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  1. I hear you Lee and I agree with many of your points, but we do evolve our understanding as time goes on and often things change as a result. It's why asbestos, operating machinery while intoxicated, lead in paint and smoking are all banned or severely restricted. It's also why we have different fuel types (and more to come), numerous milk alternatives and a multitude of diets. Some may seem odd to us but not to those who can't use the original for whatever reason. Existing user rights can apply and take a lot to over turn. Operating at less than 70% will probably kill WP and eventually it'll fall in to disrepair and it'll become a development opportunity and then there will be a new housing estate. And that will be a shame as I do enjoy using it's facilities.
  2. I think you'd be surprised at how noise can be off putting to animals. Ask a chicken farmer about noise such as gun shot, engine misfire or emergency vehicle sirens. They could end up with thousands and thousands of dead birds. Ask anyone who lives near high tension power lines about the noise emitted from them when it's rainy, foggy or even really humid. They buzz and buzz and buzz. Ask anyone who lives near a pub that's always raucous. The list of opportunities for noise pollution are almost endless. Where I live, sometimes the local dirt bike noise is okay, other times it's annoying. No one can ride closer than 500m from me given how large my block is - it's always muted and it's carried by wind. In the case of Wakefield, it's well established and supports a lot of local businesses. For it's supporters, it is very unfortunate that this has occurred but if they're able to have 4 meetings then it's probably better than 0 and of course not as good as 10. But I fear that 4 is the beginning of the slippery slope to 0....
  3. Sorry, I hadn't noticed that at all 🤣 Yes, the Sydney basin is a large one. Lots of large tracts of green space (thousands of acres at a time) as well and the road network doesn't distribute us quickly anymore. The issue you'll have is the clearance of undercarriage to road crown. You really need a SUV. Low powered is fine cos at any real speed you'll not be able to avoid all obstacles 😳 I can drive the Evo and we can drive in convoy, us vs them 🤣🤣
  4. espresso = a 'shot' (single dose = 30ml) of coffee chai = spiced milk powder used to flavour water or more commonly milk. Can be added to an espresso. decaf = decaffeinated coffee latte = the way the milk is silked and stretched and then ultimately poured in to drinking vessel mocha = chocolate powder added to a shot of espresso and then milk is added to that mix cinnamon is rarely used as sprinkles given it's over powering flavour and fragrance. What you have expressed there Lee is utter nonsense 🙂 This short video will give you the various options....(Steve Martin's request is also nonsensical and it's what makes is such a good scene)
  5. I concur and am in a similar boat albeit I'm northwest and I think you're west(ish) - my first traffic light is 20+kms away and I can drive in a loop of first left then first right for the next few turns and it's 65kms all without a roundabout or traffic light. Great curves etc but the roads right now are Unimog only with pot holes, centre ridges (sump removal devices) and enormous crater like edge subsidence. But even before all of this current weather, there have only been a few drives I've become aware of (or perhaps better interpreted as 'invited to') that were in Sydney in the past 5 years.
  6. Unfortunately for you, you have bought the most unloved Porsche (save for maybe the 924 auto) money can buy. Water cooled, front engined and an auto transmission - the trifecta of dislike. Fortunately for you, they are an absolute cracker of a vehicle. The balance is awesome, the driving experience is top shelf and the gearbox is great. Auto mode for laziness (but learns stuff and if used properly will also pick the right gear when fanging it) and of course you also have the dial a gear yourself mode and it's a lot of fun. Enjoy.
  7. Even if the pillar is load bearing, you would be better off without it. The resulting collapse of the structure will only serve you in a positive manner - think of the insurance assistance in the rebuild. You're welcome.
  8. if it is, then from Merv's asking of $140k to a CS advert ask of $195k....a bit more than slightly....
  9. You could always contact the ACCC who are the government body who do many things including regulating 'goods and service warranty' . One of the mainstays of the warranty that all issuers must adhere to is meeting the warranty obligations even if the item has not been serviced by their own dealer network as long as certain conditions are met. One of those conditions is the use of genuine parts. An independent Porsche service centre will be very much aware of this and will adhere to it. Note that items such as a changed exhaust to a non genuine item (or modification to a genuine one) can cause a claim to be voided by the brand (whether it be Toyota or MB or Porsche etc).
  10. Carpe is Latin and it's literally 'pluck' in English. So what was said is 'pluck scrotum', not 'seize scrotum'. But I do understand that what your meant was took an opportunity to buy a car that you wanted. Misappropriation of words is a common issue. Anyway, back to regular programming.... I think the car looks great, advert copy is good, location is an issue for most of the population but it can be fixed by asking for help (someone else on the forum did just that for a non Porsche car in recent days) and then transport it to home.
  11. Why would you do that? Surely a depilatory cream or shaving would be more time efficient and of course less painful and more thorough.
  12. I think you'll find many of the small businesses, the ones that do the heavy lifting of employment, went in to deficits in recent years, and that's with government assistance. Some let people go but many, including mine, had to borrow to keep going, and of course many many were shut down. Deficits are a facet of life ever since someone lent someone else money to do something. You've forgotten what the role of government is. They too have forgotten what their role is, so it's even 🤯. It's essentially to provide governance (to create and oversee policy) and to assist in implementing that policy. This will sometimes cost more than what's coming in via our taxes and other times there is a surplus of funds. Over the fullness of time, it should be equal. Business objective is to always run in a surplus but of course that doesn't happen all the time either. As an outsider to something like government or big business, it's easy to observe (often partially) and commentate. A few people decide to try to help fix the issues they have observed and realise the inertia of large operations is such that to overcome is nigh on impossible. I'm not saying give up, but one can't be self serving in these roles (such as eradicate LCT) or you'll become one of them. A wholesale change is needed, such as Sleazius's napkin workings, but we humans hate change so it's unlikely we'd ever go for it. A dictator could implement it quite easily but the world doesn't really like them either.
  13. Not strictly the case Tomo. GST is applicable when the seller is GST bound. Person to person or person to business are not GST but once the business sells to person or business to business then GST is applicable. There used to be GST free businesses such as schools and government where all other businesses were able to sell GST free to them but I'm not sure if that still applies. Maybe you mean private treaty sales rather than auction sales in which case see my point above....
  14. It's a 2 seater....a trip shared is a pleasure doubled. You could make it competitive by seeing who can keep their drivers licence the longest 🙂

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