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  1. If it's got a mezger engine you will learn to LOVE Zanzibar !!!
  2. Don’t worry about the tires, is that a MOOSEGOOSE in the back of the garage !!!! Looks like you have been a man of awesome transport options since at least 1980....I haven’t seen one for a couple of decades. Made my day 👍
  3. Agree, looks like it could have potential for the right buyer although I’m not sure 320,000 km classifies it as “GENUINE LOW KM’s” per the dealer comments....ha ha
  4. I’m sure this is the one that came from Singapore at the end of its ten year COE. If it’s the same car I spent a couple of hours going over it & it’s a horror show !!! I don’t know why tuners think they can do a better job than Porsche....give me a well used standard GT3 any day of the week, I don’t care how much the “upgrades” cost...ha ha...
  5. Harold, A couple of recent pics of TNT. To answer your questions mine has airjacks & most of the original interior in place (excluding carpet, door cards & centre console). Sadly no aircond....would be great for hot track days !! Cheers
  6. Having just completed a 901 rebuild I do agree with OBRUT’s suggestion to spend more for a running / complete / decent 911. I still think you’ll be able to source a rough non running G series in your budget if you’re patient but it will probably cost you more in the long run. Unfortunately no easy / cheap way to restore a 911 & you can easily burn 150k+++. The parts are hard to find & expensive to buy so the more complete the better !!! What ever you buy I promise you WILL hate it half way through the rebuild....you’re Wife will be angry, the kitchen rebuild on hold & the kids eating canned beans BUT you will love it again once complete. Good luck with the search....it’s half the fun !!!
  7. Good for you !! I think you would find a complete G series 911 project for 30k. It may not be running or have a horrible body kit but will be a 911 & worth the effort. My vote would be SC. Good luck with the search....
  8. Giving it another week & will then enter the miserable, murky world of Carsales where the aspirational, the uninformed, the timeburners & low ballers all seem to lurk....
  9. 238,000....owner lives in a Castlemaine & commutes to Melbourne. I’ll take condition over KM’s any day but understand it’s important for many buyers....I’ve driven this car a lot (we often use for rece at Targa events) & it’s powerful, tight & well sorted. Cheers
  10. After some discussions with old mate he has revised price to $125,000 ONO.Cheers
  11. REVISED PRICE - Listing for a friend....1984 911 CarreraBlack on BlackAustralian DeliveryMatching NumbersEngine no - 63E06158Chassis no - WPOZZZ91ZES103414Comes with working Air Conditioning, SSI Exhaust, upgraded Boxster front brakes & Wevo Gearshift.Service history plus recent work including a new alternator, starter motor & Bilstien shocks.This car has never been on a track....I have driven regularly & it's a well sorted car in great condition.Asking price is $125,000 ONOContact by PM or at mattread993@gmail.com
  12. MR901

    Should I PPI?

    9er....I really regret getting a PPI on a genuine 2.7 74 Carrera that I could have purchased for 70k. I didn’t buy it because of some minor issues & passed it to another forum member (you know who you are). Not only did they get a FREE PPI but comfortably made 300%+ return on the investment in the intervening years.....I am an idiot !!!! Ha ha....at least it went to a PFA’er 👍
  13. TNT car was delivered silver & repainted in white / orange livery (not sure they had wraps in 1999 ?). The interior is still the original silver.... Oh & TNT Drivers were Bradbury & Beninca...

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