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  1. Jcg1


    Is this vinyl wrapped
  2. Another vote for Toby at classic modern Porsche in Hallam. He rebuilt my engine on my 77 and has maintained the car for the last 5 years, always honest and great service
  3. I can’t believe this hasn’t sold yet, I would have been all over this if I hadn’t bought the 997.2
  4. Jcg1


    Been quoted $1400 for a set of eibach springs fitted. I will most likely only go the 15mm drop
  5. Thanks Joz yes they are the wheels I was looking at. will get in touch with him
  6. Cheers mate any link to it
  7. Jcg1


    Hi guys, or is there something else I should look at
  8. They are advertised both on gm tree and eBay but can’t seem to paste the link for some reason
  9. Yep that’s what I’m favouring too, and they are forged. $2899 for a set of rims. No drama, but I would most likely hold onto the wheels anyway. ‘thanks anyway
  10. Hey mate hope the peninsula is treating you well. I ended buying a series 2 997 carrera in grey with 60,000 kms. Full Porsche centre history and immaculate . Can’t wait to take it out on the bends to compare to my g series car. These are the wheels I’m thinking about.
  11. 5 lug. I have 997.2 carrera and would like some different wheels
  12. Hi guys just picked up a 997.2 and would love some turbo wheel. ‘anyone have some they would like to get rid off.
  13. Jcg1

    991 or 997.2

    My heart tells me a 991, and my head says a good low km series 2 997 for future value. Especially where I found a 10000 km 997.2 for sale at the moment
  14. Hi guys, looking at either a 991 or a series 2 997. Who has what and what would you prefer. ‘I currently have a fully restored and tickled g series car, but want something a bit more modern to thrash around on the weekend and the occasional drive to work. 997.2 seems to be commanding some very high prices at this stage and seems to be the choice for future investment. im undecided as prices for the two cars are very similar. what’s everyone’s 2 cents

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