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  1. what model 911 do you have?
  2. looks impressive and would be quite good at driving forward in a straight line on perfectly smooth, swept clean concrete on a nice day!
  3. Willshire did a fine job of replacing with a plastic window, looks great. They charged $995 including 5 1/4 hours of labour. Looks good now. They are booked up for a couple of months, so they are in demand. The lesson is, as we know : be very careful taking the top down on a cold morning, partially open the top about 200mm, carefully fold the rear "glass", open a bit more, make sure it is not creasing, before continuing all the way. I never really wanted a convertible but was convinced by the driving experience/ dollar ratio of a Boxster. Now, I just love blasting through the twisties with the top down (more for the senses to enjoy) and go back to cocoon mode in suburbia.
  4. I know mine is different to a 996 but I had talked with Buik's in Adelaide and they said my 986S would be easier as it was a manual and thus no need to remove the motor.
  5. Welcome Costas! It was a beautiful hills morning, I enjoyed two hours of twisty roads too. Montacute, Lobethal etc, etc. Plenty of old motorbikes out and about.
  6. I had my 986S in for its annual service at Buik's last week and prior to that had a voltage regulator replaced. They gave appropriate realistic advice about expected upcoming maintenance. I also had a problem diagnosed on my Golf GTI. All good so far. I think it is on a par with the previous owners and would recommend them. And they are a 5 minute walk from work!! RSR, don't get me started about my experience. I'm sure others have had good service, but I wont go back.
  7. Hi Justin, This comes complete with a boss to suit a 3.2 Carrera that I sadly no longer have.
  8. My plastic rear window cracked today. Bugger! Its 19 years old, so I guess it can give up. Has anyone gone through the repair process, especially in Adelaide? I was going to call Buiks and Willshire.
  9. I went and saw it with a friend who is not into cars. It was his suggestion and he loved it including the "racing" scenes. Typical Hollywood crap. It could have been so good.
  10. Frank, I may have something for you. Arctic Silver, black interior 2001 986S 6 speed manual. 100.000 km. New Dunlop Direzza DZZ3's all round on Porsche design 18" rims. Full service history, Aftermarket Pioneer CD/ reverse camera. 10 months SA rego, with 986 plate, located Welland. Nothing to spend on it, everything functions as it should, drives perfectly, looks beautiful. Mild sports exhaust sounds perfect. Original clutch, IMS etc, so normal caveat there. Phone or text 0419 419 424
  11. Mike, I have a second gear set without the shaft. Please call or text me for more info or photos. 0419 419 424
  12. Now I remember why I don't have a wing on my car....
  13. Hi Two Heads, Are you still coming to the city of churches?

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