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  1. give Brendan a call down at K-Tec, Osborne Park...92278911
  2. done those runs in the targa, it is awesome...
  3. Exactly right Harvs... 2.7 with CIS, and only to aware of back pressure in it... I have slowly turned it into a comfortable street car that could easily perfom in the odd HillClimb... The old heat exchangers have to go as the entire heating system is now in the parts box... Smaller pipes may be the go... Does anyone know or actually had the physical experience at running either pipes after heat exchangers... Cheers
  4. Ok so headers it is... Question is 1 1/2 or 1 5/8? Has any one got any advice? Will probably be going with twin outlet muffler aswell... Cheers Pete
  5. i actually use a duplicate key that is on a keyring my daughter made... the original is still on its little chain attached to the original leather pouch...
  6. ah Pelican, an integral part of helping me through an issue or six...lol
  7. Hey Vas, Good to be back, finally got her moving again after the AirBox disaster... Trust you to go the headers
  8. Hi Amanda, Thanks...have you got an email I can send you some pics through... Pete
  9. Thanks Taz... I am aiming to launch the entire system no hoses etc... Cheers Pete
  10. Hey Everyone, It's been a while since I have been in... Great to see lots of new faces... Need to know, and probably an easy answer jnr356 but heat exchangers? I have stripped the heating system and got the block off plates in up top but what does one usually do with the outlet on the heat exchangers... Does this just run free now? Or is this an excuse to install headers...lol... Thanks Guys Pete
  11. from this door forth Impact Bumpers shall be called Kangaroo AirBags...
  12. Definately supervise...I left a guy who claimed he worked on numerous prestige vehicles to do a paintless dent removal only to hear the trolley jack rattling across the floor even before I left and there it was sliding under the sill and making its way to the oil lines...hence he was not impressed when i took the car without getting any work done...
  13. running on the rim is the only way of knowing how hard your last run was
  14. try contacting the Adelaide Porsche Club, a couple of guys had these done last time i went on a run with them...
  15. SPEND THE MONEY FOR INDEPENDANT... take it from someone who has purchased a car maintained by "reputable" shops... 12 months down the road and the deep dark secrets of the DODGY work are still raising their ugly heads even with receipts for "repairs"... $600 is cheap insurance...

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