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  1. I did the refurb on dash not long after getting car so been fine for nearly 10 years. Ive had cluster out but didn't notice any issues but wasn't really looking for it TBH. 'I'm using the LR high flow fuel pump and had no issues with a 3 bar FPR. Not sure adjustable is needed. I use 80# injectors. Only heard good things about Charlies turbos but I am upgrading to an ultrspool at the moment. Just waiting on downpipe. I'll be changing HG to a vulcan ring HG and new raceware studs. This will allow me to run higher boost if desired without worrying about head lift as will be torquing head to 90ft lbs. I will be running lower boost normally though. Are you going to use VEMS to control boost? I have a turbosmart eboost street for mine.
  2. I'm running VEMS on mine and just relied on autotune and she purrs. Im about to add a different turbo so will be getting it dynotuned then. If you have any questions let me know as 10 years into mine now and have a bit of experience and am up on best options for most stuff. If you replace the instrument cluster globes go for Sylvania 158 globes as factory are 2w and dull, the 158 are 3.3w and make a huge difference. A lot of people go LED but I prefer the warm light of globes and so prefer just upping the wattage a little. Any more like 5w will melt the holders I'm told so these are a good option What Dual port did you go with?
  3. Took pics and sent them off about 10 minutes after I saw it. Still waiting for a response
  4. Sooo disappointing, as have wanted one of these for the longest time, and would have proudly displayed the brand, as I think its such a great product. Fitment and quality is as good as it gets, so it's a real let down they didn't care enough to represent their brand properly and dropped the quality control on something so simple as putting a sticker on straight
  5. Fitted a Racing Dynamics strut brace with its wonky sticker(soon to be removed)
  6. Fitted some custom laser etched switches to console I also got car on ramps and cleaned under tray, then got back up and polished the fabspeed cat back
  7. I filled the shift pattern in with gaurds red touch up paint, sanded smooth, then gave it a coat of high gloss clear
  8. Have you priced them from your local Porsche centre ?
  9. I just did it then(still soaking) but took some pics and posted a how to on my blog refitted it and all settings working on fan again https://kewlhunter.com/2021/03/30/944-hvac-fan-only-working-on-4max-fixed/
  10. the clean fixes mine. That AC unit is $$$$'s so see how you go with cleaning resistor pack before you order
  11. yes remove soak, then use a toothbrush to give a good clean, dry and reinstall. You can get heater clip from local porsche centre and it's not expensive. Once glove box is out it's a 5 minute job. Remove power at battery before removing glove box, as light in glove box can cause a short when you take glove box out(ask me how I found out ;) )
  12. The fan resistor pack is under front cowl in front of windscreen. Remove, soak on white vinegar for an hour and give a good scrub. Once dry reinstall. Your heater clip is broken. Its on left under dash. I had to remove glove box but clip is easy to replace once that's out and cheap from nearest Porsche centre. Most online help articles are on LHD cars so glove box removal isn't mentioned
  13. that's what I have used for last few years. I honestly didn't expect it to last long with what it cost and yet its still going strong
  14. Where has anyone said the end sale price? They simply marked it as sold, so not sure how that falsely represents the final price. I think you are over thinking it. It's not like an auction that posts sold for prices. Was for sale, now it's sold, but that's all it is. Its an assumption that it got asking price or that others would read that as market value. It's merely saying no longer available.
  15. Dealers need to make a profit as it's a business. Consumers want a bargain. If the 2 can meet in the middle, deals are done. None of it is rocket science and of course sellers, be they private or dealerships want top dollar, negotiation has to start somewhere

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