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  1. I have a set of Lobster claws Fronts are 19x8, ET57 Rears are 19x11 ET67 They are in GC, have some small areas of gutter scrapes but other than those areas the rest of the wheels are VGC. All have centre Porsche emblem. After $1,400 + shipping, located in Brisbane. Can send more photos if needed.
  2. JND72

    968CS Refresh

    Some more photos of the engine as it was re-assembled. Headers were sent to HPC in Victoria for a factory look finish - the whole assembly looks almost too good to go back in the car.... All new parts installed in the engine, pretty much everything that has a life was replaced with genuine or OEM. Some changes made to fit a modern alternator, given age and development in these units. All aircon components were replaced, and compressor/condenser replaced with a more modern set-up. New radiator and fans. New genuine engine mounts All engine bay wiring was replaced where necessary, particularly in those areas subjected to heat and fatigue. We didn't want this going up in flames when finished. New clutch, pressure plate (green stripe) and DMF. New starter motor. Exhaust was existing, but new CAT was welded in place. Now onto steering/suspension/brakes/wheels and a complete overhaul of this.
  3. Anyone here? Hi justin, We just wanted to let you know that the car you saved has been sold. You can remove this car from your saved list here. 1993 Porsche 968 CS Manual Kilometres Body 102,806km Coupe Transmission Engine Manual 4cyl 3.0L Dealer: Used $114,995 * Sold
  4. JND72

    968CS Refresh

    All good - before pull down there was a discussion with Sean & Bruce that these could be an issue, but no broken teeth or wear on cams. Engine was rebuilt with new bearings all round (std, std), rings and all ancillaries replaced with new. Head sent off for reconditioning. All hardware and fittings replated. Various photos of engine in stages of rebuild.
  5. JND72

    968CS Refresh

    All good - before pull down there was a discussion with Sean & Bruce that these could be an issue, but no broken teeth or wear on cams.
  6. JND72

    1994 968

    That's a nice looking car, and who doesn't love BBS wheels. Also love the fact an 18 x 10" wheel fits easily under the rear, and doesn't look out of place. Having just fitted new tyres to mine, what did you fit to these wheels?
  7. JND72

    968CS Refresh

    Sean did a great job re-assembling the engine and making it look better than new. Almost too good to go back in the car. Whilst the engine was apart, the only modification/change as such was to replace the rods with Molnar items. The rods in the car were termed a "skinnier Version 2" rod, which are weaker than the 944 turbo rods or aftermarket H beam rods. Molnar were reasonably priced H beam rods, so they were purchased and installed. Left to right is: 944 turbo, Molnar and 968 rod The new rods Pistons all cleaned up ready for new rods. All starting to come together. In terms of the numbers of cars delivered here, I've also seen reference to a total of 60, of them 14 were M030 + 220 optioned. I've also seen reference to 13 cars having the rear seats, but not sure how many of them also had the other 2 options, but at least one other exists. Would be interesting to hear from other owners as to where they sit in build date/order too. This is a late version, but it still sat on the dealers floor for a long time from compliance date to sales date. I guess 1995 was a torrid for euro sports cars. That is the intention, but will be in the new year.
  8. JND72

    968CS Refresh

    Thanks for the interest, and yes the simple plan here is to do things once only. Whilst this is not a concours rebuild, there was an opportunity to do certain things whilst out/apart that would be difficult to do again. As well, with good advice from Bruce and Sean it was relatively easy to make the decisions as we went. One suggestion from Bruce and Sean was to clean up all the engine parts/covers, bolts and ancillaries. Having seen the standard of work on Bruce's 928, I was happy to follow their lead. So, whilst the engine was apart, here's some before photos.
  9. I have a Bendpak clear floor hoist installed in my shed. It stands 3,683mm high, but you will need a little more clearance to be able to stand up the posts, given they have a sizeable footprint for the base. I would think 4m ceiling height would be OK with this type. A floor plate version may require less installed height, but then you would need to ensure the car you are lifting doesn't run into obstacles. If it has a low silhouette, you could be fine with this type and < 3.5m ceiling height. There are so many brands/versions on the market, you will probably find a suitable option
  10. JND72

