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  1. As an update, I ended up getting one of these at ARB. https://firestryker.com.au/
  2. I do most jobs on my car myself, but I need to have a good mechanic on speed dial for things I can't handle. Right now I need to get the AC system charged and new tires put on while I'm at it. I'm in Parkville, if anyone can recommend a good shop in the area I'd really appreciate it. My preference is for a small independent shop where I can develop a personal relationship with the mechanic. I appreciate being able to ask questions and have a technical conversation. Don't care about gleaming shops and white glove treatment. Thanks in advance!
  3. Welp, I took the car to get washed today, and as it was about 26C on the way home I decided to click on the AC. It blew nice and cold! I was really pleased! When I got home about 5 minutes later, however, I could hear a telltale hiss coming from the back of the car :( I popped the engine lid and could see all my precious R-134 venting out the center of the condenser (sorry ozone layer). I replaced the nose seal and all o-rings in the condenser during my rebuild project, and this was the one part that I was worried I might have got wrong. I can't remember now what my concerns were. I think it was either that I might have put the seal in backwards, or that I didn't lubricate it, or something like that. I've already emailed Griffiths to see if I can get just the seal in replacement, and I'll also check to see if he thinks I did anything wrong. Hopefully it will be a quick fix.
  4. No I didn't upgrade those, I decided to try without. I can always do those later. I confirmed that my existing thermostat works. Hopefully I got it positioned right in the new evaporator, that's key to getting good temperatures. I shot and narrated a lot of video during the install, when I finally finish the last couple of items I will get that edited and posted to YouTube. The only serious alternative to the Griffiths solution that I'm aware of is the new Classic Retrofit electric AC kit. It looks really impressive, and I think initial impressions have been very positive. But it costs about $1k USD more than the Griffiths kit, and I just couldn't justify that cost for a weekend car.
  5. Other than the components I mentioned, I did get the Griffiths center vent upgrade. The one that turns the center footwell blower into a straight ahead blower. I still have to install that, and seal up the evaporator box and some other openings. Ping me in January and ask me how it's doing
  6. I installed a Griffiths system in my car last year, right before moving to Oz. I expected to get a lot of use out of it last summer, but the import and registration took longer than expected so I haven't really put it through its paces yet. It is charged and blows cold though, so I'm optimistic that it will perform on hot days. I replaced everything except the compressor and deck lid condenser, and added an additional rear fender condenser as well. Happy to answer any questions about the install process, my research, etc. Incidentally, cars from that era do not have a pressure switch for the compressor. Part of the Griffiths system install involves adding one.
  7. Hmm, around the golf course and whatnot? Good idea, I went on a vintage Vespa ride through there a few years ago, it was nice! I might take you up on the offer of a joint drive as well!
  8. When I lived in the States I had an excuse to commute in my car 65 miles on pretty open highways once a week. Now I've had the poor thing in Melbourne since February but hardly had the chance to use it! I work from home now so no place to commute to, and unfortunately weekends are pretty busy with two young kids that need attention. But I could probably sneak away for a long lunch on a weekday. Can anyone suggest a place I could cruise to from Parkville that wouldn't have me sitting in traffic or stopping at a light every other block? I was thinking maybe down to St. Kilda or something could be good. Albert Park?? I'd just be happy to have a drive around, warm the oil and listen to the engine!
  9. That looks identical to what is on my American car. I used a backing/adapter plate to attach my VIC number plate to it, and only the top holes lined up. It works, just an FYI.
  10. I'm a bit late to this party, but I had to get a set of H4s for my US car when I got it here. Suncoast Porsche in the US had the best price bar none, two complete units with bulbs for USD$660 plus shipping. Those had LHD lenses of course, but I had a set of RHD lenses that I got from porscheshop.co.uk. All told this was hundreds less than the best price I could find domestically. Swapping over the lenses was a bit of a pain but I managed, if anyone needs to know how I can dig up a link that explains.
  11. I believe the H3R site said they could not be shipped internationally with Halotron in them. Maybe that only implies air freight. I probably should have just stuck mine in with my shipment.
  12. I'll update when I get a quote. You're right, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as they say. I've already fused the front condenser fan, and I have the other items on my list.
  13. Yep, that's the one place I found! I guess I'll give them a call. I did find a lot of places that carry all kinds of stuff for motorsport, but their extinguishers are all dry powder. Kiss your electronics goodbye after you coat them in that stuff.
  14. I'm paranoid about my '88 911 catching fire, heard too many horror stories and my first car caught fire while I was driving it. An extinguisher seems like cheap insurance. When I lived in the US I had a small Halotron extinguisher from H3R (https://www.h3rperformance.com/) which I kept in the car. But when I moved to Oz I figured it wouldn't be ok to ship it, so I left it behind. Now I'm finding it hard to find a replacement here. I've found two full-service fire equipment suppliers who sell Amerex Halotron extinguishers, but I'm not sure they supply the public. Isn't there someplace I can order one online here? Presumably folks who race have to have one in the car. Thanks in advance!
  15. Hasn't been registered yet! The $%&¥ VASS and roadworthy and club reg process has been slow going. Much more complicated than I expected. I nearly have everything sorted so I can get some plates.

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