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  1. Exactly Peter, as long as the you avoid short runs and everything is up to temp any contamination is burnt off and the oil stays fresh. As you mention these problems are reduced massively with modern fuel injection as your not getting copious amounts of unburnt fuel washing down into the oil anymore as engines fuel metering is so accurate (on the leaner side). I always remember back in my 20’s the smell of the oil (yep petrol) when I helped a mate who put a full datrally built race motor with 45dcoe carbs into his mostly city driven 1600 Datsun... not nice and not healthy for his engine longevity.
  2. Peter that brought back similar memories for me 🙂. My dad gave me a subscription to R&T as a young teenager to encourage me to read more and those top speed articles they did blew my mind (and also gave me a lesson on how the Italian brands tended to exaggerate their car capabilities / horsepower and the Germans under estimated. In saying that there is an early 70’s picture R&T did of the Ferrari Daytona dashboard at an indicated 180mph on a Nevada highway that was impressive. Think I need to go out to the garage now and dig through some boxes as I still have 100’s of those magazines out there somewhere 😬
  3. Coming from a Porsche forum had a good laugh at that last comment...😂 In regards to the McLaren naming convention it’s similar to the way Mercedes and BMW used to use for their cars (with a few exceptions for MB like the 300sel 6.3 or 450sel 6.9) when the number reflected the size (in litres) of the motor (MB280 =2.8 ltr, 350=3.5ltr, etc), except in McLaren’s case it’s not a reference to engine size but the power it makes.
  4. Spot on Uncle, car guy / racer first, journalist second. Bit like Tiff Needell in that respect and if you haven’t had a listen to the collecting cars chat between the 2 of them it is well worth the time, same with the chat with Harry M. I still remember Chris’ winter hibernation video with that 4.0... beautiful to watch
  5. I was wondering how long it was going to be before some comment about the seats were going to surface 😂 but yes they should definitely stay with the car
  6. In the complete waste of money I’d put sound package plus and mobile phone preparation. As to essentials, each to their own but my must haves were Clubsport, LWB and front lift (driveway issues)
  7. Great looking car and love that shot of the car, congrats on the purchase and enjoy
  8. Great cars, looks good, give it heaps and enjoy
  9. Awesome, I remember when the original LP400 came out which looked amazing and then they just kept upping the ante on the wow scale... those rear tyres and wing! Next clip let’s gets the music really happening with a start up 🙂
  10. That’s definitely one of the cars in my dream car garage, Awesome and look forward to seeing it out on the road 👍
  11. I was thinking it maybe was that car by the spec and that glimpse of the Doncaster number plate surround in one of the pics. As always Scott, impressed by your GT3 knowledge base 👍
  12. My thoughts on this are, IF they remove the LCT (and don’t replace it with some other tax or levy that hits us!) manufacturers will increase the specifications / standard equipment of the vehicle to roughly maintain the price of the car. With the cost of Porsche options this would not be that difficult and is as simple as say making something like extended leather and contrasting stitching standard on a base car, or they may drop a standard version of the car and only bring in the “S” variant. This has happened previously when import duties and tariffs have reduced or when the $AUD increased against other currencies. They do this to minimise new sales stopping leading up to the change in the tax. A side effect of this is it also protects used prices of newer used cars somewhat as well.
  13. Definitely not an original and haven’t seen one like that before. Could if be what is used if original has gone missing?

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