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  1. Hi @edgy tried to send an email via the link - didn’t seem to work. I will send you a text
  2. Great to see everyone chiming in, the collective brains trust - ✅
  3. I was really hoping someone based in Melbourne with connections to PCM could help validate. It was a telephone conversation- not an email. I agree it needs to be varifed, that’s why I posted. I am not saying it is 100% fact, but I am doubtful on the previous numbers posted as it seems are others. I would love to get clarity from multiple sources
  4. I posted those numbers after a mate (who I trust) who had a connection at PCM contacted them to validate those numbers. I had posted it back a few weeks ago and was actually looking for someone to chime in. I am 95% that the published numbers (as above) are wrong - having watched the market for more than 12 years now. It does seem there is some lack of clarity. So his numbers seemed to validate what I thought was right. So I am actually hoping some more will chime in and help to clear it up Globally the CS option was rare 20-30% is what I can glean from global research over the years. Then take RHD production into consideration and that Aus published numbers, coupled with what has been for sale - don’t make sense. So thanks for chiming in - hoping to get to the bottom of it
  5. Here are the numbers - MK1 GT3 - 90 units in total Comfort 48 Club Sport 42 - 14 = 28 road cars - 14 = CS road cars were converted for Nations Cup, Porsche Cup
  6. Here’s the thing, in the 70’s if you car could do over 100mph in your car, it was dangerous Today a Domino’s Pizza Delivery van could do that speed and be quite stable and safe Why is the speed limit going down. No issue with 40ks around schools or 50 in residential streets. But 40ks on a nice windy road in the hills in the middle of nowhere- really
  7. I feel sorry for the truck drivers, have done Brisbane to Adelaide via road many times over 20 years. I have never seen the roads this bad. When I crossed the boarder back into Qld - the roads were an embarrassment. Welcome to Qld - be careful. ~}%£>~|%^££+^%> heads
  8. Don’t mention the WAR, or non airbag door trims - DOOOOH 👀🔪
  9. Agree on the bigger players, but they have some strategic partnerships. With Astra Zeneca as an example. Its worth digging a little deeper with some of their DEP product’s - enablers for some Covid vaccines. Their Nasal spray is 98% effective against Covid and already approved in several big markets Even if no Covid benefits, they seem to have several products ready to take off. Many years of accumulated losses to offset up and coming profit I think they are worthy of some funds - I am in already
  10. Take a look at SPL, a Melborne based business with some potential to gain from Covid vaccine story - plus some other innovative products very close to full roll out. Tell me what you think, I have already invested
  11. I think the interior cut off switch and extinguisher were supplied in a box - they did come std on club sport. You just needed to ask the dealer to fit it
  12. Jason A

    Tow Hooks

    Should be one in the cars tool kit, you can then just buy another. Readily available- EBay would be the easiest
  13. Hey Wayne we were chatting about you and your GT3 today, we all said - try to keep it if you can

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