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  1. And the price is double WOW. 😮😮 Must be the dearest 993 (non turbo) on the market.
  2. Nope. The hairs on my arms certainly stayed flat. No excitement there at all. The extra two cylinders and the sound they provide at pace certainly make me want to keep my 981.
  3. @Taffy check the import rule review post (listed today) before deciding on the import option in 2 years as this may have an impact on your decision
  4. Here is June (posted July 31). My favourite
  5. @Raven Could you please provide a thumbnail of all your photos over the last 12 months with numbers beside each so as we can all vote on the 12 best for the 10 year PFA 2020 calendar. @Kerry the cost of the Calendar could be offset by selling to members. I'll have issue 1 please $20 seems a fair price. Who else want's one?
  6. I would also say that not having a Porsche badge on the frunk lid certainly depreciates it's value a lot too. But the rest of it is wow. I was suggesting $150K last night but @DJM yep $100K sounds about right because of the missing badge
  7. @MSH get up early and be at Tecoma Macca's at 6:30 am and show it off to the guys and then come on a leisurely drive and breakfast (home by 11 am)
  8. @Skidmarks this is calcium from the concrete. I had the same problem from my car park on a black car. Really tough to remove. I don't think I ever got rid of the residual stain. I would take it to a professional. Maybe @JB can assist
  9. I cannot stop looking at this car. If it was $50K cheaper I would be quite keen
  10. Really and I mean REALLY crap photos for the black one. Just 1 blurry frontal shot of the car and then close up shots of other bits. For me to look at a $350,000 car I would want to be at least tempted to want to see it with some sexy shots of the exterior Wow. What a stunner. Now this one I do find interesting.
  11. If it's a 2016 then surely warranty continuation should be your primary concern. Pay Porsche to install a new roof and as such keep your warranty. $8000 well spent I would have thought.
  12. Did a nice 400 klm drive today as suggested by @StevepGT3 Started in Mount Eliza then thanks to Steve on to Kinglake, Whitlesea, Wandong, Kilmore, Lancefield, Woodend, Tylden, Daylesford and then back home. Nice morning tea in Lancefield at the bakery and a great lunch in Daylesford at Larder We also had a quick stop at Daylesford Cidery and sampled their wares on the way home
  13. The most over engineered car in the world. Amazing to watch them work, but in man hours there must already be 2000+ hours spent on this build. Even the bonnet release must have taken 10 to 20 hours to make all those brackets (they even said on the video we would not believe how long they took). How could you possibly insure a car like Binky? Even a minor bingle in the front would take months to fix with all the custom components they have manufactured.
  14. @turboT, I just love the car and the photos, preparation etc are exceptional, but...... I am very OCD and the fact that the rear Carrera badge goes uphill slightly and is not aligned with the Turbo badge would drive me nuts. It shows a lack of care which would place a small amount of doubt in my mind. Or, if it meant to be like that then sorry and GLWS.
  15. Yep Doug agree, really like this one, but like the wilson59 grey one a lot more. $40K more, unsure?????? I would say in 18 months I will be in the market for a 991.2 GT3 so let's see what is around then, and the price. I hope you are correct in your assumption.

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