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  1. Was initially listed for $60K, but various comments saying it is underpriced was the reason for the increase.
  2. @firstone glad to hear he has been found safe! Must be a relief for you all!
  3. Still listed as for sale unless I am missing something?
  4. Had to fully bend both edges 90 degrees to fit the plate on the rear of my JDM import to fit the Japanese plate spacing. So far so good but waiting on the inevitable close scrutiny from the blokes in blue...
  5. Dalai

    My Porsche 928

    You were the one to mention the 929...
  6. Still on CS. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-914-1974/SSE-AD-4535351/?Cr=1
  7. I find it ironic when people sitting in their mostly single occupant cars are complaining about traffic... Reality the horse bolted long ago with huge population growth and minimal upgrades to the roads and particularly public transport network! Estimates suggest Melbourne's population will continue to grow further - from the already too big 5 million in Melbourne to 8 million by 2051! Only way congestion could be curtailed will be by introducing a high user pays congestion charge zone for greater Melbourne like in London. Be careful what you wish for!
  8. Stunning! Pity no engine pic...
  9. Please do. Would love to see this in the flesh in Victoria!
  10. According to a previous topic, 86 Australian Delivered Carrera's dropped to 207HP.
  11. Last of the leaded is referring to the 231HP motor. When we went to unleaded in Australia they detuned the motor to cope for our poor fuel quality hence the lower HP... I run BP98 unleaded in my Australia delivered 84 too! Mine is Australian delivered and current now at 184,500km so too many km for Rob... But will also never be for sale anyway.
  12. I have 245/45/16 rears and 205/50/16 fronts and was told the correct aspect ratios should be 50 and 55 respectively...
  13. Light isn't great this morning and getting the car out would involve moving the two cars in front...
  14. I'l take a photo of mine in the morning and post it here for you.
  15. The 996 with BBS wheels for $49k for sale in Vic looks good... Surprised it is still available.

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