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  1. Cheers Warren - appreciate the post
  2. Hi Jeff - Shane Here we met briefly on a run down south - I had the Lapis Blua C4 996 I'm looking for some help in finding a reasonable supplier of Alcantara and where you might recommend. Thanks Shane Ps - admire your work ,
  3. Hi team, I'm looking for and Alcantara supplier in Sydney Cheers Shane
  4. Thanks Clarkie - looks sensational - maybe if you can PM me David's details - ta (or if you find out the duck manufacturer / supplier) Shane
  5. Brilliant - love the duck , and was thinking similar for my 996 - Who is David or is there a AUS supplier of the duck ? Shane
  6. Interesting question then, ..... (and I think you have the same car D2000) would this be able to fit a 2001 C4 and would it be an upgrade ..... ? (also looking to lower by 25-30mm) S
  7. that's very cool Italians got the food - makes sense Bond got the Girl And the German won the race all makes sense
  8. Hi Stephen No problem and I will take it , however is this also OK to fit in a 996 ? For some reason I thought the very end of the console has an extra bit ? That's why I wanted the photo , I'll do some research and there maybe other smart 996 / 986 people on the forum. Speak soon - will send a PM S
  9. Hi Stephen - Im interested in the centre console - would you happen to have any pictures - thanks mate Shane
  10. Hi all - thanks for the selection and replies ., very much appreciated 9er thanks for the English lesson Photos to come and will also have the care properly detailed in the process. Cheers again Shane
  11. Hi all Just looking for a well respected dint removal person in Sydney ? Mobile would be great , otherwise somewhere near the CBD They are small impressions , no creasing , or scratches. Thanks - also if anyone knows a good detailer in Sydney that would be good too - someone has mentioned Fred De Cruz Shane
  12. 01CFOR

    PCNSW Concours

    Yes great Day but not ONE picture of the 8 -9 996ers that were in Wash and Shine all in a row ! outrage I say
  13. 01CFOR

    996 CLR

    Hi Rennbob - I would like to complete the centre console delete as well - just on the research hunt now (I would PM this but I cannot seem to get that to work) - If you have time would like to chat about supplier / difficulty / cost / etc , I'm in Sydney as well cheers Shane
  14. Once again thanks again for the advice gents , interestingly found the solution at a 'Pack n Send' , a little more expensive but proximity, and door to door won the tussle for the $. Cheers Shane

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