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  1. Clearance rates last week in Melbourne and Sydney were 47% and 41% respectively. Looks like a well sorted car, but for a converted 911 I would try to knock off at least 10K when giving the tyres a kick...
  2. https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Porsche-911-1979/OAG-AD-16560336/?Cr=13 Looks like a fun car. Though they must have missed the memo from @symsy about prices dropping. Pretty sure I saw this listed for sale earlier in the year on one of the Porsche club pages for 60K...
  3. Think outside the box. Knock out the wall dividing the mancave from the house...
  4. No problem. About time forward dating comes back in vogue again...
  5. Dalai

    Sandown Historics this weekend.

    Enjoying a great afternoon. Free entry today to watch practice and wander through the pits! F5000's are my highlight followed closely by the old touring cars! Currently sitting in the stands watching and enjoying the sweet sounds! F5000's just rolling on to the track again!
  6. Dalai

    996 nearly

    That it did! But even now I have to put planks over the curb to get it out onto the street...
  7. Dalai

    Sandown Historics this weekend.

    Dropping by Friday to watch practice and looking to also get a ticket for Saturday. Will make sure to say g'day!
  8. Dalai

    996 nearly

    Interesting... When I purchased mine, it was that low I couldn't come close to getting a 2*4" anywhere under it as it was well below legal! Went standard delivery from Perth to Melbourne with CEVA back in February 2017.
  9. Dalai

    Check Your P

    Appreciate your candour on the subject. I'm doomed. My only vice!
  10. Definitely need to check though all the reviews as unlike ANF I had a good experience with Ceva shipping my 911 from Perth in 2017. Last February I drove my MR2 turbo from Noosa back to Melbourne and would ship interstate next time and fly back! Though some of that reluctance to repeat the drive was it was in the middle of a heatwave and the MR2 had rock hard coilovers which had me feel every bump on that rough inland route!
  11. Has been on and off Carsales for a year or more. Last time round recently price continued downwards with the last listing around low $60K's...
  12. Dalai

    HK 911

    Penance for hurting the lovely HK? She will come back looking and driving amazing once everything has been done. Patience!
  13. Dalai

    I smell a rat

    You too? Lucky for me they said that they had two of everything!
  14. Nice photos. Drove up that road from Harrietville over 20 times this winter - when the road wasn't covered in snow it was super fun way to start the day! Have they repaired the surface? As it was very chewed up in places due to snow chains...
  15. 96434708400 (02 verl) - looks to be from a 964 according to a search of the code on the wheel...