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  1. Jason A

    993 pulls hard to one side when changing gear

    I would have a look at the gearbox mount, crosmember assy and engine mounts. Make sure the are all serviceable. Is the car shifting easily or is it a bit tight under load as apprised to shifting when not accelerating hard
  2. Jason A

    Which Porsche GT car?

    @hugh keep it. Most cars that are quicker either come on a trailer or leave on a trailer- this is my observation over many years.
  3. There was an original F40 at the previous cars and coffee. I took a couple of pictures - but to hard to post here. The fellow who owns the 308 F40 also owns a very nice 996. Very clever guy, built at home
  4. Jason A

    GONE - in 60 Seconds !

    Energy Polarizer
  5. Jason A

    The GT3 Cup Car no one wanted

    Glad to see you have the log book, good pick up
  6. Thanks Allan will give that a try, have ordered new ones anyway
  7. When did the GT3 flip, is that an old pic or recently
  8. Jason A

    991.2 GT3rs faster than a 918!!

    Porsche did say there was more in the car, still amazing. Would like some footage of the driver - just to see how busy he was vs how much the computer was assisting. I remember the in car footage of the 4.0 RS a few years back, that driver was working for it. In fact in car from each GT3, & RS on the same tyres with in car. Now that would be something
  9. Jason A

    991.2 GT3rs faster than a 918!!

    Wow that lap is nuts.
  10. Just fitted a new voltage regulator on my 996 GT3RS. Other than one set of tires and front trunk motor and front trunk struts, no issues with car. Just regular services. Oh I have ordered now knobs for the radio, they are stuffed. Now @ 41K
  11. The silly money always comes out near the end of a price cycle.
  12. Take it straight to the pool room
  13. @hughthanks for sharing. I expect we will see more of this appreciation moving forward. Puts the whole comparison in perspective. 911 old school driving experience, Keep yours Hugh 😎
  14. What is the location and time