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  1. You need to work out the upper body more George, the photo reflection in the window is not flattering ,😂
  2. I have lent to friends a number of times over the years. Relatively smallish sums of money (but still in the thousands) and were okay if I lost the money but the risk was still there. On 2 occasions, I lent money to assist bridging - one was to my very best friend to clear a shortfall on a car lease payout. 3 months term and I knew it could be longer and it was for an amount that would have hurt me and obviously our relationship (we're about to hit 30 years as mates so it ended okay). The second was more complicated. It was a very collectible vintage watch, which had been given to him by his Dad. I took physical control of the security, and the written agreement outlined the purpose of the loan (his reasons for needing the funds as well as my interest in helping him but no interest in the project he was getting involved with), the asset used as security, the terms of repayment and what happens after 3 months and 6 months if some or no repayments had been made. In essence, the loan was interest free and it was for less than 50% of the security. The terms were that between day 1 and 3 months it was to be sold to a well known dealer and the original loan was to be paid to me less any repayments and then any balance to the original owner. After 3 months it became mine to keep but I had to hold it for a further 3 months just in case he wanted to buy it back with a 10% uplift. At the end of 6 months it became mine and I could sell it if I wanted to, although I had no intention to as I always wanted him to get it back. I ended up with for 3 years (and by then it was worth 4 times the loan amount). I sold it back to his sister for the 10% uplift and it's now been bequeathed to me in his will. I suspect this one was much easier to do given the underlying asset and the amount involved compared to the OP but the principles are the same..... protection of yourself and your money and the what happens if..... But having written all of this, I suspect this deal is property and the value will be very considerable. Don't do it the way you've suggested. Stamp duty will be considerable but less than what you'll lose if it goes south. Also you could build this into the agreement where your costs are paid by them... Either at the time or as part of the transfer back to them.
  3. jakroo

    Boxster Bargains

    Yeah, wow. Great to see a high kilometre car at the best of times, but this time in the Porsche family. I guess the IMS bearing hasn't been an issue or it was replaced many moons ago.
  4. jakroo

    Boxster Bargains

    good stuff. Will you be collecting it and driving back with 'er indoors, or do you have a man and his car road trip in mind?
  5. jakroo

    Boxster Bargains

    Have you decided on this one Edgy???? If not, there's always the chance to go pure.....https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-Boxster-2001/SSE-AD-5308440/?Cr=16 although it has a premium for the exceptional colour....
  6. jakroo


    fixed it for you
  7. jakroo

    Boxster Bargains

    if that one doesn't work out Kurt, this one may be the ticket.... It's not in the beige colour palette 😘 https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/sydney-city/cars-vans-utes/porsche-boxster-pink/1201385788
  8. jakroo

    Any Porsche watch guys/gals

    What sort of extra pressure depth capability does the plastic protection provide? 😀 Wear it in good health, and a nice complement to your Panerai from your previous birthday.
  9. jakroo

    What kinda hose you got ?

    I buy old fire hoses on the reels that are used in buidings and carparks etc. Usually 35-40 metres, very kink resistant, last a long time and are cheap per metre...approx $100-$150 including the nozzle, hose and reel. 19mm diameter = lots of potential water flow. They're usually chucked out as they have a use by date or may weep water which is no good in a building but okay for the household. I have one at each end of the house, and I can almost get one end of the hose to the other end of the house to give me coverage in case of a bushfire. I have one near the shed and it'll go all the way around this structure for the same scenario. across the river for you Symsy.....https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/palm-beach/building-materials/fire-hose-reels/1199767433
  10. Edgy, we bought a 2010 C200 about 30 months ago. It was 6 yrs old and had <25 k kms on it, and it now has north of 125k kms. Cheap to run, the services are about $250-300 every 25k. It's had new tyres, brake discs and pads, and an autobox service and that's about it. They do have an issue with the rear tail lights earthing that cost about $240 a side to fix. Ours lives outside and normally gets washed when it rains. It just goes and goes mate.
  11. jakroo

    Boxster Bargains

    @dreamr with his no nonsense approach is your man for the local PFA CC inspection service. I'd also go for a drive up there and have a tyre kick with you Edgy. You could swing past my place, and we could do the Wisemans Ferry to Somersby trip as part of the journey.
  12. jakroo

    Boxster Bargains

    Do it Kurt. We 'dare' you.....? I like this colour as well. Not the typical beige colours of the Boxster nor the other common as muck yellow (my fave colour in the whole spectrum but it too is common in the Boxster range of that era)
  13. jakroo

    968 "Green Stripe " clutch pressure plate

    All this talk of green stripe or blue strip or heavy or light clutches and such nonsense....Another reason why a tiptronic box is the way to go ?
  14. jakroo

    My 928s back on the road

    Now having seen this in the flesh just only a few scant hours ago, it looks amazing. So much attention to detail and with no apparent regard to cost, the engine and undercarriage are now works of art. There's a bazillion photos that Bruce and Sean have taken and one that really sticks in my mind is one of all the replated bits and pieces sitting on the bench awaiting refitment.....
  15. jakroo

    My 928s back on the road

    I'm looking forward to seeing this car, and as it turns out, I'll be at your shop getting a few things done to my 968 in only a few hours time.