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  1. @TwoHeadsTas Car engine number is after IMS issues, so i believe all good there. I've gotten the car back today, from my local Porsche specialist, new clutch kit fitted, and they machined the flywheel... i didn't think this was possible with a dual mass clutch... so hopefully there won't be issues down the road as labour is the biggest cost in the work done. $2.7k for labour and parts, so about $2.5k cheaper than going the 'official' route to replace both the clutch and flywheel with genuine parts.
  2. Here's the Kenwood DABS from 2017, integrated dash cam, second camera input for a reversing camera, Digital Radio, CD, DVD, Apple CarPlay, Google Auto. My clutch has died and won't be fixed until at least the 7th of Jan, so I'll finally have the time to pull it apart again and replace the Temp + Fan buttons and finish routing the rear camera back to the boot. It's currently routed to under the passenger seat... got to figure out the rest.
  3. Only just gone in the last week, on 92500km. Short story, yeah flywheel is ratshit. Long story, I balls-up a hill start, over rev'd and didn't drop it quick enough, just carried the slip for way to long at a high rpm, thats the only thing I can think of about 2 weeks ago. I'm guessing that might have been the trigger to overheat and warp the flywheel which would lead to the clutch failing? I'm getting vibration through the clutch when finding the bite-point, which is also now harder to find. Clutch still dis-engages and re-engages, but pedal is sloppy and light through the start of its travel, small bite point with said vibration as the clutch comes into contact with the flywheel All the should have been pre-faced with 'I'm no mechanic.' however If the flywheel is warped because of that crap hill start, then the clutch doesn't have the full surface area to mate with, then the clutch goes... was my layman thinking. As I was meant to be going on a cruise this long New Years weekend, I tee'd up a drive at the dealership to get their opinion, I didn't mention my thoughts to them, but the dealership mechanic only had to put it in reverse to go for a test driver, he felt the vibration and called it there, flywheel is gone! So I'll take his word for it. Quote from Porsche Dealership, was wow, I'll shop around for after market parts and do some forum searching/ask around for what others have done. Once I have a price from elsewhere, I'll post the numbers. If anyone with better understand would like to explain that'd be great.
  4. Asking because why not, so I need a new clutch and flywheel.... any benefits of installing anything other than stock? I really only use the cayman for cruising on the twists plus grocery shopping. Plus a desire to do a track day here or there. It all felt great before it didn't so I'm happy with the stock gear but curious for comments if others have put anything other than a stock replacement in and if it was better or worse.
  5. What'd you go? If you don't have Bose, its a standard install, I bought the 987.1 surround from amazon, ~$250 and then installed a Kenwood DNX9170dabs. Looks very neat and fits in well. I ordered the Kenwood from Carbon Car Systems. I'd use them again. They were a help 8 months after ordering when a firmware update when wrong, well I should have done as suggested and tried a different USB stick. If you want a pic I can take one and post it.
  6. yeah that's seems like a common dealer trick. quick get in now or it'll be shipped off to some wanker in x other city. save the car from them by buying it now.... I've had that pulled on me a few times, didn't blink an eye led, did walk out the second time I heard it.
  7. what's wrong with this one? dealer listed 10k under all other manuals sitting on carsales? https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Porsche-Cayman-2006/OAG-AD-14448788/?Cr=0
  8. great thanks, my google foo didn't lead me to that! great to know, thanks for the response. edit: to state that i'm still in the purchasing stage, might need to drive across part of the country to get it home :)
  9. Hi All, Driving in the outback NSW, NT and SA, if I remember correctly, not many places have PULP. I did a bit of searching and find a heap of discussion's on pre '86 Air cooled 911's. But I'm trying to figure out exactly what a Cayman needs and came across this; http://press.porsche.com/archive/products/press_kits/press_kits_2006/pdf/revised_2006_pdf/cayman_s_specs_version_2.pdf If I look on wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Octane_rating Premium in Australia is 95 RON, so when we say Premium goes in the Porsche Cayman S 2006, are we talking 95 or 98? Premium in the US seems to be 95, but that looks like its AKI while Europe it's 98 RON... I'm now more confused. So 98 or 95 RON? 95 RON short term going to be ok? what about a blend, lol, i.e., a 10-20 litre gerry can, full of 98, get somewhere without 98, put in the 98, and fill the rest with 95...oh man...

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