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  1. I always wonder how hard to get something like this road legal .. would be awesome for my commute, but maybe not the multi-story carpark.
  2. So to add more information. It was this kit - https://a.aliexpress.com/_mthlsR0 You have to pull apart a key and solder it into the new loom. Setup the PKE so the car auto unlocks when the keys are within a few feet of the car. Tidied up the fusebox with a pair of fuse taps. One for the aftermarket headunit (to ignition), one so the orange brake so the start/stop doesn't need the brake depressing (to constant 12v). So a tap of the button turns the ignition on, or clutch in and hold to start the car.
  3. It's all from a kit on Ali Express ~$400 It daisy chains off the stock ignition barrel and the steering wheel CanBus controller, and a brake pedal and ground fly leads. Also requires a disassembled key to be solded into a box and plugged into the new loom. Taking the driver's side lower dash apart and putting it all back took longer than actually installing.
  4. I was annoyed with the standard 987 key having lock/unlock on the same button. So I've done a thing. Here are the basic functions working, and a nice new style key. YouTube video Will now look into the auto lock/unlock stuff.
  5. Bibbs

    Dash LCD issue

    Not sure if it'll help, but I've a spare gauge cluster (I swapped out the glass). I'd have thought a dismantle and LCD swap should fix it.
  6. Just to follow up with this, but I've just swapped my 7" unit for one of the new 9" floating screen units. DMH-ZF9350BT Better quality screen, better touch and uses wireless smart phone integration.
  7. Bibbs

    White Smoke

    40 something km. After I bought it I read about the D Chunk and bore score issues on the 987.1 3.4 .. so when it happened I honestly thought I'd killed it.
  8. Bibbs

    White Smoke

    Mine (987.1) smoked white when the AOS went, but it was more like someone vaping. Huge thick clouds. So thick that I couldn't see where I was driving (the smoke was rolling up the car into the cabin with the roof down). Completely covered the road in smoke that took a few minutes to dissipate.
  9. Do you want the ability to play CDs, Aux etc? If not there are new units out that basically have a screen and usb for your phone. I've got a unit that is a few years old, so does DVD, SD, USB, Aux etc. And does Apple and Android navigation etc. I swapped it in, replaced the stock amp, then replaced all the speakers and put in rear speakers into the parcel shelf. Then put in a newer steering wheel, with stereo controls. Had a few issues along the way, but all sorted now. Its nice to have up to date Nav, and phone charging/tunes.
  10. Bibbs

    Boxster key fob

    Good idea, but far too big for me with modern car keys. I ended up getting a cheap silicone cover. But since having it I've not dropped them to test. https://images.app.goo.gl/DzVmmS7TZGcoMSwL6
  11. Bibbs

    Boxster key fob

    I've a few from Ali Express .. I had a habit of dropping the keys and the bottom button breaking. They were about $18 each, but takes a month or two.
  12. You need a 2008/9 module, which you should have with a 987.2. If you want a 991/992 wheel you need a module AND a dongle from GPSadaptors. The CDR24 stock headunit can't use the buttons apparently. I added a Connects2 uni-swc.5, to do the CAN-bus to Headunit comms.
  13. EBay for the wheel, and a Qld breaker for the airbag. If you don't need buttons, you'll not need the new control module, but you will need coding or the horn doesn't work.
  14. Also finally fitted my shift lights, and hardcoded my Valentine one (just in time for WA to push legislation banning them)
  15. Just thought I'd post about a little lockdown project I've done. Got annoyed using one of the clip on aftermarket stereo remotes, and an IR repeater on the awful triangle style steering wheel. Took a lot more effort than I expected. And several attempts when things wouldn't work. Sourced a manual, multifunction wheel from a later 997. Airbag from a Panamera. Steering wheel control module from a 997.2 911 (when the 997.1 version doesn't speak to later steering wheels) Connects2 uni-swc.5 (to connect the aftermarket headunit to the CAN-bus). All programmed via a Foxwell 510 Elite.

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