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  1. @On the Limit Nice detail, thanks for sharing
  2. I did suggest you have a look into my previous posts, which you could have done before making a comment I didn’t buy bitcoin though
  3. Wouldn’t it have been easier to buy a local car here 12 months ago when they were cheap. At one stage (for multiple years) a MK1 GT3 was cheaper here than in the UK. I think I mentioned it in multiple posts. Everyone who wanted one had plenty of time. Its never the right time to buy a car - so just do it. I expect the first person to buy an overseas GT3 and import it to Aus will have a very interesting and complex story to share.
  4. Hey Cam where did you buy the seat cover from.
  5. We are here for a good time not a long time
  6. Or a shit steak and a bottle or two of Hill of Grace. Talking shit and a lot of laughs with P car enthusiasts
  7. 991 GT3 were made in much bigger numbers. There were more 991 GT3 RS made than GT3. Porsche marketing has woken up. In 991 more Turbo S than Turbos. The exclusivity is over compared to the older GT cars. They are still amazing cars non the less
  8. I don’t think GT3’s are in a bubble. There are loads of cars that are. But crunch the we numbers on production numbers, race winning pedigree, analog driving experience, They are now not cheep anymore, but are a compelling purchase for the $$ Especially considering we are heading into years of inflation that we have not seen since the late 80’s. Drive an Ausie muscle car of similar value - then get back in your GT3. Then you will realise what you have. Something to ponder
  9. Ok here’s my new shed, starting point anyway
  10. Oh no, stay off the slippery dip Jase
  11. Thanks so much, will arrange to catch up on my next trip to Melborne. Hopefully won’t be too much longer now
  12. @luzzo would you mind grabbing one for me.
  13. Jason A

    BBS E88 for 996

    Yes saw them on Gumtree, was going to buy them and melt them down into a boat anchor. Just in case I decided to buy a boat. If they were red - straight to the pool room. lol😜

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