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  1. Where did you manage to source the oem gt2 seats?
  2. I own a manual 997.1 turbo and have driven a few others including a pdk 991.2 Carrera and 991 gt3 touring. I think the 997 is the most useable and more fun at road speed limits than a gt3 due to the torque. The base 991.2 Carrera didn’t do anything for me. Wasn’t engaging like an older car. I’d expect the gts to be better. Downsides of the turbo are the exhaust note and floaty suspension (Pasm soft mode. Settles with sport mode). Both issues can be sorted with a couple of mods insurance costs are 2-3k per year with mb insurance (I’m late 30s) for a 997tt
  3. Rencal motors in coopers plains. Small workshop, meticulous head mechanic and team. They have a excellent reputation and many regular watercooled Porsche’s get maintained and modified there
  4. 400k on road new? It's got all the right options except a cage...no idea why it wasn't spec'd with one (no cost option)
  5. Porsche Centre Brisbane had an excellent black 981 spyder (LWBs, red interior, 10000km) up until 2 weeks ago. Showing up as sold/on hold on CS. I’d call them as occasionally they’re not actually sold but get taken off CS for some reason (which is what I noticed with the grey gt4 at pcb). https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2016-Porsche-Boxster-981-Manual-MY16/OAG-AD-17115920
  6. The red 996 is a good clean car. I know the previous owner and he has taken excellent care of it for the past 4-5 years of ownership. Everything has been done including ims. It was a pity to see it traded.
  7. Yes...I’m not sure if it was a genuine TechArt build (if there’s such a thing locally) vs genuine aftermarket parts added locally. Price was high hence surprised it didn’t sit longer.
  8. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2007-Porsche-911-Turbo-997-Manual-AWD-MY08/SSE-AD-3983056 This lasted barely a week.
  9. I’ve not seen one listed for sale in the 2.5years I’ve been looking. Closest was a series 1.5 manual turbo cab
  10. Perfect spec on the red 997TT. Manual coupes come up for sale infrequently (less than one a month) and I've not seen a better spec'd car in 2 years of watching these.
  11. Great insights...even considering some of you have cars on the market.
  12. Congratulations on the sale. Lost count how many times I looked at the ad.
  13. How about a low mileage basalt black manual 997.1 turbo??
  14. Gas

    Stone Guard Film

    I’ve got a friend who did a complete wrap on my 997 and recently 996 from his garage. His prices were much more reasonable and quality of work as good as I’ve seen. It’s a lot of work to get right and I’d highly recommend him if you’re willing to take your car to Brisbane. He is using an Avery Dennison film spf-XI and has a database of templates via subscription.

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