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  1. Dave, without wishing to soil your trousers any more than they already are, whilst your engine's out might be a good idea to replace the chain tensioners (or at least clean and test them), variocam pads and maybe the 4th and 5th chains. I'll shut up now.
  2. Lovely car JWM, can't be too many left in this condition, definitely a keeper. I am curious if Autohaus have given any indication why the lifters were noisy on such a low k's car and were they noisy all the time or only when cold, hot, idling etc? I learnt early on with my 996.1 that starting the car to move it only a short distance, (i.e. shutting it off after only a few minutes running) the following cold startup a few days later the lifters would be noisy until the engine warmed up. However starting and running the car to a full heat cycle (which I now always do) the following cold or warm startup the lifters are always quiet and stay quiet. So I wonder if too many 'short starts/moves' is perhaps what damages the lifters?
  3. UK forum talk seem to be in line with this, and/or removing the seal off the original bearing. US forums the scare's been wound up by vested interests, harder to see a level playing field.
  4. Thanks Dan, might be a good opportunity to get another key programmed if I go to PCM. Anyone got any experiences with alternative rear tyre choice compared to PS2's in terms of cost/performance/longevity?
  5. Thanks Peter, I'll give Darren a try.
  6. It's rear tyre/alignment time and apparently my usual tyre man (Rocky at Donellans in Collingwood) has moved to Perth so I'm looking for a new man, any recommendations, preferably inner-ish north east-ish? I'll be replacing 18" Michelin PS2's which were great but didn't last long, so any recommendations for alternatives appreciated too.
  7. Watching the vid felt a lot like going to the dentist.
  8. Sold for 41k, which one of you lucky buggers got it?
  9. Very nice looking aero kitted Mk1 coupe with low k's, seems reasonably priced: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-1999/SSE-AD-6026913/?Cr=2
  10. Yes I think so, and rebuilt the engine I think...apparently to 3.8...interesting to the know the details on that.
  11. Big price drop on this one...I can see a Jethro clone candidate... Lee? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-1998/SSE-AD-5946190/?Cr=0
  12. C'mon all you lurking X51 owners, page 51, now's your chance to excite/bore us all rigid with how awesome your fancy bits are and what they're worth.
  13. I wouldn't be too concerned with 1km of corrugated dirt road... has the car lived there all it's life... has the owner done multiple trips in the Porsche each a day, or once a week, or a couple of times a month... have the corrugations always been there? I had a girlfriend who lived 7k's up a dirt road... the first trip out there in the 996 I was freaking out... but I soon stopped worrying, the 996 is a very solid, well put together car. We've since broken up and as far as I can tell apart from a bit of extra dust in the engine bay there's been no obvious detrimental signs...to the car, that is.
  14. Nothing to worry about Dave, I bought mine off ebay, sight unseen, no books, nuthin', 3 years in and I love it even more than I did at the start. Had to put a bit of coin in at the start but since then, 20,000k later it's just been regular maintenance...but oh boy if you drive it, which you will, they do chew through rear tyres. Going to Hangarbanger really made me appreciate the 996, whereas a few years ago taking the 996 to a Porsche event I felt like the fat spotty kid at a new school. Now I think a nicely stanced/shod early 996 coupe in a good colour combo is one of the nicest looking 911's...there you go I've said it!
  15. Wow good on you Dave, what a deal, looks very nice. More pics please and deets on the 3.6? engine rebuild, when you're ready...NOW!

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