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  1. jakroo

    My 928s back on the road

    Now having seen this in the flesh just only a few scant hours ago, it looks amazing. So much attention to detail and with no apparent regard to cost, the engine and undercarriage are now works of art. There's a bazillion photos that Bruce and Sean have taken and one that really sticks in my mind is one of all the replated bits and pieces sitting on the bench awaiting refitment.....
  2. jakroo

    My 928s back on the road

    I'm looking forward to seeing this car, and as it turns out, I'll be at your shop getting a few things done to my 968 in only a few hours time.
  3. jakroo

    New to the forum? Start here...

    That's funny, in a 'glad it was you and not me' kinda way. Enjoy it in any way you can!
  4. jakroo

    Butt Shot

    I concur.... A great colour on the car and a sensational backdrop.
  5. jakroo


    Perhaps on reflection Tassieman, they'd be better off reducing the age of those allowed to ride on the footpath. May be from 16 or 12 depending on state, down to 5 or 6. If the Kiddies aren't able to control a bike by then, they'll either learn quickly or get injured (or worse) in the process. Darwin theory at work. Good grief Tassieman. Open to all ages I don't agree with but "I'll sue" sentiments aren't the answer. Personally, I think 16 or over should ride on the road. Yes, inceased use of silent vehicles of the future will be an issue... for those riding on the road and not those on the foot path.
  6. No different to other items that are factory fitted options I guess. The other point of view ie the sellers perspective, is that it was a factory tweaked vehicle and is quite rare. Yes, it could be simply a sticker kit and they used a different colour dye in the interior BUT it was special issue by the factory. Maybe it's more like the occasional non 'black/white/grey/silver/beige' Porsche. Someone goes crazy and buys a blue one. It becomes special!
  7. jakroo

    968 thread

    You can read tea leaves You can see it written in the stars The coffee grinder knows all. It has spoken and must be obeyed.
  8. There's a Martini liveried 924 on Ebay at the moment.....17k with 'make an offer' https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/RARE-1977-PORSCHE-924-Martini-Rossi-championship-edition-944-928-911coupe/283066928601?hash=item41e81a8dd9%3Ag%3AzT4AAOSwuQxadELd&_nkw=porsche+928&_from=R40&rt=nc from the advert: +++++++ 1977 Genuine Martini & Rossi Championship edition ( option code 426 ) This is an original Martini , matching numbers car, with the original 4 speed box An extremely rare Porsche ( personally owned for a long time) One of only 100 right hand drives every made WORLD WIDE and only ~25 Australian delivered in 1977 From my research this is currently the only registered one in Australia and possible one of only a few remaining A real head turner Extremely low worldwide production numbers ( only produced from 12/76 to 3/77 ) Included is the Porsche Australia verification letter (this is not a mock up) Australian Delivered 2 / 77 ++++++
  9. Have I missed the new PFA owner's unveiling?????
  10. done..... https://porscheforum.com.au/topic/13787-brisbane-gold-coast-other-in-july-2018/
  11. okay. I'll work out what my training calendar looks like and will post up some options.
  12. hi there, I'm up at Southport for some new vocational training for the period 9 July to 4 August. I'll be staying with a mate at Ormeau Hills while training. If possible, I'd like to catch up with some of you for a dinner or something. I'm not sure of the schedule yet, I'm told training can occur in the range from 4am to 10pm but is likely to be typical M-F work hours. I do have my Evo here, so I'm mobile and very capable of getting lost on the way to somewhere important. let me know...
  13. jakroo

    Boxster Bargains

    There's nothing wrong with the green you blokes. If it's white, grey, black or silver, it may as well be beige like your cardigan. I suspect it'll be a long time before Tom's front end clunk will become a distant memory.
  14. I love this. This is the sort of thing that'd happen to me. Thanks Tom, I've had a good laugh this morning. I'm sure the mechs at AH would have had a great giggle..... The stuff of stories in the future.....
  15. jakroo

    My 944 Cabriolet

    Yes, starts each and every time. When I had it serviced a few months back, I was able to check out the cable, bolts and nuts and all were in great shape!