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  1. Cos911


    Tnx tony I’ll give prostich a visit there in Carlton no far from me
  2. Cos911


    Hi can anyone recommend where to buy new carpet in Aus for my 911 3.2 1985
  3. Yes it is a tiptronic but $105k & full rebuild I think good deal
  4. Hi Pete had a set of Bridgestone potenzas fitted today & they feel great, I will take for a bendy run on the weekend & really give them a work out, thanks again for your recommendations. Cos
  5. Ty peter I will speak to my mate & bob Jane & get some Bridgestone potenzas fitted & let you know the difference much appricated
  6. 225/50 16 rear Brand A-One 205/55 16 front brand Cinturato i have never heard of these brands
  7. Just the standard 16x7 & 16x8 approx 3 years old
  8. Hi can anyone suggest a place to take my 911 to have its suspension & brake upgrades and what $$$ to expect, I’m not racing the car but would just like it to stick & pull-up better
  9. Nice kombi mane love the stance & wheels
  10. Hi all can anyone tell me if anyone has fitted a bypass pipe to there 85 3.2 carrera I know it is not legal for street but just wondering if I should, my car has a danks sports muffler & a Steve Wong chip but wouldn't mind a bit more noise
  11. Cos911


    Tnx for reply mfx yeh I know what you mean, I have been told a worse case scenario for a full rebuild factory standards no extra horse power etc, for them to do complete job including remove & replace approx 80hrs labour + parts $ 30-$35k what are your thoughts it seems bloody rich to me, but hey I'm not a Porsche mechanic
  12. Cos911


    Hey guys I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me what a engine rebuild for 3.2 911 85 mod wold cost, car has done 209,000 Kim's still pulling like a train but seems to blow a bit of blue smoke every now and again
  13. Cos911


    hi guys new to forum and trying to upload a photo to my profile but keeps telling me that can't upload due to pic to large, can some one help me pls

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