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  1. I fixed mine 3 weeks ago. Took the seat out and noticed that the shaft leading to the adjuster had fallen out. You can tell when you press button and you hear the noises but no action.It's very very simple to do. If you reach under the seat you might even feel the cable that is lose.
  2. Ohh... never noticed that to be honest.. lol
  3. Whois car is the 993. Usually I park next to him as I’m sure he cares about his panels lol. Nice clean car!
  4. looks good. Cheers for the feed back, i might look at getting a set after my trip to Hawaii unless i find something there
  5. Engine number doesnts mean its a dud mate, a lot of the 996's had there engines replaced by Porsche due to the law suit. Which meant that the numbers didn't match. It should show it in the books. They replaced the engines regardless of the issue.
  6. how you liking the coilovers?? im interested in a set for a 996 c2.
  7. if you are in the northern suburbs you can bring it past and i can have a quick look at it and tell you if you need a sand, cut and polish or just a cut and polish. I pretty much did my drivers side when i bought car using a proper Dual Action buffer and really good cutting compound. It was dull blue but now its really deep ocean blue.
  8. the beautiful thing about the Porsche marque, is that all the cars are worth saving. With more then 70% of them still on the road i bet about 20% are in the process.
  9. I would budget for more then 50K for a nice 996 mk1. The 996 is under rated and if you find a manual coupe for around 40k i'd say snap it up quickly. Eitehr the owner is desperate or doesnt know what his selling. Kind like those that sold there 964 and 993's for cheap.
  10. is PTS a custom color not available from Porsche unless paid extra??
  11. i never keep that stuff in the car. Hope it gets found, ill keep and eye out also on social media sales sites.

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