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  1. Only if your Webcam show is a registered business. That's what my accountant my friends accountant said...
  2. Saw a minis only race at Winton historics a couple of years ago. Awesome to see them up close hammering around the track, back inside wheels up in the air as they screamed around the bends!
  3. Stunning 934! Hate to guess $$$. Unfortunately will most likely go to an overseas collector...
  4. With ongoing lockdowns, logbook showed I hadn't driven the car for a couple of months. So a wash and meandering drive to the supermarket and back tonight was required.
  5. Mine is an 84 Carrera with whale tail, so would be great to know what size you would recommend.
  6. Nice car @JV911 Personal taste but the only thing I'd change would be to fit smaller diameter rims. Such low profile tyres look out of place on a classic muscle car of that era IMO.
  7. @Beau what size cover is it? I'd have to go a size down.
  8. @on_booost Been sitting on CS for ages about $50K less... Looks to be playing the old game where if your car is sitting for ages without a buyer, you will surely find one by increasing the price!
  9. Dalai

    Stolen 944 Turbo

    There is always some chance even if low that it could be located. Just this week a Mazda R100 coupe stolen 8 years ago was returned intact. https://www.bendigoadvertiser.com.au/story/7419069/gisborne-police-seize-rare-mazda-stolen-in-2013/
  10. Dalai

    Stolen 944 Turbo

    Was stolen on the 21st August. https://www.9news.com.au/national/police-chase-ids-after-vintage-porsche-stolen-off-melbourne-street-brunswick/c52c2c5a-8e46-483b-9d3f-efd6b4c0f65d?fbclid=IwAR0cZFcLsVGqsWPX1P8BJWk-kB9PQKqG2_Xqfj5O_vEUBa7KDHkHTIVqO8A
  11. Some good news to finish the week on. I still need to find the full details, but they are thankfully staying with the 25 year age minimum requirement as a Vic Club Permit applications.

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