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  1. Sounds good, but I went into it knowing it will need another $20k+ to get it just right.
  2. Hi All, I bought this S2 Cab, there were buyers zeroing in so I had to act fast i.e buy it sight unseen from interstate ... time will tell as to how much forgiveness I will need to beg ! First impressions good, has good factory history and money spent replacing the roof and related parts. 136ks. Maritime blue with full blue leather. Needs some interior trim work and a I’ll get a full inspection done. Watch this space ...
  3. Hi All, missing my old 1982 car, anyone have a view on this one ? https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-944-1982/SSE-AD-5384654 Doesn’t look great but I like Martini’s ....
  4. Hi All, Another option ... today I replaced the front speakers on my S2, these Polk 6x4 plate speakers have a bass driver depth that remains clear of the window rail, they fit straight into factory location with the grills, and sound great ...
  5. Hello All, first time on the site after being introduced via Jason E today ... thx Jason. A long term BMW addict (yes I know, I've had the problem for 30 years!), I've now moved the cars and family to Maleny, and have added two 944s purchased in the last 12 months. A little time poor due to travel, but happy to contribute to discussion, content, etc, feels like much of my spare time is chasing after classic cars in any case. Just drove another one back from Adelaide over the weekend. A couple of pics to follow, I have a 1982 944 and a 1989 944S2. Looking forward to the forum, Mark

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