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  1. Will be interesting to see if my experience is the same. Alfa Romeo Giulia demonstrates the same characteristic on full lock and cold tyres. Both cars have nice aggressive front end geometry for turn in and feel. The tyre scrubbing characteristic is a bi-product of the setup. Small price to pay for sharpness and feedback, I say. Surprising that a tyre change can make a difference to the scrubbing.
  2. Are you definitely talking about rubbing, or do you mean the Ackerman angle grabbing typically experienced with cold tyres on full lock?
  3. Strange. I didn’t have this issue.
  4. Yes PCM quoted me around $2K at my last service. I paid $1,490, so pretty happy. Tyres are now on. Haven’t really had an opportunity to test them in any meaningful way, however first impression was meaty steering and good initial turn in. Ride quality seems about the same as the cooked Pirellis. My car has PASM.
  5. Yokohama have a "4 for 3" offer on until the end of August. I've just ordered a set of V105 N0's to replace the (hard) OEM Pirellis. Being a staggered setup, the cheapest (front) tyre is free in the offer. Full set fitted and balanced comes to $1,490. I never loved the PZero's, and I'm now looking forward to having some grip again. As an aside, I read some interesting info/videos about OEM rated tyres recently. The Porsche rated tyres are designed and load rated specifically for the mid/rear layout and weight distribution of the cars. Very different to a hot hatch or a performance saloon with the same tyre size.
  6. 981 2.7 MT gearing is long in 1st and 2nd. Be prepared to be 'blown away' at the lights and tight second gear corners by Polo GTi's... Where the 2.7 MT starts to make a lot of sense is top of 2nd, 3rd and 4th, which are very nicely stacked. Unfortunately that equates to 100-180km/h on the speedo, which is not exactly suited to public road driving. However on the track it works brilliantly.
  7. Thanks I’ll be asking PCM to quote some options for sure.
  8. How are the Yokohama’s holding up, @TwoHeadsTas ? Haven’t had much use for my car in locked down Victoria this year, so tyres are still in need of replacement at some stage. I think I’ll be needing to stick to N spec tyres due to factory extended warranty. Noticed that Michelin have an N spec front in a PS4S but no rear tyre to suit... 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Wow 120K km! I’m sure I’d it has been maintained well, that mileage should be fine for a modern Porsche.
  10. Saw the display on the Saturday. Looked great so well done in putting it together!
  11. And the GT4 is more like $215K + options + ORC. So that makes the GTS around $40K less, not $10-15K difference vs a GT4. Does the GT4 get much in additional standard spec that is cost optional on the GTS?
  12. From $172K 👍 https://www.caradvice.com.au/819621/2020-porsche-boxster-and-cayman-gts-4-0-six-cylinder-power-returns/

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