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  1. I think she may have a bit of gout, why else would you cut the toes out of a good pair of shoes?
  2. Anyone have any suggestions for an adehsive for the dust felt around the sunroof? Thanks
  3. They look to be out of an old Triumph
  4. A dress that coordinates with the brake calipers ...wasnt on any option list i read
  5. This weeks cover of Your CPA and You, features Belinda. Belinda is a proficient taxation specialists who loves sudoko and her labradoodle betsy
  6. As the sun sets over the cornfield, we recall our childhood summers of bikinis, porsches and the call of the surf
  7. "Not happy, the tattoist promised me no one would be able to see it,"
  8. Janice cant stay on jobkeeper for much longer
  9. Hey Janice, just get on with it. You get paid by the car not by the hour
  10. I'd insert a really clever 911 pun here.....
  11. Dunno. If you had a 959 would you muck around with it, or leave it alone?

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