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  1. ... yes even with the lift kit and best efforts you will (definitely) still scrap it. Just ignore it/live with it and when it gets super scrappy buy a new one
  2. So no free bus ride to and from the pub this time.... bugger 😫
  3. ... and extra stamp duty for the govt when you buy those cars (didn’t have to pay SD if it was going on the permit scheme) Given the number of old clap trap Commodores and Falcons (and you can’t call it patina when you can fit your fist through the lower sills and the car itself is 4 different colours) you see on club plates being used as daily drivers I was always wondering when changes were going to happen...
  4. Hey Sven, love it, It’s those sort of memories that makes a car so special. Have an awesome run on the weekend and beat you’ll be easy to spot... yep the guy driving the long hood with the family and a big grin 👍
  5. Nice work Steve, been thinking I probably need to do that as well. Was pulling them apart straightforward or a few tricks involved? That grease certainly gets everywhere doesn’t it.
  6. Love the idea of running C&C2 over 2 days and opening it up for some more cars. If it remained a 1 day event I think the numbers were right for C&C1 and wouldn’t want more cars, why? One of the best aspects of the whole event was the relaxed, respectful and courteous vibe that was evident all day (both on and off track) and this was a big part of what made the event so enjoyable and fun. For me this was because of two aspects that was in mind right from the start when the idea of C&C was first raised, which were: 1. Limiting the numbers so that the groups could be small (10-12 was pretty much it by my counting through the day). This meant that everyone (ok... maybe not Sven and Rohan when they were having a bit of a run together 👍) had plenty of air around them which allowed everyone to go at their own pace and not be worried about holding people up or conversely getting in your clean lap for that pb. 2. The 20 minute session times meant that everyone was not chaffing at the bit to get out for their session to get in their laps. Instead you could go out when you wanted knowing that you would still get more than enough laps in before the end of the session. And here’s the bonus 3rd benefit of the 2 points above... it also meant you had time to visit other garages, talk to everyone who dropped by for a chat and have time to have a good talk about how good these cars are, what we have done/doing/going to do with them, etc, not just a “g’day mate, I’m Ross...oh sorry got to go that’s my session being called” I really believe it was one of the best days at the track I have been to for a very, very long time and really took me back to those days when you would all help your mates in the garage between races just to get them back out there and was well and truely worth paying a little extra for that privilege. For all of this I really want to thank Sven, Hugh and everyone else involved in putting the event together as I can only imagine the effort you all put in to make it such a successful day. The only thing in hindsight I wish we had done was to line up all the GT cars on the track for some photos as that would have been awesome... maybe something to consider for C&C2 🙂 These are just my thoughts on a great day
  7. Hey Arne, count me in for Friday night booking at the ‘Northo’ Hotel 👍
  8. Also staying Friday and Saturday night at the Glider City Motel however might be heading up a bit earlier than Arne’s convoy... but if I’m delayed will join in. And always keen on a feed and drinks
  9. Orange paint, ducktail, mfi and Pirelli CN36’s, just need some of those calendar photos on the wall and it’s 70’s nirvana! Car looking awesome and (in a totally non 70’s way) hope those new pads make it stop as well. Love it 👍
  10. Thanks for setting this all up Skids and Hugh, form submitted and paid
  11. Great idea and depending on dates definitely interested. Used to quite enjoy the short track (which will give you guys some idea how long ago it was since I’ve been up that way)
  12. Very cool car (not a surprising comment form me) with a very capable driver. Balanced and smooth doesn’t look fast but he wasn’t hanging around.
  13. It is great to hear from someone who is so focused on the driving experience and the emotional connection which has been very much lost in the pursuit of numbers. I liked that in the development of the car he mentioned that final sign off will be done with none of the driver assistance electronics activated as its primary balance should be right without these aides. I always found it interesting that with motorbikes each new sports bike is lighter than the one it replaces even with the need to incorporate more electronic aides and things like exhaust catalysts (as weight and where you put it is the enemy of agility and performance). In contrast every new iteration of a car seems to get bigger and heavier, even the 911...why? Cost and laziness as mentioned is probably one aspect, but also there seems to be with cars a collective psychology of bigger is better and safer (how else can you explain the rise in popularity of SUV,s that are not as an efficient package as the station wagon/estate, handle pathetically because of their high centre of gravity and massive weight, and then can be equipped with stupidly powerful motors so they go fast but don’t stop or change direction well?) and will never ever go off road. His argument with tyre size is a case in point, why do we need 20” or 21” rims? Bigger rims are heavier than smaller rims and the weight is in the worst possible area to have it. In the past bigger rims allowed bigger brakes to be fitted and lower profile tyres which did aid performance but at a point this stops. On cars I think it is purely a looks thing and bragging rights) as a new 911 turbo S does not need those rear rims to clear the brakes. Again I’d like to use a parallel in motorbikes where front rim size went through a period of change (more gyroscopic impacts on transitional responsiveness than weight in this case) from generally being 19” to 18” then someone thought 16” was the go (bit weird they were) and then finally 17” has been settled on as being the best balance for stability and response for a sports bike. Unfortunately for what seems like most buyers of high end vehicles it’s not about the experience of driving, more about the numbers you can quote in the coffee shop... a place where these cars should never be unless it’s at the start or the finish of a good flogging out in the country somewhere (at least it having a manual transmission should eliminate some potential owners. Good on Mr Murray for putting the driver back in the centre (pun intended) of the driving experience with a smile as the get out of the car and one last look back as you walk away.
  14. At 45amps output I wouldn’t be keeping it hooked up to your battery very long... biggest one I have is 10 amps and that’s a smart charger which varies it’s volts and amps depending on what it’s doing
  15. Exactly Peter, as long as the you avoid short runs and everything is up to temp any contamination is burnt off and the oil stays fresh. As you mention these problems are reduced massively with modern fuel injection as your not getting copious amounts of unburnt fuel washing down into the oil anymore as engines fuel metering is so accurate (on the leaner side). I always remember back in my 20’s the smell of the oil (yep petrol) when I helped a mate who put a full datrally built race motor with 45dcoe carbs into his mostly city driven 1600 Datsun... not nice and not healthy for his engine longevity.

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