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  1. I was ready to call and say I'll have it then the amended add popped up. What a bargain it was for 10 minutes Hi Philip, This car you've saved has dropped in price. Submit an enquiry so you don't miss out! 2016 Porsche 911 Carrera S 991 Manual MY17 Kilometres Body New price 8,900km Coupe $119,900* Transmission Engine Original price Manual 6cyl 3.0L $224,900 Dealer: used car Enquire We hope you find your ideal car soon! The carsales Team
  2. @Dave986 Yes when I arrived there was no space so parked about 1 klm away. There were cars parked illegally everywhere. It appears that people started showing up at around 4 pm for the 6 pm start. There must have been over a thousand people there.
  3. I was there as I have been following Sam for a while but did not see any PFA cars that I knew. I did know the silver GT2 that is featured in the video as it is owned by a local and is currently for sale but I do not think he is a PFA member. I did not see anyone else there that I knew.
  4. Lucky Phil

    Tar blobs on your wheels..

    I usually use turps but may give this a go
  5. Negotiate some other sweetener. Who cares if you have to push a button to unlock the car. Not having this option has the added value of having somewhere to place the key when driving it (the ignition). I have keyless go on my Merc and not on the Porsche and I do not miss it at all. Just tell the dealer ok leave it but what are they going to give you in compensation? 2 years extended Warranty sounds like a good starting point.
  6. Yep me too. Powerball would have 1 million spent quickly on this one if my numbers come out. It is owned by a local resident so would be an easy pick up for me. I like the plates too.
  7. Lucky Phil

    Spotted Thread

    Long way from home Dan
  8. For those who are interested Sam has reached Australia, the first leg of his Drive The World event. He is currently in Brisbane and heading south tomorrow. Below are the dates he is in each city. Welcome To The Member’s Area UPDATES FROM THE ROAD Touchdown in Australia! I’M CURRENTLY IN: Brisbane, Australia Upcoming dates Date Location 07/01/2019 Brisbane, Australia 09/01/2019 Vogue Industries, Brisbane, Australia (5-7pm) 12/01/2019 Sydney, Australia 13/01/2019 Porsche Sydney South, Australia (4-6pm) 18/01/2019 Melbourne, Australia 19/01/2019 Lorbek Luxury Cars, Melbourne, Australia (6-8pm) 24/01/2019 Adelaide, Australia 25/01/2019 Richmonds Event, Adelaide, Australia 30/01/2019 Perth, Australia
  9. I noticed a couple of posts on "What did I do to my Porsche today" where people had confessed a couple of silly things they have do in the past e.g forgot to put in sump plug before filling up with new oil, so I thought it would be interesting to hear some of the stories out there about crazy or brain fade errors we have made in days gone by. I will kick it off with this little memory. Many years ago when I was 18 I came home from work and my dad was working at the back of his Rambler Hornet in the garage. I asked, "what you doing dad?" and he explained that the reversing lights did not seem to be working. I said "can I help?" To which he replied, yeah start her up. Which I did. Then, "put her in reverse". Which again I did by leaning over the seat whilst standing in the open drivers door, checking the hand brake was on and clicking it into reverse. Dad did not see me doing this as he was working down low at the rear of the car with the boot up. About now is where my 18 year old brain must have faded and started to lose interest, when dad then said "now put your foot on the brake". I for some reason heard this as "rev it up a bit" (which I often did from the open door when working on my "manual" Datsun 1600). So for some stupid reason I proceeded to apply great pressure to the accelerator. All of a sudden the car was laying rubber and then travelling at great speed in reverse out of the garage with me hanging on to the open drivers door. The said door soon collected the garage wall and garage door which proceeded to crumple the drivers door into the front guard before the whole car jerked sideways and stopped. At the time my dad was on the floor at the rear of the car moaning, and fearing I had run him over I ran to him to see if he was ok, but no injuries as he had managed to get out of the way of the rapidly reversing car. He was just lying on the ground crying into his hands at the mess and then yelling at me for wrecking his nice new much loved Rambler Hornet.
  10. Lucky Phil

    Binky's back!

    Yes Jeff for your fuel pump that little bracket you made to screw on to the frame to hold it in place would have taken half an episode on the Binky build and the ties you used on the spark plug leads would have been constructed out of aluminium plate and we would have to listen to for the beep to ensure everything was level. I often wonder what Binky would be worth in dollars when you add up the labour cost to build him.
  11. Lucky Phil

    Binky's back!

    I don't think there is going to be an engine rebuild as there has been too much add on work already done to it and it is in the car. That then just leaves roll cage, new dash, carpet, head liner, trim, seats, wheels and paint. I will stick with the 5 episodes. If engine and gearbox need a rebuild then I will say 10 episodes as they will make all the new engine parts themselves.
  12. Lucky Phil

    Binky's back!

    I say 5 episodes
  13. @EZEE Stay connected. Another PFA member @MFX (Jeff) is about to start a restoration on an Alfa in a month or so. There are so many Alfa's in your photo above that I am sure Jeff will would be keen in your advice from time to time
  14. Looks great. Don't get rid of the wheels just paint the inserts black and leave the spokes silver. The fuch's set the car off and are in keeping with the period. Others here will show you examples of how the wheels should be painted. They're just too silver at the moment that is all that is wrong.

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