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  1. That car has seen use at PI historics and regular use at The Bend. Hope the next owner exercises it also. Car was previously owned by Ham Legay (not sure on spelling) and has been in the Porsche wind tunnel for some aero development. Great car - owned by an enthusiast who I know very well
  2. I just picked up a new copy of the DVD on EBay
  3. Same set up, plus once you bid near end of auction it adds another 30 seconds to the clock I don’t bother with them anymore
  4. Grays auction process is dodgy, I have won things with the - call up to settle payment and they tell you it did not hit reserve. Wouldn’t they make that clear in the process rather than tell you your the winner then mess around after the fact. They are a waste of time IMO
  5. If we are being correct, it’s a crank case not a block - 😝
  6. I did have it in my watch list, he has moved it a couple of times. After this one I deleted it What a DH
  7. I used the same tools. First child got to big to squeeze in - luckily I had planned ahead and had a second to replace that one. The joys of cars with cages - 😆
  8. Here’s an interesting book I just picked up, good GT3 content from the start of 996 Sports Car Racing domination.
  9. @Arne Krix an important question, what experience do you have behind the wheel. GT4 has driver aids, 996 GT3 & TT in an analogue car. What do you want to get from the car.
  10. Great news, now you can really focus and enjoy what you have. I am sure you won’t have the same issue when you sell the GT3 down the track
  11. Well done @Windsor289 thought so was just too lazy to look it up. There have been a few for sale.

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