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  1. Football, meat pies, kangaroos and No Holden cars - WTF
  2. Oh ok, GLWS- that’s more than local delivery cars have been fetching with less ks. Just to give you some idea of the market.
  3. It would be great to see an accurate number on actual factory CS cars. The numbers I have seen say 80% were CS - I’ve been watching this market for 10 years and I dispute the number. I expect quite a few comforts may have been converted by dealers or first owners. My understanding is globally only 30% CS. If you keep an eye on overseas FS sites, CS is very rare Rant over, it’s beer o’clock
  4. My thoughts also on the options- plus airbags in the door trim. Seems to be a clean car - the third time I have seen it for sale over the last few years. 996 GT3 is a no brainer at this price point
  5. Has anyone viewed the black car, based on pics doesn’t look like a CS. Could be a comfort with some CS bolt ins. Cant read the option codes under the bonnet
  6. +1 on black, make mine a Clubsport pls 👀
  7. @Skidmarks Yes - a previous owner was Grant Sparks. That was a very clean car.
  8. Yes it did a 54 second lap at Mt Cotton, was a club record which stood for many years.
  9. Yes it’s a cool car, but has not been raced for a few years now. I keep urging the owner to bring it out again
  10. @Skidmarks was yours an ex Qld car
  11. Here is a piece of history that’s right here in Brisbane - The RSR variety
  12. For many years now after a track day I use Kerosene. Spray / rub directly on where the rubber is - and also place a half a cup in the bucket with car wash. Zero harm - a lot of products you buy can be a bit aggressive when you take a look at the ingredients
  13. Here’s mine, in the process of a full bare metal repaint and restoration atm

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