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  1. Looking at the pics of remaining car, they have selectively taken bits. They will show up eventually. Lets see if we can catch the scum bags. I lived in Penrith for a short time, my company car was attempted stolen twice. Was a falcon Ute with hidden kill switch- std company issued for Sydney western suburbs at the time. Thieves had a master key for the car, was told this when I reported it to Police- no damage on locks. Found the car a couple of hundred metres down the road, doors wide open and ignition on. Put my key in, flicked the kill switch and drove it back home. Everything inside the car was gone. Only was to solve the problem was to move away. Nothing has changed. Lets keep an eye ๐Ÿ‘ out for the parts.
  2. The only way you can really appreciate these cars, is to get them out on track. You will significantly improve your understanding of how to drive the car well when on the road in a spirited drive. With full confidence that you are well below the cars limits. Most stone chips arrive from chasing and overtaking other cars, in particular the one with slicks. Get out and have a go.
  3. Dealer most likely has the cars on consignment, so no issue
  4. @edgy RWB is developing a kit for 997 right now - just sayin
  5. @Harold996tt your car will have cup car cams fitted, so an improvement over std. I have used the spec in a 2 of my cars over the years. A small hp gain but better tourque, which is good for lap time gains. Glad you are happy with the car
  6. @bear924 I should clarify, 20% of global production. We did get a big allocation of CS in Aus, I suspect quite a few were dealer fitted. There are some telltale signs, such as air bags in door cards. Each to their own, for me I would prefer the CS, but get the comfort spec as being more practical
  7. So cool, look forward to seeing it in the flesh here is Aus
  8. Not sure about Aus allocation, but globally approx 5,000 GT3 and 5,500 GT3RS MK1 numbers So correct, reasonable chance there are more RS on the road
  9. I think there was a wrapped .1 at Rennsport - thatโ€™s where the inspiration came from.
  10. My pick would be bright green, yes I am weird. If you are going to be a tosser, may as well do it properly. Needs a cool number plate on that green car. SNOT
  11. Cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž my first Porsche was a 928 S4 Looks like your car has an S4 rear wing I have a soft spot for these cars and 968โ€™s
  12. Come on lads, how are we supposed to move our track cars around ๐Ÿ˜‚ BTW - if you had a H1 Hummer, would you really care what others thought.
  13. So I have one on order at a Nextra News agent. They are realised in two lots - air freighted (already here and apparently sell at higher price) then sea freight. They have ordered sea freight option as I could not find one. $9.98 - for later release sea freight-bargain
  14. I have been to 2 different newsagents in Brisbane, neither had it. Does anyone know who stocks this magazine in Brissy

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