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  1. Ease up guys. People have different selling strategies that work for them. I know there has been a certain Blue Long bonnet recently advertised with no price in the post. No-one got stuck into that member so why this one?? Personally I would advertise with a price but that doesnt mean its right or wrong. He has given a phone number so if you are genuinely interested call the seller and have a chat. Lets be nice to each other....
  2. Hi Everyone, Just thought I would mention that next week it will be 10 years since PFA went live. I remember those early days well when Kez had a few alias' going so people didnt realise how few there were of us. In fact Doug and I would go for days just talking to each other! Momentum gradually built and once we started having get together's and the idea of early morning SMT's took hold more and more people got word and joined in. For me, I have met some fantastic people and made some lifelong friends and learnt a lot about the Porsche brand and their cars from some very knowledgeable and generous people. A busy life has meant that I am not able to contribute as much as I used to but I still check in and take an interest in what is going on and what people are doing and saying. So I hope everyone continues to enjoy the forum and contribute and share their knowledge. It will be interesting to watch it continue to evolve over the next 10 years. A big thanks to the moderators and especially to Kez for having the idea and putting the endless hours into getting it set up and running. Best wishes to everyone Chris.
  3. @JB just a question for you. Are you talking about Carpro Essence Plus? If so isnt it a cream? Certainly the Essence Plus I have is a cream and Carpro say to use this and then Reload spray applied after that? You have me a bit confused which is easily done! 😂 Your car looks stunning by the way....
  4. saw them in the flesh on Saturday and I really do like the new car. Thought I wouldnt but I did.....
  5. Great work Simon, the kids are becoming quite the photographers.😊
  6. Great car looked after by a careful owner. Good luck with the Sale David. Somebody will get a terrific car.
  7. March is a bugga of a month. Busy as hell. 9 and 10 is Phillip Island classic following weekend is F1GP.
  8. WOW I am shocked at this. Its a gorgeous car. I followed it up and down the black spur a few SMT's ago and what a joy to follow... I kind of hope you get to keep it but if you do need to sell it someone is going to get a beautiful car....
  9. Yes my mistake on not thanking the team from Skunkworks for hosting the event. Sorry about that guys. Well done to you all....
  10. Great to see you today Danny. Hope your leg continues to heal speedily. best wishes and take care chris
  11. Awesome awesome day. A huge thanks to Hugh, Kez and John for all the hard work organising. Well done to you and just so fantastic to see such great goodwill and comeradrie amongst such a large group of people. A big cheers to you all. best wishes chris
  12. Just got it. Thanks Hugh and all the planners good work.
  13. Thanks as I am the original owner and will continue to get the car serviced by the dealer I do have the option of opting back in. I have it in writing. Yes you are correct the Porsche assist in not wrapped in with the extended warranty even though they do mention it in the letter of offer for the extended warranty. I also have it in writing that Porsche assist is free as long as the car is serviced by the dealer.
  14. Clever person whoever developed the formulation. 🤔🤓

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