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  1. @AndrewM That is interesting. The RoW and US models seems to be readily available online. I wonder if this is to do with the unit itself or the maps? Our AM/FM/DAB frequencies are the same as europe. GPS is standard. So i dont expect they would need a new model specifically for our region.
  2. @P-Kay I do agree. I had an Audi years ago with a blue interior that wasn't 'popular'. Didnt bother me. I loved it. Also, I am fine with my spot at the back of the SMT train. I like to get out for a drive but am not looking to set any land speed records. So i suspect any perving on my hips will only occur at the breakfast stop @TwoHeadsTas Thanks for your take on the situation. Might send my letter off to Santa and see how i go
  3. I am toying with the idea of upgrading my 996.2 C2 to a 996.2 C4S or Turbo. There is a C4S in NSW with the red interior (boxster red not terracota). While i know interior colours are a personal thing, does anyone here have any comments/thoughts on the red interior option in the 996? I initially scrolled past the NSW C4S because of the interior colour, but after seeing the colour discussed on the rennline forum, many say that it looks really good in person. Unfortunately, there arent any local (Vic) cars to look at on carsales at the moment. So i ask for some perspective from others. My first thought is that it looks very red to me. While i love red interiors, i tend to prefer when they use the red as a highlight rather than the base (i.e. my merc daily has red seats but the dash, carpet and trim pieces are black).
  4. For those interested, i fell down the rabbit hole yesterday and think i have figured it out. There are 2 models: 996 642 590 00 (Rest of the World, RoW, model) 996 624 591 00 (US model). The units themselves seem to be identical, but the US model does not come with the DAB module (the RoW model includes the DAB module). As such, for Australia, you would really want to get the RoW model. The cheapest supplier of the RoW model seems to be Rose Passion in Europe. At current exchange rates and with shipping and taxes, it is likely to cost about AUD$2400. For me, this is not enough of a saving to make it worthwhile. I will just purchase it directly from Porsche here in Australia.
  5. As i understand, Porsche Centre Melbourne are charging $3k for the unit plus installation and any minor additional parts you may need for your specific car (i.e. climate control trim to relocate it to the lower compartment, etc.). I havnt confirmed the installation/additional costs with Porsche Centre Melbourne. Having done a little more digging this morning, there seems to be 2 model codes available. 996-642-591-00 996-642-591-00C I am having trouble confirming the differences, but i suspect the 996-642-591-00C unit is for the US market (even though some sites suggest the 996-642-591-00 can be purchased in the US). If i try and get this internationally, i think it is safer to get it from Europe, due to the similarities in the DAB and FM/AM ranges between Australia and Europe. The 'onboard' maps are sold separately on an SD card. The prices above do not include the maps. The price of the maps in the US is about US$150. I am not sure if the Australian maps will work on an international unit (i.e. if they try and 'region lock' the PCCM+ unit).
  6. With Christmas just around the corner (i have been a good boy this year), i am thinking about buying the PCCM Plus for my 996. With that said, the Australian price is a little steep (just under AUD$3k). Suncoast have the USA model for about US$1300 (AUD$1750) and suppliers in Europe seem to have them for about €1300-1500 (AUD$2050-2400). Does anyone know if the USA/Europe models are compatible with Australia? From my cursory review the part numbers seem to be identical.
  7. I got them to use a 1.5" pipe. This was based on the videos from the carwow guy on youtube. The guys at exhaust world also recommended this size. There are plenty of videos on youtube with various sized pipes being used. There is no droning. It has a nice rumble at idle and is louder above ~3,000rpm. When below ~3,000rpm there isn't much of a difference in the cabin with the windows up or down.
  8. Just got my 996.2 done at Exhaust World in North Melbourne. They seem to be a good honest shop and my car now sounds like it should have. They have plenty of experience with this mod and one of the guys in the shop owns a 964. Thanks for the recommendation FUCHer.
  9. Thanks GT3. When you put it like that, it may be worthwhile either changing the existing socket to be unswitched or adding an unswitched socket somewhere in the passenger footwell. It is just so much easier than having to open the bonnet and unclip the battery cover each time (and the same in reverse when i want to use the car).
  10. Thanks Apogee. I figured this may be required. I was hoping there may a hidden unswitched cigarette power outlet somewhere in the car (i believe the 997s have one in the passenger footwell), or a simple of way of changing the cigarette lighter to be unswitched. I would rather not have to mess around and change the cigarette lighter from a switched circuit to an unswitched circuit.
  11. I have a Porsche charge-o-mat (trickle charger / tender charger / battery maintainer) which connects to the cigarette lighter of the car (996.2). My problem is that it doesn't seem to be able to charge/maintain the battery when the car is off (i.e. ignition lock position 0 and key out of the ignition). This is because the cigarette lighter circuit appears to be cut when the ignition is in position 0. To get the charge-o-mat to charge / maintain the battery, the ignition needs to be in position 1. While i can understand why the power/circuit is cut to the cigarette lighter at ignition lock position 0, i don't understand how Porsche had intended the charge-o-mat to work if you need the key to be inserted and turned to position 1 to charge/maintain the battery. Does anyone know if there is a way to keep the cigarette lighter active when the ignition is in position 0 and the key is out (for the purpose of using the charge-o-mat)?
  12. Thanks for the write up. I sprung a leak at the top of Lake Mountain on the last Vic SMT. Thankfully, the leak was relatively minor and i was able to drive the car home. Turns out that my 996.106.831.01 hose also failed at the quick release fitting.
  13. First time poster, short time reader. Just acquired my first Porsche (996.2 C2). Looking forward to some food and fine cars. Count me in.

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