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  1. https://www.whichcar.com.au/features/why-youre-wrong-about-porsche-boxster-four-cylinder-engine "Don't get me wrong, we're a little bit in the handbag business. So, if you love your daughter, wife, girlfriend, you can give her a handbag or, if you love her a little bit more, you buy her a Boxster.“ 718 model line boss Frank-Steffen Walliser 4 cylinder Boxster ~ handbag?!? Ouch
  2. Sad. Good luck JB... love your work 👍
  3. are you really sure? 😉 fast forward to 2m30s... If changing to black... maybe consider plastidip... good luck
  4. Congrats... a must bring to SMT tomorrow? 😋
  5. lol... here is one chap who has driven both stock and MR... dunno if I am an advocate as much as someone sifting thru posts for experience on point. after watching Chris Harris, I reckon it’s pretty hard for any 9x1 GT car owner not to think of purchasing...
  6. So, just wondering, anyone here drive a stock car on track and with Manthey bits? The truth is, someone needs to drive both to know whether the difference is discernible. Anyone here? Speaking to someone who already upgraded their brakes with Manthey Racing bits, the improvement from OEM was real. Verified by another test pilot who drive the car. Speaking to another owner who has the tires from the Manthey package and the improvement was real. Huge. Again, verified by recorded lap times. But I do enjoy the arm chair commentary 🍿 🍿
  7. Hmmm... 700hp through the rear wheels at Tailem Bend? and looks like it rained on at least one of the days too... “just a small handful” might not quite fully describe this one! 😆
  8. Given Tailem Bend was just awarded best motorsport facility on the planet following on from circuits like Donington in the UK and the Le Mans circuit in France, I’d suggest we have the perfect track for the 2RS MR in Australia. While I don’t doubt your varied motorsport adventures, don’t see = doesn’t exist is a bit disingenuous. The biggest gathering of 2RS on the planet was at Tailem Bend last year. Owners of these cars don’t necessarily mix in conventional circles but opt for private hire days or events which are not open to the public. And when these guys do turn up to more open to public events, maybe say hi to them? As guys noted there were quite a few current GT cars at PI drive-events a few weeks back, last PCV at PI had a group with more than a few 991 RS and Evolve has a regular bunch of 991 3RS guys going now. Like any track heads, these guys look for mods and surely want to get value out of them
  9. Gees... I‘m pretty sure the ppl who can pay anything to buy a few seconds also can invest their time in learning to drive. Which half serious track rat hasn’t paid for time whether it be from better brakes, coil overs, some aero, tires or just some other flux capacitor. This kit is a chance to get your car tuned to the Manthey Racing spec... Not just parts, but dialled in to their actual values. Values tuned by the proper racing gear heads who do top level Porsche racing Just like wanting to ride a 2RS MR ring taxi, who wouldn’t want to own and drive the fastest road legal car on the planet? For guys who can afford the 2RS entry price, the dollars to them are probably like average punters dropping bucks on say... I dunno... a 3 day alpine tour. Just my 2 cents
  10. Great stuff guys... right down to the font on the vid... thanks for sharing 👍
  11. vin


    Yes, the RS can go on tour! Mt Sturgeon in the Grampians behind. #notagaragequeen 😉

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