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  1. @Niko Yes I agree I just love those 356 convertibles
  2. @NBTBRV8 I will be really interested (if you trade it) to know what a dealers offers you. I am wondering how the dealers treat the 991.1 cars based on all the negative publicity they are receiving because of the engine.
  3. Ok thanks Niko for the slight distraction, re pictures of men driving cars, now back on topic, thanks to Raven
  4. I have had several speakers repaired over time. I take mine to Speaker Bits in Port Melbourne who do excellent work, but not much good if you are in Brisbane. I am sure though that there is a similar service provider up there. Not an expensive fix either.
  5. OMG that is a real beauty. GLWS seems like it does not need to be said as the pictures say a thousand words
  6. Wow if I keep renewing the car's warranty, it will be covered until 2030, so the car will stay under warranty probably longer than me. Mine is due again at the end of the year so I will be renewing for a further 2 years. Good insurance I say based on the cost to fix things on these cars. Have only needed to use the warranty once but it was a $5000 fix so I am still ahead.
  7. What happens when Porsche replace the engine? I have seen a few advertised lately with warranty replacement engines. One on car sales at the moment advertising "only 900 klms". Then you read that engine replaced by Porsche only has 900 klms not the entire car. Is the replacement a completely fixed motor or a temporary solution?
  8. @DJM Doug, nicely specced GT3, great colour (my favourite on a GT3) with all the nice bits too. A bit of a worry why new tyres needed after a couple of months but a call to PCM or a PPI should alleviate any concerns. A low offer is required here as the stamp duty would be a deal breaker for me at the $329K asking price. $330K drive away seems about right.
  9. 😂Ha that is funny. I did not see the date. I just saw the latest post from the guy with the baking powder suggestion (which I would not recommend) and thought Mark had just sent out the message to those who would like to borrow the old one. Quite a laugh really. And damn he was just up the road too for when I wanted to borrow the old polisher😪
  10. Hi Mark I was looking into purchasing a Rupes Bigfoot polisher last year but it seemed to get the best job I really needed to buy at least two of different sizes (15 plus a small hybrid) resulting in nearly $2000. For the amount of times I would use it I decided not to proceed. Can you provide some advice on the units you have.
  11. Just saw this on Facebook 1980 928S $11000 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/417002365591699/
  12. I follow this guy (Tom) who has a Youtube channel TGETV. He has quite a nice collection of cars, all fairly new as well as a lot of nice watches. Car fleet includes (his last purchase) a Ferrari Pista, 991 911T, Ferrari F12, Aston Martin, Mini JCW etc. He just sold his Lambo but has approx 10 cars in all. Attached is his latest purchase, an Irish Green 912. FYI the other guy with him is Archie Hamilton who has a nice 991.1 GT3 RS. Check out his Youtube channel Archie Hamilton Racing which is quite good too. Quite funny seeing Archie's face as they go over speed bumps in London.
  13. I'm with @P-Kay @Andy73 Some nice Porsche centre caps needed. There must be some out there that will fit
  14. I personally think the cup 1 wheels look far better than the cookie cutters. Gives the car a much cleaner and yet aggressive look
  15. @hugh Will we see it again or has it gone to a collector never to see the light of day, except for special events

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