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  1. the single stage paint on 944's is pretty durable, unlike the thin paint used on most cars these days
  2. I used Advanced Alloy Wheels to true a wheel when I first got my car and did great work. Been around forever too as I spliced some ropes for them when I was a teenager, which is always a good sign for a business. Must be doing something right
  3. Hi Sean When you say add helper springs and torsion release springs, are these both needed just for fronts or both? and are they something we could source locally? Any more info greatly appreciated Bruce
  4. I wasn't aware either about LR full harness and can't see anyone mentioning it, so I assumed you misread my mention of the full kroon harness. Kroon will basically make it specifically for your needs, like RHD, cycling valve delete or add in wiring for other sensors etc. All they do is harnesses for older Porsches and quality is amazing. They even remade the original rubber plug for firewall. The lindsey looks just like it is all there separate harnesses put together in a box and not a complete harness like the Kroon. Anyway the harnesses are worth replacing especially the ref harness and injector harness
  5. No Justin, Lindsey make separate partial harnesses for injectors, speed and ref and for other sensors. Kroon harnesses do make a full engine harness for 944's (and other Porsches too), that is arguably better than OEM . When I bought my solid state relay I had to use a freight forwarding service as they didn't ship here, so might be worth looking into that if buy a few together as may make shipping cheaper.
  6. The plug is known as a junior plug/connector I think. I got a new plug from RS components I think and then wires were covered in 500C heat shield tubing, and ran it back to dme. Then terminated it with correct pins. Was a while ago but can be done cheaply and information is out there. Sorry was a while ago
  7. I read that if they line it up with the demister lines you cant see the join and best to do it in 3 sections but I am not a tinter so if 2 works that's cool. As far as I know any film on windscreen is illegal here, even clear. Most people tint cars these days so I doubt anyone would care
  8. cyberpunky

    1994 968

    Car looks sensational. I like the GT3 treatment. I thought those wheels looked familiar lol. I thought the bridge spoiler was standard on all MY94's ? Jakroo, That is meant to be the only decent auto fitted to 944/968 series, so definitely not a bad thing and thank god people don't love our cars as I never would have been able to afford one otherwise lol The fraise don't know what they are missing srings to mind
  9. I was a beta tester for the solid state relay so have been using it for a few years. I had a couple of spare generic relays that didn't work and was a case of third time lucky. Just glad I had a bunch of them. The solid state was well worth it. I didn't go pump prime but all those that did say it helps with a quicker start. Mine starts fine and would highly recommend going this route. If your connectors are had it, on ref and speed sensor harness get yourself the lindsey racing Dme to ref harness replacements. I had random no starts for a while and jiggled the harness to get her going, till I replaced them. I also ordered the injector harness and although I had never had an issue when inspecting it the connector at injector broke in my hand, so glad I ordered that harness too. Kroon wiring also make a complete under hood new harness if you want to eliminate any issues for years to come but that wasn't around when I did mine and LR harnesses are working great many years later. With the heat and age of the wiring under our bonnets, especially on turbos, it makes sense to upgrade them all and kiss no starts good bye
  10. I have a 944 turbo and curious what they charged? I know the rear window is enough for most to refuse the work
  11. cyberpunky

    Tyres now

    Actually that is what I am using not the 701's. Seem good in wet and quiet but grippy in dry too. They offered me next level up but reviews stated they took a little while to warm up(not ideal IMO) although faster on the track, but tyre life was shorter so went the advans
  12. Definitely.My 86 turbo is sunroof delete, script interior with sports seats, and I think that's rare combo ttoo. How did you get figures ? I'd love to find more info on total 944/968s imported. I have read 110 turbos in 86 that were also sold into 87 like mine.
  13. 13 CS or 13 with rear seat ? Do you know how many in total or any other info ? Cheers
  14. cyberpunky

    Tyres now

    I went from Michelin pilot sport 3s to Yokohama Fleva V701 for same reason, I couldn't get 16s in Michelin's. I haven't had them long but they seem great so far
  15. Fitted F1 style tacho lights, and RS horn pad to the 944 RS turbo Also custom fitted P3 DIY gauge into vent, that displays boost, AFR, and battery voltage.

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