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  1. Do you have any idea on a price yet Jason, or is it still a work in progress? The original post doesn't have an asking price, (or atleast, I haven't spotted one) My best mate who did his mechanical apprenticeship on P cars in the mid and late 80s, is up your way, and I'm trying to get him into a Porsche..... This could be the first port of call..
  2. 912P or 68P are the way to go.... Something like Minty (or Fantale or Jaffa or Rosemary or Oregano or any other lollie or herb) is trying too hard in my opinion
  3. Only the enlightened consider buying one. It's the truly enlightened that proceed to purchase and enjoy for all of remaining time. It's clear to me, dear acquaintance, you're not destined to enjoy such pleasure.
  4. Some obvious changes would be RHD or LHD, perhaps some bumper cosmetics or internal finishes but in essence the only way to make money on a mass production scale is homogeneous product. The cars will be pretty similar if not identical to those in other countries, certainly in this vintage... Build values for different countries pre 1980s did exist but again usually mostly cosmetic and then safety features the further back in time you go (seat belts being an obvious one). It needs to be understood that all Porsche cars that are in use outside of Germany have been exported and thus all those in Australia are imported, I don't see why anyone would be concerned about this but they are. The stigma attached to these private import cars is a negative. Hell, even a private import Mitsubishi Evo 3-7 has no negative stigma. A private import collectible is seen differently for some reason yet the underlying 'it's a dirty import' still exists. If you like it, get it checked out and if okay buy it. It could be discounted on purchase and of course it is likely to be discounted on the next purchase as well (that is when you sell it). That should not matter too much given you'll have bought it cheaper than the other official channel imports 😄
  5. I'm black over grey.... I just realised that's yet another thing for the haters.... Water cooled, front engined, tiptronic and now a grey interior. I may as well give the thing away....maybe I should buy the steering wheel, and onsell it for $500 attached to the car 🤯 I'm all for colour let me assure you. I've had to deal with people who don't like yellow for a long time now (and you're included 😁). I wore clothes to dreamr's recent birthday bash that easily replicated the Bennetton wheel (bright green shorts, fire engine red shirt and canary yellow Vans shoes)
  6. I love this but alas with my boring black 968, even if it fitted, it's overkill and would look out of place. Would suit a red or yellow car one of which I also have but the Evo is far more modern and needs the air bag etc
  7. Yes okay thanks for that info. That doesn't sound like a lot to me as I do many many kilometres in my cars. My 12 year old Evo which hasn't been driven too much in the past 24 months and has maybe done 15k kms in that time just had it's 305,000 km service. Sure one could (successfully) argue it's not an exotic German but it is only a 2 litre engine pushing out a gentleman's agreed 200kw at crank or approx. 170kw at the 4 wheels. Not too highly strung but at 100kw per litre of engine input it's not too shabby (how many 500kw 5 litre or 360kw 3.6 engines are out there direct from the factory??). And it's a long way from needing to be rebuilt. Have you asked why it needs an engine rebuild so you can avoid the next one?
  8. I am curious....what is considered to be a high km odometer reading on these cars?
  9. Ouch. I think Tips was last asking circa 74k in his advert. 60k is certainly an offer but that is a big ask. Good luck.
  10. OMG that is indeed insane Ryan. I take back all my comments about you being a man of poor taste (ref: you not liking yellow) as this has made me realise how hasty I have been! (still it could change again on your next purchase 🙂 )
  11. And it's a cracker of a colour. Non of the yawningly boring white/silver/black/red
  12. Klein had a good relationship with Porsche at that time.

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