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  1. Listing for a friend....1984 911 CarreraBlack on BlackAustralian DeliveryMatching NumbersEngine no - 63E06158Chassis no - WPOZZZ91ZES103414Comes with working Air Conditioning, SSI Exhaust, upgraded Boxster front brakes & Wevo Gearshift.Service history plus recent work including a new alternator, starter motor & Bilstien shocks.This car has never been on a track....I have driven regularly & it's a well sorted car in great condition.Asking price is $138,000 ONOContact by PM or at mattread993@gmail.com
  2. MR901

    Should I PPI?

    9er....I really regret getting a PPI on a genuine 2.7 74 Carrera that I could have purchased for 70k. I didn’t buy it because of some minor issues & passed it to another forum member (you know who you are). Not only did they get a FREE PPI but comfortably made 300%+ return on the investment in the intervening years.....I am an idiot !!!! Ha ha....at least it went to a PFA’er 👍
  3. TNT car was delivered silver & repainted in white / orange livery (not sure they had wraps in 1999 ?). The interior is still the original silver.... Oh & TNT Drivers were Bradbury & Beninca...
  4. Did the yellow ex Tony Quinn car sell....was recently on line for 110k. Not sure if sold or removed ? Maybe someone knows the owner ? Good luck !!!
  5. Agree 100% that it should be tracked or rallied, it’s a crime to hide them away (they get depressed). Mine has done 22,000 race km & still going strong 👍
  6. IMO great value...what other globally collectable, small production porsche with racing history & registration can you buy for that money ? Hope someone from the forum bought it....
  7. Landcruiser Prado....I tow my salt lake car off road to Lake Gairdner every year. Car is rated at 2500kg, the trailer is at least 2500kg & I have about another 500kg in the car. Tows perfectly & 100% reliable...is an unsophisticated but awesome tow car. If I had the money would upgrade to a full size landcruiser in a second !!!
  8. For me peak automotive utility came in the mid 90’s. My 993 & E36 M3 have everything I need without the nonsense, waffle & complexity of modern cars. Almost every modern car I’ve bought since has been an electrical money pit....I’m OK for a car to stop working because a 200,000 km mechanical part died BUT I’m apocalyptic with rage when a car stops for no other reason than an electrical gremlin that no one can source for a purpose I don’t value !! I’m +1 for simplicity...
  9. I sold my own personal import in Melbourne a couple of years ago & at the time discounted it about 20% under Aussie delivered cars & it sold without difficulty. Don’t ignore personal imports....as long as the ownership & PPI checks out & you’re prepared to discount when you sell you could get a bargain. The guy who bought mine still has it & loves it !!!
  10. I know of one that fits your description....have sent him your post & will revert if any interest. Cheers, Matt
  11. 993 buyers tend to be very picky on km’s and originality compared to 901 or G series buyers (I have no idea why). I suspect that the combination of modifications, km’s (despite rebuild) & non various ram are dragging it down. All silly reasons in my view....go take a look !! BTW, my 993 is a manual non varioram & I never felt it’s lacking in anyway.... good luck....
  12. It’s a CAE Ultra Shifter. The standard shifter always felt a bit delicate to me & I wanted something equivalent to a WEVO in the earlier cars. Took some searching & wasn’t cheap but I’m extremely happy with the end result !!

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