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  1. Dalai

    Toyota MR2 Turbo

    @Coastr Thanks have watched already. One of the main reasons why I bought the MR2 was how easy it is to mod the 3s-gte for additional HP.
  2. Dalai

    Toyota MR2 Turbo

    Been a long slow process ordering parts for the MR2. Just got it back from the shop last weekend after having all the work completed. As it looks now. Changes were: New Fortune Auto 500 coilovers with custom spring rates. WedsSport TC105X wheels and Ventus RS-4 tyres, new front wheel bearings, adjustable Tie Rod ends, lower ball joints, poly SuperPro Caster rod bushes, stainless brake lines. Was then corner balanced and spirited driving focused alignment done. Still to do: roll guards as some rubbing over bumps. hub centric rings, new better brake pads and brake fluid. Once done, it will be on to the track for some fun!
  3. Dalai

    996 backdate

    Seriously tazzieman? Hundreds if not thousands of longhoods have been forwarded dated over the years. Just not anymore thankfully!
  4. Stunning Jim45! I finally got around fitting the Rennline Extinguisher mount a couple of days ago.Took longer than I had expected, but as mine was for a retrofitted electric seat that I couldn't easily unplug I had to fit it with the seat still in the car. I'd also bought a Brey-Krause quick release bracket for the extinguisher, but discovered that the bottle diameter is too large for it!
  5. Lovely car! Personally I like the all silver rims, as it ties in nicely with the silver Targa bar. Might need a trip to the optometrists Lee. They are silver Fuchs...
  6. Dalai

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Thanks for the clarification. I was initially thinking it was looking like a Renault Alpine A310 with different lights...
  7. Dalai

    996 tyres

    Not sure of sizes needed, but I just bought a staggered set of 17" Hankook Ventus RS4's for my MR2 Turbo's new wheels after being recommended. Hankook had a 4 for the price of 3 sale on so I was only out of pocket just over $700!
  8. Poor form! Expect it is to do with the ad costs too. At $69,999 cheapest ad option is $108 for a standard ad. As soon as the price advertised is $70,000 + there is no Standard ad option, only the premium ad at $175. If that stingy with the ad costs, how have they been with the maintenance?
  9. Latest model from Mercedes to challenge Tesla.
  10. Does look nice and as @Lucky Phil says these are rare on the ground in Australia. If your friend is serious, consider getting in contact with companies like Nippon2U on FB. I am also keen on the Coupes and watch their FB feed and these get listed from time to time. I am pretty sure suggest prices landed are 75% of that linked.
  11. Clearance rates last week in Melbourne and Sydney were 47% and 41% respectively. Looks like a well sorted car, but for a converted 911 I would try to knock off at least 10K when giving the tyres a kick...
  12. https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Porsche-911-1979/OAG-AD-16560336/?Cr=13 Looks like a fun car. Though they must have missed the memo from @symsy about prices dropping. Pretty sure I saw this listed for sale earlier in the year on one of the Porsche club pages for 60K...
  13. Think outside the box. Knock out the wall dividing the mancave from the house...
  14. No problem. About time forward dating comes back in vogue again...

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