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  1. Hi Edgy I will take the extinguisher thanks. I will pick up on my next trip down if that is easier. Regards Jason
  2. Jason A

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Note this interior shot from the car above, taken a Bowden just after they got the car
  3. @Scott SS964 There are pics in the 996 and nations cup pages of the cars. Given this is the 997 chat I won’t post here. A quick search will reveal
  4. I drive my cars, not as a daily but they get used. I made the mistake with my first Porsche and worried about clocking up ks in it. The guy I sold it to has done loads of miles in it. When you are dead or to old to drive it - it will seem like a waste. Drive it, track it - clean and pamper it, but don’t sit in your garage and just look at it. All GT3’s are amazing cars - use them as intended I say.
  5. I know the guy in Brisbane that bought the same spec car above from Gulsons in Canberra in 2013 with 6,000ks for $205k. It was advertised for $245 drive away at the time. There were 8 for sale at once and 5 great ones. All sat for many months. That was when I picked up my 996 RS for $170K. I was seariouly considering the Grey Gulsons car, but the guy took my 911 RSR clone as a trade on the 996 RS. Job done
  6. Sounds like you guys had a blast 😎
  7. When I was down at Dutton Garage staff there made the comment they now owned CTS. That was the basis for my comment. Wasn’t aware of the exact structure - thanks for clearing it up.
  8. Jason A

    GT3 and GT3RS owners - drive days

  9. Jason A

    GT3 and GT3RS owners - drive days

    I just put 1,000 ks on mine last weekend. If you do something in Qld or SA, let me know
  10. When I got back to Brissy I hoped on PPQ to see if I could buy the plate here. Not available unfortunately. Just in case I end up with a green Porsche - you never know
  11. He ran it at Rennsport 2015, with the number plate SNOT on it. Nice guy

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