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  1. http://collectableclassiccars.com.au/cars/classic-cars/just-arrived-1971-porsche-911 Had a chat with Ben and this is about to be taken off their website as they cannot determine what the car is. He told me there is a plate "welded" on that denotes it's a 1971 T but there is no other evidence to suggest that being the case. Apparently it's in good shape, could made a good racer?
  2. Thank you!! Booked in for a PPI Friday 17th iv everything checks out then I fly over Saturday morning and get the boat back to Tassie at 7:30pm, can't wait!! Probably a good idea to start a separate thread at this point
  3. Those wheel weights were one of the first things I saw and thought "right, I'm changing that!!"
  4. I am getting Rod Smith Racing (433 Truemans Road, Boneo) to check it out (PPI) before final payment. I asked Brett from aPorscheaPart if he knew Rod Smith (id never heard of him), Brett says he used to race and has a fairly extensive knowledge of Porsches Has anyone dealt with him directly or know of him?? Seller had gotten a friend to post ad on Carsales for him and put two mobile numbers up, apparently they were both inundated with calls and texts, i happened to get in first Singapore. Seller has sent me a heap more photots, looks in great original condition. Does anyone know the car?
  5. Ive put a deposit on it and picking it up next weekend The 79' Red Targa on carsales that is... ?
  6. Maybe if I get it running I'll burn the retreads off maaaaaate!
  7. Think I'm probably going to pass on the 911 If anyone wants contact details etc I'll happily pass them on as I've told the seller (older gentleman who isn't physically capable of getting the car ready for sale) that I'll help him prepare the car for sale if I don't buy it myself. Cheers Reuben
  8. Born in NEW, strike me of the lost ? Is going to be interesting trying to convience the seller the car is only worth 30k I cannot even test drive it ahhh Oh and it has re treads from the 80s on it haha
  9. Still negotiating... He thinks it's a $100,000 car I'm thinking at best $25,000 to $30,000 as it sits maybe? Anyone have an opinion on what it's worth? the body kit is awful ?
  10. https://imgur.com/qFiYQDZ https://imgur.com/27atTkz https://imgur.com/IpqtRDD https://imgur.com/4RfttsE https://imgur.com/kzPnYWc Not sure if this will work As far as I can tell from the vin it is NOT a Carrera just a base model with a terrible bodykit and a badge
  11. I hide the 944 awat most of the time, I'll be getting it put a bit more in summer. I am struggling to upload these photos via imagur
  12. I see you and your 928 out a lot, great looking and sounding car. A mate of mine has have some body work done at Bocchino's and said it was expensive but great quality. Ill have a look at the 911 today and see how we go from there, will post up more pictures this evening. What sort of money are Carerra 3's going for these days anyway? Here is my 944, is there anyway to download files bigger than 360k??
  13. I'm assuming there would be no one in Hobart that would be capable of helping me with a backdate? What colour was the 928 you saw Tazzieman?
  14. Evening guys, Live in Tasmania and recently purchased a 83 944 Been tinkering away but now I have another option to fill the garage Going to look at this tomorrow Described as a 76 Carrera It has obvioisly had the rear arches widened and some body kit work (which I hate) What identifiers can I look out for to make sure it is actually a Carrera? I think i know what vin to look put for but any other info would be greatly appreciated Cheers Reuben

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