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  1. @OBRUT Rad man. Unfortunately it's colour is too rad for me. I'm a nutter for yellow. Having said that, it's only 30 mins from my place.
  2. It goes to show that rarity doesn't always dictate a high value.....the air cooled 911s are plentiful in comparison but the values are well north of some of these very rare water cooled cars. Perhaps it's because the air cooled ones don't use water which is a limited resource and this is seen as being more environmentally conscious. 😋
  3. Absolutely Jason, and you'll be the first to know if I decide otherwise 😁
  4. Nice try but I'll keep the original one just incase somone wants return the car to near original. Afterall, one man's ideal whale tail is another man's nightmare. 🐋🐋
  5. I got my 968 back from Buchanan Auto late this week after getting a new radiator and the transmission cooler diversion that they suggested. I may jokingly diss the air cooled cars and give them a hard time for being technical dinosaurs but now having spent over $2k on a new radiator, I'm beginning to think that they have one less thing to fail..... And I believe that I've inadvertently started on the road of a back date.... It's not a 968 radiator but rather a 944 one. (I can't recall Bruce's reasons for this and it made sense at the time and I have no doubt they're still valid.) I'm now looking for a 911 whale tail 😀
  6. Just when I thought we could be friends, you go and give me a hard time for owning a vehicle that has functional air con and genuine carrying capacity. No need for having secondary and even tertiary vehicles. Bast@rd. And I am cool... Water cooled! Pal, I'm looking forward to more of this banter face to face (or given you're so friggin tall, perhaps face to navel). See you tomorrow.
  7. Pretty poor service from Dreamer's Diner. No wonder given that your trading hours are so restricted and that sort of attitude. Wouldn't happen in Jakroo's Joint, I can assure you. Anyway, I'll come to your place. I'll have Thomas with me and a swag of bodyboards as we're going to the beach afterwards (try carrying those in a 911)
  8. @dreamr - yes, I'll come to your joint.... What time do I need to be there? Also, I'll take a black tea and a coupe of slices of raisin toast please....
  9. @dreamr Are you going and if so, have you figured out if there are a few of you meeting somewhere to drive up there like we did last year?
  10. jakroo

    Gosford kaput

    The other side of this is that a museum's collection can (& most will) evolve over time and this will require sales of existing stock and purchasing of new stock. There are operating expenses as well, and they'd need a source of funds from somewhere How they go about doing this could be the issue. Everything is for sale but I'd rather be free to wander around one and not see a sales sticker.
  11. Being a guy who does a lot of kilometres and isn't afraid of a high mileage car, it's great to see an article like this. Of course, circa 975k KMs in 16 years is amazing (approx 61k pa) and well beyond my 35k pa and my wife's 45k pa driving. I'd suggest that at any sales price (including sub $10k), the car owes them nothing. It does cost a lot of money to drive a car any distance but when you multiply it to these sorts of miles, the many many tyres it's had is just one dimension. At 10 l per 100km and $1.50 per l, it's still almost $150k in fuel. LOL.
  12. My Evo which I bought new in July 2007 had just turned 302,500. Every 5,000km it has been to the selling dealer for it's service. I've just about run out of service coupons in the book. Impeccable service history should I ever sell it. There's no reason why a car of the calibre of the Porsche should not hit very very high mileage with good service history.
  13. And that is a very nice vehicle....great example of colour variation of the era before we got in to black, midnight black, dark black, late night black, eerie black, double black and so on, same with the whites.....
  14. I don't like the dickhead exhaust tip nor the clear glass in one of the fog/driving lights

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