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  1. I think the bigger speaker has different surrounds so maybe why. The size of the little speaker means nothing available aftermarket but the bigger speaker is a 5.25" so plenty of options out there as common size. When I got my car in 2010 I was shocked I could get new parts still. I got floor mats that still look brand new and undertray for engine. Not NOS but new parts. Amazing support from a car company
  2. Have you considered VEMS for engine ECU. Very popular in Europe. I have plug and play setup in mine. Good chance they have been hooked up to these motors too as the V in VEMS stands for versatile and anything in Audi is common there(EU)
  3. Love the colour choice and looking forward to seeing her all buttoned up. Going to be a stunner
  4. well after getting up to sixth have dropped back to 16th. Looks like the Fiat guys have better networking skills as they hold first second and third. Didn't think anyone liked them that much lol
  5. Have to agree and seems a very flippant way to discuss the passing of a true legend of the automotive industry, and someone so involved with the cars we all love. He was an amazing man, who helped turn around Volkswagen and was also incredibly influential in much of Porsches success and many of their cars. Vale Ferdinand
  6. Thank you, I am now up to 7th (was28th). I really appreciate the support Bruce
  7. Hi Everyone I entered my car in the Shannon's show and shine competition and I was hoping we could all show some love for my car and help me get the votes up. Probably have no chance as a little italian has got a huge amount of votes but no harm in giving it a go Vote here Thanks for the support Bruce
  8. 952 is simply right hand drive(and 951 LHD), not M44/52 engine. It is a common misconception but both cars are 952's. any part unique to RHD turbo parts have 952 part numbers, regardless of year or engine and hence why rhd are 952's. Alll common parts to both LHD and RHD are 951 numbered. Bridge spoilers were fitted to 1990 models Jason how old is the child (?) as under a certain age/height, an airbag will cause more harm than good and why small children shouldn't be in the front of cars with airbags. It's not a 968 spoiler , its a bridge spoiler fitted first to late 944 turbos. Might help when you are searching for them
  9. Auto's are the red headed step child of 944's. They are not worth anywhere near what a manual is and very sluggish. The transmissions can be expensive to fix too. The NA isn't very fast in manual form but the auto will be a lot worse. With your budget(as stated above) can get you a newer 86+ oval dash car that has much better lay out and better AC and other features. Take your time and buy the best example you can find and ask as many questions as you can. That may be a great car but its unlikely to ever be worth much and will send you backwards if it needs anything replaced as just as expensive for parts as any porsche. Martini stickers add 5 hp and do look cool but it's an auto
  10. no idea when it will be available locally or how much but will certainly look right https://www.autoblog.com/2019/07/21/classic-1980s-blaupunkt-car-head-unit-back-in-production/ https://www.maxim.com/gear/blaupunkt-bremen-sqr-46-dab-2019-7 <<<with pics https://www.blaupunkt.com/en/nc/products/car-multimedia/car-radio/products/single/19059/
  11. Thanks for sharing. I keep my engine bay pretty clean but will be giving it a once over for a car meet on saturday, so seeing this was great timing
  12. No I will keep them just in case. TBH the superlites have grown on me, so I am in two minds about going back to fuchs.
  13. If fitting 17" you need to change the castor block on front to 968 unit and there was a Porsche bulletin about it. I assume you got wheels sorted. I intend going back to the super rare fuchs but am running superlites atm
  14. Visit to nineauto, had a few red cars there A visit to Olivers Hill Frankston A bit further down the hill

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