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  1. I guess you could say that but then Latin is so poorly understood as well 🙂
  2. And the world is poorer for that. I drive a nine hundred and sixty eight and really want a nine hundred and twenty eight
  3. CMXCVII is 997 in Roman numerals if indeed that is the correct model number. The sequence that person has used is not a valid combination of numerals. So while they are clearly able to afford to buy one, it seems to me that they weren't sufficiently talented to come up with the proper way to designate it.
  4. About time you got it painted. I can't believe you let it get so bad. The salt air in your area is a lot stronger than I'd expected. It looks ghetto and very unloved like that. A lot like you really 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  5. @turboT had this very issue with a rogue spanner in a door storage unit or similar (from memory a few years ago)
  6. actually no - read it again you numpty ... as I mentioned I don't drive with anyone so there's no 'cool', or 'not cool' kids involved. In terms of flashbacks, my memory is shot so anything past last week is a blur (which is lucky cos I don't want to recall you at all 🙂 )
  7. I don't have a 996 or 997 so I drive mine whenever I feel like it and with whoever I feel like which is almost daily and no one respectively.
  8. It's still a hatchback Kurt .... sophisticated and capable shopping hauler for the family that has some scaffolding to tether the heavier bags to so they don't roll around. If you think she won't allow you, here's another approach.....float the idea of buying a 'normal' 968 - enter stage right is me with mine. You get her all excited and she says 'yes'. Soft compliant ride, auto mode for the city drives and manual mode for the weekend. She laps it up and gets really caught up. You keep the excitement alive but at last minute I decide against it. You cast about to find another.....you happen to come across this one and while "it isn't quite what you had in mind", you could be tempted. With a bit of urging and a little fake oscillating by you, she relents...... the 968 CS is yours. You have a window of 3-5 days. It's all in the sales pitch 🙂
  9. It wouldn't have sold, Hugh, if that had occurred.
  10. According to the advert, registration expired in 2018.
  11. @Dreamr please don't include a photo of a kid sitting in it. You've seen the hyperbole about having a child sitting on the fender of a different vehicle, imagine the outrage if they were actually in the car.... I'd hate to see this happen to your sale.
  12. Thanks.....I think. Personally, I think the guy needs to put a child on the front quarter panel and take a photo of it and include it in the advert to generate more interest in it. I may be biased, but I reckon a kid on the duco is a positive sales differentiator 🙂
  13. I couldn't care one way or another if the kid is sitting on the car. You and a few others are the ones who care. It doesn't matter to the seller about the sitting on the car or including the photo which is why it's in the stack of photos. You do as the buyer, but if I was the buyer I wouldn't care one iota about it cos there's plenty of occasions that the car will be imperiled without documentation so my argument is simply overlook that photo and decide on proper evidence of mechanical treatment of the vehicle. A couple of scratches in the duco that can be buffed out shouldn't be the deal breaker. You guys are suggesting it's not sold cos the kid is on the car.
  14. Not at all, but the cars are driven by my wife and I (circa 105,000 kms a year across 4 cars) and when I park it up somewhere who knows what happens to it. I wash the cars occasionally and always feed them oil, water and fuel. Look at it this way, if they'd had plenty of photos of the vehicle without the child on it (possibly they'd only allowed them to eat an ice cream in a crunchy waffle cone) then you'd not be any the wiser and wouldn't have dismissed it.
  15. nup, it's still a car. It can be repaired if really needed, and there's plenty of vehicles to replace it with. Unless you're particularly athletic and jumping to conclusions, I'm thinking that just because the child is on the car doesn't mean they didn't get it serviced as needed, put sugar in the fuel tank, used it as a cat scratching area or bounced it off the rev limiter instead of using the clutch. It could have simply been a cute photo with the kid and the car.....

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