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  1. thanks, yeah I've had it at UWA cc a couple of times, cheers
  2. wow, go the 928! trying to sell my 1989 944 turbo and barely getting a nibble!
  3. you are spot on, and 35 non CS coupes for 1992 Good luck with the sale
  4. I know you were talking about a 1981 car, but do people think 132,000 kms for a 1989 car could be considered 'collector grade' or is it more like half that or?
  5. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/porsche-944-1989/sse-ad-12963671/ surprisingly, not the most expensive 944 on CS 😅
  6. Thanks! ive had a couple of people pull out of viewing because they got covid, seems to be getting lots of people here now.
  7. the a/c in my 89 is so good its hard to imagine what yours must be like 🙂
  8. well a black/panthero 1990 turbo sold at the Healy garage in jan for $73k and that was not a m030 car & had 210,000 kms on it, no fresh engine/clutch etc. I believe a really nice MY1989 sold at shannons last year for $90k - I think that one had 90,000 kms. Not many of these late cars (89/90) are sold/for sale compared to the 86-88 turbo cars but I think $77k for this is a really good deal.
  9. Would rather discuss this over the phone or in person but here are the bullet points. I sold my Lamborghini in January and after owning a 944 S2 20+ years ago i was very keen to try a turbo - now, I wanted the best one i could find and it had to be a 89 or 90 model year - the 250HP etc spec. I bought it in jan/feb off a well known porsche enthusiast who owns and races many cars (he didnt race this one though) i never keep any of my fun cars for too long, i kept my lambo for 9 months - a record for me. Ive had 50 cars in 25 years and loved every one. So anyway about a month or so ago i put a few pics of this car up on a porsche Facebook group. The next day i get a message from someone asking if i would sell the car, i said no. He said if you do i will pay ‘x’ amount for it. Well over a week i started thinking hmm my wife could use a fun car for once, so i though yeah ok why not. I went and bought her a car. I contacted the bloke (who I now know is a dealer) said ok will let it go for that and then he dropped his offer a few grand. I said well i will think about it, couple of days went by and i messaged him and said ok will take your new offer. i got no reply from him for a day, i sent another message, to the effect of ok im going to advertise it now since i havent heard back. I advertise it, eventually he gets back to me and now says i never buy cars that are advertised. so basically, I wasn’t looking to sell it but now i am - not selling because theres anything wrong with the car. Any serious buyer can see the purchase reciept from Nick which will show the many thousands of $ im down on this car but thats ok i dont want sympathy as i made shitloads on the lambo and other cars. Im not flipping this for a profit thats for sure. The car speaks for itself, nothing to hide, no crash damage or mechanical issues its a timewarp example and piece of original porsche history. cheers
  10. Its the only year Australia got the full turbo S m030 spec compared to say a 220hp 1986-1988 car. Even the MY1990 cars were de-specced from the MY89 cars Someone like Sean @Buchanan Automotive Im sure could elaborate as ive explained it in my advert as best to my knowledge. this pca letter gives the number sold at 38 cars.
  11. Yeah i know, i bought this off Nick sight unseen myself. i also sold my Lamborghini Gallardo to a guy in Brisbane in jan - he bought it sight unseen. The Perth market for a top spec 944 turbo is very small, I’m sure the right buyer will come along eventually
  12. My location is definitely not helping, but I think the biggest part is most buyers dont seem to get the significance of the aussie MY89 - they see 86-88 turbos at $20k less with double my kms and think mine is way overpriced - even with mine having a new clutch and motor rebuild! oh well im sure someone will see what a great deal this is, cheers

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