answer to a question no one asked....not doubting they are awesome, not doubting the quality, not doubting the buyers right to choose, I'm simply doubting their usefulness for the majority of people who will buy them. It reminds me of an overweight friend of mine who announced he was buying a carbon fibre racing bike worth more than a new Hyundai because it was 2kg lighter than his existing bike ? I think I'm jealous....ha ha
  13. Thanks for sharing !! Alf is a true gentleman & wonderful driver. I had the pleasure of being in his orbit a couple of times. He signed off my National Rally Licence many years ago....I was so nervous with him in the car I span on the first corner. He was so calm, looked at me & said “don’t worry, you’re not gonna do that again....let’s go”. He spent the next ten laps telling he’d driven a “couple of Porsche’s” in his time. What surprised me was how calm & gentle he was (despite my driving) & also how humble he was.... I also recall a guy bringing his new Lambo to Sandown. Alf kept saying what a beautiful car, I never drove one before....he said it so many times the guy handed him the keys but insisted they go together. They came back to the pits & the guy was white !!! He said he’s never been more terrified & was convinced he was going to die because Alf brakes so late...ha ha...while this guy was shaking Alf was doing his full Italian “what a beautiful car” with full hand gestures. A wonderful talent & a lovely man !! I will always have great memories of him.... Thanks again for sharing.....
  14. As an expat Australian for the last 20 years I’ve imported a couple of my personal cars back to Oz & can not understand what the fuss is about. The cars came from the same factory, drive exactly the same & are 20-30% cheaper. Provided you do your due diligence on the import approval & get a PPI from a trusted source you can enjoy these great cars & pocket the difference. Just be mindful you will be selling at a discount too....having sold a couple of imports I can assure you there are plenty of buyers like me who couldn’t care less about local vs import & will take it off your hands when you sell. I’m in contact with every person I’ve sold my imports to & miraculously the cars haven’t turned into a pile of rust, spontaneously combusted nor provided less enjoyment. I say go for it & good luck !!

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