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  1. Finally got a hold of a 987 cluster for mine to replace the glass. Would this LCD be swapable?
  2. Original speedo clear plastic was scuffed and cracked in parts (which really showed up when wearing polarized sunnies). Pulled apart a spare cluster, and swapped the parts over. Was something that's been bugging me for a while.
  3. Think there are 987 dash parts on eBay (from Germany) .. should not be too hard to pull a part and resolder a new LCD screen in. I can't see the LCDs now. https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/m.html?_ssn=exotic-parts&LH_PrefLoc=2&_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=987&_sacat=0
  4. Good stuff. I've had a few quick cars over the years, but never done a qtr mile .. Trackdays are more my thing. But when I had an HSV, all the owners were big into evenings down the Motorplex. Something to be said about a big HP car with an auto box. Very repeatable.
  5. For sure. We recently had a Euro holiday, and she suggested Stuttgart and the Merc/Porsche museums. It must be the Mechanical Engineer in her. Ahh, I knew it was coming, but I didn't expect it to be finished then. No specific info on the camera, but the photographer has a site : TheSportsPhoto.com.au, on there he mentions d500 / d800 Nikon, and a few Sigma Lenses (500mm prime).
  6. A mate sold a load of original Transformers when the new movies came out. Paid the deposit on his house. I've a load of old Star Wars toys, probably 100s. Defo not 1000s. All played with and scuffed up. I lost loads of toys after my parents split and I moved a lot. They were either charity shopped or went to young cousins etc.
  7. Just thought I'd share. The wife gave me a gift this weekend. A painting, of a photo, from my track day at Barbagallo at the beginning of the year. And here is the original photo.
  8. No worries, it had popped up on my browsing, and your post jogged my memory. I'd be interested to see the part number on the entry model, and the GT4 .. I'd imagine the GT4 would be different, surely. Would imaging the rest would be the same, apart from the tips.
  9. Not sure, but this guy seems to think this Spyder 987.2 fits on all DFI engines .. would make sense as I think they are the same block. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/bassendean/engine-engine-parts-transmission/porsche-987-2-boxster-spyder-or-cayman-exhaust-only-1500-km-old/1122306397
  10. That's very strange, I could have sworn mine only had half the wires (so I have two brown connectors with 4 wires each). Next time I'm behind the headunit, I'll have a look. The wires will be linked to the amp, but where they then go from there, I don't know.
  11. Mine may have been different, as I had an aftermarket headunit. But I split the stock connector, so I had the front speakers on one brown connector, and the rears on another. And then a 'Y' loom to connect the two to the headunit. It was that, or de-pinning and re-pinning the wires into one connector (which would make removal more difficult). I believe the notes that came with mine had details about how to connect it to the stock setup. Are you saying that the brown ISO connecter into the back of the Headunit already has those wires used? I believe the amp only powers the big door speakers. The rest is just pass-through. So the rears can be powered direct from the headunit.
  12. @flamingporscheHow did you get on with the Geckos?
  13. Wife has a C250 W204, it's our daily drive. I really like it, but we recently had to get the cam gears all done (expensive job), as the stock parts wear out it'll throw an ECL at high RPM / Load. Think it's a problem on all 1.8s. some of the interier is low rent, I had to pull apart the center dash dial as a little peice of plastic broke stopping the rototion from working. The styling hasn't really dated. Esp the later ones with the revised headlights. The C200 is pretty slow, and the low spec diesels sound awful (and we didn't do enough freeway kms to keep the engines running well). Think there were 3 non-AMG trim levels. Classic, Elegance, Avantgarde. The lower specs also felt quite cheap in places.
  14. I did similar when I went to the Nurburgring. Went one year with zero exposure and scared myself. Then did 3 laps a day on Gran Turismo (4 I think), for a full year. Made a big improvement on my lines. I'm not sure I've ever played Barbs on a game

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