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  1. Hi all , does anyone know if the X74 is compatible with a narrow body 2001 C4 coupe thanks in advance Shane
  2. Congrats John , you will love it , I was devastated when I sold the 911T (SIR70T) but found joy in my 2001 C4 - they are a great car - hope to see you soon Shane
  3. also love the famous green Monaro on display.... iconic (and tragic ) photo
  4. Hi all cheers for the reply Two head alas.. Lewisham NSW - so I would say shipping would be significant and I'd like to avoid any dying - hope all works out for you. Carerra 28 - cheers - I have looked from time to time - looks like a couple of options thanks for posting Shane
  5. I would like to buy a second had passenger seat in black leather . Not sure if you can use a drivers seat ? Not sure if the Boxster same year / series also is the same ? Any leads would be greatly appreciate Basically getting the 'insert' recovered Shane
  6. Hi for a 996 Gauge outside cover (not the instruments) Door pockets lids L and R if available 996 Door handles L and R 996 Thanks S
  7. Congrats Jeff - RIP Audi , the wheels kept on lifting in any case ! Look forward to seeing the work. you need a C4 though .....
  8. Haleakala is brilliant - the sunrise is amazing - do some zip lining on the way down - fun too And always stay at the four seasons for pure luxe. S
  9. Cheers Warren - appreciate the post
  10. Hi Jeff - Shane Here we met briefly on a run down south - I had the Lapis Blua C4 996 I'm looking for some help in finding a reasonable supplier of Alcantara and where you might recommend. Thanks Shane Ps - admire your work ,
  11. Hi team, I'm looking for and Alcantara supplier in Sydney Cheers Shane
  12. Thanks Clarkie - looks sensational - maybe if you can PM me David's details - ta (or if you find out the duck manufacturer / supplier) Shane
  13. Brilliant - love the duck , and was thinking similar for my 996 - Who is David or is there a AUS supplier of the duck ? Shane
  14. Interesting question then, ..... (and I think you have the same car D2000) would this be able to fit a 2001 C4 and would it be an upgrade ..... ? (also looking to lower by 25-30mm) S
  15. that's very cool Italians got the food - makes sense Bond got the Girl And the German won the race all makes sense

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