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  1. Congratulations, 996 4S is a great looking 911. Better looking than the Turbo in my eyes. Great colour, is it Lapis blue?
  2. Yesterday I re shod my 997 with Michelin, 4S on the front and Super Sport on the rear. Tyroola had a deal 4 months ago, so I purchased the SS, then about 2 months ago the 4S. Saved around $900. I didn’t have an issue with different specs as KGB explained, different sizes anyway (width and height). Asked around and researched before I went ahead.
  3. And a bonus, one of Adelaide’s best driving roads to do a test fang.
  4. Thanks Lee, nice and clean but check out those tyres. (New set in shed ready to fit) I think i saw your SC but with so many cars and people knowing who is with what car is almost impossible. Saw the GT2's (two of them) V nice.
  5. Sorry to hear about the gearbox problems Amanda, that’s very disappointing and hopefully not too expensive. One plus with the gearbox out is it straightforward changing the AOS. I did my 996 convertible with engine and box in. Doable but takes ages and a real pain in the arse. Also while in there see if you need a clutch. Cool looking car though!
  6. sjm

    WTB - 996/997

    Hi lwbls I have a 997S manual, I’m in NE suburbs. Send me a pm and I can organise something.
  7. from the saved list 2013 PORSCHE CARRERA 4S Automatic Coupe Auction (0001-10050250) | GraysOnline Australia
  8. its a bit cheaper than this (albeit nice) 85' https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/porsche-911-1985/sse-ad-6968005/?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=notification-center&utm_medium=email&csn_atid=c7f1ec6c-7eab-4d76-b404-be2f957cfe52
  9. Ditto Dave Brennan as well, PPI'd my 997S 18 month ago. Scoped bores everything. Even offered a refund for not taking as long as Quoted. would recommend.
  10. Hi Amanda, dropped into Buiks, had a chat with Neil and he showed me around your NEW Car! Its a good looking 996, that colour will look amazing with a polish and detail (a bit dusty atm) I saw a couple of minor paintless repairable dents ( i just had some similar removed from my 997 for $80) and hope they let you know about them. Driver seat bolster could use a bit of colour dye, fairly minor, i did my 996 myself but an upholsterer wouldn't charge too much i think. You've done well. Didn't take a photo sorry, although i see many fun miles/km ahead. cheers Steve
  11. Good on you Amanda, if Buiks gave it the all clear you should be ok. I have used them for annual services on my 911s for over 5 years. I've meet the new manager Ben on my last service this year and know him from Porsche Adelaide. Neil also came over so i hear. Might just have a nosey. Any excuse!
  12. Hi Amanda, I’m in Adelaide and have had a 996 convertible. If you want a second look to see if the small things are in fact small, I’ve got the time atm. Steve.
  13. I'm up for that if it goes ahead. I hear ya bout Blackwood, it's v popular. lucky i'm an early riser.
  14. Thanks Lee, yeah any chance i can, go to Blackwood and unley c&c here and there. Thanks tomo, life's pretty good when we can own and drive these cars.
  15. Hi all, long time lurker on this forum (it's great by the way). I'm in south oz and drive the hills often. Lucky enough to have a 2005 997 Carrera S, Man, coupe in Seal Grey. Will post pics. Tech newby, hope they come through. Got a fair bit of time on my hands at the moment so i thought now's the time to say hello. Cheers Steve.

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