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  1. Many rotaries at yesterday's meet. Need rotary BRAP's in my future! But can't fit one in a Datto Doug. Currently getting my engine rebuilt for my MR2 turbo. Many people are K-swapping to get reliable cheap horsepower but I can't transplant a Honda motor into a Toyota! Instead going with a more expensive Toyota build using a stronger 5S-FE block with the 3S-GTE head and forged internals.
  2. Thread drift, but saw this on Sunday and had to take a photo for @Lucky Phil And that isn't on airbags either, it drove in like that!
  3. Got my JDM fix yesterday at the yearly Sakura Picnic organised by the Toyota Car Club. Amongst the hundreds of JDM cars of all eras I found these two gems. The white being a rarer 2 door sedan. Torn between my next car being a 2 door 510 coupe as always wanted one when I owned my 1600 or a series 1 RX7. I've also always wanted to own rotary - NA Bridgeport 13B ideally!
  4. Been sitting for ages unsold at $165K, so makes sense to add $20K...
  5. Dalai

    Car cover

    I also have a Covercraft fitted cover. They offer quite a large number of variations for each model year - I have the 2 mirror pockets with whale tail which is a perfect fit. Mine is the Noah material which appears superseded. Pity they are not made here anymore as was planning on buying a few more covers from them.
  6. Guessing not a fan of the slammed look Phil?
  7. Historic racing is where it's at! Nothing like F5000's and other historic race cars roaring around a track. Being able to walk around the pits right up to the cars and talk to the drivers.
  8. Dalai

    Mallala historics

    Not this year unfortunately. Plan to support once I get my AF2 running!
  9. Arthur 'Skidmarks' Daley. Just driven to church on Sundays.
  10. Yes. I reported it as it reeked of SPAM and mods deleted it.
  11. For historic race cars I would always normally say original livery. Given it is road registered, as it sits is stunning and IMO I would leave às is. If you added the stickers, surely you would have to go all in and fully replicate?
  12. Bloody predictive text! Looks like I need a trip to the optimist too for missing that...

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