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  1. Cheers, i'll keep looking as my current policy is not that bad considering.
  2. I was there also Wilson, crossed paths when you were arriving. I was the guy directing you to park. V nice car, that and the red one. If you go to another scdc be good to catch up. Nice red 85 3.2, and white Ferrari Dino there also. Zenith Blue 996.1 has x51 among other nice extras.
  3. Hi Joz, I have quote with MB. Did they ask for detailed pictures of the car? My missing points also an issue. 997.1 Carrera S $100k agreed value, $1900 policy.
  4. My 997.1 S had a few years gap in service, only 2000ks over that time though. Because of this and a few other minor issues (new tyres, bonnet struts, fuel door hinge) a lower price was paid. A PPI by Dave Brennan in Melbourne, including bore scoping told me all i needed to know. The car performs great, no oil consumption after 2 years and 20000ks I try to buy a car not worrying what the next person is going to think and with due diligence make an informed decision.
  5. Had the AZ on Friday, left arm , the same one I had ligament surgery on last year. No obvious side effects to report but after a week climbing ladders and grunting I’m sore all over anyway.🤔
  6. Thinking this was originally owned by Kevin Weeks of Weeks Building Group. $165k is what I remember when it sold at Richmonds. Was thinking at the time about trading up from my 997.1 4S. If, but, maybe 🤔
  7. I was besotted with a manual 5.8 ESP XE back in the day. Still would love one as a cruiser. Anyway what a waste, good luck cruising in this one, will cost many $$$ getting it on the road. ( still only a 302 )
  8. If you find one you like try David Brennan, 0456907908 mobile Porsche mechanic. When I bought my 997S from vic I had him do a PPI on it. He’s reasonably priced and well versed in 911s. Good luck.
  9. stopped in at Richmonds and saw my first and only RS 4.0. Over a million and it’s mine or yours. Probably yours as I don’t have that kind of cash to drop on a car! Lovely 911 though and only 9000kms.
  10. Saw a Taycan when staging for Adelaide Rally. Had to have a second look as there was noise coming out of it. Not entirely sold on the sound but was surprised at the volume.
  11. In Melbourne Thursday and stopped in at Duttons for lunch. Place was buzzing with people and cars. Better than your corner shop for sure!
  12. Not sure if you guys know that this fella is scammer @Petergreenm8 Lee has him pegged in other forums. Oops apologies to spotta. Wires crossed with the actual scammer
  13. PETERGREENM8 . Early Fleetwood Mac guitar legend!
  14. sjm

    Mallala historics

    looking good for saturday. will be driving the 997, for two weeks i've been steering a diesel hilux while my vf2 redline ute gets a new oil pump on warranty.

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