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  1. Pokiou

    Spotted Thread

    Spotted a lovely Speed Yellow 996 Cabrio with the Hardtop on, driving up Pasco Vale road this morning around 9:40 and on the freeway a Guards Red 997 cruising to the city.
  2. Pokiou

    AUS Delivered vs Import

    Indeed, how stupid is that since we don't have a local manufacturer anymore.
  3. Pokiou

    AUS Delivered vs Import

    It's not like Porsche built cars here. So the whole import malarkey is pointless. They are all imported. Who cares. Get the car you want and enjoy it.
  4. i want that rear wing... do you take a testicle and a kidney as a valid payment source?
  5. Pokiou

    996.1 key fob issue ?

    mine was doing something similar and i ended up i having to open the key and spray the board with contact cleaner for electric boards.. make sure to remove the battery. Key no works perfectly.
  6. 2 years ago yes, today however.. the 996 is more valuable. So i understand the asking prices of 60-70k...
  7. i bought mine 2 years ago... 40k on the road. I cant express how happy i am with the car and with my purchase.
  8. Pokiou

    Custom 996 Exhaust 😍

    sounds nice mate!
  9. count me in... ill be there! ill fill in the rego form shortly. @dan_189 @Francois
  10. its LOUD.. you should come past and hear it... WOT it sounds like a animal ravaging some other animal.
  11. Pokiou

    Engine Mounts.

    yup, they should. they are from a 996.2 turbo
  12. For awhile now i've been on the hunt for an exhaust on my 98 C2. I finally settled on Tubi-Style Exhausts from Italy. The land of exhaust notes lol. It's loud. It sounds super nice, most of all there is no drone, mind you i did the stupid thing and went with the R edition of the exhaust, there is a more tamer version. I bought it through ART Australia. Give them a buzz if you are interested.
  13. Pokiou

    Engine Mounts.

    Hey Jim, I ordered these: http://www.masterparts.com.au/p/5674520/turbo-engine-mount-993-375-049-09.html The delivery was super fast and they stock parts. even my mechanic was amazed at the price. Well worth doing the engine mounts, it's made the car less... wobbly at the rear.
  14. Pokiou

    Engine Mounts.

    So my lovely mechanic at Wessiach in melbourne did awhole lot of work for me last week. Started with a new exhaust Tubi Style "R" for the 996 but more interestingly was the engine mounts. Both engine mounts had completely failed. By failed i mean the rubbers had been stretched 2inchs or more from the where they were supposed to be. When we put the new ones in, the engine mount bolt didnt make it through all the way, so we had to jack the engine up 2 or so more inches to get it to stud through so we can put the bolt on. I ended up using the 996 turbo mount which are a direct fit but give a more firm feel than the stock one. Doing this has improved the following. 1 - Clutch pedal feels lighter... A LOT lighter thank god.. 2 - Shifting between gears is so much smoother but i have a short shift and its a little notchyh. (i dont like it) 3 - The rear end of the car feels so much more firmer and controllable. Well worth the semi upgrade!!! it's made my car feel alot smoother in the drive train area!.