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  1. Thanks Merv and everyone for kind comments. Can't take any credit though - the vision and handywork all done by others.
  2. For sale is my 1983 SC. I bought this car from a PFA member in 2017 and it has been a joy ever since. This is a UK car (delivered to Northern Ireland) imported to Australia in 2009. It then spent the best part of 4 years (2010-13) undergoing a ‘mild refresh’ by the previous owners that escalated in a nut-and-bolt restoration including full engine/gearbox rebuild, paint and interior. I have the detailed records including hundreds of high-res photos. All of the important bits handled by local (Melbourne) independent marque specialists. Following completion of the rebuild project, this car was driven sparingly for the next few years until I bought it in 2017. I’ve now added a further 15,000 very enjoyable kilometres in the last 4 years. This car has several modifications detailed below. It is rust free and factory RHD. Most of the major items listed below are from the 2013 rebuild which still feels fresh today. This car will suit someone looking for a restored 911 who isn’t seeking originality. I found this car through PFA network and happy to put it back to the membership before I market it more widely. Currently on full rego. Will supply RWC for Vic buyers (or unregistered if you want to save the duty and seek a club permit). Seeking offers around $140,000. Engine & Gearbox: Fully rebuilt, about 15,000km travelled since. Now a 3.2 short stroke with 98mm cylinders, JE pistons. Early S cams - great torque and drivability. PMO 46mm EFI throttle bodies with Motec ECU. Custom motorsport-spec loom. SSI heat exchangers and Dansk Sport 2-in-1-out. 915 box rebuilt at the same time as the engine, Rennshift shifter. Engine and gearbox both matching numbers from delivery. Body: 2013 respray with Glasurit paint, primer and seal underneath. Original factory colour Zinc Metallic. Underside recoated with grey Wurth SKS. Front boot and engine bay stripped, painted and all items cleaned, refinished or replaced. New tank. Suspension and steering: New drop links, bushes and ball joints. Steering rack completely rebuilt by Auto Coupe. New axles, new torsion bars (hollow versions from Sway-Away 22/28). Wheels and Tyres: Genuine Fuchs 7 inch front, 8 inch rear. The one inch wider wheels and lower ride height provide a stance that I think is just right. Interior: Recaro LS-C seats retrimmed in Porsche cord fabric from Lakewell. New carpet. Centre console removed but can be easily re-installed. Momo Prototipo steering wheel.
  3. can you argue on the basis that it's effectively an insurance product? Unused portion of insurance policies are always refunded as there is no "service" being provided for the period post cancellation.
  4. When you look at the failure rate, multiplied by number of cars sold in Aus, multiplied by the number of Aus owners who have suffered such an event actually being a regular contributor to PFA.... then I'm not surprised you don't read about it here. I suspect experiences in Aus are more likely to ventilate on Rennlist/Pelican in any case given massive user numbers.
  5. Seems like a small change, but seriously this unit transformed the driving position in my G Series (350mm Prototipo). Well worth it for those persevering with reach, height and guage visibility compromises.
  6. 993 C2 was my first too. I miss it. A lot. Enjoy
  7. New black script fabric, 800mm x 1950mm, will be enough to retrim 2 front seats (inserts only). Part # PCG 043 204 90 2CZ. I'm in Melbourne. $150.
  8. I just cleaned out my shed yesterday and made a list of random parts I don't want and will post on here for sale. Cruise stalk is on the list! I'll send you a PM.
  9. Cool! In Hawthorn East (or South Melb during the week).
  10. Anyone have an eccentric hub spacer for Momo wheel they no longer need? The one commonly sold by Momo, JWest, etc. that brings wheel out and up about 15mm. Melbourne location preferred. Cheers.
  11. Pascha...brilliant. I really love it, but don't want it (if that makes sense). Makes my vision go fuzzy. Thanks Dalai, thats what I wanted to see! Also interesting the headrest is trimmed in the same leather as the bolsters - i like it. Most of the earlier 80-84 seats have the fabric script inserts go right up to the headrest too. Like the way yours are done better.
  12. Are Porsche script seats "wrong" in a G Series 911? I associate them more with 924/944, and cannot actually recall ever seeing a photo of them in a G series. Am re-trimming a set of sporties soon, and tossing up some ideas including new script fabric. Any photos??

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