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  1. Tintin Audio


  2. Tintin Audio


    What a colour... great shot
  3. Tintin Audio


    The perfect stance...love this car
  4. Tintin Audio

    [VIC] #HANGARBANGER2 27.01.19

    Thanks @Kerry @hugh and Skunkworks. Truly amazing venue, truly unique cars and the best people. More photos.
  5. Porsche hunting with a few hours to kill in Knightsbridge.
  6. Tintin Audio

    What did you do to your Porsche today ???

    CARGRAPHIC TUV SOUND INSTALL Installed a Cargraphic TUV exhaust on the weekend with the kind help and expertise of @dan_189 , a pretty easy install with no real challenges (apart from the clamps). The original mufflers weight a considerable bit more, straight away there is a weight saving. Tailpipes we lined up by eye and managed to get them aligned perfectly first time. Initial start up straight away sounded deeper, with notable throttle response willing to rev much more freely . The sound is much more pronounced that just gets better as you push it. Power is definitely up, notably more, a combination of removing my old Gundo hacked mufflers and installing a proper system. Just to make sure I ran them in, did an afternoon 300 KM blast across the hills to Yea and back… best modification so far
  7. Tintin Audio

    Where did you drive your Porsche today?

    GT3 CUP CAR SHAKEDOWN ON A WET NOVEMBER MORNING I was lucky enough to be invited to watch and ride with Christian Pancione in his new 2016 GT3 Cup car at Sandown this morning. Weather was positively awful with the car wearing full wet setup … but still didn’t spoil the ride, amazing experience and an amazing young driver.
  8. Tintin Audio

    996 nearly

    It's a plug Dan, wish it was factory. Does make the car look a little cleaner though . I personally love it. Think it is a little more responsive, especially upshift. It''s the ease of having just two paddles one for upshift and one for downshift that somehow makes driving a Tip so much more engaging.
  9. Tintin Audio

    996 nearly

    Hi @Morpheus You'll love the car. It reminds me off what I went through getting my 996 from QLD back to Victoria, and the feeling of joy when it arrived on a truck outside my home. Mine was a stock 99 Carrera but I'm not a classic man and it soon had it's first few modifications... since then, brakes, exhaust, IMS, wheels, Michelin Pilot Sports tyres, GT3 side skirts and recently AMG paddles to sharpen up the tiptronic : )
  10. Tintin Audio

    What did you do to your Porsche today ???

    Not original... I spotted a 996 in the UK with this badge and really liked it. Took me an age to get a black version to match the car... pretty rare to find an original.
  11. Tintin Audio

    What did you do to your Porsche today ???

    After four hours of detailing today and a deserted Service station... out comes the camera again.
  12. Tintin Audio

    The 996 Inspiration Gallery

    Nice... the top one reminds me of a Storm Trooper ?
  13. I also spotted this company from California selling on eBay. 996 my II GT3 front bumpers made to fit the mkI. As usual the shipping quote they gave was horrendous. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F170175729474 Ah good point... here’s me thinking they were the same, nothing is that simple ?
  14. Spotted this on the weekend Dan... I’m tempted.

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