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  1. Expensive shopping trolley. Different subject.. Has ole sold his 911 yet?
  2. It's a lengthy and challenging process but can be done. I've done it. I have a guide prepared..
  3. Getting off endone is horrible.. just awful. 2 rounds of sciatica. Never want that drug again!
  4. How long do I have before I need the dreaded finger? Current age = 37
  5. That was a massive couple of replies. All I read was.. "I KNOW SHIT" "I'm unemployed"
  6. These guys would never let evil happen at volvo.. :-) https://www.volvocars.com/za/about/our-company/this-is-volvo-cars/board-of-directors
  7. Wonder if Porsche were in on monkey gassing too. So glad I found Volvo. They plod along quietly producing excellent strong, practical, safe and comfortable machines.. the world is finally discovering how awesome they are (xc60 won wheels car of the year). I'm sure they'd never hurt a monkey.
  8. audi = vw = gassing monkeys = evil Becoming less of a fan of VW these days.
  9. Al

    WTB 911 SC or 911 3.2

    Ah haha this old discussion. Entertaining. Aus delivered cars were hacked by bogans from day 1 of delivery.. "yeah mate get me the drill would ya, gotta slap this compliance plate on."
  10. Is this the whinge piss and moan thread? Cool. I hate borg warner 35's. I hate power bills. I hate going back to work after a holiday. done.

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