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  1. Jason A


    Hey @spiller vin says it’s a GT3, lot of stuff that’s right, but a lot wrong also. If it wasn’t at Lloyd’s would be worth putting some energy into investigation More sharks on land than in the water on the Gold Coast
  2. Jason A


    I bid on the Blue GT3 on their site last year, gave up after quite a few auto bids. Then it popped up a few weeks later - they need to be a bit more transperant. Won an auction on a premium number plate, only to be told I was below reserve. Dont think I will waste my time with them again
  3. Jason A


    Last time ??
  4. I attended Leadfoot at Rod Millens (Pikes Peak legend - I am not a kiwi BTW - lol) ranch last year, a couple of bends from Pikes Peak built into the track (the driveway up to his ranch). Rod and Reece ran a couple of cars on the day. Drivers and cars from US - Tanner Foust in a GT4 Clubsport, NASCAR drivers etc. Highly recommend 👍👍😎
  5. Jason A


    Some small disconnects after a close look at the photos, obvious ones are front bumper and cup rear deck lid. Inside the car, rear C pillar internal trims have a seat belt hole in plastic. GT3 has a blanking price here. So someone has Ben messing around in there. Seats are missing, big $$ to find some clean ones. I am sure this car has a very interesting history. Cup car will be quite a bit quicker, lighter etc Be interesting to see how much it fetches, somewhere in the 40’s seems about right
  6. Probably one of the PCQ track rats from the day
  7. Jason A

    FREEDOM (1982)

    Yes that’s me - a grumpy old man. The older I grow ether more I relate to the movie. Still don’t like fishing thought - 😂
  8. Jason A

    FREEDOM (1982)

    Aaaah reflection - 1982 Drive in movies everywhere Petrol 30 cents / litre GTHO Falcon $10k GTS Monaro - most models $4-8K A9X Torana $6-8K Beacfront property - $80 - $150K Porsche was still out of reach, but something to aspire to and drool over. House on the beach or a 930 Turbo No kids, lawns to mow, you could drive onto the beach and take your esky out. You could sleep there and have a fire if you wanted. Those were the days 😀😀😀
  9. Jason A

    FREEDOM (1982)

    Oh 🤩 I think it’s a bit of a time warp, I was just staring work in that time period. I think it’s kind of nice to reflect back on a simpler world / life. It’s a bit like the castle. Maybee it’s just because I am old.
  10. Jason A

    FREEDOM (1982)

    Hi Lee thanks, your a champ. 👌
  11. Jason A

    FREEDOM (1982)

    So how did you find it, I have searched with no luck. But I am pretty useless. Just interested as the Alfa GTV he sits in before taking the 930 - I own that car so the movie has a special place for me
  12. Jason A

    FREEDOM (1982)

    @tdc911 any chance you can provide a link for where you found this movie - I would like to download it
  13. Agree, the sound of a flat six na at full noise is something to appreciate. At idle if it has a hot cam. MMMM😍 I do love a V8 rumble though, in particular a GT40 - unique sound😎
  14. Looks great, Virgin Airlines have been showing something similar. Looks 👍
  15. Jason A

    Le Mans classic 2018

    It’s a bit like listening to a buitiful French girl speaking. Who cares what she is saying, she is hot and it sounds sexy 😂