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  1. As many know, Tailem Bend is an awesome venue. Helped organise a trip over there with over 40 cars- mostly Porsches and we had a ball over 2 days plus half of us took the long way there through the Grampians. But it is sort of in the middle of no where so everyone gets stuck on site as opposed to PI where there are different places to hang out on the Island. It’s a bit six of one or half dozen of another… one general comment that seemed to resonate was that the track was better but not so much better than PI that it justified the effort coming from Melbourne. For an event like this, it’s probably a bit more about the cars and people than the track so PI probably better from a Melbourne based perspective. Winton if from a Melbourne AND Sydney perspective. I could probably reach out to some guys to represent some of the more recent editions if that is of interest. I’d be keen to come with my 991 👍
  2. Sounds awesome… how about doing it at Tailem Bend? On-site accomodation, catering and track… just a thought 😋 someone said dream big right? 😛
  3. Yep… pretty sure that’s the one with the houndstooth seat inserts. Originally it was listed on Carsales in the low $400k iirc before it went north but now returned to Melb.
  4. Nice spec indeed altho the Meissen Blue one at PCB a few months back has to be my fave so far… Do we believe the reference in the listing to 1 of approx 17 examples in Australia is accurate? Especially as your research shows 17 cars traded (albeit with some double ups). I thought there were a LOT more…
  5. umm...I believe there is a third weissach currently advertised for sale at $429,900... GLWS https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2018-porsche-911-gt3-rs-991-auto-my19/OAG-AD-19874037
  6. Probability will be much better once you have your deposit down... money talks
  7. I have heard q4 With the price of the 992 going up significantly, I wonder whether that will make folks reconsider letting their 991’s go...
  8. Great manual club sport example with lighter than stock BBS FI-R wheels 😋 https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2018-porsche-911-gt3-991-manual-my19/SSE-AD-6950970
  9. Wow... haven’t logged into the forum for months and there is a complete trackfest at Winton organised. Enjoy and post pics 👍👍 if you didn’t manage to lockdown PCM’s photographer, the local guy Karl up there is really good... https://www.optikal.com.au/aboutme cheers
  10. https://www.whichcar.com.au/features/why-youre-wrong-about-porsche-boxster-four-cylinder-engine "Don't get me wrong, we're a little bit in the handbag business. So, if you love your daughter, wife, girlfriend, you can give her a handbag or, if you love her a little bit more, you buy her a Boxster.“ 718 model line boss Frank-Steffen Walliser 4 cylinder Boxster ~ handbag?!? Ouch
  11. Sad. Good luck JB... love your work 👍
  12. are you really sure? 😉 fast forward to 2m30s... If changing to black... maybe consider plastidip... good luck
  13. Congrats... a must bring to SMT tomorrow? 😋

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