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  1. autojack

    Number Plate Bracket

    That looks identical to what is on my American car. I used a backing/adapter plate to attach my VIC number plate to it, and only the top holes lined up. It works, just an FYI.
  2. autojack

    New headlights for 70’s 911

    I'm a bit late to this party, but I had to get a set of H4s for my US car when I got it here. Suncoast Porsche in the US had the best price bar none, two complete units with bulbs for USD$660 plus shipping. Those had LHD lenses of course, but I had a set of RHD lenses that I got from porscheshop.co.uk. All told this was hundreds less than the best price I could find domestically. Swapping over the lenses was a bit of a pain but I managed, if anyone needs to know how I can dig up a link that explains.
  3. I believe the H3R site said they could not be shipped internationally with Halotron in them. Maybe that only implies air freight. I probably should have just stuck mine in with my shipment.
  4. I'll update when I get a quote. You're right, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as they say. I've already fused the front condenser fan, and I have the other items on my list.
  5. Yep, that's the one place I found! I guess I'll give them a call. I did find a lot of places that carry all kinds of stuff for motorsport, but their extinguishers are all dry powder. Kiss your electronics goodbye after you coat them in that stuff.
  6. I'm paranoid about my '88 911 catching fire, heard too many horror stories and my first car caught fire while I was driving it. An extinguisher seems like cheap insurance. When I lived in the US I had a small Halotron extinguisher from H3R (https://www.h3rperformance.com/) which I kept in the car. But when I moved to Oz I figured it wouldn't be ok to ship it, so I left it behind. Now I'm finding it hard to find a replacement here. I've found two full-service fire equipment suppliers who sell Amerex Halotron extinguishers, but I'm not sure they supply the public. Isn't there someplace I can order one online here? Presumably folks who race have to have one in the car. Thanks in advance!
  7. autojack

    What's it like to drive an LHD car in Oz?

    Hasn't been registered yet! The $%&¥ VASS and roadworthy and club reg process has been slow going. Much more complicated than I expected. I nearly have everything sorted so I can get some plates.
  8. autojack

    What's it like to drive an LHD car in Oz?

    I've put about 100km on my "lefty" now and it's been fine. I think it helped that I spent a couple of months driving our new RHD car before the Porsche arrived, so I've mostly got the hang of being on the road here. But also so far I've mostly been on multi-lane roads, so there is a lot of other traffic around to take cues from.
  9. Ah I see, you said you had "one rear lenses," I assumed you meant a set of lenses! All good, I'm already going to have to order some other bits from Pelican for the headlights, so adding these to the box is no big deal. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for checking! That's not so bad! But no left-hand one eh? If I end up needing to buy a new one for the left, I should probably just get two so they match. Let me see what else I can find. I see that Pelican sells them with black trim or silver. Am I judging right from the photo that yours is silver?
  11. Lee, did you have a chance to check on the lenses you might have? I expect to have the car done with VASS this week. Fingers crossed, anyway
  12. That would be greatly appreciated if so!
  13. Out of curiosity, who are the "usual suspects" overseas/UK? I always bought from Pelican when I lived in CA. I got the H4 lenses from Porsche Shop in the UK, but if there are other places to check I might do that. Also it looks like I will need a wiring harness adapter for the H4 lights, I can get that from Pelican. At which point it might make sense to get the light units from them... But I doubt they will have the amber indicator lenses.
  14. So, having just imported my US 1988 911 to Melbourne, I've discovered a couple of snags on the roadworthy front. One is that the headlights in the car are *not* H4 lights, as I was told at some point, but original US H5 lights. I need to put RHD/left-dipped headlights into the car, and I had bought a set of RHD H4 *lenses* before I left the US. Now today I've come to find that I can't use them because the H5 lights are sealed units. The other issue is that the US cars had red turn signals/indicators on the rear of the car and amber in the front. Victoria requires amber front and rear. It's not clear to me if this requires just a lens change, or the whole unit. I'm just wondering if anyone can offer advice about a possible source of used lights/lenses, or where else I might look to get some. I can order from the same shop in the UK where I got the H4 lenses from if necessary. At the moment the car is still being checked by the guy who is doing the VASS, so it hasn't had a formal roadworthy inspection yet. He just pointed out the indicator issue today, and at the same time I discovered the headlight issue when I went to switch over the lenses. Thanks in advance!
  15. autojack

    Valuing my car

    Noted, thanks everyone, that was helpful! See you on the road!