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  1. Just got it. Thanks Hugh and all the planners good work.
  2. Chris-p

    GT4 Warranty Extension worth it

    Thanks as I am the original owner and will continue to get the car serviced by the dealer I do have the option of opting back in. I have it in writing. Yes you are correct the Porsche assist in not wrapped in with the extended warranty even though they do mention it in the letter of offer for the extended warranty. I also have it in writing that Porsche assist is free as long as the car is serviced by the dealer.
  3. Chris-p

    Tar blobs on your wheels..

    Clever person whoever developed the formulation. 🤔🤓
  4. Chris-p

    GT4 Warranty Extension worth it

    It’s a factory warranty. Also just to be accurate Porsche assist is included as long as you get the car serviced at an authorized dealer. So it’s not really a part of the extended warranty. I have decided that due to the Km’s I do, not to bother extending the warranty at this stage. If some day I decide to sell it privately , not likely , I would consider adding it then, but 4000kms a year it doesn’t make sense financially for me to extend it....
  5. Chris-p

    GT4 Warranty Extension worth it

    Yes sounds like that might be the case. I am presuming your car was about a Nov 2015 build which is outside the batch which appear to have the transmission issues I cannot remember the exact dates but it was during a batch built in 2016 that seemed to have the weld issue on the 3rd gear....
  6. Chris-p

    GT4 Warranty Extension worth it

    Has the car been tracked at all? That a fairly high Over rev. >7900 and <8400 Redline is 7600 and cut off is 7800 I believe....
  7. Yes it is. I can clearly remember being told by someone at Porsche in early 2015 that the original allocation for Australia at the time was 15 .1 RS and 30 GT4's. that sure changed over a relatively short period of time.... 😳
  8. My understanding @edgy is that there were somewhere around 140 to 150 of the .1 RS delivered in Australia. I cannot remember where I read it but I did see it somewhere...
  9. Chris-p


    Delivery day. 😊
  10. Chris-p

    PFA new skin...

    Good on you Kez. Love embracing the challenge of change . brings out the best in my OCD...🤣🤣🤣
  11. Chris-p


    Yes we gave it a clay and then a light hand polish with Carpro Essence plus. All up about 3 to 3.5 hours of work. you are right JB it’s an awesome car.
  12. Chris-p


    It was just the reload JB so not the full on ceramic coating. Needs to be redone every 6 to 12 months. It’s easy to apply fir lazy buggers like me. ?
  13. Well done to the organizers. We dropped in for a look and lunch. Everyone was having a fantastic time and it’s a great place. Couldn’t get a better day weather wise. nice to catch up with everyone and hope you got home safely.

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