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  1. DFO to Laverton intercept works for me. Just got to get the timing right!
  2. K911

    Spotted Thread

    Today near Albert Park: 718 Cayman. Miami Blue with Bordeaux Red interior. Was suprised how complimentary the combo is.
  3. K911

    the New 992 911!

    There’s a configurator available on the US site. There options for gold wheels and black calipers.
  4. K911

    the New 992 911!

    Too bloody big. Wish it was smaller.
  5. WOW! Fantastic video @Andy73. Ive only watched it around 5 times since I got home! So glad you included some that engine noise. Funny how drivers slightly lean on the loud pedal when theres a cameraman is up ahead. ? Oh.. and I think my ears are still bleeding from when @GUT passed me along the Tambo river!
  6. Here's a little clip of me on the tail of @RA987 up Hotham Heights. Spectacular roads and scenery up in those parts.
  7. Fantastic work @Andy73 & @KG you guys went to great lengths to capture the weekend on film and it’s much appreciated. All the road grime filth makes them just that little bit more special.
  8. Thanks again @RA987 for organising. Today’s drive was one of my favourites to date.
  9. Mirrors on 996 & 7s should be mounted on the doors.
  10. K911

    Rear wiper - 911 991.2

    I never use mine either. I would delete also. I would also delete the sunroof.

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