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  1. While we are on Little Johnny jokes, here is another. Little Johnny is in class at school when the teacher asks him, "Johnny, if there are 5 crows on a fence and the farmer shoots 1 with his gun, how many are left?" Little Johnny says "None miss". The teacher asks "Why did you say none Johnny?" "Well miss, when the gun goes off all the others will fly away" "Well Johnny," she says "the answer I was looking for is 4, but I like the way you are thinking." Little Johnny puts up his hand and says "Miss I have one for you" "Ok Johnny" she replies So Johnny says, "There are 3 women in a shop and each buy an icy pole. One licks their icy pole, one bites their icy pole and one sucks their icy pole. Which one is married?" The teacher thinks for a bit and then says I am unsure but I am going with the one who is sucking their icy pole. Johnny says "No miss it's the one wearing a wedding ring, BUT I LIKE THE WAY YOU ARE THINKING!"
  2. This to me would be the smartest advice I have seen. Why buy a RHD Aust delivered car when cheaper RHD versions are available overseas. Buy in HK and ship from there to the USA. I like Mike would like to know how you go about buying a car from Hong Kong.
  3. Come on Doug, the public are demanding an answer.
  4. I agree with Coastr, all you need to do NSW is pay attention like we do in Vic. When you spot a speed camera ahead slow down. if you are over the limit that is. It's about time you guys in NSW got rid of the sign that said "if you are speeding please slow down as there is a camera ahead". WTF. We in Vic have always had to look ahead to spot the cameras. No special sign for us. It makes everyone better drivers as everyone is paying attention to the road ahead, looking out for cameras. The real solution to paying fines though is simple. Do not exceed speed limit. Easy solution I know but it works really well.
  5. Just came up in my Car Sales feed @DJM . Looks good. I don't think it will be long before you get a call and an offer, if that has not already happened.
  6. @DJM So what's next Doug? Do you still have the Beemer? Did you change the red interior colour on the GT3? Plates are a nice addition. Good price too. GLWS.
  7. What are the odds Lee that makes two of us getting our car this year. 😃
  8. Might be a silly question but does the touring have rear seats, or can they be optioned?
  9. Anyone looking to sell a 964 3.6 Turbo? I know someone who is looking for one.
  10. I've just recorded that as my answering message on the land line with an added line "i don't want solar and I am happy with my power supplier" as these are the only calls we get on the landline now.
  11. And one of the 5 reasons you were out Andy, was.........?
  12. Yes @Niko I agree they do hold a special place. I can still remember the first time I drove WRXY after picking it up from the showroom. Wow was all I could say. I had not even test driven one. I just bought it based on the Wheels Mag review. Was sad when I sold it and still miss that car today. I even kept the plates until last year when I sold them to a guy in Seaford. Always thought I would buy another, but the current Old Impreza is a close as I got.
  13. Similar to the Datsun 1600 Appreciation thread I started a few years ago we seem to have a few Subaru people in the group too. I have had a couple, a WRX in the past and currently the first model Subaru Impreza (build date May 1993 so it's one of the first Imprezas to arrive here. One owner). Here are a couple of pics.

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