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  1. If they pull you over and ask if you have a police record, best not to say.. of course, I have Ghost in the Machine.
  2. Yesterday, three trucks abreast in the Burnley tunnel. The speedy truck managed about 40kph Another note, what is with Ford Rangers and idiots?
  3. Three lovelies in a super minx....different times
  4. Is the coffee at these meet ups at a dealership any good?
  5. Insist that trucks must be able to keep up with urban traffic
  6. Found out that the reserve tank warning light doesnt work
  7. Im probably in a very small minority here. Keep the LCT, i reckon its a good way to redistribute wealth.
  8. Scashin, im not sure that skunkwerks provide a respray sevice. From my experience their more into restoration or rebuild. They take a hell of a lot of pride in their work so a respray might not appeal to them. As to quoting, it would be a challenge to provide a firm price until they get the paint off and see if there are any issues with the car. Im a fan of Rohan and his small team, I'd be happy to discuss the work they did for me. Feel free to msg me if you want Mike
  9. Why do the English drink warm beer? Lucas make refrigerators
  10. The studs in the seats would be interesting in summer.
  11. Down here the buses at school drop offs are black X5s and the drivers wear 2XU and North Face Agrre that congestion needs to be managed whollistically, not just roads and cars but how we manage them and all the other users.
  12. This could be a vent for the grumpy old men. Particulary those in Melbourne It took me nearly 40mins to drive from Malvern to Hawthorn, admittedly at school pick up time. Thats about the same distance as Rose Bay to Kings Cross. So aside from making kiddies cath trams, what can we do? Heres a few. Remove level crossings Get cyclists to ride on the bike paths Ban parking within 75meters from an intersection Remove red arrows - dumbest invention ever Teach women in European SUVs to drive Force Private school kiddies to catch public transport Limit the access Ford Rangers have to north/south roads
  13. Here we go, thought it best to check with the original owner before posting. Circa 1978 Basically as i purchased 17 years ago As it now. No tail, added script, fatter fuchs.
  14. The tail, no tail is a complex debate. Somewhat akin to a pork chops colour choice. Dont get me started on the subject of head light squirting.....

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