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  1. Jcg1

    Wide body set up

    Ok guys just keeping you all in the loop. i have ordered 60mm spacers for the rear and am running 45 in the front.
  2. I would be interested in the brakes if you decide to seperate
  3. Jcg1

    Wide body set up

    That looks perfect. Exactly what I want in rims and stance. Who did the work on your rims to widen
  4. Jcg1

    Wide body set up

    I wanted to try and do it properly without the use of spacers.
  5. Jcg1

    Wide body set up

    Might look into after market arms to see if there is anything available. i already have two sets of rims both with brand new tyres so would prefer to make the car work then the rims change again
  6. Jcg1

    Wide body set up

    Hi guys, ‘I have a wide body and have just removed the deep dish wheels it came with to replace with Fuchs. the wheels now stick inside the guard a fair bit and I don’t want to use spacers to push them out. what suspension parts or hub etc do I need from a turbo to make mine push to the wheels out to the guard. cheers
  7. David Brennan 0456907908 search nurbgring . He is mobile mechanic turns up in a cayenne he be your man for the job
  8. What price are you chasing ? I’m keen
  9. Jcg1

    911s 1974

    Thanks guys . I have priced it to sell, it’s drives perfect now so should be easy
  10. Hi hi guys back up for sale is my 1974 numbers matching genuine rhd 911s sportomatic. The gearbox has just had some work done to it and performs perfect. this car drives nice and has had over $6000 spent on it over the last 2 months. new fuel pump, new fuel head, reflush fuel tank, sportomatic and the list goes on. $63000 0417141078 hi
  11. Jcg1

    deck lid

    Hi Guys, I currently have a whale tail on my car and am looking at going back to standard rear end. Im after a rear deck lid or will straight swap if anyone wants a genuine turbo whale tail and lid in black. 0417141078 Jamie
  12. Is this available by any chance
  13. Jcg1

    18" wheels for Turbo Body

    I have some 16s for a turbo body if you interested. Have near new continental on them
  14. Jcg1

    3.0 whale tail

    Back on the market due to no payer
  15. Jcg1

    Monty 2 in 1 out for sale

    I’m interested. I have a w in 1 out dansk and I want louder