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  1. Nice https://www.elferspot.com/en/car/porsche-911-reimagined-by-singer-1989-898101/?fbclid=IwAR2gA0k0XeIKw0k1ZjtI4Q5Pq3J36M3ZhKDPZWo4n_Ns_mfZDl0eziou8zQ
  2. Anyone leaving tomorrow morning (Saturday) if so what are the meet up plans?
  3. It will be interesting if I see any of you guys tomorrow. I have to drive to Eildon for the day. Going via Yea so will keep an eye out. Look for a white Merc with a guy waving at you. That will be me. Making the trip home that day too. May then do it all again on Saturday but continue on to Winton. Depends on a lot of things going right though.
  4. Nice orange Datsun 1600 in the background when you look at the article. Would not mind some photo's of that in the Datsun 1600 thread.
  5. Wow that would be the longest time between replies I have ever seen. 3 years, 4 months and 1 day. Did make me laugh though. @DJM you can order those seals now that you have your answer😁
  6. Nice Carmine Red .2 @ $349,000 drive away (NSW). Looks nice. What is the round thing above the gear stick beside the screen. Microphone or a switch? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/porsche-911-2018/oag-ad-19230170/?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=notification-center&utm_medium=email&csn_atid=4dc779a0-a253-49fc-8c42-924fe0385c2c
  7. If you have a couple of hours to kill this is quite interesting. Watching the robots and processes in play is for some reason mesmerising.
  8. She wont be happy with all the tyre black on her purple dress either.
  9. Just popped up on Car Sales. Might grab it to attend Skidmarks Winton show then flip it before my wife finds out. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/porsche-911-2017/sse-ad-6855321/?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=notification-center&utm_medium=email&csn_atid=86e916c2-d549-4a11-9121-af41595731d7
  10. I'm in for the Saturday but not tracking the car. I am up for a passenger ride though if these are on offer
  11. It is sounding a bit like Hanger Banger 3, but on steroids. As I now read that all cars are welcome, I may use the day as an outing. I have never been to Winton. After the last 6 months we in Vic all need this. Great work Skidmarks. If there is a convoy heading there from Peninsula/South East early in the morning of Saturday, then I am in for that too.
  12. And the link to the two photos is???????? 😲🤔
  13. Cannot understand why if damage occurred whilst car was in motion. The damage to the front should have popped the drivers at least. Passenger, no problem if the seat was not occupied. Maybe it fell off a transporter or was hit whilst parked.
  14. Seems a little bit expensive https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2089976191126577

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