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  1. Thanks for sharing. I keep my engine bay pretty clean but will be giving it a once over for a car meet on saturday, so seeing this was great timing
  2. No I will keep them just in case. TBH the superlites have grown on me, so I am in two minds about going back to fuchs.
  3. If fitting 17" you need to change the castor block on front to 968 unit and there was a Porsche bulletin about it. I assume you got wheels sorted. I intend going back to the super rare fuchs but am running superlites atm
  4. Visit to nineauto, had a few red cars there A visit to Olivers Hill Frankston A bit further down the hill
  5. Yesterday dropped into nineauto to wish the team a merry Christmas, and thank Stuart for his help getting my car sorted. Fresh wax and painted the tyre letters on the michelins.
  6. A project I have been working on for a few weeks is finally(well almost as I have some ideas) finished. I made up a real carbon fibre panel to hold the display for Zeitronix ZT2. It is custom mounted behind and gives real time display of Lambda and Air Fuel Ratio, Exhaust gas temperature, and Boost/vacuum. The panel is sprayed with a 2 part clear with Porsche logo embedded under it The black billet switches with white Led lighting control ejector seat, number plate flipper, machine guns front and rear The lighting on switches was way to bright, so have fitted a variable dimmer on them, so I can dial it back until it is just right.
  7. I got a complimentary upgrade to my rear plate surround form the good people at NineAuto, which I was quite pleased about, as I couldn't be happier with Stuart and the team there
  8. I did some paint correction on Sunday. I used Adams correcting polish and then Adams revive polish followed by a coat of Zymol Red Wax. I did it all by hand using the hand pads Adams sell, as I don't have a polisher yet. Still has some slight swirls but it's a huge improvement to how it was and am really happy with how it turned out
  9. cyberpunky

    Remus vs fabspeed

    I have Fabspeed on my 952 and love it. Great sound(and doesn't drone ), improved transition to boost. The workmanship and materials are exceptional. Looks great and built to last.
  10. Cheers Steve. I am really excited about the change. Yes that is my baby, now to be driven past in South Yarra lol Maybe one day I will get to Porsche but am going to give BMW my best effort and having now driven an M2 and M4 I am really impressed with what great cars they are, and so much more fun than the cars I had access to in my last job No doubt it will be tough but I hope great service, and knowing my product, will mean I am successful. Only time will tell Happy to help if the Beemers fit your needs. I heard that Tesla doesn't employ any sales people, maybe they give them another name or do things a bit different which wouldn't surprise me. Cheers Scashin. I always loved the E30's and e36's, they, like our cars, still look great today Thanks mate, and happy birthday again lol Cheers Chris, I hope so too. It was a big call to pull up stumps and take a chance but the place has a really good vibe and great staff, so I think it was the right move. It certainly feels right
  11. Hi PFA'ers When I am not driving my 944 turbo, I have been making a living selling Mitsubishi. I have done this for the last 6 years but have now moved up to BMW. I now work at South Yarra BMW, so let me know if I can help any of you in anyway. Obviously would love to be at Porsche but it seems no one ever leaves, when they work there lol If you come in, just ask for me and mention PFA and I will make sure I do my best to look after you or feel free to send me a PM Bruce
  12. Obviously a very hard decision too make and no doubt much soul searching has been done to get this point but having done a similar thing(not create a beast lol), I found the time passed a lot quicker than I thought it would. Anyway all of us saying don't do it probably isn't helping, but you have built an awesome car, so I guess we are all just hoping we can convince you to keep it because we know creating something like your car isn't easily done, and would be very hard to replicate a second time. GLWS
  13. The stone guards are off a 911. Some ppl like them and I have seen a couple of pics of 944's with them before but personally I prefer the original 944 ones. I think they were just in clear from the factory(probably wrong) but you can buy black 944 ones online. There is no right or wrong, it is just a matter of what looks good to you
  14. Unfortunately while my car was off the road, the head unit was damaged beyond repair. I upgraded to this new SONY set up. Still have to fit some stuff but am very impressed with the sound quality of this unit
  15. I have a couple of pairs of Puma Speedcats but I got a set of Piloti's from a fellow PFA'er and have worn them a few times now. They are comfy but havent driven with them for enough time to say if any better then the Puma's, which I quite like(nice and narrow). I would love the stand21 shoes and have almost coughed up for them twice just never pulled the pin.

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