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  1. Seems like a small change, but seriously this unit transformed the driving position in my G Series (350mm Prototipo). Well worth it for those persevering with reach, height and guage visibility compromises.
  2. 993 C2 was my first too. I miss it. A lot. Enjoy
  3. New black script fabric, 800mm x 1950mm, will be enough to retrim 2 front seats (inserts only). Part # PCG 043 204 90 2CZ. I'm in Melbourne. $150.
  4. I just cleaned out my shed yesterday and made a list of random parts I don't want and will post on here for sale. Cruise stalk is on the list! I'll send you a PM.
  5. Cool! In Hawthorn East (or South Melb during the week).
  6. Anyone have an eccentric hub spacer for Momo wheel they no longer need? The one commonly sold by Momo, JWest, etc. that brings wheel out and up about 15mm. Melbourne location preferred. Cheers.
  7. Pascha...brilliant. I really love it, but don't want it (if that makes sense). Makes my vision go fuzzy. Thanks Dalai, thats what I wanted to see! Also interesting the headrest is trimmed in the same leather as the bolsters - i like it. Most of the earlier 80-84 seats have the fabric script inserts go right up to the headrest too. Like the way yours are done better.
  8. Are Porsche script seats "wrong" in a G Series 911? I associate them more with 924/944, and cannot actually recall ever seeing a photo of them in a G series. Am re-trimming a set of sporties soon, and tossing up some ideas including new script fabric. Any photos??
  9. I've been with Famous for a couple of years with a limited KM policy for a SC. Premium renewal arrived recently and was +50% on prior 2 years which is just a function of the underwriters (RACQ) pricing change - consistent theme with others in this thread. It's a pretty cheap policy to be honest, so not the end of the world. MB quote was about the same as the uplifted Famous pricing, but MB won't insure for theft until I install a self-arming immobiliser that disables at least 3 independent points (which I should probably do anyway). I lost interest at that point and renewed with Famous. Will have a closer look next year.
  10. A work colleague just had his Famous renewal arrive for a 991. Premium was a 30% uplift from last year. Ouch.
  11. Hi, Sports seats for SC wanted. Feel like this is a long shot, but never know what people have tucked away. Need to be structurally sound and functional. Not fussed about condition of upholstery. I'm in Melb but will freight in if I need to. Thanks.
  12. Great stuff Jeff. Love the 996, as do many others. Here's an old fave of mine for some post-purchase affirmation (PPA?) and maybe a little inspo (not that you need it)
  13. Only took 6 months, but finally got around to it. Really brightens the place up a bit - great stuff @Kerry 😁. Now just need to find a way to secure that trike a bit better otherwise...

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