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  1. 2nin 1 out dansk sports muffler near new and in immaculate condition. only done 2000 kms at most jamie 0417141078
  2. Jcg1

    Swap muffler

    I have a Dansk muffler out of a 1977 3.0 i would like to swap for a Monty if anyone is keen. its a 2in 1 out. its basically new only done 3000 kms
  3. Jcg1

    Ignition barel

    Hi 9er is it the pug in switch you have or the main body whee the switch plus into
  4. Jcg1

    Ignition barel

    All good, found one for $100 thanks
  5. Jcg1

    Ignition barel

    Yes it’s a 1977 model, and yes tab is broken. if you have one would love to buy it from you my details 0417141078
  6. Jcg1

    Ignition barel

    Hi guys im after a ignition barrel mine is broken and won’t turn the switch. I’m not fused on the condition of your as I only want your for parts. Let me know what you have
  7. Ok guys just keeping you all in the loop. i have ordered 60mm spacers for the rear and am running 45 in the front.
  8. I would be interested in the brakes if you decide to seperate
  9. That looks perfect. Exactly what I want in rims and stance. Who did the work on your rims to widen
  10. I wanted to try and do it properly without the use of spacers.
  11. Might look into after market arms to see if there is anything available. i already have two sets of rims both with brand new tyres so would prefer to make the car work then the rims change again
  12. Hi guys, ‘I have a wide body and have just removed the deep dish wheels it came with to replace with Fuchs. the wheels now stick inside the guard a fair bit and I don’t want to use spacers to push them out. what suspension parts or hub etc do I need from a turbo to make mine push to the wheels out to the guard. cheers
  13. David Brennan 0456907908 search nurbgring . He is mobile mechanic turns up in a cayenne he be your man for the job

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