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  1. I have one in black, but the lift mechanism is missing. Also have a GT2 insert that bolts into it.
  2. @edgy My pleasure, in the olden days !! most GT and RS variants - I would suggest the vast majority saw the track 911, 964, 993 - some more than others. When released at least 15-30 road going 996 GT3’s were regulars in our club. Of those 3-4 are still regular competitors in motorsports competition. 997 the numbers dropped off a bit and today 991 a half a dozen are exercised and GT4’s hardly any. As the cars have grown up and have also been produced in larger numbers - the demographic has changed. Back then those that didn’t have a cage, folks fitted the and then put them to use. I am in the camp that if you have a Porsche you should track it to explore what the car can do in a safe environment. I have been around Lakeside in a Cayanne Gemballa back in the day and it was bloody fast, chased a cup car in the new Turbo Panamera when it came out, not much in it I was surprised, seen a Macan complete in a Motorkhana recently and place top 5. Cage or no Cage, get out and use it. If your sensible it is almost impossible to hurt your P car.
  3. If my memory is correct a couple have come up for sale in here in the last year
  4. What about a bucket list - we might need some help 😂
  5. GLWS - We will have to celebrate over a glass of red wine 🍷
  6. Close, I lived in Angaston from 86 to 90. Mine was the same colour, with bright green houndstooth seat inserts. I bombed a bucket load of money into the engine, 12 port conversion, all port matched with triple Webber’s - done by John Moyle Engineering. Had a big waggot cam etc. was not a JP block was a JL out of a GTR- I still have the engine and gearbox from that car all these years later. I sold it to a guy in the Barossa for $3500 - car had 86,000 ks on it at the time. I chucked a seacond hand motor and gearbox in it. I also had a blue LC GTR and a PINK LJ GTR along the way. Fond memories of those times. No regrets about not having one now, happy to have a Porsche instead
  7. Wow it’s a small world - what year did you buy that car from EH Hage, I think that car used to be mine. Did it have about 90,000 ks on it. Green houndstooth inserts in the seats
  8. 2 dogs chatting with each other in Melbourne today. Why are all the humans wearing muzzles - the other replies Well the probably don’t know how to do what they are told
  9. A GT car should be driven as often as you can. When the maintenance bill comes along, then you will at least feel like you got value. Dont preserve it for the next owner - it’s a waste of a great car and a whole load of fun. I have no interest in selling mine, so I don’t worry about future values. If I want to track it, values shouldn’t matter - just drive within your capabilities My2 cents worth
  10. Jason A

    RS door panels

    I have a pair, but they are out of my track car, so not super clean. I also have the door pull mechanism to suit

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