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  1. Don't risk it stick with the dealer. For the extra $200 or so, it is well worth it. You get 1 year roadside assistance too with a dealer service so that off sets the cost a bit and another thing you don't have to worry about.
  2. I have driven both. I could not stand the stop start function on the diesel. Petrol ok but was a delay on the diesel every time you went to set off. Very minute but enough for every other car to have driven away before you were in motion. was very off putting and annoying. I mentioned it to the dealer and they said its a common complaint. Standard response will be turn it off but when you have stop start function it should work satisfactorily. The current entry petrol 4 cyl Macan is a great car for $100K. I have driven it and loved it. No diesel anymore. Great decision in my opinion to drop the diesel version.
  3. Could I have some more information on this please Fishcop. I have a friend who has a pretty extensive car collection. One of his cars an AMG SL 63 has a missing key. As such he cannot start it and move it out of his garage. Luckily the car is unlocked so we can get inside but that is all. The key type is like all current model Mercs. I am unsure if a temp key can be made to fix my friends problem but if you can advise accordingly that would be appreciated. Mercedes Benz solution is to jack up each wheel and place temp moving dollys under each wheel and then roll it onto a tow truck and ship it to a dealer so as MB can have a new key programmed for the car.
  4. @JPLRSI have a MY 2015 Boxster S, Carrera White with 20 inch Carrera wheels, Sports Exhaust, Sports Chrono, PDK. 29000 klms. Full service history with Porsche Brighton and extended warranty until December 2023. Registered until December 2023. You wont find a better one that is for sure. Looking for $115,000.
  5. Feel free to pass on my details Arne. Seriously looking to pass mine on to a good home.
  6. Couldn't interest you in a 981S could I? 29000 klms, PDK, SE, Sports Chrono. 20 inch wheels, White.
  7. She's thinking "gee, I hope the car will be ok after I cart those 80 bags of cement home"
  8. Worst photography I have ever seen on car sales. Maybe it's a ploy to make you look further https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1981-porsche-911-sc-manual/SSE-AD-6615354/?Cr=2
  9. Eyes went wide, took a second look, and then ...... "oh its a pink outfit"
  10. The 4 year extended warranty deal was for the 70th anniversary year and this "one off" offer ended on 31 December so now only the standard one and two year extension deals are on offer. The prices vary depending the car but these are on the website. You should not have any problem extending if you are buying through a Porsche dealer (or privately as long as the car has been services through Porsche and warranty still in place). Extension and warranty problems only occur when purchased through a non Porsche LCMT. In this instance all bets are off and you would need to pay Porsche to do a full check that the car meets Porsche requirements (at your cost) before they will allow you to pay to take out the extended warranty. Hope this helps
  11. Love the car but hate the low profile wheels. Just looks wrong.
  12. @SlowCarPls Which state are you located? I have a guy in Melbourne who is a hail damage specialist. He does amazing work with no painting required.
  13. I am about to start the build on a new house and I have a blank canvas to start from with regard to the garage. Dimensions are 6000 x 7850 x 2885. Looking for fit out ideas (work bench and storage and floor sealer/covering suggestions) Only need to house 2 cars but would like the flexibility to house another on a temp basis if necessary. Double garage door only is being fitted for just the 2 cars so the extra width is for storage work bench or extra car every once and a while.

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