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  1. Have just returned from Targa Tas Tour, and id say over 70% of cars in the group of 37 had Cup2’s. The rest had Pirelli (only a few) I had Dunlop (only me on them), other iterations of Michelin (yes PS4 and PS3 -most were likely due to size availability on the Caymans) and I noticed one Cayman with Goodyear. We were not mucking around speed wise. The roads over the week ranged from dry, loose stones, damp, greasy, saturated, damp and green (moss) and predominantly cold. People started the week with reservations about the Cup2s if it was to be wet, but from what I heard, ended up being impressed with how they performed. A few Targa race cars had Dunlop Sportmax 8000?! something which didn’t appear as being R spec tyres. I didn’t see any actual Targa race car on Continentals or Pirelli (many had Dunlop, Yokohama or Kuhmo).
  2. Any history of what colour GT3s were raced in Nations Cup? And by who? Yellow - Richards and Quinn? Silver - Fitzgerald car (before Falken paintwork) ? White - TNT car? Black? Red? others?
  3. Unusual, it seems that two of the ex Nations Cup cars (ex Fitzy and ex Quinn ) are now for sale - asking prices $120-130k. I wonder what they are really worth compared to non tracked GT3 clubsports? I like the ex Fitzy car but is more realistically a $100k proposition ??
  4. Interested to know what weight wheel/tyre set ups people have discovered. I found 996.1 GT3 wheels with new Pirelli pzero 295/30zr18 @ 26.5kg to be 2kg heavier than the worn pzero 285/30zr18 on same rims. But aftermarket rims with new Dunlop Z3 285/30zr18 were only 20kg...
  5. There will be about 60 Porsche’s at Symmonds Plains late morning....all Porsche Tour cars will be there
  6. What $ would an X51 optioned 996 command over non-X51 now days? Haven’t seen one advertised for a while on the open market and wonder if they were all manual coupes or some cabs were optioned X51 too?
  7. There seems to be zero running and honest 924 Turbo’s on the open market? Are they changing hands behind the scenes or just not coming up for sale?
  8. I am starting to look at alternate seat options for a 924 ready for Targa use. I wonder what seat options will fit easily, be ergonomically ok without knees up near ears or hinder elbow across to gearshift, or what may fit with rail mods etc? It would be interesting to know what other Porsche cars have had successfully fitted alternate seats fitted too (and pics if possible ?)
  9. Thanks very much guys for your feedback. Tilta seems about 9k and Futura about 14k. It would be great if those companies had outlets that hired their trailers. I tried the local hire places car trailers but their generic trailers really weren’t suitable for cars below about 140mm ride height (scrape front spoiler driving on or couldn’t open doors properly to get out once on) and the tie down points meant you were trying to do some magic to prevent straps rubbing guards and/or bumpers. Still swaying towards Futura at the moment
  10. I’m looking for a uncovered dual axle rampless car trailer and trying to sort through features and value for money. Was keen on Futura but not sure they are great value for money? I’ve seen another popular tilting brand that had quite a bit of surface rust yet was only 5 years old! Looked into Nevco are very $$ so out of consideration any thoughts?
  11. I’ve got the SCA set. Check the clearance height of the cars you intend to use with them and measure height of the jack area that needs to slide under the car. This brand won’t slide under/around rear of 993 turbo (standard ride height ) or GT3 as the castor wheel nut and arms are too high. On a 356 they work ok (not great) but floor must be very flat and clean as even small stones will foul you being able to push the car. And, while the actual jack mechanism will lift the car, the rest of the unit seems a bit flimsy even with 356 weight. Castors won’t swivel easily even with 356 weight. Lee M is right, don’t go cheap.
  12. After just driving (in this order) a 991.2 C4S, 991.1 GT3 CS, 997 GT2, and 991 GT3RS the sentiments above from Scott hold true for me too...within all of 100-200 metres behind the wheel, I picked the 997 GT2 as the car i wanted. Driving the RS after it didn’t change my mind. All the 991 cars were very refined, and fast, but the 997 just felt right to me. Now I want one.. Also the car that secondly most impressed me was the new C4S. It was very punchy with the new drivetrain. And just a great car to drive. I guess it’s similar to finding a new pair of runners - the ones that look best to you on the shelf, when you try them first on, then walk a few metres, you find that sometimes they just aren’t the best fit for you despite the marketing saying they are ‘the best’ or ‘top of the range’.
  13. The 400km/h speedo must be the highest one yet on a Porsche - I think the 918 [only] went to 350!? Does it really need the extra 50 over a 918?
  14. What's the pecking order of the GT3s currently on the market? The grey/silver series 2 caught my eye but seems high $ relative to much lower km cars on the market and interior seems 'used'. What are these cars actually changing hands for at the moment?
  15. Must have done a lot of kms (160,000) in first few years before being covered for last 22...

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