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  1. I have just ordered front L&R liners for my 997 from Eurospares UK. Around 1/2 the price of Porsche dealer price. Free postage atm makes the price competitive.
  2. Sorry to hear Dalai, get checked people, annual blood tests and be aware of family history.
  3. You might be right, who knows what people will do to avoid possible huge sums for repair. If it comes up again i will make a point to check it over, as it's not far from me.
  4. Sad to hear Lee, the scourge has affected my wife ( caught early) and close friend (not so lucky). #fuckcancer 🖕 x2
  5. Hard to tell by looking at the photos but i think the hail damage has been repaired.
  6. Dead sexy! Certainly one of the best looking coupes around.
  7. Yes, WORV details hail damage, was also a UK import. Full leather interior in black was also desirable.
  8. $66600 final bid. Referred. Was going to have a look in person but ran out of time. Sooty exhaust tips might mean bore scoring. Even so, cheap if it sold at that price.
  9. The comments section at the end, puts this story into perspective by keeping the racing going. i'm not committed either way but the passionate people who want this event to keep going is obvious.
  10. Mmmmm….. those exhaust tips look suspiciously sooty😳
  11. Realistically salt is the biggest issue, if a southern UK car ie Sussex, salt is less of a problem as the roads ice up further north. Price wise, 15 to 20% discount would be my comfort zone.
  12. https://www.grays.com/lot/0001-60020333/sports-and-luxury-cars/2005-porche-carrera-s-manual-coupe-wovr-inspected?redirect=0 Could be a good entry to the 997 manual coupe market if cheap enough. WVOR is hail damage that looks to be repaired and also an import from UK.
  13. In my 06 997.1 I installed an LAPower blue tooth. Phone calls wireless Spotify. About $160 from the US.
  14. Great looking car, I would put $79.990 start price then negotiate from there. Maybe I’m biased but an aero kit looks shmick on 996 and 997’s😁

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