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  1. Frank, I may have something for you. Arctic Silver, black interior 2001 986S 6 speed manual. 100.000 km. New Dunlop Direzza DZZ3's all round on Porsche design 18" rims. Full service history, Aftermarket Pioneer CD/ reverse camera. 10 months SA rego, with 986 plate, located Welland. Nothing to spend on it, everything functions as it should, drives perfectly, looks beautiful. Mild sports exhaust sounds perfect. Original clutch, IMS etc, so normal caveat there. Phone or text 0419 419 424
  2. Mike, I have a second gear set without the shaft. Please call or text me for more info or photos. 0419 419 424
  3. Now I remember why I don't have a wing on my car....
  4. Hi Two Heads, Are you still coming to the city of churches?
  5. I ended up getting Dunlop Direzzas about a month ago and of course a wheel alignment, both at North Tce Tyres. The Boxster's balance hid the deficiencies of the old tyres very well. Now the car corners much faster than my balls will let it.
  6. Rob H


    Whoever we are a fan of, we continue to be blessed with spectacular viewing and even though Marc dominated this year, victory was far from certain until the race was finished. Sometimes the lead changed 3 times in the final sequence!!! Even when Marc had a "comfortable"lead, he was riding so hard that disaster was always possible. We have an established emphatic champion, just like Jorge, Valentino, Casey, Mick Doohan, Agostini, etc in the past. Marc has exceptional machine control at a level never seen before (I know the computers play a big part, but there is only one person holding on to the clip ons) and so far has been incredible lucky to have remained virtually uninjured. I first became a fan of Marc's when he was forced to start from last place on the grid for a Moto 2 race. From the start it was obvious that he intended to win the race as he carved through the field of 30+ riders like they didn't exist. Even when he caught up to the leaders, he didn't waste time assessing their weaknesses, he just rode straight past them and won with seconds to spare. A true champion!! Bring on 2020. Looking forward to seeing how Alex, Jack, Suzi Quattro etc etc battle it out. Pack up F1 and Supercars, boring.
  7. I work about 2 K's away from Richmond's, just off Richmond Road if you are there on a Friday.
  8. Perfect, I'll catch you on the weekend!! How good is that!!! 0419 419 424
  9. I am after a bracket to mount a one kilo extinguisher in my 986. Probably the same for a 996, 987, maybe?? If no one has one for sale, then a recommendation, please? I would guess it mounts to the front of the passenger seat.
  10. I have black flags.
  11. Thanks for responses!! Looks like they are sold, pending receipt of $$$.
  12. Thanks 2HTas, 9fan & Euge for your advice and the "Tyre" search was worthwhile for sure. Went for a long drive through the hills today, good thing the car is so balanced, cos the tyres are shite. Next idea is to get advice from Dominic at North Tce Tyres, to add to the mix.
  13. I have a manual 986S, with 18" Porsche Design 10 spoke rims, same as you see occasionally on a 996. The 8 1/2' and 7"rims are fitted with Hankook 265/35/R18 and 225/40R/18 tyres that are great for high mileage. I am after some grippy tyres and was thinking of Yokohama Advan Neova AD08. Any comments on these, or a suitable alternative. Use is commuting, spirited hills driving, occasional Hillclimb and MK.

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