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  1. Spectre

    C3.0 Noob Questions

    Not sure if an insta link works. Lots of progress at skunkwerks
  2. Spectre

    C3.0 Noob Questions

    Thank you
  3. Spectre

    C3.0 Noob Questions

    Just picked up the rear seat pads from the trimmer. Peter Blackman ? Anyone know what adhesive is best to hold them in place?
  4. In. Hope its finished in time. Otherwise already there
  5. Spectre


    Who protested ?
  6. Spectre

    Draftsperson Inner east Melb

    Thank you. I have most of the paperwork. Badly need help with the site drawing. This private surveyor business is not a great system
  7. Spectre

    My new GT3.2 RS

    You just gotta love green
  8. Need a draftsperson to turn my drawings for a shed into something the surveyor will accept. Preferably someone that can pop out and have a look. Malvern No design necessary, thats all done, just a set of drawings that the bozo surveyor likes. This private surveyor crap is a pain.
  9. Tiff is a bozo, nice cars terrible story 300 bhp and light, Tiff complains. Stick to your BMW dog mover
  10. Given the car is now at the cheese factory, I'm definitely IN. Some nice stuff down there . The heretic is oh so gorgeous.
  11. Yep, great ad for a great car. Looks excellent in the flesh
  12. Spectre

    The new Taycan

    It's got superchargers ?
  13. Spectre

    Spotted Thread

    At kiddy sport. Ivory 356, white 2.4 a nice black Cayman and yep a flock of Macans
  14. Spectre


    Yep and thanks