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  1. Hi Grant I had a 997 S for a few years and it was a fun car however they aren’t worth the premium. There is bugger all room in the back , my 9 yr old boy didn’t like the car at all. 911‘S really are 2 seaters with room for a bag in the back. Others will probably disagree. 991 model is a much more attractive proposition. The ride is nicer. Interior a big step up. I would get a 991 , keep it for 2 years then trade up to a GT3 .... it happens to all of us Good luck
  2. I read somewhere the particulate filters weigh 20kgs.
  3. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2020-Porsche-718-Cayman-GT4-982-Manual-MY20/OAG-AD-18634871 New model for 220k plus on roads. Club sport too. Good luck to old mate trying to get 210k for his 3.8 Black one.
  4. I agree the extra power of the 3.8 would be nice ,but the shape of .1 cars do it for me. Love the colours too
  5. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2007-Porsche-911-GT3-RS-997-Manual-MY07/SSE-AD-6214981 Has anyone checked out the black with orange RS on Carsales ? It’s been listed for a while I wonder if low 3’s is possible I think I prefer the 997.1 look over the .2
  6. Washed her up today and drove around the block.
  7. Nice one. The early cars are lookers. In manual too.
  8. She arrived on the weekend. Condition is really exceptional. Looking forward to her first run
  9. I’ve broken the news to her now. She was happy I didn’t bid on the 996gt2. I think she got off lightly. The 997 is gone mate. It’s good to have a P back in the garage.
  10. How much to convert a LHD membership. I might be interested at the right price.
  11. So I just bought the white GTS from The Gosford Classic Cars auction. I’ve never had any interest in these so I’m not too sure what to expect. It was an impulse purchase. It was 90k plus buyers premium. I’ll attach some pics. What are your thoughts ???
  12. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1994-Porsche-968-CS-Manual/SSE-AD-6006123 125k is fair enough if it’s mint I guess. Anyone on here know about this old girl ?
  13. It’s really clean. I didn’t drive it much in the last 2 years so I’m sure it will need a few things done as it sat still for a while. The ride was hard as expected and the clutch heavy. It made it a bit tiresome when on a cruise. My wife always wanted us to take the Porsche out as it looked so good. But I’d always talk her out of it and grab the keys to the old Mx5 or Sti. The Spirit R ride is terrible bumpy and loud but somehow I find it more enjoyable to trash It was a trade deal on the R8. They were offering only 80k. However I got about 20k off the R8 so change over wasn’t too bad. It had sport Chrono which I never really used. It made the ride worse....I must be getting too old.
  14. I just traded in my black 2005 c2s for a manual R8. My 997 just turned up at classic throttle shop for $115k. I owned the 997 for 2 years but rarely took it out. It’s a nice clean example with a few over revs. After the initial excitement of owning my first Porsche the feeling faded and my love for the car was gone completely after 6 months. The car wasn’t nice to drive sure it handled well but the ride was poor and I just didn’t enjoy driving it at all. I know performance cars ride hard but the car was very underwhelming. I still own an Evo 6.5 tommi , rx7 spirit r , 2 door V5 sti and mk1 mx5. Out of all the cars I had the Porsche was the least pleasurable. I’ll buy another Porsche one day probably a 964 or 997 gt3 rs. These should feel more special. The R8 rocks its a 2008 manual , sounds great and goes hard much nicer than the Carrera. Anyways that’s my ownership review of the 997.1

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