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  1. Surely it couldn’t have sounded better than a GT40 ??
  2. I can tell you it looks like a sleeper but doesn’t sound like one - it’s out there
  3. Such a nice picture, had to share. Not my car - but great photos Tell me that is not hot as bro
  4. Lol, that’s funny. Thanks for your input, still undecided at this stage. But value everyone’s input.
  5. Hi James do you have a pic of the sticker
  6. So here is the question - do put my car back to as raced livery - see picture. The car won the Porsche Cup in 2002 in this livery. I have the black Speedlines, was only going to put Century, Bon Jane and maybe Dunlop - pass on all the small sponsors or do I leave it stock, a sleeper car What does everyone think
  7. My Speedlines are back from refurb. Need to do the custom black and yellow GT3 centre caps
  8. Nice, Not sure if you noticed but your car has done over 29,000 ks and the ashtray of full - hate to say but it’s time to sell. It’s nearly worn out 😂
  9. Thanks, I really love Speed Yellow. Was a goal of mine to get a MK1 factory CS with air conditioning in that colour.
  10. No not yet, don’t want to hog too many 😂
  11. Took it into work today, off to Flat Six Motorsport for a health check and fuel injector clean - its been sitting for a while so just want to make sure everything is 100% The car clicked over to 29,000 KS on the journey
  12. Ironically I am in the middle of doing the same thing on my gearbox and it’s only a spare. The bearings etc are very expensive. My gearbox will have $20K in it on parts alone when finished 👀 I am also taking ring a pinion back to road spec.

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