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  1. Looking for a Porsche 996.1 GT3 front bumper or the Aerokit version for sale. I’m Melbourne based, but happy to arrange a courier if interstate. Happy to consider any colour or condition. Thanks Alan.
  2. Can send you a sound clip Rod if you want. 👍
  3. Porsche 996 Mufflers from low Km’s car Porsche 996 Mufflers, removed recently from my car. Low mileage use at around 35,000 kms, so in excellent shape. Had the Fister/ Gundo modification professionally done by Exhaust World - North Melbourne, so they sound just right. Only selling as I’ve installed another full sport exhaust system and no longer needed. $700 for the pair Warranwood, Vic pickup My mobile is 041 zero zero six seven 828
  4. Nice to meet you this morning... super clean 996 too 🤩. Alan.
  5. Dam... Guessing my offer of a Goldfish and a one eyed cat for your GT3 rear spoiler is not looking too promising then 😂
  6. Thanks Mike. The mufflers are Cargraphic and the headers and cats are OEM from Porsche. The surprise was the way the car feels on new engine mounts, didn’t expect it to feel so lively at the back 👍
  7. Hi Peter... I’m with Shannon’s but choose not to engage them at all. I went through her insurance directly which was RACV and let Charli Battisti deal with them. Luckily Battisti are a main repairer for RACV so they agreed to everything. They even gave me a new X-Trail for 11 weeks to use... brilliant.
  8. Who would have thought that a small shunt from behind from a ‘P’ Plater on my way to a PFA coffee meet could have resulted in almost 12 weeks off the road. Not all bad news, managed to score new Headers & Cats, Engine Mounts, rear bumper, tailgate and spoiler. Guys at Charlie Battisti did the usual amazing job , photo does the car no justice how good the paint looks. Off to Darren at Autocoupe for a service next and then hitting the B-roads on the weekend... need to run in the new exhaust... my excuse anyway.
  9. Well done, what a little ripper. I did the same with a very low mileage 996 around the same vintage a few years back, such a great feeling. Might not be a bad idea to check the plastics especially cooling and heating, low mileage cars can have a tendency to become a little brittle due to little use... and please don’t change the amber lights, so classic 👍
  10. Doesn’t get much better, can only imagine how much fun this would be on B roads.
  11. I picked up a 98 996 Tip a few years back. It had everything I didn’t really want, Tiptronic, amber lights and Savanna interior, but its crazy low 29,000 Km’s I just couldn’t let it go. I paid $46K, but when you see what you get for your money or for the price of a basic Golf GTI... it’s an absolute bargain. I didn’t pay big bucks for my car, so I’m much more inclined to play around with it and make it my car. Updated brakes, 997 lobster claw wheels (purists would love that), Cargraphic exhaust, rear wiper delete, GT3 side skirts and I even fitted AMG paddle shifters (a must for Tiptronics). I have Cobra Nagaro seats and Bilstein PS10 coilovers on the list next and it won’t stop there Do it and do it soon because there won’t be many good ones left at this rate, or at these prices. Oh... I wouldn’t change the ambers or savanna interior now, it seems to get better with age.
  12. Sorry if this has been asked before. But does anyone know when HB #2 is to be aired on RPM Channel 10.
  13. Sadly still no car, awaiting parts. Next time hopefully.

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