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  1. Hello All Hooe this is the right section. Apologies if not ill Happily move it if so Anyone ever tried renewing Their extended warranty in australia with a “non Porsche” battery fitted ? Bought a Porsche privately which has extended warranty remaining, and I’ve since called the dealer to confirm it and change the name on file etc. All good so far. However the previous owner put a Bosch battery in after he last renewed the warranty (does the job fine as far as I’m concerned and I’m happy with it), but has anyone had experience trying to renew the extended warranty with a “non Porsche” battery fitted ? Car is bone stock as it left the factory otherwise I ask as I plan to look at getting the warranty extended when this current one runs out and I’ve heard they can be quite fussy Thank you
  2. Got back to Aus in the last couple of months and have had to completely re wire my brain where driving is concerned …. Overtaking in particular is interesting …. Overseas, I’d check all is clear, drop a cog or two, change lanes and accelerate about 20-30kmh more than the vehicle I’m overtaking and pull back in front of them a safe distance ahead and get back to whatever the cruising speed is. Back here it’s change lanes and try and inch past them about 2( 3kmh tops)faster than them, not going ah faster for fear of getting done or receiving hate, and IF I manage to get past, try not get too close when I get back in front of them If they decide to speed up even 1-2kmh while I’m trying to pass tho, it’s all gone lol
  3. Way way better than The typical Australian Car Review which just states Stats (KW, fuel consumption etc), pricing, options and finally telling us what the car is like at 60kmh…. And the part about performance barely touched upon (no mention of mid range, the power band, turn in, mid corner balance, brake feel etc etc) We need more reviews like this out of Australia. Nicely written
  4. I bought and sold my 987.2 cayman (august 2020 and sold 12 months later in august 2021) for about a 30% profit…. However I bought another Porsche soon after at inflated prices … I didn’t do it for the money tho and just accepted that even tho I made a profit during sale, any Porsche I buy afterwards will also have inflated pricing
  5. Went grocery shopping and took a wrong turn…. Lovely night tho and perfect temperature for me …. Love the harbour at night
  6. In my case as a buyer yes it did. Recently bought a 981 boxster for the Mrs (which I will be “borrowing” a lot too) and I went for one with the Porsche warranty even tho there were cheaper ones advertised with lower kms. However many just want the cheapest so I say all depends on who’s looking at the time.
  7. Where did I drive today? Seeing as it’s still lockdown here in Sydney I wanted to just keep the car running so took it in circles around the local area…. I always try and make sure the oil reaches at least operating temp (circa 90c) before coming back and putting her away - none of these short drives around the block without letting the engine and fluids get warm enough and letting condensation build up) took 30-35 mins to get oil up to 90c tonight (11 c outside according to the car) can’t wait till I can drive more than 5kms away
  8. https://www.autoevolution.com/news/your-previous-gen-porsche-boxster-cayman-are-being-recalled-in-the-us-169227.html?fbclid=IwAR1k28sFx-yMRgNde0Z4nh99tTUlLNvQ42pD0fd65Rb0YODZ_fg46wPPcUY Link above and it’s dated two days ago. Just rang my local dealer and they’ve said my car isn’t subject to any campaigns at the moment, but it’s still early so let’s see if they get in touch at a later late. Curious if anyone’s been contacted about this Cheers Jkay
  9. I was looking for a Boxster for the Mrs, so I responded to an ad on Carsales from a Private Seller Called, set an appointment and I was there very much on time Viewed the car, asked a few questions about its history etc. Then it came to the test drive - I said I didn’t dare drive his car as I wouldn’t be insured, but asked if he, (the seller) wouldn’t mind driving me around as a passenger so I could listen out for weird noises and the like. Finished the drive, noticed some scratches, marks and stone chips but this is a used car so I don’t beat him up over them and just factor this into my upcoming offer (mechanical issues are more important to me) I then asked him if he was open to offers and that if I made an offer, I’d be willing to back it up with a deposit. I made an offer which wasn’t too far off his asking price (no looooow balling) He politely turned down my initial offer, and we worked up to an agreeable figure 2 minutes later as I wasn’t too far off…… I never once asked what his lowest price was before looking at the car. I paid a deposit and we signed a piece of paper Now I don’t wanna jinx things but hopefully everything goes to plan and we finalise next week Sorry for the slightly long post but my point it, how come everytimr I sell a car, I attract some of the weirdest, strangest people who waste my time and (in my opinion) can be a little unreasonable…. I must say tho when dealing with fellow enthusiasts, the experience has almost always been very pleasant - yet to sell/buy a car to/from anyone from PFA but I expect some others on here will also be very good to deal with Why can’t I sell a car to myself or normal people only lol But yes, that’s enough smoke up own arse for one day (or the rest of the year lol) Have a good weekend in lockdown everyone (if you are indeed in lockdown)
  10. Good to hear! I ended up leaving a deposit on the black car today. Hopefully everything goes well next week and we can finalise everything … It’s a surprise for the Mrs and she has no idea I’ve left a deposit
  11. Seeing as you’re about to pay the residual, I assume you’re happy with it ? I guess if we buy now, we are buying when the market is inflated, but hey, just the way it is I suppose. I’ve been waiting for prices in general to drop, but who knows how long it’ll take
  12. Hello All Potentially looking at this for the Mrs if it’s still available I know it doesn’t have Sport Chrono, no PSE, and no sport design steering wheel but the Mrs says these things don’t bother her as she’s not about to hit the track every week From The ad it seems to have a good history, new pads & Rotors and also the extended warranty which is a good thing for us (ie nice and stock and not been overly molested) I haven’t really had my eye on the 981 Market lately, so I just want to ask if people think it’s well priced for what it is ? thank you
  13. Thanks Niko! Much appreciated Edit: Im wondering if im better off just leaving the points there as I think they come off in March 2022 (Offence was in March 2019)

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