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  1. The guy use is awesome,he's done lots for me and a close friend ,many people know him around the Goldy and Brisbane Jayde @ Dulvari Prestige 0414 501706
  2. They look ok and for the small ask not a risky investment compared to the 991 ones I have for sale, might get a pair too thanks
  3. Hi @P-Kay, to be honest I haven’t even tried as the material on my lightweight rs buckets would be harder to match, plus I can get in relatively easily so they don’t get abused. Have you found something suitable?
  4. Bump on these covers, won’t have a 991 again so open to offers !
  5. Open to offers on this,won’t work on my cup car!!
  6. Quite a lot of interest in this so i will pm everybody in order
  7. 993 turbo HF bolt on Intercooler. easy factory look power upgrade $550

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