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  1. Perfect spec on the red 997TT. Manual coupes come up for sale infrequently (less than one a month) and I've not seen a better spec'd car in 2 years of watching these.
  2. Great insights...even considering some of you have cars on the market.
  3. Anyone seen or know the black Richmond's car?
  4. Congratulations on the sale. Lost count how many times I looked at the ad.
  5. How about a low mileage basalt black manual 997.1 turbo??
  6. Gas

    Stone Guard Film

    I’ve got a friend who did a complete wrap on my 997 and recently 996 from his garage. His prices were much more reasonable and quality of work as good as I’ve seen. It’s a lot of work to get right and I’d highly recommend him if you’re willing to take your car to Brisbane. He is using an Avery Dennison film spf-XI and has a database of templates via subscription.
  7. If you’re after a tip and it’s had one good owner with full service history then buy it and drive...I think maintenance history is more important than mileage. You’d be hard pressed finding a good single owner car with full history, let alone one with factory aerokit. When the time comes to sell you’ll have a complete history for the car which is worth as much as 50000km on the odometer!
  8. Series 1 oem aerokit adds value in my opinion. The last manual equivalent sold around 47k very quickly but I’d expect a tip will be harder to move so mid to high 30’s would be about right. Colour, sport seats, lsd and sport suspension all potentially add value.
  9. The old ad from the last owner popped up a couple of months ago. The car was located in SA and had approximately 50k km. Priced about the same from memory. Look back a few pages and you’ll find my link to the old reactivated ad (Carsales glitch)
  10. https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-2001/SSE-AD-5114243 deja vu. Still looks to be in excellent condition
  11. Did you buy it? It sat for almost 2 weeks at 135k...Listed 155 and bumped to 185 within a day given “overwhelming” interest. Verbally it was a good car with full records at PCGC.
  12. There’s a white gt4 CS package in brisbane with around 7000km. I know the car...drove it and contemplated/contemplating selling the 997tt for it... It’s very very good (meticulous owner) and well priced. Owner is an acquaintance who’s ordered a touring and is keen to move it on. Let me know if you need details...it’s been off Carsales for a month
  13. I use mb insurance. Competitive quotes and they focus on enthusiasts and classics
  14. Sounds like we have a Singer Byron commission on the way. That would be a significant build with the one and only “Byron” tag easily commanding an extra 20% when you decide to flip ?

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