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  1. In Melbourne Thursday and stopped in at Duttons for lunch. Place was buzzing with people and cars. Better than your corner shop for sure!
  2. Not sure if you guys know that this fella is scammer @Petergreenm8 Lee has him pegged in other forums. Oops apologies to spotta. Wires crossed with the actual scammer
  3. PETERGREENM8 . Early Fleetwood Mac guitar legend!
  4. sjm

    Mallala historics

    looking good for saturday. will be driving the 997, for two weeks i've been steering a diesel hilux while my vf2 redline ute gets a new oil pump on warranty.
  5. sjm

    Mallala historics

    Sunday is a no go.If the stars align, Saturday would be good.
  6. I made the same mistake, buying an older version to suit a997 turbo , ended up buying new from distributor in NSW for my 997.1. Wouldn’t be without it.
  7. Will consider the next rally in Nov 2022. Need a reliable co driver with cast iron guts🤑 Trying to upload video of a RS GT2 launching, but having trouble attaching. 14.4 mb IMG_0417.mov
  8. Envious of you guys, I was at Marble Hill ss21, Staging and sending off cars in the rally. Awesome to see all the various cars at full tilt.
  9. Looks to be an import. From the UK maybe.
  10. Saw that gt3 in North Adelaide on our way to Glenelg. I would have thought phone was inter grated into the pcm in that model.
  11. 56 here, not old as in lifetime old but as a roofer, gutterer ( is that a word ) old. Should have paid more attention in school!
  12. Try MGA Insurance brokers in Dulwich Home - MGA Insurance Group. I use them for public liability ins. Used to have income protection with them but as a roofer and an older one at that! premiums are meant to put you off as they're so high. Now i just keep a couple of months cash in reserve just incase. Like at the moment, nearly 6 months off with shoulder surgery. Jobkeeper was very good timing in my case.
  13. Nice looking car and a great spec. Love the sports seats, sport chrono, LSD and extended leather, not common but sought after options. With crazy COVID and all you should sell fairly quick. GLWS.
  14. Just read up op the 71 Canberra flood, a terrible tragedy I wasn’t aware of. If that 356 driver survived he was very fortunate.
  15. Parked on the grass as a non member at the Porsche Club show and shine, next thing I see is I’m being judged as a private entry ( didn’t opt in for judging). Wife and I left just before judging as I thought no chance anyway. Monday get a call from Ron, the club event organiser (really good guy). I won people’s choice and best private entry. Unexpected but a pleasant surprise.

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