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  1. I lusted after that Gulf blue Carrera3.o, too, and enquired after it. Beautiful thing with Cibies on the bonnet. At the time it was $30K more expensive than any other Carrera3.o out there. Haven't seen head not tail of it for years, obviously a coveted part of someone's collection.
  2. If it's a Jap spec car, often there was no under-bonnet option sticker, for some strange reason...
  3. $80K seems cheap for a locally delivered C2, considering the market of late. Higher miles, perhaps? Or, dare I say it, reasonable pricing?
  4. Wow, congrats, looks lovely. Any details on your pick-up itsujack? Year, delivery, mileage etc? Oh, and more pics if available, of course.
  5. Yay, congrats, love the green ones. Seems vaguely familiar - if you are privy to the sales history, did it last sell 2-3 years ago? And did it sell twice in relatively short succession back then?
  6. Good grief, I just picked my jaw up off the floor - amazing.
  7. Okay, at the risk of getting off topic - LOVE these Sydney terraces, especially with some thoughtful gentrification. Hard to find ones that aren't a mish-mash of a layout, but from the degree of gutting going on here, I'm guessing yours will be something special. Looks incredibly wide - enough for a good garage at the back!
  8. Obviously there's a subjective element to preference - I've owned a 2.7 and driven SCs, and found the driving feel and steering feedback to be fantastic, but felt that they ran out of puff too early. Obviously with the 3.2 and 964, there wouldn't be as much issue with running out of puff, but the driving feel would be diluted somewhat by the weight, and in the case of the 964, the power-assisted steering. I've driven later cars, and found the power phenomenal, but the driving feel to be clinical. And having owned a string of turbo'ed cars (non Porsche), I have no interest in owning one ever again. So it's really horses for courses, the 964 hits the sweet spot for me for a 911. What air-cooled ones have you driven that did float your boat? I must admit I've never driven a long-hood, that's on the bucket to-do list. Although the long-hood folk seem to appreciate the virtues of the 964 - http://www.early911sregistry.org/forums/showthread.php?60034-90s-R-Gruppe-911
  9. 'Better' is subjective, unless you are referring to a specific measurement - 0-100 time? Power-to-weight? Coefficient of drag? Number of race wins? Here's where it's hard to beat - Driving feel Nostalgia Sound Smell Pride of ownership YMMV
  10. Hmmm, makes me wonder which would command the higher price, a standard C2 or a Jubi, if the condition of both cars was the same? I suspect the Jubi would be worth more to a collector, but the market for a C2 is broader.
  11. Haha, funny to see so much want for the Jubilee 964 now. Leading up to purchasing my C2 some years ago, there'd be one Jubi or another sitting on carsales at $75-$85K for months at a time. No one would buy them because they were considered to be "just an overpriced C4". Love them, so striking.
  12. Congrats Michel, I'm delighted the old gal is staying with a PFA'er. So many memories tied up in that hunk of steel, but I have to say, every gear-change brought a new smile to my face. Old mate that I bought her off in country Victoria reckoned he still had wads of history/receipts that he was going to dig up for me one day, I'll try to chase him up on that again, it's been a few years though. Happy driving!
  13. The dub scene guys have transitioned onto the 964 within the last two years - I suspect it has a lot to do with them coming of age (and coming of finances). I've noticed that a lot of them pass through quickly and back on to VWs - there's a certain element of polarisation of 964s in their community - a lot of them love the Porkers, but then I've noted a lot of "you traitor!" type posts on the 964 build threads on VW forums. Kids!

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