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  1. ^^^^^ This. I bought my 911 in Perth and had it shipped back to Melbourne after flying over to inspect. Another car bought (non P car) was near Noosa. Flew and trained it North and drove it home.
  2. Taking a lot longer than planned, but the last few years put most best laid plans behind the Eight ball. Covid, the shop loosing mechanics and me altering the build as it has progressed. Now uprated cams, porting, top feed fuel rail and bigger injectors for E85 to add to the forged internals already in there. Been dropping by the shop every fortnight this year just to encourage it along and happy to say the engine and car are closer than they've been for years! Hoping to take the day off work and be there for its first start, run in and dyno which isn't far off!
  3. Beautiful car either way, but also think it looks better with the original wheels.
  4. Unfortunately those days are long gone along with the $50k Air cooled 911s... Stunning car. GLWS!
  5. I know you jest, but I have thought about removing the front bedroom window and converting it into a garage! Most likely option will be a small Hero Hoist King 9S 4 post hoist (only smaller one I could find) that will fit in the left with the AF2 car up between the joists giving just enough room for the MR2 or 911.
  6. Tell me about it! Driveway redone and enlarged so room for the enclosed car trailer finally off to the side, as earlier had to hitch it up and perform Tetris to get the Porsche out for a drive! Will be even worse shortly as the MR2 should be finally back from the workshop!
  7. Local street to me I pass along on some of my walks. Lotus, 944S2 and 928 parked out front. 928 must have been recently driven as usually all three are squeezed together in front of their house. Do wish in this weather they had somewhere to store them out of the rain. But is the issue for anyone with more than a few cars...
  8. Very fortunate with your wife sjm. Coming up to the 6th anniversary of my wife's passing from cancer. Was already stage 4 but with the cancer she had wouldn't have made a difference if found earlier... It's a horrible disease and far too prevalent!
  9. My reading between the lines of Z's comment is questioning what came first... Potential bore scoring requiring an engine rebuild or hail. If in the above order Z is wondering if the owner may have added to the hail damage with a hammer guaranteeing a full insurance payout. Pretty out there suggestion IMO. But I am naive as to what people may do.
  10. Sincerest condolences to you Lee and those here that knew Mark!
  11. Wow! Just need to find somewhere to store it in South Africa till it's 25 years old...
  12. I used to rock climb professionally in a past life and would often solo (climb by myself without the rope). I knew the risks where one slip is fatal, did everything in my ability to reduce the chances of falling (keeping 3 points of contact as much as possible, climbing routes graded under my maximum, selecting climbs which had many ascents at cliffs with less friable rock so less chance of holds breaking) and enjoyed the focus and being in the moment that climbing in that style elicits. If I would have died from soloing, no way would I want restrictions or banning of soloing. I knew the risks and chose to embrace them. We would be poorer if we were wrapped in cotton wool and not able to experience challenges in life if that is what we want to do... Regardless the risks.
  13. My seats are from I believe an 86. If available in 84, it wasn't fitted in mine from the factory...
  14. I have identical in my 84 Carrera (Blue with script though). Great holding seats!

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