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  1. Dalai

    Not quite ownership but close

    I'm insured through Porsche Insurance... Recommend you do a search, as this topic has come up only recently. Sounds positive. Purchase was successful?
  2. Dalai

    Apholsterer in Melbourne

    One of those votes was mine and I have never posted a down vote, so suggesting gremlins and that all the down votes were originally Likes!
  3. Mileage and entertaining description aside, a PPI and further investigation seems justified given it is an original RHD 3.2 Carrera coupe at a very reasonable price! Good to hear about the dealer. If I wasn't considering a historic open wheeler I'd be keen to check it out. Can never have too many 911's! 😀
  4. Not sure if discussed previously, but this UK 1987 Carrera coupe on Gumtree has had a price drop to $75K and looks worthwhile investigating further if that is what you're after... https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/wangara/cars-vans-utes/1987-porsche-911-carrera-bright-red-5-speed-manual-coupe/1182375863
  5. Dalai


    Good to know about Ryno Jason. I bought another car earlier this year (classic JDM not a Porsche) and so will be looking around next year to see if I can get a better deal for my 3 cars including DD. All except the DD are garaged now which will open up more options too...
  6. Dalai


    Another plus one for Joe. This year my policy was underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited. Last year it was underwritten by QBE Insurance, as at the time I didn't have a garage (only a carport open to the street) and they were fine with that. Both Shannon's and Lumley's at that time wouldn't give me a quote because of this...
  7. I know that feeling. I'll sell the house long before I sell my 911!
  8. I did spend the previous 9 days slowly moving across from the West coast working my way up increasingly higher climbs to acclimatise, but still found both Mt Evan's and especially Pikes Peak a real challenge! At 4300m, studies show Functional Threshold Power output is around 72% compared to that generated at sea level! Which is why EV cars have such an advantage at Pikes Peak... The air really is thin at that elevation!
  9. Amazing road I would love to return to and have a run on closed roads! My lap was on a road bicycle as part of a USA 3 week peak bagging trip and this was the toughest of all the climbs I've ridden so far around the world! Like the neighbouring Mt Evan's which is the highest paved road in North America, this tops out at just over 4300m but with gradients over 10% near the top!
  10. Given the time lapse for the wiper motor bracket and bits was over 15 hours, I can see why it is taking as long as it is. Do really want to see it driving; will be a monster!
  11. Dalai

    964 Market Watch

    Surely you could spend half an hour before taking photos and give it a clean? Looks nice otherwise!
  12. Already sold. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/cars/news/classic-porsche-scandi-noir-tv-series-bridge-offered-auction/
  13. Dalai

    How life can change

    I echo everyone's sentiments especially @OUTATIME. My wife was diagnosed with a rare aggressive form of Neuroendocrine carcinoma July 2015. It responded thankfully to the initial chemo so gave us 53 more weeks together. Unfortunately it was already stage 4 and as we were told to expect it to relapse. The second anniversary of her passing is in a couple of weeks... Sending positive thoughts and strength your way, as it will be a tough journey for both of you!
  14. Dalai

    Vehicle Hoists

    Front hoist would have to be in the raised position to allow cars from behind through as the Tuff lift hoist appears to have a lip at the far end. Hugh will be able to confirm. The hassle of moving the cars around must be the lesser evil compared to paying for the storage and accessing the cars from another location? I currently have four cars nose to tail and it is pretty much as the Castle quote if I want to get to the fourth car!