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  1. I looked at this one today. The engine was replaced at 14km. This was a recall. And comes with a certificate from Porsche verifying the change. Beautiful car.
  2. Hi have a Porsche Rear Decklid Grille, Turbo Style Spoilers, Primered - 911 (1994-98), 993 512 333 03 G2X. It a new part. Regards, Paul.
  3. I have heap of 944 parts. Feel free to PM.
  4. Removed the fuel tank from red last weekend. And purchased a few more hard to get bits for the GT. GT bonnet complete, and bonnet scope repaired. And found another genuine GT front bar. But nothing too much over the past 9 months. Next steps might be stripping red, and prime. And roll cage. Cheers, Paul.
  5. It's brand new. And less expensive than purchasing offshore. And that's if its actually available offshore. This product would be ideal for someone restoring a genuine car to a high standard. And not so ideal for people chasing bargains, skimping on cost....
  6. Hi, I have two new genuine parts available. Not sure if it will suit your budget though? 965 505 113 01 G2X/ Front Bumper Panel, Prime Coated - 911 (1989-94). Regards, Paul.
  7. Hi George, The two mirrors from this car are for sale. Everything included, housing, base, gaskets, desk pads and glass. $390. Genuine Porsche parts. Apart from minor scratches on the housing (not glass), in excellent order. Regards, Paul.
  8. 2 x 235/45/17 Asking $600. Purchased May 2016 at $471.82 each. Near new condition.
  9. Took a bit of a break, but now back into the swing of things. Collecting parts and sending panels to be restored.
  10. PM sent. Sorry, all gone.
  11. Sorry to hear about the extent of the power steering issue . We discussed this from outset, and to my understanding this was not a bid deal. Furthermore, when I delivered the car to the workshop for the PPI. I requested a quotation to resolve, but they failed to get back to me. By that time you were satisfied with the overall report, and did not follow up.
  12. Hi guys, Just throwing it out there, and trying my luck. If anyone has any geniune 924 Carrera GT parts for sale, please let me know. This is to assist with my restoration. Regards Paul.

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