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  1. You might be getting this mixed up with a GTR 17 produced. There was 59 GTS produced. My mistake. Did not realise there was a CS version. Nice.
  2. Very cool. What number. I presume this is a UK car. Only one Australian delivered in black.
  3. 🙂 I imported it over 10 years ago from San Diego. Californian car. The first owner sold it to his friend as got to old for it. And i took it off the second owner for the same reason again. I've still got a few years to go I hope. Travelled just over 50000 miles. Matching numbers and documents going way back. A bit of time wrap car. Never been restored. Completely original. This one is a R/T model with a 7.2L 440 Magnum big block. Auto. Very comfortable to drive. And gets plenty of thumbs up on the road.
  4. Thanks Kurt. I do. That one is number 350. Australian delivered car. Silver and sunroof delete. That one is destined for a full restoration. I have been collecting many parts over the years.
  5. My UK delivered GT. Number 428. Silver, sunroof delete and factory A/C. Not too many in the world with this combo. I think about 3 🙂
  6. I really like good looking butts...
  7. Thanks for the info you sent Michel. Looks l like great example. My friend is keeping his options open at the moment. And also serious about a 944 S2. He had a blast in my Carrera GT. And very much liking the front engine experience. I think they are the bees knees.🙂
  8. To include service history, matching numbers, excellent condition inside and out. Open to an import. Well maintained and loved. Ideally from Sydney. But welcome interstate. Genuine cash buyer at a reasonable price. Please send contact by PM. Thanks, Paul.

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