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  1. Klein had a good relationship with Porsche at that time.
  2. That could be it Adam but in no uncertain terms, he is wrong. 😂 Anyway, best we don't destroy this person's sale advertisement. Sorry Essay.
  3. @obrut, I thought you were a man of good judgment, and refined taste...I see that this is not the case after that comment. I'll be sure to dig you in the ribs next time we meet for dinner.....
  4. I clicked on a link and didn't know I was going to end up looking at this. I'm not Dreamr but I'm now in tonight's lotto draw I'll tell you.....
  5. OMG that is unbelievable, ANF. I'm in love big time. 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  6. I was thinking of you specifically when I wrote that..... You're too tall without me having to fold you in half.....
  7. and a week's worth of shopping for the street. Need to carry some lumber and cement bags home, put it in the 968. Need to carry a dehydrated air cooled driver home after a brief driving stint in summer, open the 968 rear hatch, fold down the rear seats and lay the poor soul down..... If I had the money.....
  8. That blue one that you've now posted a couple of times Tingy is an absolute cracker of a car. This thing has clearly been driven and maintained but I'd be curious why it needed a gear box and engine rebuild at <60k kms
  9. That looks sensational Tom, well done with the patience.
  10. @OBRUT Rad man. Unfortunately it's colour is too rad for me. I'm a nutter for yellow. Having said that, it's only 30 mins from my place.
  11. It goes to show that rarity doesn't always dictate a high value.....the air cooled 911s are plentiful in comparison but the values are well north of some of these very rare water cooled cars. Perhaps it's because the air cooled ones don't use water which is a limited resource and this is seen as being more environmentally conscious. 😋
  12. Absolutely Jason, and you'll be the first to know if I decide otherwise 😁
  13. Nice try but I'll keep the original one just incase somone wants return the car to near original. Afterall, one man's ideal whale tail is another man's nightmare. 🐋🐋

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