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  1. Stickers are highly illegal. At least in Victoria.
  2. I bought both the fronts and rears from MSWT splitting the order over a couple of months. I sourced the rears first and then the fronts when the only 2 tyres in that size became available! I was also told they were through Pirelli Australia and Ray at MSWT confirmed the manufacture dates prior to purchasing.
  3. Agreed @TwoHeadsTas ! Pikes Peak is an amazing climb. Rode up and down it on a road bicycle as part of a 3 week peak bagging trip back in 2013. How those cars can perform on a climb topping 4000m is crazy! I've ridden a number of climbs in the US and Europe and rate this the toughest with 10% plus gradient combined with the altitude!
  4. Sounds like we found the culprit for the police visit...
  5. Need to pay the $25 and be a financial member of the forum to post a for sale ad.
  6. I thought I bought mine at the top of the curve early 2017, but without knowing what the current crop of cars on carsales are selling for rather than listed price it is hard to say. Having said that mine is currently now insured for $20K more than what I bought it for and when I picked it up yesterday from Stuart at Nine Auto after its yearly service he suggested I would get minimum another $5K over that considering its condition and mileage which is now ~185400 km. And it is definitely not for sale! BTW, enjoyed the thread bump reading my excited post purchase posts!
  7. Quoted by another supplier Michelin classics fitted at just over $1,900 and the Pirelli classics which were out of stock $2,300 fitted. So feeling I got a good price considering. Was told the 245/45/16 is only used on 9" 911 turbo Fuchs and was used by Ferrari for 2 years; so not common!
  8. Big shout out to Ray at Motorsport Wheel's and Tyres in Dandenong South for sourcing Pirelli PZero Rosso's in 205/55/16 and 245/45/16. Hard to come by so ended getting the rears a couple of months ago as those were in stock and was checking back till I saw the only 2 fronts that became available last week fitted Friday. Pirelli aren't bringing in large quantities, but they are being brought into the country. Ended up being just under $1,400 for the four fitted.
  9. Says 72 forward dated. Shouldn't that year have the external oil filler?
  10. That explains the music choice. Went straight over the top of my head for sure! Simply stunning car. Looking forward to hearing it running and then your views of the car. As I too have been in awe of the Countach from childhood and would love to hear from your first hand experience.
  11. Stunning car! Not so sure about your choice in music though...
  12. That's more like it. Rather sell my house than sell my Porsche if push comes to shove!
  13. Great bunch of people who will make you welcome and show you the secret handshake for future gatherings. Will see you all in the morning!
  14. Nice looking car. Wishing the owner all the best with the sale!

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