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  1. .2 manual is the answer when they come off lease imo Then you will own your lap time
  2. My observation based on the photos, passengers door looks to be a different shade of white. It may just be the photo or shading.
  3. If I as in the market, this car seems good but you would need to see it in person. I still recon find another 25k and snip a Tiptronic Turbo. There is a black manual with higher is and new engine also on GT, less money also
  4. I have shared your details
  5. Hi @Smokeyare you after new or used, I have a mate who is converting a Boxter into a track car. I think he has a pair. No affiliation but I can connect you
  6. Quick look, appears to be a comfort spec. My seacond favourite colour - silver or black - like them both the same, just suit the body shape. Not a fan of the spats either- I think it was an option. Someone needs to fix those seats WTF
  7. In the global value context, that was not expensive and looked like a great car. Speed Yellow happens to be my favourite colour- it just seems to work on the MK1 shape. Once upon a time, 964 RS was unloved and under valued. I suspect the same will be said for 996 GT3, particularly the CS
  8. can you get a fully caged car registered in Vic or NSW - Qld is no go
  9. Oh that’s a shame - hope everything works out
  10. Oh, look forward to seeing some pictures when you are ready.
  11. I lived in Indo for a few years, cable was in partnership with Foxtel 120 channels @ $20 / month I don’t have anything in Australia- price will only go down when large qty of subscribers leave.’ As usual we are being skimmed

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