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  1. Chasing a rear wheel for 993 Carrera. Wondering if anyone may have a single 17x9 Cup II (ET55) wheel they might want to sell? part number: 993.362.128.00
  2. Seats are SOLD. Thanks for the interest.
  3. Thanks for the offer but trying to free up some space in the shed!
  4. They were dated June 2009. Unfortunately the stickers were removed for painting.
  5. Recaro RSG Hardback Seats Black Leather, backs refinished in GP White. Very good condition Come with mounts and sliders to suit 993. Looking for $1500 ono. Located in Brisbane.
  6. Need to check they are as I packed them re condition, but thinking $1500 ono.
  7. I have a pair of Recaro rsg hardback seats in black leather, backs painted Grand Prix White with mounts and runners for a 993. These are a bit narrower than the Speedster seats I think (see internet for more info). They are currently wrapped and in storage but if you are interested, I could unpack and send some photos. Similar to this.
  8. Looking for a 3 spoke steering wheel to suit manual 996/Boxster in black. Condition not too critical as intend to have it recovered. (as pictured) Don’t need the airbag.
  9. Looking for a pair of RS Seats as fitted to 993RS, 964RS or 968CS Would consider any fixed back recaro seats including pole position. Any condition considered. I am in Brisbane. Cheers

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