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  1. I've been regularly putting money aside in the toy account, but currently have nowhere near enough to make an offer which isn't insulting...
  2. The 73 993 would be a great candidate to be returned into a long nose non matching numbers hotrod!
  3. @LeeM not seeing the necessary sizes in either Nankang tyre model unfortunately. Thanks for the suggestion. @Simonk the A052 is the replacement for the A048 and web pages discussing the tyre date back a far as 2017. It's not listed on the AU Yokohama site at all and only found a size list including both sizes needed only on the Yokohama EU site! They are available through the same place you bought your latest tyres...
  4. I'd been planning on getting fresh rubber on my car soonish as the tread is getting down. But after @Simonk pointed out the age of my rears at DakDak last weekend, it has had me look at replacing them now far sooner than later even though they still handle okay. I have a quote for the Michelin SX XX3's, but am looking at all available options. In doing so I have found Yokohama Advan AO52's in the necessary sizes - fronts 205/55/16 rears 245/45/16. Anyone have experience with the AO52's or can offer other suggestions? Tyres I have recent experience with are Hankook RS4's on the MR2 Turbo and Bridgestone Potenza RE003's on the Forester Turbo. Preference is toward grippy tyre's over longer wearing. Driving in the 911 is spirited road driving primarily in the dry, but would like a tyre that won't kill me if caught out in a shower while out in the hills.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. It is an 1984 with 7" fronts running 205's and 9" rears with 245's. Will have to check the fronts tonight as I think they might be 50 profile.
  6. Does running 9" Fuchs on the back change things? As that is what I am rolling on. Since these aren't a stock size for my car I doubt that will be in my owners manual...
  7. Of course the coffee matters. This is Melbourne!
  8. Written in the description. Unlicenced driver trying to hide the car after a hit and run...
  9. Was initially listed for $60K, but various comments saying it is underpriced was the reason for the increase.
  10. @firstone glad to hear he has been found safe! Must be a relief for you all!
  11. Still listed as for sale unless I am missing something?
  12. Had to fully bend both edges 90 degrees to fit the plate on the rear of my JDM import to fit the Japanese plate spacing. So far so good but waiting on the inevitable close scrutiny from the blokes in blue...
  13. Dalai

    My Porsche 928

    You were the one to mention the 929...
  14. Still on CS. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-914-1974/SSE-AD-4535351/?Cr=1

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