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  1. Hi Mike, I haven't heard from Scott. I have tried to make contact with him but no reply. Looks like the seats are yours. I'll PM you. Regards Andrew
  2. Sure Mike, waiting on a reply from Scott.
  3. Hi Scotty, I was just about to list a pair of seats. The ones I have are in very good condition with Porsche cloth script in tbe centers. They are manual. I bought them for my 84 911 however have now bought some Recaros. All the mechanisms work well and the seats come with sliders. I am after what I paid dor them which is $1250. I can supply pics to your phone, just need your number. I'm located in Adelaide. Regards Andrew
  4. AndrewW

    New 993

    Tis a thing of beauty
  5. They're simply 'handbags', according to Mr Chops.
  6. Nice ride, life's a peach for you
  7. I have some 21mm spacers for sale (gotta try). Just be aware that spacers are not ADR complaint however loads of people use them. Once you get tot the point where you cannot get 5 rotations of a nut or bolt (that holds the wheel on) it is considered unsafe, some say you must have 3 threads clear of the nut for a safe fitment and you will find some evidence for that, (generally relating to truck wheels). I hope every thing goes well with your purchase.
  8. I bought these struts as a stop gap while I had my Koni struts re-built. The Sachs standard struts were on my SC for about a month and probably travelled 1000klm. Looking for $200.00 PM me for pics and/or info
  9. Eibach 5 x 130 Suited more for a modern Pcar with wheel bolts. Come with 10 wheel bolts to attach spacers (2), threaded inserts for securing wheel, hub centric. . Will fit early models. Never used $150.00 PM me for pics
  10. They look like the ones Mark. Do the sliders work ? Are they from Autotecnica ? What height are you (requiring to lower them) ? Can you PM me with your location. Ill have to get a quote on transport. I don't suppose you need any front strut inserts or wheel spacers ?
  11. Hi Mark, Im looking at their cloth comfort seats that are ADR complaint plus their rails, is that you have ?
  12. Ive been looking at the seats offered by Autotecnica in Victoria, on line. They offer great value and are ADR compliant, there seat rails are also ADR compliant. Has anyone had any experience with their seats and the company in particular in regards to after sales service and good practice ?

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