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  1. ^^^ just to clarify, the OTLW garage is not mine... but I might have a little garage envy when seeing it- just a little
  2. vin


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  4. True about the ring ... but I wouldn’t sweat those lap times as I’m not Kevin Estre or Marc Lieb nor care about bragging rights at the pub. Just upgrade the .1 3RS rubber to the current stickier .2 3RS cup2 tires and I expect the difference to be negligible on our local tracks. Yet the visual differences would be much more noticeable and desired - at least to my eyes
  5. As both PDK, I’d probably go RS... while the GT3 has the better 4.0L, I like the extra visual boost that the rest of the RS goodies provide (in addition to their technical benefits). ie. carbon bonnet, magnesium roof, wider body, more aggressive wing, 21” rears etc. Km’s are a concern but I reckon in 12 months when u r ready to buy a lot of the lower km examples we see now won’t have that many kms and have a fair chance of being around the same price if not lower...
  6. Must have missed the memo about not wanting to put kms on it or get it dirty... 😬
  7. Fantastic... nicely optioned with SC, LWBS and full leather with contrasting yellow stitching/belts. Looks awesome 👍
  8. Nice... ^^^ the car that inspired this RS spec ?
  9. Luxury Auto Body trackday at Phillip Island
  10. Hmmm... do we have enough 981 in Melbourne for a meet? Untitled by on Flickr

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