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  1. I rather liked the video where Simone goes looking for her shirt
  2. Yeh i know, the aircon in these things is crap
  3. Librans can be autoelecs, she's even wearing saftey glasses
  4. Her Omega tattoo may suggest a day job as an electrician
  5. If they pull you over and ask if you have a police record, best not to say.. of course, I have Ghost in the Machine.
  6. Yesterday, three trucks abreast in the Burnley tunnel. The speedy truck managed about 40kph Another note, what is with Ford Rangers and idiots?
  7. Three lovelies in a super minx....different times
  8. Is the coffee at these meet ups at a dealership any good?
  9. Insist that trucks must be able to keep up with urban traffic
  10. Found out that the reserve tank warning light doesnt work
  11. Im probably in a very small minority here. Keep the LCT, i reckon its a good way to redistribute wealth.
  12. Scashin, im not sure that skunkwerks provide a respray sevice. From my experience their more into restoration or rebuild. They take a hell of a lot of pride in their work so a respray might not appeal to them. As to quoting, it would be a challenge to provide a firm price until they get the paint off and see if there are any issues with the car. Im a fan of Rohan and his small team, I'd be happy to discuss the work they did for me. Feel free to msg me if you want Mike
  13. Why do the English drink warm beer? Lucas make refrigerators

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