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  1. I spoke to the owner about this car about 4 months ago - he had it for sale through a dealer on consignment, but wouldn't let me arrange a PPI through Porsche Centre Perth without giving a valid reason. I let it go. I don't think it's a carsales bug but rather another attempt to sell after trying a few times already. It's definitely had a crash damage because the bonnet isn't original. I've also heard that there's a bit going on underneath the car if anyone is given a chance to look. A few of the indies in Perth know about this car if you call them for more info.
  2. Yes a very good grasp of the English language! I wonder why it's taken a while to sell if it's such good value? I'm helping my father find a nice cabriolet
  3. Does anybody on here know much about the history/condition of this 993 C4 cab? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1995-Porsche-911-Carrera-4-993-Manual-MY96/OAG-AD-16148914?pageSource=details&id=OAG-AD-16148914
  4. The 964 market seems pretty well balanced at the moment - there's not many cars on the market, but no big spikes in demand. Interestingly it looks like 964 prices are still keeping just ahead of 993 prices!
  5. Yes the vin plate matches the service manual so has had some decent crash damage!
  6. Re: that white WA 996.1 GT3 for sale, I enquired about it recently and asked for some photos of the VIN stickers. It turns out the VIN on the sticker under the bonnet doesn't match the VIN in the service manual or the VIN plate......
  7. Hi guys, I bought my immaculate 1990 C2 manual Cab in December 2014 and have been astounded at how much the value has risen since then! I've now got it insured for around 250% of the purchase price, and can't see any reason why the values won't keep rising steadily in coming years. I contacted Harry Aspiotis at Porsche Melbourne to get an idea of how rare my car was, and all he could tell me was that there were 39 C2 Cabs delivered to Aus in 1990. Does anyone have any information of how many of each 964 variant were delivered new to Australia, and how many are left? Cheers, Rob

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