    968CS Refresh

    When time allowed Bruce and Sean did the once over, and sent me a very detailed description of work that needed doing, principally focussed on making the car reliable, safe and useable. After pondering and discussing the car and its needs, we settled on a way forward and work commenced. If you’ve seen the Facebook or Instagram accounts for Buchanan Automotive (recommended), you will have seen some of its progress. The car was a one owner, and had been purchased from SVM with a trade-in of a 944 no less. It also had the desirable M030 option, and LSD (220), no sunroof and was also a 4 seater, which meant it didn’t have the race buckets, but did have a back seat. It was built in 1994, and complied here in 1995. Fortunately the dash was in-tact, but other aspects had been let go. Certainly not a pandered one owner car... Suspension was rooted, brakes were dodgy with front rotors badly scored and whilst it ran, it was an unknown quantity. Engine oil leaks everywhere, and just general mechanical neglect. Not wanting to start with a boat anchor, work commenced. The good thing from my perspective was that it had never been modified, or altered in any way. A few minor scuffs and small dents, and a front nose cone that looks like it was repaired and repainted by a drunk monkey with house paint and a brush. Again, not unexpected, but would of been nicer have been a touch better. First port of call was removal of the engine/transmission and a full strip down, inspection and re-assembly. Given the car had 226,xxx km on board and was now 25 years old, it was a sensible option to start here. Whilst it was out, the endless accumulated grime, oil and sludge was removed from the engine and the engine bay. In some ways it probably protected some areas, but they shouldn't leak like that. Once out, the engine was separated from the transmission and was fully stripped down by Sean. Once stripped down, certain items stood out. 1. The head gasket had turned to dust. The material had completely broken down. 2. Certain parts of the wiring loom were in poor condition due to heat/age. 3. But the bores were good, pistons fine and most importantly crank good Importantly nothing catastrophic and all the important bits could be used.
  11. The Shannons 968CS Like many, I saw this car listed in the May auction catalogue and my interest was piqued. I’d always liked the 968, and the era of the Bathurst 12hr with the Mazda RX7SP, BMW M3R and other production car specials was front and centre for me growing up. So when the car popped up I did some research and registered to bid. Not expecting to actually buy the car at auction, I was somewhat surprised when I ended up as the high bidder. Then some mild panic set in that maybe I’d done the wrong thing! Typical buyers remorse/regret, given that I was remote to the auction and didn’t necessarily expect to be successful (?). Oh well. Being in Brisbane and the car in Sydney, plans immediately shifted to getting my hands on the car asap, and sending it to a trusted specialist that could really give it a good going over and determine what needed doing. I was under no illusion that the car needed substantial work, but that was OK as I was looking to the long term for ownership, and planned to use the car. In the end the choice was pretty easy, Buchanan Automotive. After a cold call to Bruce and a brief discussion, the car was duly transported from Shannons to the North Shore. I recall the phone call after the car was delivered, in which Bruce was very clinical and forthright in his assessment of the car – it was rough (!), but all there.
  12. Beautiful cars both the 944 and 968! The rear wing on the 944 is not far removed from the 917 wing, and must look fearsome from inside. Is that the only rear wing of it’s type?
  13. Yes, back in May. M030 + 220, non-sunroof and 4 seater - so a unique combo. Has had a lot of work done since purchase, as despite being a one owner car (inc full service/receipt history and original purchase invoice), they weren't the pampering type. That said, it gave an opportunity to do things once, with a known work record, plus with a view for the long term and to be used. Won't ever be a garage queen or show only.
  14. Now that there's lots more 968 activity (comparatively!), I'll jump on the bandwagon. Here's my 968CS I picked up earlier this year. More to come in another thread when I have time.
  15. Definitely a different car, since I bought the Shannon's one. It's undergoing a freshen up now, so to speak. Will start another thread when I get time.

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