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  1. Oh boy do I love this. I think this is my next Porsche. I want one. Anyone want a nice 2015 Boxster S with only 29000 klm? PDK, Sports Chrono, SE, 20" Carrera wheels, extended warranty. https://www.elferspot.com/en/car/porsche-356-outlaw-1960-1203768/?fbclid=IwAR2vigLONsb0dEy6WaqGtcdyeSt0K6GCpONGapdGpnFdNDC8Eu-uzTDvHgY
  2. That's because we here in Oz always pay premium. USA with this $50K add on is still cheaper than own prices.
  3. Anyone who is looking to take up the 4 year extended warranty offer, get in quick as the 4 year discounted offer is only available until 31 December 2021. Mine is due on 9 December and I enquired yesterday and was told only available until 31 December, so I will be taking up the 4 year when it falls due. It can be done on line too I was informed.
  4. Mine is booked in for 18 October to have the fix done.
  5. It's only the diesel that has the delay with stop start. Both my petrol cars have stop start and the engine re-engagement after a stop is instant. The diesel Macan's I have driven all had a slight delay. Enough of a delay that left you stationary when other cars have commenced moving. I asked the guys at PCB about it and they said it was a common complaint on the diesel. If I had one I would disengage it every time. I actually don't notice the stop start it at all in my Boxster or Merc so don't ever turn it off.
  6. How do you like the stop start. I have driven a few as loan cars and the start stop seems to have a slight delay when restarting. Just wondering if it is something that you get used to.
  7. Looks like mine is on the list. I guess I best contact PCB.
  8. These comments also refer to the photo immediately before too.
  9. @Skidmarks Wow they sold quick. I am thinking of installing a lift for car storage in the new house we are building so I have a similar question as Mondo 74 above. What height would I need as well. If you do consider selling the 3rd lift in a few months please let me know
  10. Hi it may also be of value to advertise on a WRX forum as a lot of WRX guys like these.
  11. Capricorn 1 was a good movie. The joke about the cat was in the movie. Oldie but a goodie.
  12. @MFX Jeff. Something to think about

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