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  1. Your best bet is to leave them out when doing the rebuild, that way there's no chance of valve hitting piston. I'm not even an engineer and I know to do this. You're welcome.
  2. That's so incredibly funny, I am having issues trying to read this out to my family and not die from lack of breathing while I laugh with tears in my eyes......you obnoxious b#stard..... I was told the same thing by my neighbour sometime in 2004 when I first fired up the Ducati 749s with the Termignoni 'race use only' exhaust pipe one 5am Sunday morning....
  3. I did at the time of my first post, and there are no acrylic nails touching the paint. But even if there was, her jumper has the ability to scratch so you should ask her to completely get off the car. But it's a car and it'll be touched by all sorts of things and it'll survive.
  4. what acrylic is that? As far as I can tell, there's clothing, hair and skin on the paintwork....
  5. I know where it is but it's not up to me to divulge this. I'll let the owner tell you....
  6. I've spoken to agent 86 (via a shoe phone I'm sure) and he's told me the car is at a well known Porsche specialist in Sydney. There is another well known specialist in the neighbourhood but they've a 3 week wait on getting to any new jobs. The shop it is at has had a prelim look at it and have told him they reckon it's a mechanical issue:- the timing is off. Proper investigation is several $k, fix is unknown but we all know that any engine is expensive if it's got busted bits. I'm not a mechanic so I'm not going to venture anything but it does sound like a sensor or perhaps more likely an important rubber belt has slipped. Whether there are any metal pieces touching other parts that they shouldn't be is unknown and I guess the way to find out is to roll out the investigation funds. In the case of the current owner, he's decided that this course of action is not likely......and that's an entirely acceptable position to take.
  7. WOW This is the first photo of a flared rear end that's really spoken to me. OMG
  8. water cooled. front engine. automatic. dirty import. why bother is what all but very few would ask.....but that's from the truly un-enlightened (as I said, this is most people) But if they need any further prompting....Purple is the reason 🙂 AWESOME
  9. The thread title might by about Porsche and the last 50 pages might have a Porsche in them but it's only coincidental 😎
  10. For calendar year 2019 it was 6.85c per day. For 2020 it's 6.83c per day.
  11. It may seem a lot but then in times of no rain such as the past 6 months, it means I have some reserves. I can't drink the shed water as I don't look after it. The volume for the house includes 50k litres I can't access from the house pump as it's a reserve for fire fighting duties. I don't recall the exact roof catchment area, but I think about 300mm will fill the tank from dead empty so at an average of 800mm pa, it'll fill plenty of times. But not everyone has the luxury of building such a large tank so they're limited to what they have available. My parents have a home out towards Crookwell and Gunning (out from Goulburn NSW), and about 2 years ago they doubled their house water to 50k litres and it has revolutionised their lifestyle. Water is such a critical thing for us in terms of food supply, actual well being and so on. Personally I think washing cars and watering the lawn with reticulated supply (from the country's infrastructure) is a waste of such an important resource that costs a lot to get it fit for human consumption. Don't get me wrong, we need to wash our goods etc but I'd certainly argue with using food grade water for it.
  12. My only water supply is self caught and stored and we've not run out of water ever from use - only once ever have we run out and it was due to a large crack developing in the completely buried/underground tank and eventually the level dropped to below the pick up point for the pump. We have circa 150k litres for the house and 22k for the shed. I enjoy my full flow 10 min showers 🙂
  13. This is why I made the comment. It was in reference to the constant dissing of non manual clutch gearboxes and the fact that almost all cars of all marques are headed to no manual clutch set ups for their gearboxes. But I can see why people have got all messed up with it in this thread given the age of the model in question and PDK not being available at the time. If I could withdraw my references to it from the thread without destroying the integrity of last 'n' posts, I would do so. Anyway, on to the thread intent chaps. Move on, nothing to see here.
  14. I'm not sure what you mean by retrofitted. What I said was be open to buying a personal import which are cheaper because of some odd thought that they are different to those imported by Porsche Australia. I also said be open to buying a tipper and disregard the old fashioned belief that pushing a clutch with a foot while shifting a lever is superior to every other technique or technology of changing a vehicles gear.
  15. Wise words. Though, I reckon it's only luck that's prevented them from spontaneous combustion. It's a well know fact that ANY car sold in Australia can do this. And as for the tipper vs manual debate....PDK is for all intents and purposes an auto as well. There's no human actuated clutch with a PDK. A truly manual gearbox and clutch is a dodo bird and those who limit themselves to this dinosaur tech are limiting their options but the good news is that if you're open to the idea, you can buy it cheaper than it needs to be (but keep that quiet so the Dino lovers don't wake up and spoil it for us) Buy it. Drive it. Enjoy it.

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