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  1. Thanks for the interest, the items are now taken.
  2. Hi All, muffler is spoken for. Fyi, I am in Vic.
  3. The exhaust has a cat, came off 1980 911sc.
  4. I have an original set of heat exchanges and muffler if someone wants to grab them. The system worked fine on the car. The HE have some surface rust and the usual little dings on the underside, but would clean up well. The muffler is borderline. PM me if you are interested.
  5. Mate bought a 996 off him a while ago, I looked at a 964 recently. Nice guy.
  6. Yeah, Jay Z, ex Weltmeister sales guy. Had the white 964 C2 for sale too.
  7. The following parts are now free to financial members: -complete 911sc exhaust system, heat exchangers and muffler (has some very small holes) It is original so needs a clean up, brush and paint etc - free pickup only - Front rubber spoiler/lip. Does not include brackets. The rubber is a bit worn along the bottom, but very usable - free pick up only GONE - left and right sun visors in black, a bit puffy but the vinyl is in great condition, $50 each. SOLD - rear view mirror, does not include the little round bracket to attach to the windscreen. The mirror is a bit cloudy, but in good condition, free pickup only - 2 front Amber indicator lenses, a couple of minor cracks, but you don't notice them unless you look closely, free pick-up only GONE I can sms photos if you PM me. I am located in Burnley Vic.

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