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  1. So as I suspected, whoever bought an RS recently for mid 3’s got a bargain
  2. So does anyone know if this one actually sold?
  3. I’m confused, neither of those cars are 964’s??
  4. I’m interested to know the result too @spiller. Maybe tell Shannon’s to expect a few calls
  5. If a dirty old Ford is worth $1.3m, then a 996gt3 tourer is worth every bit of 300k IMO!
  6. 21k and 2hrs to go… 81 turbo https://www.lloydsonline.com.au/LotDetails.aspx?stype=0&stypeid=0&kw=Porsche+&cid=0&smode=0&lid=3128448
  7. @reedminor Do you remember it back when the Fowler’s raced it? Or after it’s makeover
  8. 1970 911T, aussie long hood with a 3L. Used to be a race car for many years, was restored back to the street by Ron Goodman. Weighs around 970kg
  9. Calm down, you’ve already got most of them..😆
  10. Hey @Skidmarks save me from reading through this entire advert and looking through your shed…. Have you got a ‘nice’ set to suit a ‘71? Date matched of course
  11. Surely high 4’s? note: I’m not a current seller or buyer!
  12. Buy buy buy. It wasn’t my money, but now I wish it was..!
  13. It was only earlier this year that I was having discussions with another member about wether he should or shouldn’t drop 300k on an RS…. guess he made the right decision 😎

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