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  1. No problem at all. I suggested it because your said you'd leave the bottom shelf out (really you'd be keeping it but having it higher than the car) and drive under/into it to keep the full depth of the garage. If you do go down this path, make sure the shelving system you use can handle not having a low shelf to keep it stable and safe. Proper pallet racks are built to do this, not all other systems will.
  2. Also, I have some Dexion stuff left over from when I did my shed shelving. I can do a proper stock take and see what you could build with it but from memory, you could have 2 separate bays (4 uprights) with atleast 2 shelves each. The shelves are nominally 2550 * 900 so a sheet of 2700 * 900 yellow tongue fits with a single cut. pm me your mobilebnumber and I'll send you a couple of photos of what I've done in my shed
  3. Unless the wall is straight (in all planes) and free of kinks, small bumps and so on you'll need to use a batten of some sort to allow you to smooth it out so the sheets fit flush with each other. Otherwise all you'll do is make a bunch of disguised blemishes very visible by putting big sheets with long edges on the wall. An alternative is to coat it with paint or give it a bagged paint finish to make it look cleaner.
  4. jakroo

    Early 928

    These sorts of videos don't help me in trying to quell the desire. Glorious colour. I need to start work.....
  5. jakroo

    power steering gone limp

    nasal only 😷
  6. jakroo

    power steering gone limp

    try the nasal spray, it doesn't work for all limpness but it's worth a shot. ⏫
  7. Ronny, In the responses between this one and the quote, there are a few options, about 50/50. But as no one has professionally looked at it, and quoted on it, the speculation of what is busted and needs repair is too much to get a good handle on the real cost. I'm not one for stuffing people around but I reckon you need to get a proper panel repairer to look at it. Panel etc repair or replace but colour remains as what is bought. It then runs and is back to operational status. I hear Benetton style panel colours are coming back into vogue. At the time of needing the repair, you can assess the sale of the daily driver to fund it. There will be an overlap of needing the money for the repairer and the car at the same time but you may be able to sort that out with some short term funding with a realistic market value (and take a further 10% off) or even presale with a delayed delivery of the daily driver.
  8. Ronny, Have you had any quotes to repair it?
  9. jakroo

    Oil Additves

    as do I. The proper solution is to drive the vehicle more often. Step 1: Let the engine get warm, drive it harder, engine oil gets warmer, drive it harder again, engine oil gets warmer still and so on. Step 2: Repeat weekly. Suddenly the kms are up and the service interval is achieved. Step 3: Change oil, filter, apply grease to bits n pieces. Return to step 1 and repeat.
  10. jakroo

    Home built Hot Rod

    You need to give that step up, it's usually a waste of time with a 'no'. I've saved you immeasurable hours that will yield a positive and compounding effect on the motor rebuild.
  11. jakroo

    My 944 Cabriolet

    Wow, this is an amazing story of how you're progressing. Great to see you 'maintaining the rage' to get it 'just right'!
  12. jakroo

    25 cars that will kill you

    You must hve stopped counting part way through - Porsche had 3 - 930, 996 GT2 and Carrera GT. Ford had 3 as well....Surprised to see a Toyota Camry in the list!
  13. jakroo

    928 Market Watch

    For those interested in the numbers...assumes calendar 1 Jan to 31 Dec for each anniversary to make it easier Hamiltons service history 1989 to 1996 (155000km) :: 155k kms in 8 years = 19,400 kms pa = really loved Auto Coupe service history 1997 to 2007 (302500km) :: 147k kms in 11 years = 13,500 kms pa = quite loved Timing belt and transmission overhaul 2008 to 2015 (309200km) :: 6,700 kms in 8 years = 840 kms pa = unloved New front and rear brake discs etc 2016 to 2017 (309900km) :: 700 kms in 2 years = 350 kms pa = almost hated Automatic transmission and air conditioner service 2018 (310200km) :: 300 kms in half a year......unloved
  14. ooh lal la. I'm really starting to fall in love with the 928. Gotta start to get an income......
  15. jakroo

    Practical, not political

    no, we only have the one child. The formula used is typical male + normal female = regular child Funny observation though!