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  1. Well done @Skidmarks Bathurst is scary in the dry let alone wet. Hats off to you, particularly in the company you were on track with. Hope you had a blast, and a worthy pub story is in there - very cool 😎
  2. Double the price for an RS over a CS, tell him he’s dreaming. 😂
  3. Nice, good to see them being used
  4. @hugh don’t disagree, but not much difference between most muscle cars and a stock V8 edition from the factory - except the price now and the small volumes. Oh and don’t forget the stickers 🥘 When the difference was 50-60k was possibly a bit more palitable, but the difference today is vast. Only time will tell
  5. Wow @dipstick I must admit I didn’t see the RS @ $125K, but it did come and go pretty quick by the sound of it. As is recall $160 - $170K was the bottom in 2013. I have been watching the 996 GT3 market for about the last 10 years, recall the lows and the highs
  6. Yes the Duttons car was the one I was referring to. I see the Sydney car is listed as coming soon. Be interesting to see how far they come down
  7. Well @ $349K another drop, around $80K less than the top of the market.
  8. Last 996 RS I saw had an asking price of approx $375K, haven’t checked to see if still there. Was on CS and out of Melbourne
  9. Great article - MMM great car, a proper homoligation special, understated. Only 17 came into Australia. We used to have 5 in PCQ, now only 2,remain. 1 Red, 1 Blue. Significant Porsche
  10. Jason A

    996 Ducktail

    I have a black carrera std engine cover if you want the base to start with
  11. Jason A

    996 parts needed - recomendation

    Hi @Rod C thanks, I will put in a few saved searches
  12. Jason A

    996 parts needed - recomendation

    @MARTY, cheers
  13. Jason A

    996 parts needed - recomendation

    Hi @TwoHeadsTas& @PhilH Thanks so much for your input. Does anyone have a recommendation for Melbourne- I am down there this week
  14. Jason A

    996 parts needed - recomendation

    Hi PFA'ers I am looking for some guidance, need some parts (mostly cosmetic) to complete my project. So looking for a someone who is dismantling - or a wrecker in Brisbane (my home town) or Melbourne , Sydney. I would also be interested in anyone dismantling a Boxter - as a good percentage of what I need is compatible). I have brought quite a lot in from overseas, but would prefer top buy local if possible - after a full black leatherette dash I purchased arrived in very bad shape recently. I have a detailed list prepared, so just a matter of finding someone suitable. Interior parts all need to be black. Cheers
  15. Jason A

    Factory stereo 86 944

    Alfa Romeo used them also, good luck with the search