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  1. vin


    Yes, the RS can go on tour! Mt Sturgeon in the Grampians behind. #notagaragequeen πŸ˜‰
  2. vin

    Haunted Hills Shots (2 of 6).jpg

    Awesome car. Gorgeous photo πŸ‘
  3. I'd suggest one with lightweight buckets seats... the folding ones have no height adjustment for the perfect seating position πŸ˜•
  4. Wow that was fast... looks like someone definitely liked yellow... sold!!
  5. Unfortunately not in VIC thanks to our luxury car stamp duty 😏 but agree, $286k EGC with that spec does look good ... if one likes yellow 😢
  6. Throw this spec into the configurator and it is about $480k driveaway in NSW so looks like the seller is trying to break even. But as you pointed out, add another 9% for stamps and this is starting to look pricey. You might like to pop into your local dealer... good chance you will find some cancelled orders around but be quick
  7. Do agree there is a lot of win in ultra violet 🀀
  8. vin

    Xpel PPF

    FWIW, this is three year old Expel Ultimate with no ceramic coating but a fair few SMT, track days and even a couple of Dak Daks πŸ˜‰... the ceramic definitely feels better if washing your own car but the film on its own does work well too. Not a single paint or headlight chip but I have had to replace the number plate cover a few times. The DRL also need to be PPF’d... forgot to ask for that on this car and they are quite pitted which is a testimony to how hardy the film is.
  9. vin

    Xpel PPF

    Speak to Sam at Final Finish. Grafico are great signage guys who do wraps, Final Finish are experts are detailing and can do the ceramic coating etc. too with super attention to all the little things. They take the time to adapt the template and wrapped around my door openings which protects the edge if accidentally opening the door against something. Curve on mirrors not a problem with right technique. Highly recommend. πŸ‘
  10. RS is the most dedicated track car that can be driven to the circuit. GT3 is a better compromise for those who need to take their car for a milk run. πŸ˜›
  11. vin

    911 Speedster is coming!

    I’ll be that guy. I think it’s great. Manual, rear mounted naturally aspirated 4.0L with open top. If I could afford to have a car sit in a man cave to just take out on the sunniest of days, I’d put my money down.

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