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  1. Does anyone know if the the Porsche Techquipment (titanium) Cage from a GT2 fit the GT3 (997)?
  2. If Shed doesn’t have one, I have a 77 900SS coming up for sale. Immaculate if you interested.
  3. I rode at Mugello last July on a Ducati Superleggera and Chaz Davies WSBK Panigale. I was not quite hitting 300kmh on the straight and the Ducati instructors were leaving me for dead and still at WOT. He seemed to hit his breaking marker ok. I think we may end up hearing there was either a problem with the front brakes or something happened following the front end shake as he come over the crest. We weren’t getting front end shake here but we were about 60kmh slower!. Pirro is a very experienced Ducati test rider and is very well practiced at that track so definitely something strange here. The track is actually a lot tougher in real life then it looks on TV. It’s quite steep in places, including the downhill chicane where if you have come in with too much speed you need to be brave and stay off the brakes as its too late to try and wash off speed between the downhill corners. The Ducati test riders could ride one handed on a stock Panigale and still overtake us on the WSBK Panigale!
  4. Hi there I've just joined the forum after lurking for a while. Lots of nice "older" cars on here which is a great mix from the new.

PFA [Porsche Forum Australia]

This is an online platform for like-minded Porsche fans/fanatics/tragics to come together to read, chat and share.

It is also a platform to arrange and participate in off-line social meet-ups, events and drives.

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