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  1. Cheers @Niko was running in Porsche cup during those years. Not a front runner though, best finish was a seacond place. 993 RSR body kit and changed colour a few times.
  2. Do you have any pics of the Travelplan car #9 from 1995 on. Driver David Withers. nice pics BTW
  3. I did end up being polarising, it ended Brockys relationship with Holden. They gave him multiple opportunities to withdraw it from his cars before they got divorced. Right or wrong, most likely wrong he stood his ground. Opening the door for Walkinshaw and Skafey
  4. Back in the day I had a VK Brock with the energy polariser. Would have been better to spend that money on the brakes, car went well but didn’t like stopping
  5. Colour choice is a personal thing, if you like it then buy it. Zanzibar looks better in the flesh that in a picture- but then so do all GT3’s. I would have one in any colour, but different colours do suit the different model variances more than others. I waited a long time to find a MK1 CS in speed yellow, silver or black were second choice. I was only looking for a MK1, I would not have chosen speed yellow on a MK2, but silver and black is still cool.
  6. I have been in contact with someone who viewed the Zanzibar car last week. Apparently some repaint, gaps in service history- so he passed on it.
  7. @hugh RS was an homoligation car for the RSR of the day to allow some modes. 6 cars also supplied as rally cars. Changes were - improved cage, improved wheel carriers and suspension adjustability- you can adjust to cup car specs on the road car, stiffer progressive springs, carbon bonnet, carbon rear wing, Perspex rear window, no airbags in door trims, hand selected engines, then improved cylinder heads, remap - so all around 400hp, alcantara trim on wheel, shifter and handbrake, some stickers, different tyres. Not delivered to US - same as MK1 996. All this this trimmed 10 seaconds off ring time and Porsche charged a $50k premium when new. A few years ago they were only $50k apart from normal GT3 and same money as a 997 GT3. They came on the radar when the MK2 4.0 went ballistic due to 600 only made, then everyone jumped on them as only 682 made. Quite low numbers. Fantastic car on track or a good road, but scary at speed on a bad road.
  8. Don’t worry @edgy we have only been buying the red ones. Leaving the blue script for our southern neighbours 😘
  9. Interestingly 3 of the recent 996 GT3 RS that have recently transacted came up here to Brisbane. All PCQ members. One fellow bought one new, sold it to another member (who still has it) and has now decided to buy one again. So in the club 4 x red and 1 x blue livery. Went from 2 to 5 in just a few months.
  10. Manners, common sense, not taking the easiest path and most importantly - seek to understand. Pass these skills onto your kids, younger family members and those of the younger generation who you like. This will set them apart from the majority. My 2 cents worth.
  11. Nice C2 manual just posted on PCQ website. Know the history of the car for past 10 years. All great owners and enthusiasts. Worth a look No affiliation, just been in the club for a long time. Not in my zone - so passed onto others
  12. Just for the record, even I think that’s sacralige. A GT, special edition or generally rare P car - should be preserved. we are only temporary owners / caretakers of these legendary cars. Some of us however do walk on the wild side from time to time. Nothing wrong with saving an unloved car and modifying to your own taste. Even if others don’t like it - who cares what they think - not me. Bit of a thread drift here - my apologies
  13. I thought you were a moderator- lol

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