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  1. Very cool. What number. I presume this is a UK car. Only one Australian delivered in black.
  2. 🙂 I imported it over 10 years ago from San Diego. Californian car. The first owner sold it to his friend as got to old for it. And i took it off the second owner for the same reason again. I've still got a few years to go I hope. Travelled just over 50000 miles. Matching numbers and documents going way back. A bit of time wrap car. Never been restored. Completely original. This one is a R/T model with a 7.2L 440 Magnum big block. Auto. Very comfortable to drive. And gets plenty of thumbs up on the road.
  3. Thanks Kurt. I do. That one is number 350. Australian delivered car. Silver and sunroof delete. That one is destined for a full restoration. I have been collecting many parts over the years.
  4. My UK delivered GT. Number 428. Silver, sunroof delete and factory A/C. Not too many in the world with this combo. I think about 3 🙂
  5. I really like good looking butts...
  6. Thanks for the info you sent Michel. Looks l like great example. My friend is keeping his options open at the moment. And also serious about a 944 S2. He had a blast in my Carrera GT. And very much liking the front engine experience. I think they are the bees knees.🙂
  7. To include service history, matching numbers, excellent condition inside and out. Open to an import. Well maintained and loved. Ideally from Sydney. But welcome interstate. Genuine cash buyer at a reasonable price. Please send contact by PM. Thanks, Paul.
  8. I love them. And recently purchased one with less than 20k on the clock. And in near new condition. Used to own a turbo. I have a soft spot for the 996.
  9. The advertisement description seems reasonable. And maybe more constructive than truck loads of imagery in this case. Anyone genuinely interested in this particular vechile I'm sure can get around the lack of images. And images can be deceiving. A phone call, followed up by an inspection in my opinion is the answer. And at the same time with permission, able to take all the images required. Im advertising a vechile at the moment with about a million images on Carsales. Time and effort was put into the photography. Has not generated a sale or conversation at this stage... maybe things like desirability, timing, price could be an issue.
  10. This is also for sale $770. Rear decklid grille, turbo style - 993 Turbo.
  11. Hi guys. If any one needs a spare front bumper for their 964 Turbo/ or look a like. I have a new one for sale. $2025.

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