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  1. Just make sure it is suitable for use in this manner. Our body temp is recorded to one decimal place and is a relatively low value as well so it needs to be accurate. 0 point 1 or 2 is a significant difference in in our body temperature. There are also 'in ear' probes that use a disposable plastic sheath that you toss out after each person has been read. I understand that every dollar counts but sometimes it does pay to get the right tool for the job.....https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/buy/68465/omron-th839s-ear-thermometer
  2. Very funny Kurt. I'd laugh with you but you don't like yellow so I'll have to laugh at home so no one can see. It's a little known fact that yellow is the only thing saving us from complete global climate change. Green is not strong enough to fix the problem.
  3. If you really loved yellow, you'd have handed the black car to a spray painter to rectify. Having said that, I haven't done that to my black car so that's like the pot calling the kettle black (see what I did there??)
  4. That's a cracker of a colour Ryan. I'll withdraw the shin kick.... But for painting over the yellow, it's now 2 shin kicks 🙂
  5. Whatevers Kurt. Whatevers .....😋 I have other colour cars that are much betterererer than black. I didn't choose the colour of my 968, and if I had the cash, I'd change it. Pastel yellow.
  6. That's another kick in the shins for you Ryan at our next PFA dinner. But if I think it through, your poor life choices are okay by me....just means that the best colour is then onsold/available to those who will appreciate it and it's not out there in the unloving wilderness for some idiot to destroy by painting over it in lilac or white or sky blue or black or some other boring colour. I'm yet to meet @Sleazius but it's clear to me that he is a man who clearly a cut above most. Yellow is for the discerning consumer 🙂
  7. Thanks. I have a mate in between Gold Coast and Brisbane that I want to get into the Porsche world given that's what he trained on in the 80 and 90s
  8. This isn't anything new, Japan went through this when they took over the electronics in the 60s and 70s only to lose it to Korea and China. In the 90s it was Taiwan who took over carbon fibre from USA and others and they too have lost it. England, Europe, USA have all lost the motor vehicle trade in the last 20 years. Any product transition takes 5-10 cycles/generations to get it right. In your world you've had the death of incandescent and similar with the rise of LED which was lead and perfected by Japanese electronics but has very quickly been overtaken by China due to timing of the general rise of China into manufacturing. You have needed to adapt to your new world because your customers have already done it. So to get ahead again you need to work with your Chinese suppliers and get on top of the quality issues and design shortfalls. There's form and function.... The Italians were always good at form and the Japanese good at function and neither were good the other way around. You need to drive both in conjunction with your suppliers.
  9. Lee, the disease is transmitted via the air and then enters via your orifices (mouth, eyes, nose) and not by simply being in the vicinity of it. So you could have a carrier or two in a group and no one receives a dose. The difference between the supermarket and bingo/carnival/football scenarios is one of risk and reward. In this case, essential (food and well being related nutrition) compared to entertainment value which is not essential to supporting life. I understand that one might see them as the same and to a degree they are but if one asseses risk AND reward then essential items such as food and hygiene items (and I mean nutrition etc and not corn chips and cookies) and medicine have the reward for the risk whereas having a fun time doesn't. The disease is in a rapid growth phase and this is unchecked at the moment. The misunderstanding and increasing awareness is also growing unchecked as well. As both start to normalise we'll all get a little better at dealing with it. So in the meantime, we all need to rest up, eat healthy, reduce our risk of infection and go on with our lives. Taking precautions and being sensible is the best approach. For tomorrow the zombies will come and then we're all doomed
  10. Maybe the air line itself is also getting moisture. The other thing it could be is the lube for the compressor that is too different to the water (weight, density, thickness....) to be trapped by the water filter. Dunno really, as a spray painter, I make a good welder and that's something I know even less about 😄 than spray painting.
  11. That'd be a result of compressing the atmospheric air to the density of what's in the compressor. Most systems should have an inline filter that allows the capture and removal of the water as it leaves the compressor and goes into the line. Try to minimise it by having the compressor in a dry location and using it in dry or non humid weather (obviously not always possible).
  12. jakroo

    My Porsche 928

    Good stuff Adam. Well done on maintaining the rage.....

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