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  1. I have a MOMO 360 outside diam with a boss to suit a 3.2 Carrera. Not sure if it fits yours. Stamped TYP D36, KBA 70101 Unmarked and stitching all good.
  2. My insurer used O'Brien's for my '86 944 and they came to work, but brought a windscreen that was slightly too small!! The staff were great and sourced a correct size, but should have got it right the first time.
  3. Price drop to $15,500. Serviced items over the last two years include new battery, starter motor, cardan shaft, brake pads. Ph 0419 419 42 fore
  4. Suitable words escape me, however I'll try. I have never before used the term "fully sick" but that seems the most appropriate. Truly amazing, driver, nav, car and road.
  5. Looking good, enjoy the ride!! I too just joined the Boxster brigade and am very happy. They are a bargain for such a beautifully balanced sports car. At this stage I haven't had the need to change anything, but like what you have done. Hope to see you around!
  6. Know what you are talking about Lee. Picked up my sight unseen 986S from CEVA car carriers rather nervously, drove it to car rego office. Phew, all legal- its mine now, bolting the new SA number plates on(the man behind the counter asks what model my Porsche is. He rummages around for a while and presents me with 986 plates) A public servant who enjoys his work!!! I go to drive off and notice a puddle under where the car was parked!!! Open up the "boot"- check coolant level- nothing visible between high and low mark. @#$%&!!! What was I expecting without a PPI, idiot!!, Drive to nearest servo carefully while monitoring temp. Pull up at servo, check coolant level, still nothing visible. After a while, remove lid gingerly and happy to see it full of coolant to the top. It hasn't used a drop since, so all in my head. Emotional roller coasters, I'm over them.
  7. Congratulations on finding an excellent 996. I have seen the car many times at Porsche club functions and you would be going to find a better example. I think it may have won a prize at the recent show and shine event, it was at least a finalist. A few years ago, I did a similar thing, flew and trained to Newcastle and drove a '89 3.2 Carrera back to Adelaide for my first Porsche experience. What a buzz it was, still remember the exhilaration. All the best!!
  8. Offers anyone? Can assist with Interstate transport. Great for towing your track car or just feeling safe in your daily commute.
  9. Lee, I'm near the coast, in the ghetto half way between Semaphore and Port Adelaide.
  10. Thanks for the invitation. I may take you up on that. 45 minute drive to get there, but bonus is part of the commute is Greenhill Road!!
  11. My first drive through the hills today in my "new" 986S. Montacute, Norton Summit, Lobethal, Hahndorf and back to home again the same way. Patchy wet roads and occasional drizzle didn't dampen the enthusiasm and pleasure of the drive over those superb roads. Love my new Boxster, with the sports exhaust making nice flat 6 turbine like sounds. Happy days!
  12. I'll be there "on the grass" with Cayenne for sale and "new" 3 days old 986S hoping to get hints from fellow owners. Hope to meet some new faces too and not get too excited about cars I will never afford. My favorites as always will be air cooled.
  13. Rob H

    Cheap Cayennes

    I have a vested interest in this topic as I am putting my '04 Cayenne S on the market. I must qualify by saying I have owned a standard '89 3.2 Carrera, a 1975 or therabouts bitza track car with a 3.8 motor and all the other trick bits and a standard '86 944. All were great cars, that did their jobs incredibly well, including the Cayenne. The Cayenne is comfortable, safe, solid, luxurious (by my standards), practical, and reliable. It has never let me down. The paintwork is high quality and the interior durable and comfortable. The whole car is built STRONG. Everything on it works properly! Since owning, the gas struts for the tailgate needed replacing. Not too bad, but I did swear a few times. The steering pump was replaced and the cardan shaft, and the rear brakes. And yesterday the battery. I would say all these are just routine maintenance. Buik Motorworks did the hard stuff at very reasonable prices with no fuss. Regular servicing was straightforward. I cant vouch for other Cayenne's but my ownership journey was relatively pain free. (Fuel "economy"excepted) I even did some spirited club runs through the hills and some follow the leader laps at Tailem Bend and had no trouble keeping up, the chassis, steering, brakes and power are quite impressive for a heavy car and AWD helps. I hope I can be just as happy with the 986S I have just bought. Any other positive Cayenne stories out there?
  14. New Battery fitted yesterday, see thread in 4 door section, not wishing to hijack my own thread.

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