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  1. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a36731909/2022-porsche-911-gt3-california-ban-manual-transmission/ Looks like the 992 GT3 manual won’t be allowed in California due to noise regulations, and owners will have to switch to PDK instead. Sounds mad, and I never realised having a manual transmission made your car that much louder I’d certainly be unhappy if my name were down for a 992 GT3/Touring A bit on why below https://www.roadandtrack.com/news/a36741701/porsche-911-gt3-manual-fails-californias-noise-test/
  2. Yes I have to sadly accept that things are not going to change for the better anytime soon. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you say. As I've said repeatedly, the speeds I do overseas would get me on every TV show from a current affair to HWP and a lifetime ban, and thats just when we are "cruising" on our way to the twisties before we even get started. The search for a "slow car fast" begins
  3. Anything faster than a Fiat Multipla is too fast for Australian roads 😉 Valid points above re cars that attract too much attention. I find driving “flashy” cars in Aus to be “negative”. Once broke down in the middle of Bondi in a Red Ferrari and the abuse I got was terrible. Wouldn’t have minded the odd dig here and here (coz let’s face it a guy in a broken down Ferrari can’t expect anything less) but Jesus some of the comments I got (especially from This old grumpy angry bloke who came right up to my window) were leaning on hostile. And all I was doing was quietly minding my own business waiting for “help” to arrive. Back on topic, I’m one of those people who likes and appreciates the GT3. (To me at least) It’s like a nod to fellow enthusiasts, and to everyone else, I’m just written off as another guy facing a mid life crisis in his 911
  4. Indeed mate I can’t get over how much stamp duty varies by state….. I left Vic in 2015 for the sunny shores of NSW and always wondered if I’d move back to Vic, but from a motoring POV at least, defintely not (especially with The number of cameras and crazy 1-2kmh tolerance there) Anyway back to GT3’s, when the market gets back to normal post covid prices (hopefully), be interesting to see where prices settle. Would love To tick the GT3 box one day… maybe just not in Vic tho
  5. Just checked the transfer fees in Vic and unless I’m doing something wrong, NSW stamp duty is way way less at $16k (compared to Vic’s fees of $31k) using the asking price mentioned ie $348k Wow
  6. Yes I need to get everyone banned now 😅😅…. Im all for it! Enjoying anything on the roads is a good thing to me lol
  7. Beautiful! Wonder if I could convince the Mrs…. She likes the idea of a PDK car she can also use, but a manual (which I would love), she doesn’t love so much 😅 Wish I had more than one off street space in Surry Hills lol
  8. Oh yes I remember actually having a poster of a 916 on my wall in the early 2000's. Didnt get one but ended up getting a 1999 CBR instead as it was to be my one and only vehicle. I too remember the R1 and R6 first coming out and I wanted one badly. Thats also when SRAD's were popular and always loved the odd (to me) shape it had Similar situation with the Mrs and that just means if the next Porsche is something we can "both" use and she's contributing financially, who am I to argue lol
  9. Got a bit bored so got to work on my leather seats …. Over 10 years of arse sweat accumulated ….. now no more Satisfying indeed and makes the car feel refreshed inside
  10. Oh Yes I reckon that's the way to go for sure!. I do miss riding to be honest but I think I'll just concentrate on cars for now lol
  11. I’ve actually been looking at these! They are really tempting for around 50k for something pretty new with a warranty etc Used to ride but don’t anymore. Had a CBR, GSX-R, BMW RT, KTM’s etc. I don’t understand how people can ride sports bikes on the road in Aus lol…. Doing 60kmh (then 50 then 40 then 70 as the limit changes) everywhere hunched over like that with your eyes glued to the speedometer is very uncomfortable and the engine doesn’t like it either
  12. Yes, owned my first Cayman after coming overseas this time around and I must say I am very impressed. The only downside about a 987 in Aus tho is the need to wring its neck and rev it to get any fun out of it, so I may look at 981's. Still not too sure about the 718's until I have a proper drive of one Ah if only I could afford one, but like some others, the current pricing of Air cooled Cars is just crazy and limits my options, for now anyway Totally agreed, 100% on the Kia Carnival lol. I actually get very sleepy driving any distance in Aus, but I digress. I definitely think events are my only proper avenue for an outlet.
  13. I love the 205’s…. I actually looked at them on carsales the other day (1-2 weeks ago) and they’re not as cheap as I was expecting ! And wow…. Having a Huracan seized … don’t condone it, but have seen a few people do over 200 here where I am… happens quite regularly 1000kg’s, skinny tyres and around 200hp sounds like something very desirable… why oh why have they skyrocketed in price lol! Some of the best driving memories I have are from driving simpler slower cars
  14. It’s a great feeling isn’t it, being to drive without looking over your shoulder all the time, constantly worried about getting pinged… took the cayman out for a lovely night drive last week… empty roads and just cruised Ok now I really have to re think what falls under the “slower but fun” car category…. Anything air cooled is so expensive these days, but oh so desirable I LOVE GT3’s, of any vintage but they aren’t exactly slow 😅…. Never owned one tho, only ever driven them relatively short distances and am a big fan 911 turbos are excellent cars but maybe won’t suit my needs as they can hide speed very well “Sorry officer didn’t realise I was doing 200”… excellent for covering distance at speed tho I want to see if prices will soften next year too, at least back to pre pandemic levels I’m genuinely very pleasantly surprised at the responses from the great people here….. had I put this on somehwere like the whirlpool motoring forum I’d have been slammed as a so and so ….
  15. Thats actually comforting in a way, ie its not the boys and girls in blue who can feel really unappreciated as it is at times (ask me how I know ) I guess another Turbo isnt the way to go lol.

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