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  1. Pokiou

    Project Cars 2

    keep going man.
  2. Pokiou

    Flue Shot shyt or not

    i didnt get it last year.. 1 year on im still paying for it with screwed immune. But i aint missing it this year.
  3. Ok, Fabspeed make multi versions of an exhaust for the 996.. Maxflo and Super sprint cup. It can be either one of them do you know which one it is ?
  4. Which fab speed model are these?
  5. Sorry let me ask my question again, which fab speed exhaust is this? Super sprint? Or standard or another one as I’m sure they have a few?
  6. Pokiou

    Project Cars 2

    well between fillers on the body do a couple of laps
  7. Pokiou

    Importing Porsches from the UK to Melbourne?

    This notion of Australian delivered cars are better is just... nonsense... it's not like Porsche built cars here in Australia.. They are all imports, id say who cares. I'm looking at a UK delivered car now. It doesn't take away that the car is a 911 one bit. Or whether id enjoy it or if i took it to Porsche they will refuse to service it.
  8. Takumi of the hills. But all the cyclist are riding like wankers.
  9. Pokiou


    That is the worse suburb to drive around. Rich idiots in massive land rovers just swerving left right to keep in the lane and not event checked to see if a car is there. Let alone when they park.... i saw a new land rover scratch a merc as it pulled into a carpark.. back out and scratch some more. then Drive off... Obviously i left a note to the owner of the Merc.
  10. Pokiou

    Project Cars 2

    2:09:507..... i can find another 1.5 or 2 seconds but then we are heading into world record territory.
  11. Pokiou

    Project Cars 2

    i had just packed away my wheel and someone comes along and challenges me... ill put a few laps in tonight and see how i go.
  12. Pokiou

    Which Porsche GT car?

    996 is awesome cause light weight race car ideally id love a 3.8 from a 997.2 but once again that is another kettle of fish.
  13. there is not a single car marker that tells the truth about there emissions. Yea sure the f350 meets the emissions lol.
  14. Pokiou

    Which Porsche GT car?

    No doubts but the engine should bolt in?