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  1. You obviously don't follow the classic JDM market...
  2. There is a blue one on FB posted on Porsche Enthusiasts Australia South end of the Gold coast for $43K.
  3. That's a name from the distant past! My brother worked there decades ago and they built a worked L18 that went into my 1600. Was a strong little motor!
  4. Your car passed mine then, as Chris Hocking was racing mine in the Cheetah's last race coming in 6th!
  5. Driving the Formula Holden would have been an amazing experience @LeeM!
  6. Thanks guys. Looking forward to driving it. I do expect it to be sensory overload! Any photos of your Ralt @Jason A ? I was seriously considering a Ralt before this showed up for sale! I've already started the process of filling in the documentation so I can get the Certificate of Definition to be able to race it in Historic events next year... Car was last raced in 88 and then sat in the previous owners garage till now!
  7. Late to the party posting congratulations and in joining just under 3 years ago. I also echo the sentiment of here being a great bunch of warm and welcoming people. I joined soon after loosing my wife to cancer and have found here and particularly the SMT and coffee gatherings a lifeline. I am quite introverted to begin with and had almost become a recluse and have really enjoyed the conversations and especially the friendships formed via this forum!
  8. A few years ago I discovered the Cheetah marque by chance when a colleague mentioned one that may be for sale in the same warehouse where he stores one of his cars... That one needed a lot to get it back racing therefore kept it in mind but didn't make an offer. It did though pique my interest in these particular historic open wheelers as they were made here in Melbourne through the 70's and 80's and kept my eyes and ears open. https://www.oldracingcars.com/marques/cheetah/aus/ Just last week on the Cheetah FB page, a fully restored MK6 Australian Formula 2 car (62-13) was listed for sale locally. As the restoration was back in the 90's-00's, it will need a full going over and replace anything that may have perished but is otherwise immaculate! So I spoke to the owner and spent a few hours last weekend looking at it and all the relevant documents making an offer the next day. End result is I am the new owner!
  9. Great news Dave. Looking forward to seeing it soon!
  10. Looking forward to it too. One week just checking out some of the best roads Tasmania has to offer!
  11. @Airhead thanks for clarifying. I'll hold out hoping the owner of the car I am buying finally gets the car in the trailer off for restoration and I can get that trailer.
  12. I thought it was about some cars now playing noises through the car speakers to make better vroom noises for the occupants!
  13. I might. As a car I am hopefully picking up next Friday was to come with an old enclosed trailer, but the owner is storing another car in the trailer and now not sure when he will be able to empty it! Car is an historic AF2 so doesn't need to be a big trailer...

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