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  1. Did you have trouble parking it pal? Traction control turned off? Couldn't work out the modern day clutch? Lots of tyre marks on the road. Just saying.....
  2. Good stuff dreamr. I hope that your enjoy the new car. But I have to say, I'd like it more if it was something other than batshitboring beige or whatever shade of that it is. One great thing compared to the red thing it replaced is that it'll have air conditioning so you'll be able to use it more than 5 days a year 🤣 I'll take it for a quick drive but it'll be under protest.
  3. Pull up a stump Steve and I'll tell you the story. It all started late last year. I was driving it a fair bit (400km a week for 3 months) and it started to make a high tinging metallic sound. It started to get louder and louder and one day I was headed to a mate's place in Newport when I decided to drive to see Bruce and Sean in Balgowlah. I thought it was something like a metal shroud underneath had rattled loose. After a 5 second listen to it, Bruce diagnosed it as a failed transmission damper. Course of action - turn off immediately, don't drive any further and arrange for a tow to the nearest shed for quiet dismantling or rotting away. I walked to the local shopping centre and waited for my wife to come and collect me. Rang @Dreamr for a bit and then my wife and I headed back to Bruce's for a more rational discussion. All was not lost there were a few options but it was going to take lots of money. We proceeded to Newport as planned. I towed is back home a few days later and it's been in my shed for the past 6 months while we worked out a plan. We could buy the part new (but old) from Bob Whyms Automotive but Bruce and Sean were reluctant to do that given the age of the part. We could cobble together parts of a 944 clutch, ring gear and other bits n bobs to create a permanent fix but while this had been mentioned many times overseas, there was no real feedback on success. We could manufacture a similar part but in all metal and this too would be a permanent fix but noise and vibration may become an issue. Porsche included this rubber damper in the transmission for a reason so while the torque converter could absorb a lot of the vibration, there must have been more than it could deal with on a long term. So after a lot of thought and discussions with various Porsche independents and so on, I decided to have a detailed chat to Bob Whyms and see what he thought. He was easy to chat with (thanks Bob) and fully frank. Yes the part was old but it was direct from Porsche and had been stored correctly. Heat, sunlight and petro chemicals hurt rubber and this part hadn't had any of those exposures. Yes this part would eventually fail but deal with that at the time, it could be another 20 years away. Yes you could manufacture a solid metal thing to do the job but NVH would be an issue and would lead to other issues. Pricing was discussed and Bob did cut me a great price on the part (thanks again Bob). I needed to save up a bit more and last week it was time to book it in. I did that, towed it there on Wednesday and I picked it up yesterday. Popped another 200kms on it on the way home 🙂. I friggin love this car.
  4. It's the transmission damper for a 968 tiptronic. It is located at the engine end of the driveline, and is used to join the engine to driveshaft. You're right, it is part alloy and part rubber but mostly unobtainium. It's about $3600 plus 12 hours of labour if you were to pay full rack rate for it. A very expensive piece of kit.
  5. Not sure abut CO2 but you need to handle it with care (it's damn cold and will burn you plus the emissions aren't that good - it's causing climate change - don't you read the papers, listen to the radio or watch TV). It's the rapid volume and long lasting life of the fog that you're after. Sure, smoking or some other way to achieve a combustion process will also work but I was thinking of the healthy approach.
  6. In all seriousness, the leak could seem to be from the front of the passenger side but actually be the rear part of the drivers side etc and then the water tracks to the lowest point. By using the fog, it'll show the actual ingress point of the water. Simples.
  7. nothing from my perspective but I can also tell you that there are plenty of things wrong with everyone else.
  8. activate a fog machine in the vehicle with all windows and sunroof closed and eventually it'll start to escape and you'll be able to find the leak. You may also find other small leaks along the way....I have no idea on the fix process though.
  9. His n 'ers mate. That's the angle right there. You're welcome 🙂 (to come and live with us when she kicks you out)
  10. The answer is: direct deposit in to the bank. this is the argument made for a 'cash' transaction - bank deposits leave a trace, the cash doesn't need to in it's entirety (some, none, all - it's up to the receiver).....
  11. it's not that hard in this case.....my 968 has a very special damper (it's rubber and not wheat based like most are), and not all 968's have them. And I'd be surprised if a used 944 has a new one!
  12. make me an offer mate. It can be put in to pieces ready for postage cos I'll be stuffed if I'm going to deliver them to you.
  13. The automatic transmission damper is what the vehicle needs Jason. A new one..... And if you have one, a better attitude for @Dreamr....a big ask I know but it's better to ask than not 🙂

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