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  1. i have my 911 with lumley for 1000... give them a try.
  2. spotted some nice ladies driving a black mk1 996 cab in Coburg North near the bunnings.. car looked clean and got a lovely smile and wave.
  3. Drove her down to a dealer today to pick up the new Family Discovery.
  4. there is a few of us that are using this downtime to get some sim racing done. If you are interested, let me know and ill send you an invite to our sessions. Time Trials and races.
  5. For me it was the brand and what it represented, once i got behind the wheel of one, i totally got what it was all about.. but what ruins it for me is some of the people in the marquee and their snobbery of certain models... it really takes the pleasure of being part of something amazing and history driven... But non the less. I love all the makes and models and get so happy when i see them driven rather then stored.
  6. Pokiou

    992 Turbo S

    i love the performance figures... i wonder if this will mean the previous generations will drop in price alittle...
  7. I loved their work on the 996 they did a while back. Me wants!
  8. Take care and good luck on all future endeavours and purchases.
  9. I know on my alpine i had to connect a cable on the back of the head unit that disabled something similar to that... Not sure on the Sony.
  10. Mines an Ocean Blue 1998 996 manual coupe. Sahara interior. Clean car and used daily. Tubi exhaust and the rest of the car is stock. It's going in for a service in a few weeks so it'll be nice and fresh. NO leaks, No oil use no coolant leaks that is car related.. i accidentally didnt tighten the cap correctly lol..
  11. my understanding was that ALL Porsches affected by the IMS issue got sorted by the dealers. However the lawsuit states that cars produced between 2001 and 2005 that are affected before 10 years or 130,000 miles which ever one came first. 130,000 miles = 209,214 KM. Mine was a 1998 and the engine was replaced when it had 35,000km's by the dealer. My mechanic has the paper work but when i drop the car off for a service ill see if i can find it.

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