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  1. As have many cars from that era including Porsches. Soft spot as my first car was an Orange 1600. Still kick myself to this day I almost literally gave it away and didn't just store to restore later.
  2. Very nice @35SIXXX. I keep checking the JDM auctions as I have always wanted a 510 Coupe or 2 door sedan!
  3. Well done Lee for taking the time and doing it right!
  4. Cars not moving as easily in WA post mining boom? High km scaring people off?
  5. 3 cars and an enclosed trailer in and no cars out in the last 3 years... Amen to that Lee!
  6. Surprised to read you have encountered snobbery @Pokiou. I thought that might have been the case prior to ownership, but have yet to encounter it. Everyone regardless of model or number of cars owned have been extremely welcoming.
  7. I'll also drop by during the weekend and say hello. I will be there both Saturday and Sunday with my 911 on display in the Shannon's walk... Didn't twig that it was a long weekend and therefore didn't look at accommodation till last week! Fortunately I don't mind camping, as I was able to find a non powered campsite. Last one too!
  8. Love of cars, love of the marque but also most importantly a focus and social outlet coffee catch ups and SMT's my 'Men's shed'. After I lost my wife to cancer just over 3 years ago, already introverted I became almost a recluse! Getting out and talking cars with others has been so important for my mental health.
  9. Devastated with the engine decision! Currently having the 3S-GTE from my MR2 turbo fully rebuilt. Using a much stronger 5S-FE block and 3S-GTE head to create a 5S-GTE, forged oversized stroker pistons, lumpy cams and rebuilt high-flowed snail should be good for ~330-350 RWHP on BP98. If I go E85 and a few upgrades to the peripherals should see over 500 RWHP!
  10. Ouch to both! I was initially with Porsche insurance when I first bought my car as both Shannons and Lumley wouldn't even provide a quote as at the time didn't have a garage. Was happy with the service but was around $1100.
  11. All my cars are with Famous. My policy for the 84 Carrera coupe on club plates recently needed renewing and went up this year, but not double! Agreed value stayed the same at $120K, but the policy went up from ~$650 to ~$725. I did call up to query and was told the change was due to the underwriter.
  12. Said by an Evo owner...Drinking the same Colaid, just in a different labelled bottle...
  13. Probably got all excited by all the views today after we all clicked the link...
  14. Have owned this 04 Forester XT Luxury for the last 8 years or so. Face only a mother would love but is great up in the snow, throw bikes in the back or even sleeping in the back when out climbing and I can't be bothered pitching the tent. Was looking at these or early 2000's WRX hatch, but the longer boot and insurance 1/2 of the Rex with similar power had me sold on the Forester. Fun car for what it is and super sure footed in the wet and snow.

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