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  1. Wow 120K km! I’m sure I’d it has been maintained well, that mileage should be fine for a modern Porsche.
  2. Saw the display on the Saturday. Looked great so well done in putting it together!
  3. And the GT4 is more like $215K + options + ORC. So that makes the GTS around $40K less, not $10-15K difference vs a GT4. Does the GT4 get much in additional standard spec that is cost optional on the GTS?
  4. From $172K 👍 https://www.caradvice.com.au/819621/2020-porsche-boxster-and-cayman-gts-4-0-six-cylinder-power-returns/
  5. A belated congrats to the team that work so hard behind the scenes to make this site happen. From someone who has been heavily involved in another long lived (since 2004) and well respected marque specific car enthusiast forum, 10 years is a great achievement in this tech led changing world.
  6. Factory options are unfortunately a lot more expensive when dealer fitted, as others have suggested. I’d love to add a couple of additional options to mine but the cost is a struggle to justify..
  7. Yep mine are best part of five years old too.
  8. Thanks. Having the same issues with my OE PZeros. Definitely past their best in terms of performance.
  9. Good info. I’m probably going to be needing tyres in the next 12 months. Thoughts on the Yokohamas?
  10. From what I’ve researched, a tune on the 2.7 is not really a bang for buck spend. the S however can benefit from a tune, exhaust and plenum swap.
  11. The interior update on the 981 was worth the investment for me. And a non-GT4 981 with the MT is quite a rare beast.
  12. Really great day it was. Lots of really nice cars. Good venue, perfect weather, and a great cause for fundraising. Great to meet and chat with a few more of the PFA crew, putting faces to names and Insta profiles 😎 Thanks very much to Skidmarks for the invite 👍
  13. I’m looking at turning up on the day. Last minute call unfortunately. Hopefully the organisers can fit me in.
  14. Well done on the purchase. And welcome to the unusual colour, three pedal fraternity 😎

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