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  1. The tires are a bargain. I sold the wheels to Jono....the tires were new for TT16. I don’t recall ever using the fronts and the rears were swapped for day 5 & 6. It rained, we drove even slower than normal & I sold the wheels shortly afterwards. I probably still have the receipt for them....from memory about $1400. So it’s a 90% discount.....bargain !!!! Cheers Matt
  2. MR901

    Nations Cup GT3's

    High is correct, the Nations Cup cars were RHD road cars converted into race cars. My TNT Nations Cup car is still fully road registered in Victoria....multiple people have told me it was the first GT3 bought into Australia ? I’ve never been able to verify so happy to hear from anyone with Porsche Australia import records 🤔
  3. MR901

    Nations Cup GT3's

    Another recent photo of the TNT car.....
  4. MR901

    Nations Cup GT3's

    I am the current owner of the TNT car you can see in the bottom RHS of the poster. It's done a very careful 21,000 race km's.....ha ha.....here it is at Targa High Country & will be running again this year. It's a wonderful car, I love it !! Here it is racing in period....lots of footage from about the 6 minute mark.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_m-PJpMynCs
  5. I ran the dilemma past my 18 year old Son & after looking at it he said “well is it f##d or not, no one seems to know ?”....while I would have put it differently I think he has a point. You need some professional advice / quotes on the body work. I’ve fixed cars that looked much worse than this....if you’re lucky & it’s only outer panels it’s probably worth keeping but if it needs to go on the rack for straightening etc then I’d part it out...get a decent panel beater to look it & then reassess....good luck with it !!
  6. 100% was 35k last night & now disappeared...
  7. Jason, I’m the owner of the TNT car that competed in the All Nations Cup (5th in 2000 & 8th in 2001), it’s done 21,000km & still on full Vic rego. I’m happy to report it’s still being used in anger & will be at Targa High Country in November 👍 We should see if we can get a bunch of them together for some photo’s one day....
  8. MR901

    25 cars that will kill you

    The Camry will kill you from boredom !!
  9. MR901

    Practical, not political

    Great idea Simon, then give the cyclists a 30min head start home. The drivers can smile & wave as they pass the cyclists in the appropriate manner....get a news camera there & will be a PR win for all involved...ha ha
  10. MR901

    A steal

    I’m in Singapore & can not get into my105 either....drives me crazy & is the first thing I look at every time I go to Oz....ha ha...
  11. MR901

    FUCHS Wheels, German TUV approved, new shipment

    I have bought multiple sets of these wheels for race/rally purposes. If you want to retain the original look of your car they are an excellent option....they are significantly cheaper than original Fuchs, extremely strong & Cameron is excellent to deal with... Cheers Matt
  12. I remember looking at Kermit in Singapore at the end of its 10 year COE. From memory it was SGD $138,000. I don’t care if it cost a lot of money to build....it felt cheap, looked horrible & wouldn’t start !! I doubt it’s improved in the intervening years...you can buy some sensational cars at that price & Kermit is not one of them 😖
  13. MR901

    Left, Right, or Converted?

    When I had my 912 I got a quote to convert it back to LHD & it was 17k (about 5 years ago). I would assume 20-25 to do it right....I agree with comments above, if it’s a quality LHD car & you love it don’t bother...ha ha....if you really want RHD however & happy to burn the money there is no shame in driving a converted car. I have one original RHD and one converted car & unless I told you you wouldn’t know. Good luck....
  14. MR901

    912 Value?

    I’ve bought and sold a couple of 912’s over the last 5 years. They are a sensational car in standard form and as mentioned above fitting a 6 doesn’t automatically bring bigger sale prices. A decent converted 912 with original motor is worth 65-75k (ignore the asking prices you see in Carsales). If this has an original 2.2S then you can add the difference in value of that and an original 912 engine on top. Note that strong 912 engines are not cheap to buy or rebuild so do some homework....if you are comfortable with a bitsa & want HP I’d leave the 2.2S in it & enjoy.... Good Luck !!
  15. MR901

    Advice Needed - 912 Engines

    I had an overbore kit (to 1720) & performance exhaust on mine. It’s a few years ago but from memory the power increased to a sniff over 100HP. I drove it back to back with some early 911’s & never felt it was lacking in power or fun !! If you want more HP it’s probably more cost effective to store the original engine & find a 911 engine 🤔 IMHO however the transplant detracts from what makes the 912 such an enjoyable car...I miss mine !!