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  1. I think this one may have passed through CTS a couple of years ago. Looks good. https://classicthrottleshop.com/1981-porsche-924-turbo-diamond-silver/
  2. 901er

    WTB MK1 996 GT3 CS

    CS, purchased through CTS, used to belong to @red clubbie. Mint car, too good to drive. It will be for sale once I buy the right MK1
  3. 901er

    WTB MK1 996 GT3 CS

    I thought I scratched the itch buying a MK2, but no, heart still wants a MK1. Anyone?
  4. Damn, am I the only idiot that works till 5 on a Friday 😉
  5. I got MK1 fever. Anyone got a clubsport collecting dust?
  6. Out of interest, has anyone tracked 996RS prices over the last 10yrs?
  7. The RS at Duttons has 36km, must be 2 for sale https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2004-Porsche-911-GT3-RS-996-Manual-MY04/OAG-AD-18111176?pageSource=details&id=OAG-AD-18111176
  8. Righto you got me @Shedpest.. who are you? Is it @wilson59? Surely not @LeeM? Why the double life? edit: I just investigated, I think it’s Wilson, stop it Wilson, your being a pest 😂

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