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  1. Pokiou

    What kinda hose you got ?

    POPE true blue attached to a Karcher K5 800
  2. Dropped my car off to Weissach today to get it's yearly service + tie end rod and brakes/rotors sensors all restored to new. Worked out well as i'm going to Adelaide for the weekend for work.
  3. Pokiou

    996 - Seat upgrade.

    thats what i want !!! man they look nice. so looks like im looking for some 997 gt3 seats.
  4. Pokiou

    996 - Seat upgrade.

    They are mint, but i need it to recline so i can get the little one in the car
  5. Pokiou

    996 - Seat upgrade.

    i know are these the same seats you have?
  6. Pokiou

    996 - Seat upgrade.

    i wonder if they come in my interior colour lol.
  7. Pokiou

    996 - Seat upgrade.

    how much and where?
  8. Pokiou

    996 - Seat upgrade.

    Hey Guys, I've been pondering the idea of upgrading my seats to support my fat ass a little better and give me lateral grip when cornering. GT3 seats are out of my price range. Has anyone upgrades there sears and if so what to? I hear some chatter from the UK guys that they upgrade to the Cayman GTS or GT4 seats or something along those lines? In upgrading did you encounter issues with fitting the sears and lining up the bolts and so forth?? Cheers,
  9. Pokiou

    Speedster x 2

    i knew one guy who owned one in NSW... used to work in melbourne.. would flying on monday and fly out on friday.
  10. Nice purchase bud, welcome to the gang. Looking forward to see this car in the skin and meeting you.
  11. Pokiou

    Texting whilst driving

    I live in Glenroy, so the majority of... wankers use their phones while driving opening in their hands and most of the fuck-tards dont even belt their kids into the car correctly. I can see the kids jumping between the front and back seat... I sometimes wish i was an undercover cop and that's the problem is that the under cover cops cars dont work when they have 1000 antenna's all over them you mean the first word starts with F and the second work C... lol
  12. Pokiou

    996 nearly

    wife and kids can wait lol.
  13. Pokiou

    996 nearly

    welcome to the best kept Porsche secret ... the 996!
  14. Pokiou

    Porsche release the reincarnated Moby Dick

    Why wouldnt they just make a new 996 engine with no IMS issues for us 996 owner.... pricks.
  15. that would make a good track car... but you could make your money back parting the parts out.