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  1. This is an example of American surveyors concession to the metric system. They measure in feet and decimals of a foot. I reckon the complete metric system has saved me squillions of hours of calculation time.
  2. Great looking 986S, colour, condition, Kms, price. Best fun/dollar Porsche there is!! GLWS
  3. Rob H

    Boxster 986 Badges

    Hi Dan, Just the one centre cap needed at present. Understood if you don't want to split a set. Hi Michel, thanks but I have just got the rear Boxster script. By the way, I really enjoy cryptic crosswords, however sometimes you have me stumped. Don't stop. Still after a hood badge but not angry, just disappointed. 0419419424
  4. Rob H

    Boxster 986 Badges

    Hi Dan, Thanks for the reply. It would be appreciated if you can help. Photo of one that was left behind. The badge part is smaller than some. I have sourced the rear Boxster badge.
  5. Rob H

    Boxster 986 Badges

    Someone obviously had a greater need than I for the badges on my 986S. Wanted: front hood crest, rear Boxster badge in silver (the large S is still on the car) one painted centre cap. The other 3 centre caps are still in place. The good news is the paintwork is not damaged. New prices are out of reach for me.
  6. Nice restoration! Back in the day, I had a drum brake version of the Mach 3. Tried to spit me off many times and it succeeded twice! Had to use my dirt bike riding skills to survive. Does anyone have a TZ350 racer?
  7. Similarly, I had a 3.2 as my only car for a couple of years, but mine was the tradesman's version with the sun roof. Apart from solving the poor ventilation, it came in handy may times at Bunnings.
  8. You can rubbish female politicians as much as you like, but I don't think anyone should be doing it on this forum. The "joke" should be deleted in my opinion.
  9. pm sent, I will gladly take it off your hands
  10. I think more science is advised, that way you could avoid a stressful drive or worse still a crash. I towed my 911 track car with it facing forward safely after getting it in the optimum position. Just do a search on suggested tow ball weight and 10% of the total towing weight is a good starting place. Your towing weight may be around two tonnes. Moving the car on the trailer a foot or so can make a dramatic difference to how safe the combination is. There are several ways you can measure the tow ball weight, even using bathroom scales and a plank. Shift the car on the trailer, re measure, get it about right and it should tow sweetly.
  11. In Adelaide we are blessed with some very twisty roads within half an hour of almost anywhere in suburbia. There are quite a few that are signposted at 80K with some of the corners recommended at 25K. Perfect for one of the lesser powerful Porsches like my 986S. The downside is the short sighting distance around the tight corners for unexpected surprises. Lee, love to catch up for a cruise some time if you wheel it out of the shed.
  12. what model 911 do you have?

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