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  1. Why couldn't you have procrastinated for a couple of years so I could refresh the toy fund after my recent AF2 purchase... Your GT3 looked and especially sounded amazing! Next custodian will have an amazing car.
  2. Another positive review from me too. Only local place I could find 245/40/16 Pirelli's for my 84 AC. Great price and service!
  3. Over 50 bids so far, so expect this to double in price the last day of bidding. From the photos it looks good!
  4. I'm glad you didn't. Just had a week down in Tassie - drove ~2500km of the best twisty roads and it worked flawlessly! Very happy custodian and have no plans of moving it on.
  5. Nice @Dreamr. Mine is one of the 84 coupes...
  6. I have all my other cars insured with Famous. Just need to find something for the Cheetah as it is finally tucked away here at home. Realistically just need restoration and storage insurance for the next 12 months, as it will take some time to look over and organise the CoD. But looking already for future insurance options. Although I plan on using it for hill climbs too, primarily it will be brought out at historics which means I will need the upgraded licence.
  7. Thanks for the details. PS they weren't my socks??? Saw them when leaving...
  8. Just found the following insurance broker with race coverage. Will call during the week. Anyone have experience with these guys? https://affinitymi.com.au/ Famous track cover is only for events CAMS L2S Licence and below...
  9. Interested in insurance options for a non registered race car. Are there any insurance providers that offer cover for racecars whilst on the track? I know Famous have a $10,000 option, but not sure if they insure race only vehicles. Otherwise just get cover for fire and theft etc? If so, any recommendations?
  10. It's a great event! I've been going the last couple of years, just for the day though. If you are thinking of going down and staying I'd expect accommodation needs to be booked well ahead of time!

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