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  1. I had a couple of seats re-trimmed by Mick Langford in Bulleen. Did a good job, and sounds like location could be handy. http://www.langfordtrimmers.com.au
  2. They certainly are the marque of choice which I've noticed too. I've been reading this mag for 30 years. Until about 2 years ago, the Wheels cover shot was invariably the latest offering from Holden or Ford - in particular the performance products (HSV, etc). They were aspirational and affordable, and the public bought them by the shed load. Since about the time local manufacturing ceased, I reckon ever 2nd cover shot is a Porsche. Seems it doesn't matter no-one (generally speaking) can afford them. The brand has massive pull.
  3. Just unwrapped my latest Wheels (am I their last subscriber?) and surprised to see a 4 page spread on HB2. "Hats off, then, to the dedicated few who've created an inclusive event." Here, here.
  4. Funny you ask. I 'had' permission to hang in the house. Then we pulled them out of the tube. Clearance revoked and back to the shed! I'm happy with that - shed could use a little cheering up!
  5. For those looking for non-professional framing options, I got these poster frames from Officeworks online (not an in-store stock item). $20, plastic not glass, delivered in 1 day. Search for A2 poster frame.
  6. I've noticed Duttons use this same generic VIN in many of their car ads.
  7. ... and some nuffer in a blue shirt chuckling at himself. Me! Great photo bomb
  8. Nice first post @DarrenM, nice car and nice shed! Are you bringing it to Colac for HB2 this Sunday?
  9. Has there ever been so much excitement from so many (me included) for a trip to Colac?! Rural B roads south of the A1 (Moriac, Birregurra, etc and arrive via Colac-Forrest Road C154) are an option too if roadworkphobia becomes unbearable.
  10. Lorne to Aireys today for a pint of Rogue Wave Ale at the Aireys Pub with the missus. First time she's been in the car in over 2 years - was great fun. We came across the usual summer holiday traffic on the G.O.R. but (amazingly) had 3 separate cars heed the signs to pull over for a following vehicle. That never happens. (BTW, there is no photographer in the back seat - my wife is a master of the selfie).
  11. Cripes, I thought I was ready for Sunday - clearly got some more work to do... ?
  12. The other midnight blue was owned by me up until about 12 months ago. Not sure if current owner (if they still have it) are connected with PFA. Excited for you Rick - nice buy.
  13. I emailed Blaupunkt Asia-Pac to check on distribution/retailing into Australia - there are no plans to release this model in Australia. Can you buy something like this from Europe and just plug-and-play? Or are there geo-specific tech differences (eg. radio frequencies particularly DAB+) which means it won't work at all? I suppose same question applies to the (very exxy) Porsche Classic solution of a couple of years ago. Someone on here tech-savvy will know the answer...

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