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  1. Rob H

    [WANTED] fuch 15 x 7's & 15 x 8's

    Hugh, Fuchs are the best in my opinion, I had them om my '89 3.2 and my 86' 944, they looked perfect. Having said that I have a set of Simmons 3 piece black/ chrome 15 x 7 and 15 x 8 with correct offsets for a 3.2 that wont fit on my Cayenne!!! I had them as a second set with track tyres for my 3.2. The Yokohama Advan AO50's are just scrubbed in. I know that when you want Fuchs, you just want Fuchs, but if you are interested/ cant find what you are after, let me know
  2. Rob H


    No worries, it was worth a try, good luck with the search.
  3. Rob H


    G'day to you too, Don't know anything about EzyAuto, but I have a 2005 silver Cayenne S in Adelaide, black interior that I am thinking of selling. All good, properly serviced, 171,000 Km, 20" Porsche wheels, new tyres. I haven't advertised it yet. Thinking of getting a 986 Boxter, preferably a manual S, not black or red. Should we talk?
  4. Rob H

    2005 Cayenne S reluctant to crank

    Thanks Dreamr, It still seems strange that it keeps on working eventually??? I better book it in though.
  5. I have owned this 2005 Cayenne S for about 18 months and it has the same symptom since soon after purchasing it. It is reluctant to crank. I replaced the battery soon after I bought it. No change. Quite often the first attempt fails after about half a revolution, sometimes the second or third attempt also fails. So far, it has always been able to start eventually, sometimes on the first attempt. Doesn't make any difference if it is hot or cold, recently run or been left for a few days. It just doesn't get to crank the motor long enough for it to fire up, giving the symptom of a flat battery or dirty battery terminals. Solenoid, earth wire, starter motor? Any ideas? Wiring problem? I don't think so, however the Pioneer stereo, GPS, reverse camera only works with the ignition on, which doesn't worry me. No other symptoms, the motor runs sweet other than a slight shimmy, sometimes on low revs when cold. Any help would be appreciated
  6. Hi, the tyres and wheels are still available if anyone is interested.
  7. Rob H

    Steering pump noise

    Tazzieman, what a spectacular seascape. Rugged beauty! Having done quite a bit of sailing pre GPS, there is nothing more reassuring on a stormy night, when approaching and roanding dangers like yours, than the flashing charactaristic of a lighthouse. Thank you sir!
  8. Rob H

    Steering pump noise

    All the workshop said was that it was leaking and difficult to fix, easier, quicker to swap it out. Maatsuyker Island, bloody hell, we broke our forestay near there in a Melbourne Hobart 30 years ago. Lucky, we were just about to turn the corner, so we could slide into Hobart under spinnaker and didnt need a forestay. What do you do there?
  9. Rob H

    Steering pump noise

    I'm glad I'm not the only slacker, when it comes to maintaining our utilty vehicles. I think the older cars encouarage you to check things more frequently, as when you open the lid there is lots of "stuff" to tinker with and check. The Cayenne like so many new cars is not so inviting, lots of plastic covers blocking out the view to important things. Anyway, one S/H steering pump and $$$ later, all is fine with the tall fat car again.
  10. Rob H

    Steering pump noise

    Thanks guys. After posting, the next morning I had a brainwave and did something I dont do very often with the Cayenne and lifted the bonnet. Poured some fluid into the reservoir and closed bonnet. Presto, the pleasant sound of a Porsche V8 and no goats. F...ing genius!! Next I might have to crawl under the car, remove the tray and identify the leak.
  11. Rob H

    Steering pump noise

    My 2004 Cayenne S has started making noises like a goat bleating when I turn the steering wheel, even just a millimetre. I have checked under the hood and no animals in sight. It sounds funny now, but I am worried it may start sounding like a cash register. Anybody have any ideas before I start emptying my wallet?
  12. Wheels and tyres are still for sale if anyone is interested.
  13. Just had a query about this, so the above gear is still for sale if anyone is interesrted. Rob
  14. The Motronics box is now sold.

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